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truthSomeone once wrote …


by J. Speer-Williams


“The truth has a certain elegance and restraint to it. Sometimes it can be a little rough because truth doesn’t spend any time in makeup as lies do. Lies require cosmetics and strategic lighting. Truth possesses its own beauty without the need for artifice and produces its own light.”

And please remember, your light of truth is not dimmed by the lighting of another’s candle, unless you buy their negativity.
Now ask yourself …  Am I aware of being aware?
Go ahead and ask yourself the above question.
That which asked the question is you.
The recognition of your awareness is your consciousness.
Have we just simplified the most esoteric subjects in all of metaphysics? Perhaps.
You, the spirit – the soul – are virtually static, being about the closest phenomenon in existence that is not in apparent physical motion.
Human consciousness, the awareness of a soul, however, ranges from a dim form of energy to such a fast vibration it almost appears to be static, much like the speeding blades of an electric fan appear to be motionless.
Increased awareness, augmented by love, speeds the vibration of one’s consciousness.
Limited consciousness, burdened with revenge, fear, and ignorance, mimics the consciousness of inanimate objects with very slow vibrations.
Everything else in the cosmos also vibrates. From rocks to frogs to human bodies, everything in our material world vibrates with an utter infinity of frequencies.
The higher the frequency of vibration, the higher the life form; therein, however, lies the paradox. As Consciousness evolves, it vibrates faster and faster until it appears not to move at all.

It should be obvious that live human bodies vibrate at a faster frequency than dead ones. The more alive one is, the faster the vibration of one’s consciousness and the higher the frequency of vibration their bodies can withstand.

vibrationsOur physical bodies, being of an electrical and chemical composition, are also subject to increased or decreased resonant frequencies depending, for the most part, on one’s love of life and consciousness of it. Those people with low vibrational states feel tired and physically heavy. Their bodies are a burden, seemingly too hefty to drag around.
In order to raise our individual vibrations and be more alive, we must increase our awareness, our love and tolerance of life, and all that life offers, while avoiding fear, hate, revenge, and stress – without becoming stressed by the ever-constant corporate mainstream media warnings about the dangers of stress. Such warnings produce stress, just as they are intended to do.
When we increase our individual vibrations, we literally change the world in a positive fashion. It causes other viewpoints of reality to vary along the many different lines of vibrational frequencies. The slower one’s vibrations, the harsher are their realities. The faster one’s vibrations, the higher and more pleasant are their realities, and the more life prospers.
Additionally, those with high vibrations resonant with truth, as truth has a quick vibration such people can sense.
In our material world of relatively low vibrational frequencies, the International Monetary/Banking Cartel seems to rule through a narrow band of low frequencies, which have trapped most people.
This entrapment has been done, and is being done, by the Cartel using all manner and means at their disposal, largely through fear, ignorance, revenge, and hate. Additionally television, movies, fast foods, cardboard foods, genetically modified foods, aspartame, fluoride, vaccines, prescription drugs, street drugs, chem-trails, economic hardships, war, torture, public dissension, media misinformation/disinformation, ignorance, apathy, fear, anger, hate, brutality, spite, revenge (an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth), egoism, elitism, perverted sexual activities, promiscuity, stress, worry, and all other negative emotions are caused and used by the Monetary/Banking Cartel to further degrade and trap mankind with low vibrations.

These are the machinations that are to be circumvented in order to avoid, or escape, the Cartel’s low vibrational lures, snares, hooks, and hapless/hopeless futures.

deathThe long tentacles of the Cartel, however, are only effective near and along their low vibrational frequency bands.
People in these bands will often appear to be emotionally solid, and may be rather serious in demeanor. I’ve met many men like this in the military and in police departments, particularly in the Officer’s Corp. When authority tells them what to believe, not only will they likely believe it, they will often risk their lives defending it.
This mind-set works well for the military and police until they eventually find out that those of the global elite Establishment consider them to be no more than expendable animals.
Visit a Veteran’s Administration hospital to see how well the Cartel cares for their sick and dying “animals.”
Then there are fanatical religionists who profess love (a high vibration), but deny tolerance or any compassion to others of different religious beliefs. Some even profess an exclusive “Chosen One” or “Special” status, claiming their spiritual path to be the only one God honors.
Such low-frequency beliefs eventually lead to war, torture, death, and destruction. Then these “special ones” simply justify their deplorable actions as necessary for national defense, just as they usually pass off tyranny as necessary for national security.
Still, such fanatics are so blinded by their own hubris, until at last their god becomes Satan, the ultimate in low-frequency entrapment.
Another type of Cartel cat’s paw is what I call the trusting environmentalist.
These well-meaning advocates specialize in giving the Monetary/Banking Cartel more power and money by advocating even more governmentally imposed sanctions and legislation that impoverish and enslave us, under the banner of “saving our environment.”

A simple example is the inane Cap and Trade legislation – taxes said to save our environment – which are extorted by our federal government from us (the people) and are then handed over to the super-rich oligarchs of the Monetary and Banking Cartel to effect their New World Order.

Yet, these very same environmentalists ignore over 36,000 toxic and very hazardous waste sites that are spreading across our once pristine and healthy countryside, poisoning our air, soil, lakes, ground water, streams, and rivers with pesticides, radioactive waste, heavy metals, mercury, acids, and PBCs.
The Cartel’s former supposed enemy – whom we know as Adolph Hitler – gave eugenics (originally developed at Cold Spring Harbor, NY) a bad name. So, the Cartel hit upon a less offensive buzzword, most of us could agree upon: Environmentalism.
The Monetary/Banking Cartel cares not a whit about our environment as proven by their callous injection of millions of gallons of their very deadly chemical dispersant – Corexit – into our Gulf of Mexico.
For decades the Cartel has spread thousands of tons of death-dealing DU (Deplet-ing Uranium) from the Balkans to the Middle East to the rest of the world.
DU, used in our military invasions, has no real strategic or tactical justifications, but it was used, and is still used, to advance the Cartel’s program of eugenics.
Sadly, DU has a half-life of billions of years, with no known way of cleaning it up.
For years, chemtrails have laden our skies with toxic chemicals – like barium – with daily overhead sprayings from jetliners.
Our soils and ground water have been largely ruined by poisonous fertilizers, genetically modified “foods,” and fuel crops.

Millions of tons of trash and toxic debris are loaded onto barges and dumped into both our Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This unbelievable form of government-sanctioned waste disposal has created huge floating garbage dumps, called The Great Atlantic and Pacific Garbage Patches.

atlantic-graphicCurrents of the Atlantic have consolidated such a patch into an enormously large floating pile of suspended plastic and other debris that is double the size of Texas and about as thick as a football field.
These plastic patches are killing whales, dolphins, and other marine life, with no US governmental actions being taken, or even spoken of.
Why has our government been acting like some backward third-world country that merely tosses its waste into the nearest body of water?
And where are the environmental activists who once marched and protested over crimes against Mother Earth? If such activists still exist, the Cartel’s corporate media is keeping them out of the news.
We do, however, hear plenty from the Cartel’s TV talking heads, who are always busy pushing false alarms over their bogus issues like anthropogenic global warming, man-caused earth changes, or peak oil; in contrast, the axis of the Cartel, media, and government carefully conceals safe, workable, alternative fuels that come from water (even salt water), solar, wind, and geothermal solutions.
Campaigning for or even voting for any one of the many Monetary Cartel’s bogus “environmentalist” candidates, who push the global warming agenda, puts one solidly in the low vibration of the Cartel. That is one of the reasons for all the media hype that “Everyone must vote in order to be a good citizen.” Better to pick an alternative candidate or abstain from voting altogether, so as to distance yourself from the Cartel’s low, slow vibrations.
Those undiscerning Democratic and Republican voters who vote the party line no matter the candidate are genetically predisposed to support the dark forces, and will require spiritual studies and advancement to raise the frequency of their vibrations.
Like mice caged in a Skinner box, the conditioned behaviorism of some people, like my grandfather,  is always predictable: vote for the Democrat, no matter what. We must rise to higher cognitive levels than rats if we are to be prosperous and free. I loved my grandfather, but politically wise he was not.
skinner boxYou’d be wise, I think, to avoid such organizations as the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), as their brand of lynch-mob democracy is assured to lower your vibration.
In fact, any political website, blog, radio show, or TV commentary that studiously avoids labeling the International Monetary/Banking Cartel as the nemesis of mankind is working for the Monetary Cartel and its darkness, either unknowingly or knowingly.
Corruption, deceit, and covert genocide are rampant in our world. But know – there is a way to protect yourself from such darkness: after recognizing these clandestine activities for the negative, weak vibrations they really are, then disassociate yourself from them with your own daily affirmations of denouncement, with all the love and forgiveness you can muster.
In this way you will increase the speed, symmetry, and balance of your vibrations, not only of your body, but of your whole life. And you’ll become the change you want to see in the world.
But please notice, love and forgiveness alone are inadequate to enhance the vibrations of your life. The Cartel, and its minions, are ever so delighted whenever New Agers profess love for everyone but then are afraid to know of negative activities, lest they bring that darkness into their own lives.
There are dark reasons the Monetary Cartel’s large publishing houses print and promote self-help books that counsel readers to never look at, know of, or pass on anything of a negative nature.
Love and forgiveness, without awareness, will eventually put one on the cognitive level of our household pets.
Awareness, love, and forgiveness are the tickets to ride.
On a more mundane level, there will be no change of substance in our strange (but still wonderful) country until Democratic voters begin to see the corruption in Democratic politicians that they see in Republican politicians; and the same is true of Republican voters.
With such awareness, the voters in our country will begin to rise above the vibratory band in which they are trapped.
The further below or above the low vibration of the triad of Cartel, Government,e and Media one is, the less that influence is felt. Just two extreme examples of above and below are angels and rocks.
No matter what the Cartel does, or what laws the government enforces, they will have no effect on your pet rock, or your guardian angels. When you are in the belly of the beast, it is wise to become indigestible.
Hell is being locked eternally in the Cartel’s band of frequency vibration. Freedom comes to those whose own vibrational frequencies are well above where the Cartel and its controlled governments work their negativity.

If mankind, en masse, raised its collective vibration enough, our entire planet would probably flip into a Golden Age of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

How can we open the door to higher vibrational frequencies? Knowledge is the key to that door; increased consciousness opens it. Application of one’s love and forgiveness walks one out of darkness into the warm light of a friendly sun.

And, it may all be closer than we think …

For you are infinite consciousness.

You are a part of everything that exists.

You are infinite consciousness,

And so is everyone and everything else.

We all are literally a part of God.

When we abuse or kill each other, or assert a special status, we are attempting to assault God in the name of Satan.

God and his creation deserve more of our respect and love than that.

Your light of truth is not dimmed by the lighting of another’s candle of truth.


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