Will Iran nuclear deal kill Zionism?


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The Zionists are panicking.

According to Israeli Likudnik parliamentarian Tzachi Hanegbi, after the G5+1 reached a deal with Iran, Netanyahu called Obama and “made it clear to the most powerful man on Earth that if he intends to stay the most powerful man on Earth” he had better stop making peace with Iran.
That sounds like a threat to remove Obama from his job as the president of the United States of America.
But how could the Zionists do that?
Since Obama is in his second term, there are only two ways Israel could unseat “the most powerful man on Earth”: impeachment or assassination.
Does Israel, a tiny entity of only eight million people, have the power to have “the most powerful man on Earth” impeached or assassinated?
In 1963, John F. Kennedy went to war with David Ben Gurion in an attempt to stop Israel’s nuclear weapons program. Six months later he was dead.
In 1998, second-term president Bill Clinton was committed to leaving Middle East peace as his legacy. Clinton was planning to insist that Israel return all of the land it stole in 1967 and compromise on the Palestinian Right of Return. Suddenly the Monica Lewinsky scandal blew up in the Zionist-dominated media and Clinton was impeached, though not convicted. His political capital spent, Clinton was unable to pressure the Zionists to make peace on terms that Palestinians, and the Arab and Muslim worlds, would accept.
Christian Zionist leader Jerry Falwell, a friend of Netanyahu, has revealed that Netanyahu personally engineered the “affront to Mr. Clinton” – the Monica Lewinsky scandal – that destroyed hopes for Mideast peace. Falwell’s claim is supported by Gordon Thomas’s book “Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad” which offers evidence that the Israelis recorded Clinton’s conversations with Lewinsky and (presumably) orchestrated the scandal that paralyzed the President.
So when Netanyahu calls up Obama and issues apparent death threats, those threats may not be entirely hollow.
Why are the Zionists so terrified of peace with Iran that they feel the need to deliver death threats to the president of the United States?
Their real fear isn’t Iran’s nuclear program. The actual threat to Zionism is the prospect of a peaceful, prosperous, independent Middle East. To understand why, let us briefly review recent Middle Eastern history.
After the Islamic Revolution, Iran insisted on following independent policies reflecting the opinions and desires of its people. And one of those policies is principled anti-Zionism.
Until today, Israel has been able to mobilize the West against any Middle Eastern country that openly opposed Zionism. Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Syria have been invaded, smashed into pieces, destabilized, or otherwise punished due to their governments’ anti-Zionism. And Egypt’s first-ever democratic government was overthrown last summer due to the anti-Zionist leanings of President Morsi and his supporters.
Yet the Islamic Republic of Iran, the most anti-Zionist Middle Eastern country of all – and potentially the most powerful and prosperous – has survived. To Netanyahu and his Likudnik friends, this is intolerable.

If the Iran nuclear deal succeeds, and the West officially recognizes and accepts a genuinely independent, anti-Zionist Iran as the biggest single player in the Persian Gulf region, we will be living in a whole new world…a world in which Zionists do not dominate Western foreign policy. Such a world will have little room for an ever-expanding apartheid state of Greater Israel.
By recognizing and accepting Iran, the West is sending a signal to other countries in the region: The era of hard-line imperialism and Zionism is over. Middle Eastern governments will be allowed to shake off the twin yokes of Washington and Tel Aviv and pursue their interests as they see fit. They will even be allowed to follow the wishes of their people by opposing Zionism.

An independent Middle East, freed of Western invasions, destabilizations, sanctions, and economic predation, will become a peaceful and prosperous Middle East. Meanwhile, Israel – a hyper-militarized parasitic entity making its living by squatting on stolen land and bleeding the American taxpayer – will fall further and further behind.
Netanyahu and the other hard-line Zionists are committed to an endlessly-expanding “Greater Israel.” According to Alan Hart, they have signed a blood oath never to give up the land they stole in 1967. To achieve this goal, they must foment perpetual crisis and war.
The “Iran nuclear crisis” was never about nuclear weapons; it has always been a Zionist-engineered distraction designed to keep the Middle East in turmoil so the Zionists can keep stealing more and more Palestinian land.
As the West makes peace with Iran, and Iran’s Arab neighbors follow suit, all eyes will turn toward the Zionists’ genocidal atrocities in Occupied Palestine. A prosperous, unified Middle East could force Israel to end the atrocities and make peace with a modicum of justice.
It is this prospect of regional peace and prosperity – not Iran’s nuclear program – that strikes terror into the hearts of the Zionists.


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