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Dangerous Work: Honest Journalism!

One night in 1880, a grand banquet in New York City was given for the day’s preeminent journalist, John Swinton.

School of Hard Knocks

Human drama naturally abounds, but is purposely made dark – far darker than it need be. But to focus on a solution, however, one would have to be ignorant of their purpose in this realm.

America Approaches Third World World Status!

President Obama’s announcement of his Executive Order on immigration certainly exceeded his rightful Constitutional authority .

The War Party Defeats the War Party!

Our fourth American President, James Madison (1751-1836), made some most profoundly prescient statements about foreign wars.

The Greatest Mystery, Controversy, and Cover-up Ever

Whenever there is a truth so powerful that it could derail the overall controlling paradigm, the Controllers first try to shroud that factuality with mystery.

Top Dogs Use Their Running Dogs To Whip the Other Dogs:...

If I were any more whipped, they’d serve me up as delicate dollops of cream toppings on their double espressos.

There Are Three Principal Bigotries the Mainstream Media Keeps Alive

But today, the mainstream media is far from being an institution that disseminates truthful and important information; it specializes in lies while ignoring vital news.

Fear Begets Hate!

Fear is the Dark Side’s prison for us. Hate ensues the longer we are in their prison. The miracle of freedom occurs when our fears are transmuted into love.

Extremism Explained

Governmental interference into the lives of citizens is Satanic intervention, by way of Satan’s minions. And who are his minions? Of course, they are the elected and bureaucratic officials of both the liberal and conservative stripe.

Will the EBOLA FEVER be the pretext to chip us all?

US federal legislation seems to be written by illiterates, or by foreigners, none of whom seem to understand English very well, which the Controllers prefer as that gives them more latitude with interruption and enforcement. Obama's health care bill is a case in point.

Dirty Ankles Were Our Badges of Honor!

Cannon was big for a running back in those days: about six feet, two inches tall and weighing over 225 pounds. But it was his speed that he was noted for. Billy routinely won the 100-yard dash event at the SEC Relays.

Are You Complicit in Heinous Crimes?

Unless American citizens become aware of the US immoralities against humanity and oppose those crimes in some fashion, they will indeed continue to be complicit in monstrous criminality.

The Way to a True Democratic Government

There is a dark force of chaos-merchants afoot in our world who live to cause and then witness the disruption, suffering, enslavement, and death of others.


Those who support nuclear power plants work for Satan, whether they know it or not.

Remember to be Grateful!

With the power to delight – and disturb – life can be volatile. One of the best ways to harness life is to appreciate it in all its various aspects. Remembering to be grateful for what we have is often a way to have more reasons to be grateful.

Obama Essentially Declared Himself Dictator

The Executive Branch of our federal government has become a 500-pound tick that's being fed by a dying 15-pound dog (our country), due to the growing mound of Presidential Executive Orders (EOs).

An Ode to Entrepreneurs: The American Dream? Long Gone!

- Like swans of legend, American entrepreneurs sing their final, beautiful Swan Song before they just fade away.

Practice Your Mercury Escape Plan

The US government's "Green Revolution" is another covert attack on our collective health, wealth, and environment, largely using their mythical peak oil and man-made global warming hoaxes to do so.

I’ll Beat the Hell Out of Any Two Swabbies in This...

It all happened back in the Fabulous Fifties. It began in Salty’s all-night restaurant.

Good, Better, Best Vibrations

And please remember, your light of truth is not dimmed by the lighting of another’s candle, unless you buy their negativity.