Great Men Needed to Save America


by Yukon Jack

We need to revolt and take back the country.  What is needed at this point are great men to organize the masses and route the snakes and return America to sanity.  What is needed are authentic Americans who will return America to production and thrift. 
No more free lunch.  No more budget deficits or debt.  No more foreign wars for Jewish interest, no more Jewish banks that pilfer the wealth of the nation with fractional reserve banking, no more debauched Jewish television stupefying the masses. 
What is needed is a complete overthrow of the Jewish order that has turned America from the powerhouse into a shit house.

The American Republic is gone, America has succumbed to Jewish subversion and now she is careening into Bolshevik oblivion.  Just like the Weimar Republic, America has been attacked by organized Jewry and is teetering on collapse.  America is already in moral and spiritual collapse along with an exponential debt catastrophe.  Few realize the importance of monetary stability especially in relation to the character of the individual, inflation the great destroyer of thrift and authentic personalities of honorable citizens.
America was taken down by incremental steps of moral degradation and is rapidly transitioning from widespread unemployment into a full on economic depression which will become starvation when the credit dries up.  When things become desperate real leaders are needed to start organizing the nation toward a new direction.  Great men are needed like never before.

As the crisis deepens everyone is going to be caught up in the revolution, there is no choice but to deal with the problem.  The Jewish infested Federal government is like teenager crack addict, lazy and incompetent with an unending drug addiction to credit.  The national vultures have no interest in changing anything toward the good, they are only interested in accumulating more power and feeding off the carrion, they will feast on the carcass of America and not think anything about it.
They must be brought to justice by the gun, they must receive there just desserts, they have earned death and must die horrible deaths.  Forget about a  peaceful solution, the individual and the gun are going to win the day.
No one has permission to ruin the nation with endless deficits and inflation, D.C. is a crime scene.  It’s time to forget about the national government and start focusing on your preparedness and community rebuilding with new currencies and organizations.  D.C. is finished.
America’s Future is Armed Revolution
What is going to happen next?  Prosperity or death and destruction? Maybe both.  America is being held back by thousands of restrictive laws.  Police are routinely attacking innocent people, for fishing, growing a garden, not rolling down their window.  It’s time to kill the police, they are the tip of state aggression.  The state is like a monster, its teeth are the police, if you want to defang the monster then you disarm the police or kill them.  Anyone who is policing in this age is a criminal and without morals, enforcing unjust laws on a dumbed down debauched populace.
The police have gotten extremely aggressive in America, and have gone insane over minor infractions.  If you travel the world you might not want to return to police state America.  Police are swarming like bees in major cities, in other parts of the world they don’t care what you do.  People can fist fight, knife fight, the police don’t care.  In many parts of the world you can open carry an AK-47, try that in America, the land of the free.
America is one of the most restricted places on the planet and the police the most alien to the populace.  The reason?  Jewish control, the Jewish thought system is alien to all non Jews who view those outside of their troupe as the enemy.  As Jews consolidate power and money they feel threatened by their ill gotten gains, having robbed the nation blind and reduced many to poverty.
What Americans need to do is start open carry in broad daylight and start intimidating the police, the police need to know that if they step out of line they will be gunned downed then capped.  The police are criminals working for a criminal system that exploits the people.  They deserve no mercy or compassion, they are not human beings but robot dogs of the Jewish controlled state.
No More Mr. Nice Guy
America needs leadership of killers more ruthless than the psychopaths in charge.  Once we start taking them out is the point of no return, the dual citizen traitors must all die horrible deaths and be erased from history.  All of them, no sending the Jewish plague off on another nation this time.  Jews that wish to be Americans and human beings are welcome, anyone loyal to Israel can go to hell.  You should gladly help them into the next life and a free pass to see their god, all Zionists get direct lead injection to the back of the head.  Anyone that protects them is aiding and abetting the enemy and gets the same fate.  No more work camps, no more Christian generosity and understanding and other weaknesses, they have earned death by their actions. 

America has 500,000,000 guns.  That is very good.  You can never have to many guns.  Americans know how to use these guns.  That is very, very good.  Now what America needs is bold leadership to to get the guns trained on the enemy and take him out.  That would be excellent, moral, righteous, and very American.  What we need is a internal revolution in actually fighting for our homeland and killing the real enemy, the enemy within the nation, the Zionist power structure.
The enemy isn’t overseas in Iraq or Afghanistan or Syria and Iran.  The enemy isn’t Russia or China.  What has Russia or China ever done to us?  How about Iraq or Afghanistan, Syria or Iran?  What have we done to Iran or North Korea?  Very bad things.  Americans are completely brainwashed by the Jewish owned mainstream media, which is the primary enemy of free America.  America is the aggressor in the world because America is controlled by bankers and Zionists and corporations that want war.  How much more war and suffering are you going to tolerate before you pull your head out of your ass and see the real enemy?
The enemy lives amongst us and is subverting our values to world government and Jewish supremacism.  The enemy pulls false flags in order to promote its agenda.  The enemy drains the resources of the nation toward world conquest.  The enemy promotes dependency.  Americans are being reduced to the status of Palestinians, but we have guns.  We must overcome the mind spell and see the enemy that is hiding in plain sight.  All those who help camouflage the enemy, like Alex Jones and the writers at World Net Daily are equally criminal and deserve the same fate as the criminal subversives who have destroyed America.  If you can’t say the word Jew then shut the hell up.
Either we fight for our right to exist or we perish from history.  The Jewish enemy is damned determined to take us out and has thousands of years of practice destroying nations from within.
The Next Big False Flag
What is being planned will make 911 look like a girl scout outing.  What the shadow government needs a big false flag, maybe nuke a city or two.  This is being openly discussed, that the Federal government is planning on blowing up American cities to further its grab for power.  So who is the enemy?  Russia?  China?  Iran?  No!  The enemy is the state and its endless lies, deceptions, and false flags.  The American government is routinely killing it’s citizens, even presidents, scientists, servicemen, reporters, foreigners.  This insanity must end, the state only exists to serve the people.
At some point the redneck dumbasses, who know how to use guns, are going to wake up and realize something is very wrong and things are getting desperate.  Maybe it will be when they can’t get gas for their pickup or can’t find beer at 7-Eleven.
The problem is that most rednecks and Americans are under a god spell that has rendered them impotent.  The Bible has paralyzed their ability to defend themselves from a ruthless enemy.  The enemy is right in front of their face and they can’t see it because they have been taught that the Jew are god’s chosen people.    The Bible is the proven death sentence for Western peoples, with this propaganda document all of the West has fallen into Jewish treachery.   We need to seriously consider banning the Bible and all other subversive Jewish literature.
Timing, What to Do Now

We are not resistance, we are not rebels, we are the free beings determined to survive Jew predation.  We must become the great men needed to save our civilization from the Zionist predator.
Start reloading, start making one box of extra shells everyday if you have the resources, if not get what you need by any means available.  Forget the law, there is no law, the era of justice is long gone.  Be ready to defend yourself at all times.  All cops are criminals and work for the enemy, cops are the dogs of the state enforcing the parasite’s agenda of destruction on the community.  Police are being trained in Israel, this is treason, police are being trained by the enemy to kill Americans.  Any police officer trained in Israel must be taken out with great prejudice.
America needs great men to rise up and take back her heritage from the Jewish-Christian traitors within.  You can not fight an enemy when the enemy owns your heart with its holy book.  The situation with how the Bible has affected human beings is very strange and seems like science fiction.  Americans are emotionally and psychically possessed by the enemies doctrinal book, this has blinded Americans to the identity and nature of the enemy.  Jews can only operate amongst us when the population is subverted to their immoral ways of thinking and behavior.  This is why they are constantly subverting you with inflation, porn, snitch culture, etc.  But the greatest subversion is their myth book where non Jews are taught to worship the Jewish god.  When you worship the enemies god you are in bed with the enemy.
When will the shooting start?  It already has, there is an ebb and flow to any revolution.  Eventually the tempo increases in rhythm, eventually the drumbeats become so loud the core of your being is activated.  You will know, at the precise energetic moment the drum beats you hear will become a scream in your consciousness, at that moment (the greatest moment in your life) you will be activated by the greater spirit of the people.  You will go from citizen to armed patriot in a nanosecond and you will then run for your gun and take action against the enemy.  That great moment is rapidly approaching and preparedness is key to success, that’s why the state outlaws gardens, food storage, guns, etc.  Ignore the dictats of the criminal government and prepare until both hands bleed.
Goals of the Revolution
Freedom.  Freeing prisoners from the prison gulag.
The removal of the Zionist parasite form the North American continent.
Stopping all Zionist terrorism by the complete destruction of all Rothschild assets including Israel.  The Jewish state must be completely annihilated.
Media awareness, the Jewish media dominance ended, all Jewish moguls arrested then put to death for their war crimes against humanity.
I highly recommend that all Jewish synagogues destroyed, all Evangelical churches torched, the Bible banned.  Why should we allow Christian death cultists to practicing their demented religion?  Why should we allow Jews to organize in temples?  We shouldn’t, the Bible is parasitic mind programming and is the cause of the crisis.
Circulation of sound money and erasure of fraudulent Federal Reserve debt.  Outlawing usury.  Outlawing fractional reserve banking.
All of the Rockefeller- Bush crime families money confiscated and paid to victims.  All Presidents publicly executed for their crimes against the world.
The end of all state spying operations.  Death to all those that spied on Americans.  No official has the right to spy on a citizen, all collection any DNA, biometric information, or making record of any communications prohibited upon penalty of death.
Investigation into the secret societies involved in the financial conspiracy, fully exposed and their leaders publicly executed, all judges executed for enforcing Masonic controls on the people.
ALL NEOCONS MUST BE PUT TO DEATH – NO EXCEPTIONS.  I recommend death for all Zionists.
All DHS employees put to death.  All FBI agents put to death.  All CIA agents put to death.  All NSA employees put to death.
Deprogramming of the American people from Bible propaganda. Preachers like Hagee are intentional subversive preacher predators must be publicly executed for their crimes of aiding and abetting Israel.  They should be tortured at Gitmo as just payback for their crimes.
A return to self responsibility.  Production.  Thrift.
The ending of all agriculture restrictions, the ending of marijuana prohibition.
No more subsidies or price controls or production restrictions, no more myraid of laws and courts.  NO more Jewish control through the law where some men are given authority over another.


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