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ISIS and Islam: The Ugly Truth (Updated)

“ISIS fundamentalist militants who are casting terror into the heart of the civilized world are but a copycat of the mujahideen of early Islam. Whether we like it or not this is the ugly truth”

Second Exodus: Israelites vs. Muslim Brotherhood

"The essential cornerstone behind the legendary recognition of both the cult of the Israelites and the creed of Muslim Brotherhood is their connection with Egypt”

Ukraine vs. Egypt: Chaos in progress

“Obviously, I was watching the Ukrainian version of the Tahrir Square revolution. Is it a coincidence? Is it only my imagination? … I don’t think so”

Egypt: Doing without Western Democracy

"If the democracy the west is crying over is the one that could have allowed a terrorist group like the Muslim Brotherhood to devour Egypt then Egypt can and will absolutely do without the western idea of democracy”

Egypt thwarts ‘the New Middle East’ conspiracy

Ben Gurion could have risen from his grave and kissed the fat as* of Mr. Morsi for this genuine act of pro-Zionism.

The Jewish side of Muslim Brotherhood

“MB literature is monochromically Jewish, so when they are forced to think, for masonic-like groups usually don't, they don’t think differently … they think Jewish”

Hilarious: Aljazeera and MB Duplicity Caught on Camera

"My dear western intellectuals and staunch human rights watchdogs, who unwisely support the Muslim Brotherhood, you’re simply patting the head of the big bad wolf"

Israel-Gaza Latest Escalation: Testing the Waters of Post-Arab Spring

"The diminishment of the national pride/consciousness is a very grave sign/sin of an evolving and looming (religious) extremism in the Arab-Israeli conflict"

October 1973: the Arab-Israeli War Remembered

"Debunking the Myth of Israel's invincibility, under the nose of the Americans, was indeed President Sadat’s idea of how to win the military conflict in October 1973"

Anti-Islam Film: Coptic Brotherhood

“I like to call this new generation of Egypt's Christians ‘the Coptic Brotherhood’ … for they adopt the same policy & tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Background to Mossad Try at Egypt Civil War over “Coptic” Film...

The deadly bombing of Alexandria church has shed more light on the long congested sectarian strife in Egypt. Nobody can deny that the Egyptian society has been showing symptoms of sectarianism based on religious friction between the two main religious groups in the country.

Anti-Islam Film Triggers a Bloody 9/11 in Benghazi & Cairo (Updated)

"On the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, the American ambassador to Libya got killed; the Benghazi consulate set ablaze and moreover, the Al-Qaeda flag waved over the premises of the US embassy in Cairo"

Hebrew Bible: Plagiarized Mythology and Defaced Monotheism

"Many are the stories that were told in the Hebrew Bible, but the greatest story that is yet to be told is the story of the Hebrew Bible itself"

Egypt’s Border Attack: It Couldn’t Get Any Better for Israel

Every time I step into an elevator, I keep my fingers crossed till I reach my floor safely. I am not claustrophobic.

New President of Egypt Ridiculed in Israeli Video

A lot of Egyptians found a recent Israeli TV ad promoting “rebuilding of the Temple Mount” offensive and insulting to their new president

Secretary Clinton: Sleepless in Cairo With Zero Influence

“There was something huge brewing up, which Mrs. Clinton was not informed with, awaiting her arrival”

Egypt braces for confrontation with military and Israel calls up reserves

“Israeli defense forces have called up reserves and Egypt second field army is on high alert”

Mubaraks Verdict, A Revolution Back To Square One

"Egypt under the long reign of Mubarak was nothing but a police state, meanwhile, the revolution that toppled him seems to have lost its way"

Egypt’s Presidential Elections: A Revolution at the Crossroads(Video)

“A 15-minute-documentary that revisits the Egyptian uprising, and explores the arduous road to democracy and the daunting challenges that await the country after the upcoming presidential elections.”

Sadat’s War on Israel: A heroic or a Collusive Act

“Conciliation between Cairo and Tel Aviv was not Kissinger's idea, besides he never expected the bold diplomatic move by Sadat whom he never took seriously. But all that was to change after the October war 1973"

At Coptic Pope Funeral: Hypatia & library of Alexandria remembered

The rise of the Coptic church of Alexandria coincided with the destruction of its famous library, the desecration of its ancient temples and sanctuaries, and the murder of its last philosopher, Hypatia.

In Ancient Egypt, Canaan Revisited Without Israel

“Take Egypt out and the whole structure of the Israelites' tale would instantly fall.”

The True Story Behind Egypt NGO Deal

Surprise, surprise operating without a license, the foreign NGOs worked on CIA plans for Egypts partition

Finkelstein Slams BDS: a Paradigm Shift or a Guilty Conscience?

Has Prof. Finkelstein finally flinched? Has he capitulated to the global Zionist machine?

It’s All About Crushing Egypt’s Revolution, Mr. Friedman

What Mr. Friedman didn’t mention, though I’m sure he is aware of, is the fact that Egypt was, and still is, a police state.

Egypt Military Rejects US Threats and Braces for General Strike

“A phone call from the American embassy in Cairo used to be the sure thing to straighten up such a wretched mess. But this time it wasn’t enough.”

Jewish Roots of Islam’s Extremism

“Both Judaism and Islam proceeded from the same fundamental premise, influenced by the same tribal culture and practically followed the same orthodox pattern"

Egypt Soccer Violence: The Military’s Political Game

"The scenes and initial investigations proved all the gates to the football pitch were deliberately ordered open minutes before the end of the match, and also showed the police forces stood still and did almost nothing to prevent the disaster."

West Bank 2011: One year of Humiliation in a Two Minutes...

In 2011, volunteers in B’Tselem’s camera project filmed over 500 hours of footage in the West Bank portraying Palestinian life under occupation. They edited & summed them up in a two-minute-video.

Damascus ‘False Flag’ Bombing Caught on Camera

But damn it all, the whole scheme could have gone perfect hadn’t it been for this blooper.

Raid on Egypt NGOs: The Old Regime is Back in Business

“The Foreign agenda” …whenever you hear of it, be sure that the people in power are in trouble.

Mainstream Media keeps al-Qaeda Myth Alive.

“Who’s going to object to referring to the Sunni insurgency in post-war Iraq as yet another attack by al-Qaeda?”

Egypt’s Activists Bid Farewell to the Revolution

“we lost the square” one activist tweeted… president Mubarak is due to make a speech any minute now.

Grab a Pen Mr. Gingrich, it’s Time for your History Lesson

“The Israelite history is invented and therefore the Zionists could have settled somewhere else than Palestine, Uganda for example, as Herzl had proposed at the Sixth Zionist Congress”

West Bank: Palestinian shot in the Face with Tear Gas Canister...

Mustafa Tamimi, 27, was critically injured on Friday in the village of Nabi Saleh when an Israeli soldier fired a tear gas canister directly at his head from a short distance.

Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs

If you think that history is all about the past … you’d better think again. If you think the stories the Hebrew Bible had told about ancient Egypt was the whole truth … you’d better think once again

How Palestine Became Israel

One of the most important and effective things we can do, on the international day of solidarity with Palestinians, to bring justice and peace is to grow our awareness by informing our communities of the facts.

Mona Eltahawy Recounts the Real Story of Egypt Revolution

When Mona was released from her detention, thanks to her American passport, she didn’t jump on the first flight back to the US, but she headed straight to Tahrir square.

Occupy Tahrir Square vs. Occupy America

Pepper spray or rubber bullets, two different tactics but both serve the same purpose, to Silence dissent.

Cry for Freedom by a Nude Egyptian Blogger

“In a culture that believes the devil's lure and the route to hell lie in the naked face and eyes of a woman, stark nudity could very well be a revolutionary cry and a suicidal choice.”

The Actual Victims Toll of 9/11

“Saddam never had any weapons of mass destruction but nevertheless, with the American invasion of Iraq, the Iraqis were destined to experience what it really meant to be bombarded with such weapons.”

PRESS TV Interview: Dr. Ashraf Ezzat on Targeting Iran

“The problem lies not in this chain of US-NATO-Israel command but it lies in the chain of obedience by the people”