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Rise of Iran epic shift in Mideast equations


“If we can now liberate our geopolitical imaginations a bit, we might perceive the outlines of a new Middle East emerging,”… ex- CIA Graham Fuller


…from Press TV, Tehran


General Smedley Butler
General Smedley Butler

[ Editors Note:  “All things will be known in time” is one of my favorite quotes, even if it is not 100% true.
We placed a big bet at VT that the final story on Iran will be not one of any real national security concerns, but of the marriage of geopolitical and military industrial complex elites creating false threats, and real, purely to expand their business take…greed.
We are with Marine General Smedley Butler and his book War is a Racket…all the way. We have seen nothing to suggest it never stopped being so since Butler’s day. Only the methods have been changed to protect the guilty.
I picked this news story out for you today as there are many many more in the Intel community who can confirm our military being abused way too often as taxpayer funded mercenaries for America’s criminal business elite class who have escaped their due reckoning.
We have confirmation that a tipping point is within sight as AIPAC has taken multiple blows and the bloom is off their rose. They no longer command the fear they once did. Many know what they have been doing to subvert American and having the damn break is just a matter of time.
The only missing piece of the solution puzzle now is to create a new judicial venue to handle these prosecutions as what currently exists has had blocking forces in place for a long time, anticipating that a challenge from the folks would eventually bubble up. That is happening now, but we are still over the barrel on having no place to go to get them prosecuted.
Winning or losing will at the end of the day be determined by whether Americans are too lazy to pick up their phones and raise the hell that needs to be raised to scare the hell of the right people. A broad, coordinated effort is needed. We shall see… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published on December 14, 2013  –


Graham E. Fuller - Ex-CIA
Graham E. Fuller – Ex-CIA

A former senior CIA official has hailed Iran’s growing role in the Middle East as a factor that heralds monumental shifts in geopolitical equations and settlement of regional issues.

In a Thursday article in The Huffington Post, Graham E. Fuller wriote:
“Dialog with Iran can help defuse Iraq’s struggles. Iran could be part of the solution in Syria, rather than target of a proxy war. In Afghanistan, Iran has a greater stake in stability than the US does. Iran is a sworn enemy of Shi’ite-loathing al-Qaeda,”

Fuller pointed to a “virulent and destructive campaign” by Saudi Arabia and other Arab monarchies to portray Iran as an “all-purpose” enemy for the US and noted that the scenario is basically aimed at justifying “their resistance to political change.”

“Truth be told, the Iranian ‘threat’ has been more about spread of Iran’s popular revolutionary ideology to overthrow kings and US clients than it was about “Shi’ism,” or even a bomb,” the former CIA official pointed out.

He also praised the recent interim nuclear agreement between Iran and the Sextet of powers in Geneva as a “signal step away from the obsessive centrality of Iran in US Middle East policies– a hostile confrontation of thirty-five crippling years.”
The analyst argued that the US obsession with its mentality about Iran distorted Washington’s view about a wide range of issues across the Middle East, including the Syrian crisis, the war on Iraq, Afghanistan’s crises, energy transfer routes, etc.

“If we can now liberate our geopolitical imaginations a bit, we might perceive the outlines of a new Middle East emerging,” he said.

The article touched on Iran and Turkey as two Middle Eastern powers with stable progress in political and economic spheres and lauded the two countries’ achievements in promoting their national democratic systems.



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