The Kennedy Conspiracy – Part Two



The Kennedy Conspiracy – Part Two

… by  Michael Shrimpton 

” Response to Comments “


LBJ gets sworn in on the plane
LBJ gets sworn in on the plane

Of course I respond to comments, but only the sensible ones!  Some, I am afraid, are anti-Semitic.  I learned long ago not to waste time arguing with anti-Semites.
Thanks to JS in particular.  In response to ‘Dieter the Hun’, the HQ of the DVD is in Dachau, in the Land of Bavaria, confirmed by satellite and ground observation, and penetration assets.
And no, not all Germans are evil, in fact most Germans are not.  Only a minority voted for the Nazis in the early 30s and only a minority now support the euro.
You mentioned the last Pope, His Holiness Pope Benedict.  He, with respect, is not remotely evil.  We have never met, although we did once speak on the telephone, via an interpreter, as he didn’t, then (he was still Cardinal Ratzinger) quite trust his English (and possibly myself!).
He is, if I may say so, an extremely nice man.  I was totally opposed to the coup at the Vatican which forced him out.

Yes, I did know General Oberst Markus Wolf of the East German HVA and DVD, and yes his home number was in my address book.  If you don’t believe me ask the Russians. 

I gather the SVR and GRU were most intrigued by intercepted calls from my cellphone whilst I was on the Moscow Express, in 2005, setting up lunch with Markus (the Moscow Express coaches change gauge at Brest-Litovsk and the train, a crack express, goes on to Berlin Ostbahnhof – I was changing trains in Berlin, for the overnight Paris sleeper express, had a few hours to kill and could think of nobody more interesting in Berlin with whom to lunch than dear old Markus).
“Captain Obvious” strenuously rebuts any possibility of German involvement in the assassination, then goes on to describe ‘GHWB’ as a “CIA/Nazi oilman.”
That is only two-thirds correct – Bush Senior is an oilman and CIA.  He is most emphatically not a Nazi.  He’s too smart for that (your average Nazi is pretty dumb, even dumber in fact than your average liberal).  But even if he were, what nationality does “Captain Obvious” think the Nazis were?  Polish?
There is a photo in circulation of GHWB in Dealey Plaza shortly after the assassination, although I’m not sure if it’s real.  If he was there I am sure it was just to cheer on the motorcade.  In the photo he looks happy, even though the President had just been assassinated, but if genuine that would simply reflect the man’s sunny disposition.


The DVD, the COREA Group and the CIA

Allen Dulles with Kennedy
Allen Dulles with Kennedy

A number of commenters correctly conclude that the CIA were involved, but overlook the fact that the CIA, then, were controlled from Frankfurt, HQ of the COREA Group, which is part of the DVD.  Of course the Germans used American assets.
Allen Dulles and Richard Helms were DVD, as was their wartime OSS boss General Donovan.  Previously they were all Abwehr.
It is impossible to make sense of the Kennedy Assassination without understanding that Kennedy knew that Allen Dulles was working for ‘Jerry’ and replaced him with a patriotic American, John McCone.
Germany desperately wanted to regain control of the CIA and were willing to murder their way back in.  When their role was exposed, covertly, the CIA made damn sure that ‘Mac’ stayed.

Dulles of course played a key role in the cover-up, heavily influencing the bizarre findings of the Warren Commission.  He hated ‘Mac’, who was involved in the successful exposure of another wartime German asset, James Forrestal, as in Secretary of Defense Forrestal, as in USS Forrestal, who was invited to jump off a tall building in Washington, in lieu of the electric chair.

‘Mac’ was then in the ONI, who were determined to find out who had betrayed US island invasion plans to the Japanese.  Ever wonder why the Japs were always waiting for you guys and their scarce resources never seemed to be wasted on islands which were going to be by-passed?


The Lincoln’s Windshield

I do listen, and take comments on board, not just those posted on the site, but private comments as well.  I had previously ruled out a shot from the grassy knoll (I know MSM journos hate that expression, but hell, it’s a knoll, and it’s got grass on it), as ballistic trajectory analysis suggested that a shot from that direction would have shattered the windshield.

However in the light of new information (new for me, anyway) it appears that the windshield was hit, not directly, but by a glancing blow.  The damage was covered up, as bullet damage anywhere near the windshield would make a nonsense of Dulles’s lone gunman/TSBD theory. 

If that is right it takes the number of shots fired to at least five – one which missed everybody, two which hit Kennedy, one which struck the sidewalk and wounded a passer-by, which may have been fired from a storm drain, i.e. on a low trajectory, and the one which hit the edge of the windshield.
That in turn makes further nonsense of the Oswald theory, since the Mannlicher-Carcano clip only holds six rounds, the Dulles-Warren narrative has two unspent rounds in the clip Lt Day of the Dallas Police Department allegedly recovered from the sniper’s nest and insufficient shells were recovered.
There really is no room in the first official version of events (the later House Committee on Assassinations version is scarcely unofficial) for Oswald to have fired more than three rounds.


The Clip

A confidant looking Oswald
A confidant looking Oswald

This is crucial.  Without a clip you can forget one sniper and you can forget Oswald. The evidence that Lt Day recovered a clip is very thin indeed.
The exhibits were carefully logged in at the Dallas PD and later by the Warren Commission.  The clip was an afterthought, indeed as I explained last week the CIA dropped a clip round about three months after the FBI turned over the rifle.
The lone photo showing the rifle with a clip cannot be reconciled with undoubtedly genuine contemporaneous still photos and TV footage.  Why fake a photo if there was no cover up?
It is much more likely that the lone photo showing the rifle with a clip is faked, as opposed to the multiple images showing it without.
Even as far back as ’63 it was possible to record TV footage, albeit on bulky equipment, which you wouldn’t normally find in a household.
Any intelligence officer knows that it is incredibly dangerous to play around with TV images after they have been broadcast.  There are just too many people out there, including network stations, who can expose the lie for what it is.
The entire lone gunman theory rests on the shaky foundation that ‘Oswald’s’ rifle had a clip.  Manual loading, round by round, of an antique bolt-action rifle, which was not known for easy loading anyway (both versions of the 6.5 mil Italian round are a bit awkward to handle)(I was amused when someone commented to me that when dropping the round into the car someone got the two versions muddled) rules out rapid fire.
The rifle
The rifle

I put single inverted commas around ‘Oswald’s rifle’ since his fingerprints weren’t on it and the evidence that he owned it is at best neutral.  It is equally consistent with him owning it and someone trying to set him up.  Since he was clearly set up if he didn’t fire any of the shots that Friday 50 years ago it doesn’t take the case any further.


This week’s classic movie – PT-109

A sun tanned young JFK
A sun tanned young JFK

Shown this week on British TV as a tribute to President Kennedy, directed by Leslie Martinson, this is actually a fine war movie and a fair portrayal of Jack Kennedy in the South Pacific.
A later incident, when Lt Kennedy was in command of PT-59, is elided with his time on the 109, for dramatic reasons.
Let the record show that Jack Kennedy volunteered for combat duty when he could fairly have avoided it and stayed in Panama.
He was a fine naval officer, originally of course an intelligence officer (he was a fan of fellow naval intelligence officer Ian Fleming’s 007 books), and a great leader of men.
Some of the criticism of him over concealing his state of health has been outrageously unfair.  There can be little doubt that the incident in which PT-109 was rammed and sunk by the IJN Amagiri aggravated Kennedy’s back condition.  He was in pain for much of the rest of his life, but bore the affliction with grace.  The man had class.  So, he slept around.  Frankly, I don’t give a damn.
The movie glosses over the intelligence aspects, but it is tolerably clear that Jack Kennedy was singled out by the Japanese for attention.  The attack on the Rochambeau (AP-63), carrying the young Lt (JG) Kennedy to the Solomons, has all the appearance of an ambush.  His elder brother, Joe Junior, was to be assassinated the following year, the first of three brothers to fall to German intelligence.

PT-109 is a worthy tribute to a deservedly iconic figure.  It is well worth re-watching.


[ Editors Note: While this truly is a great story, that Joe Kennedy pulled every string possible to stop his being court martialed, and was successful.  Having your boat run over by a destroyer is a career ending event in any Navy.
There was a half hour documentary done on this censored part of the story…which has sense disappeared.  To make sure the real story remained buried he made Jack a Navy hero so they would cover their own tracks in letting him slide, which worked perfectly. ]

Editing: Jim W. Dean

The PT-109 Crew
The PT-109 Crew



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