Egypt thwarts ‘the New Middle East’ conspiracy


“On June 30th Egyptians have, once again, mesmerized the world and gone out in a real revolution and with the help of a patriotic military managed to not only do away with the rule of the terrorist MB group but to put the whole new made-in-US world order/conspiracy to a halt”


                                              … By Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Egypt against all odds-1
A couple of years ago and while the millions of Egyptians were embarking on the world’s biggest occupy-your-square movement, President Obama alluded to what was happening in Tahrir Square, the hub of the Egyptian uprising, and said “We are witnessing history unfold in Egypt” … and as much as he was right then, he is now way on the wrong side of history and deadly dishonest, as if honesty had to do with politics, about what is still unfolding in Egypt.
Even more, Obama’s administration is foolishly loosing Egypt, a pivotal Middle-Eastern state that has been a close ally to the US for over 40 years now – anti-US culture has never soared higher in Egypt (watch video of an Egyptian song parody mocking Obama – now popular on YouTube)
[youtube FgDPXNp54V8 nolink]
Most of those who follow the Egyptian scene, and somewhat the all-around-Egypt territories known as the Middle East, are so much bewildered and can’t make head or tail of the whole story that has been unfolding for the last almost three years.
Supposedly when a story begins to unfold, it tends to get clearer. But that is not the case when we look at Egypt.
It’s either we were told the wrong story- as in the case of Aljazeera news channel, or it has been unfolding in a mysterious way that defied our scratch-the-surface perception. Actually, it is a bit of the two reasons.
Egypt is a game changer and has always been throughout history. Judaism gained global recognition through the rabbinical propaganda of the alleged Exodus from Egypt, Christianity invaded the eastern hemisphere once Egyptians converted to the new religion, and so did Islam with a little help of the mighty sword.
Alexander the great conquered the world, after he did Egypt, Napoleon imperialist dream and ambition was shattered after he failed in Egypt, and the World War II was actually settled on Egyptian ground between General Rommel and General Montgomery in Alamein battle.
Every new world order had to pass through Egypt; otherwise it was doomed to fail and got obliterated for good.

A new Middle East under way

With the turn of the twentieth century, and exactly after 911, yet another world order was being sketched by world illuminati, and ready to be launched from the Middle East.

A new Middle East was planned for; the old one was not working well enough for Uncle Sam and European allies. As a matter of fact the new Middle East had been meticulously tailored to serve Israel’s interests more than the allies’ and even Uncle Sam’s

According to plan and as the process of molding a new Middle East was under way; Iraq was the first state to take the hit and the hit was devastating and painful … but nothing is too painful for a newly democratized, all be it balkanized, Middle East. And the Iraqis actually had it coming, for they hated the west for the freedom they indulged in – courtesy of our amiable George w. Bush.

Condoleezza Rice
Condoleezza Rice

Lebanon was next in 2006 as Israel stripped naked that fragile country for a long and brutal 43-day of shoot at will bombardment, or what Secretary Condoleezza Rice liked to refer to as the birth pangs of a new & greater Middle East – how poetic and utterly sensitive of a pianist who played Chopin and Brahms.
Then came the Somali case and the ambiguous & nonstop finance for terrorism in the African horn, along with the similarly volatile situation in Yemen that has left the southern passage to the red sea a hot spot that needs foreign military intervention, or drone attacks, at any given time.
Going upwards, it was the time for Sudan to follow the footsteps of Iraq but this time there was no need for foreign boots on the ground, religious extremism and sectarianism, flared up by western intelligence and media, did the required job of divide to conquer.

Arab spring of false flags

In the beginning of 2011, the Middle East was yet to tremble by a mighty quake of mass protests, mostly staged protests actually, or what is better known as the Arab Spring or the false flag spring to be more accurate.
Any western think tank for strategic studies knew that Egypt under the reign of Mubarak was a hot pot boiling over with disillusioned people, and all it took to shake up Egypt, in accordance with the new creative/constructive chaos theory, was to lift the lid and let the popular volcano erupt.

Protests in Tahrir Square
Protests in Tahrir Square

And erupt it did. And though the initiation was triggered by agent provocateurs, the Egyptian reaction was beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. The earth was shaking and the whole world was watching as the millions of Egyptians roared “the people wants the fall of regime”
Tahrir square has suddenly become not only the hub of the Egyptian revolution, but also the model for worldwide occupy movements.
The gravest sin Mubarak committed as a dictator, is that he had aborted and blocked any chance for a second line of political command and administration in the country.  And in the absence of properly functioning political parties, the mosque and its clerics and jihadists stepped in and took over.

Dictatorship, corruption and monopolizing power has opened the back door for religious extremism to sneak into the political arena, and hence began the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB).

And what do we expect when radical clerics get mixed up in politics; nothing short of a fast leap into medieval ages with all the darkness and obscurantism opened the door wide for.  But again nothing is too dark or too medieval for avant-garde and new Middle East.
The January 25, 2011 revolution was the golden moment for MB to fill in the political vacuum left after toppling Mubarak, a move that was Okayed, and may be preplanned, by the US.
And despite the fact that the military took over after Mubarak, still the US did not refer to the power shift back then as a military coup – contrary to Washington’s wobbly stand regarding what happened on June 30, 2013 with the very same military siding with the people’s will.
I think the reason behind the American/European change of heart is obvious, and it’s something that indicates that the second revolution is most likely false flag-free and 100% Egyptian made. No wonder it is “a coup” in the eyes of US & EU- but who cares, right?

MB & Al Qaeda: two sides of the same coin

Sayed Kotb
Sayed Kotb

MB, in brief, is every damn thing the US and Europe have come to fear, despise and regard as the new global enemy after the fall of communism. MB is the embodiment of Huntignton’s clash of civilization and it is the mother ship for all Islamist terrorist/militant groups in the world.
From Jamaa Islamyia, all the way to Jihad Islami and al Qaeda … they are all offshoots of MB and nurtured by the Jihadist ideas of Sayed Kotb, the MB’s infamous theorist.
Kotb’s teachings revolved around one theme; blaspheming and combating the others; and the others is simply anyone who is not MB. The blaspheming fatwa/doctrine is primarily the driving force of militant Islam; a twisted teaching that turns them into cold-blooded murderers who walk around shooting infidels (non-Muslims) at the back of the head in broad day light.
(Watch the horrible video of Iraqi Mujahideen/brothers ambushing and executing non-Muslims infidels – Christians- Watch at your discretion)
[youtube ul_wxr6arYk nolink]
The US & allies had no illusions about who the MB are and what they are after; at least the formidable CIA guys knew that Osama Ben Laden and Ayman Alzawahri were once disciples of the MB’s notorious guru, Sayed kotb.
But a decade of military confrontation with al Qaeda and affiliations all over the globe has left them in no doubt about the futility of raising arms against the Muslim Mujahideen.

The outcome of the US war on terrorism

The Afghanistan war, despite its military failure & heavy cost, has yielded some practical results. The US and the so called western allies have finally come to the painful conclusion that militant Islam could not be wiped out by the military might and high tech weaponry.

Militant Islam is not just about worldwide militias, and suicide bombers; it is essentially an indoctrinated, from father to son, set of hard to die beliefs and deeply rooted anti-western dogma.

Show me drone attacks that could destroy that kind of hate creed, and if you add to this conclusion the scary fact that Muslims (mainly hardliners), compared to westerners, are breeding/reproducing at a horrifyingly faster rate; that in the next 50 years or so some of the European countries like France, Holland and Belgium will be harboring, out of its total native population, around 25:30% fully fledged Muslim citizens with the right to run for parliament.
… The enemy within- another theory in progress that European Muslim Jihadists are open and proud about- some European MB radicals like to refer to Belgium as the soon to become Belgistan – very terrifying .. Eh? (Watch this alarming video from Belgistan)
[youtube SbMnA3uO9As nolink]

That said, one could understand the necessity and the urgency of a new world order. And the new world order could be summed up in one phrase; let Militant Islam eats itself, and better yet, while they’re at it, let’s make sure they do it on Muslim grounds and during chaotic times (Hello Syria, is anybody there .. yet?)

So instead of hunting down Islamist militants from London and Boston all the way to Islamabad, why not give them what they have been longing for. Why not give them the chance to rule the Arab/Muslim countries and at the same time keep them busy fighting, not westerners, but each other.
With the already on the ground Shia vs. Sunni hatred and belligerence- and of course with the help of the world’s professionals on divide and conquer, the Israelis, that shouldn’t be too hard. … Damn it, it is so brilliant a scheme.

Morsi’s bad deal with Obama

Back to Egypt and the false flag operations pulled out under the banner of the amazing Arab spring.
The new Middle East is very new. A new map, with more separatist entities; e.g. Iraq should be dissolved into 3 smaller states, and so should follow Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Libya and of course … the head Arab state, Egypt.
The plan/conspiracy was going well and it actually did good in Iraq, Yemen and Syria … but once again Egypt proved to be the graveyard for new world orders/conspiracies.
The post-Mubarak power shift was agreed upon. It was to be granted, according to the conspiracy, to the MB whose leadership had pledged to return the favor once they took hold of Egypt.

Supreme MB guide seeking guidance from Ann Patterson, the US ambassador to Egypt
Supreme MB guide seeking guidance from Ann Patterson, the US ambassador to Egypt

Actually the MB supreme guide turned out to be the man of his word; for he, along with the new MB presidency administration headed by the clueless and clumsy Mohamed Morsi, have made a heavy and secret deal with The US and the black doves/allies.
The deal has not only insured that the MB acknowledges the right of Israel to Exist and defend itself, but more than that … a hell of a lot more.
It seems that the so called democratically elected Morsi, according to Egyptian Intelligence and press investigations, has promised to resolve the Arab/Israeli conflict for good.
Morsi did not propose another round of good for nothing peace negotiations and he did not call for Arab/Israeli summit to work out a road map for ultimate settlement of the Palestinian crisis; rather the man simply offered a made-in-Egypt magical solution.

Morsi of The MB who, according to their organization’s dogma, don’t believe in sovereignty/nationality that is based on a nation’s culture, history and land borders, has offered to give up 40% of the peninsula of Sinai to the Gazans and the Palestinian refugees living in the diaspora.

My sources in the small town of Rafah at North Sinai informed me that the influx of the Gazans through the tunnels during Morsi’s time in office has peaked to an unprecedented level. And most of them came to stay and buy land – a prerequisite for facilitating the deal.
How convenient for Washington and Tel Aviv and the European allies. How catastrophic for Egypt and the whole Middle East- the old Middle East that is.
Morsi, the radical Muslim who envisioned the Jews as children of monkeys and pigs, offered to resolve the dramatic situation that resulted by Israeli grab of Arab land by offering Israel more of that land.
Ben Gurion could have risen from his grave and kissed the fat as* of Mr. Morsi for this genuine act of pro-Zionism.

Egypt: against all odds

June 30-10-1
June 30, 2013 revolution – Egypt

May be the January 25, 2011 uprising was in a way initiated and steered by foreign intelligence, so that Egypt would head straight to chaos and may be sectarian division and violence but the real thing came on June 30, 2013
On June 30th Egyptians have, once again, mesmerized the world and gone out in a real revolution and with the help of a patriotic military managed to not only do away with the rule of the terrorist MB group but to put the whole new made-in-US world order/conspiracy to a halt.
Notice that the whole deal for the new Middle East that was so far going smoothly has been taking a totally different path after June 30th; Jordan was up next on the chaos list and Jordanian MB were already sharpening their teeth but Egypt saved the day for king Abdulla, Syria war has been averted and the Islamist militias, aka free Syrian army are now losing ground and popularity, and Libya is kicking the Islamist brigades out of Tripoli. And hadn’t been for Egypt’s action against MB, maybe we wouldn’t have witnessed that sudden honeymoon between Iran and the west.
The intellectuals behind this new Middle East project, whose work is really admirable, have thoroughly worked out the details of this new scheme. They have incorporated and made use of many criteria in their plan; such as the region’s economic grievances, political repression and religious sectarianism … but unfortunately they missed out on one major and decisive criterion in this critical region, namely Egypt’s soft power of ancient tradition and culture.
This might seem a bit chauvinistic on my side, but the new Middle East’s planners and designers should have opened their history books and read more about Egypt and Egyptians.
Egypt, the land that witnessed the world’s first centralized national government & military 3100 BC, never succumbed to the rule of radical theocracy that showed that much disrespect and danger to the country’s ancient culture and traditions of moderation and tolerance and even to Egypt’s ancient borders, unity and national security.

Egypt, once again, and through the expulsion of the rule of the terrorist MB organization, has messed up with the US/Israel/EU ambitious plan of reproducing the 1916 Sykes–picot imperial project for the Middle East and shattered the hopes of radical Islam politics to flourish and take over in the wake of the chaos, no matter how creative, that ensued by the so called Arab spring.

The US has been making global noise, throughout the last decade, trying to convince the world that she is waging a war against terrorism and in doing so Washington invited the so called allies from the free world to join her noble cause.
Now it seems that Egypt, abandoned by the same parties from the free world, is waging this war not only alone and noiselessly, except for the ranting of the Turkish crackpot, but with the US/EU endeavors to drag Egypt back to darkness and chaos.
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