The Kennedy Conspiracy (4)


by Michael Shrimpton

Response to comments
This is kind of eating into the substantive article on the Kennedy assassination, but here goes.  Thanks to JS for his/her comments on the DVD.  Yes, there are other writers out there who have commented on the DVD.  Before he was murdered, one was Christopher Story FRSA.
Christopher and I were friends for 20 years, and we collaborated on research into the DVD.  I gave him some stuff but he had his own intelligence sources, which confirmed the existence of the DVD.  Unhappily German (GO2) assets inside Thames Valley Special Branch drove a wedge between us, GO2’s intent being to facilitate his murder.  He was taken out (a poisoned salmon sandwich) in Erie PA by a DVD asset close to Herr Direktor.  My warnings were ignored, sadly.
Dr Mengele was the postwar head of medical research for the DVD and masterminded their cancer weaponization program.  Liver and pancreatic cancers are two of their most popular (not all cancers can be induced – I gather lung cancer is a bit tricky e.g.), using cancer cells coated with a virus.  Poor old Christopher was taken down by induced liver cancer.  The assassination may have accelerated research into a family of proteins called APOBEC cytidine deaminases, one of the links in the chain.
I assume JS was referring to two as yet unexplained crashes, one off Hawai’i, involving a key official in perpetrating the Obama birth certificate fraud, and another, a rail crash, in New York.  It’s too early to be conclusive, but there is no reason to believe that either of these crashes was accidental.  The NTSB has frequently been prepared to overlook sabotage as the cause of accidents, so we needn’t expect too serious a report from them, with respect, any more than we in Britain are expecting a serious report from AAIB on the dodgy helo crash in Glasgow on St Andrew’s Day.
I was surprised to be accused of having been a ‘Marxist’!  It was possible to be opposed to apartheid without being a Marxist.  There was even a Tory MP in the Anti-Apartheid Movement, Robert Adley.  He also held sensible views on steam engines.  “Dieter the Hun’s” comparison of me with Higgins is probably truer to the mark, although I am not sure it was intended as a compliment!  We do agree however that you really need a Ferrari to drive round Oahu, although of course a Bentley would be better.  I am not known for my fondness of Axis automobiles.
“Gail Evans” with respect gets it wide of the mark when she calls me “arrogant”.  I am British, not German!  We in the broader intelligence community are well aware that Mandela’s reputation is going to suffer in the years to come, as ‘stuff’ comes out.  The truth is going to hurt some people a bit, but truth often does.  With the poor man not even in the ground yet now is not the time to start presenting a more balanced picture than the MSM, however.
Ballistic Analysis of the Kennedy Assassination
This is a vast subject, indeed it is worthy of another book, although at the moment I am concentrating on rewriting Spyhunter in British English and updating it, such has been the delay caused by the original, US, publisher pulling out.  None of the published books on the assassination picks up on the DVD.  This means they are bound to fall into one of two main traps – defending the Warren Commission Report, and its absurd conclusion, with respect, that Lee Harvey Oswald murdered the president and acted alone, ignorant of the fact that the Commission was heavily penetrated by the DVD, or exposing themselves to ridicule by presenting the conspiracy as a CIA/FBI conspiracy.  The role of CIA officers and FBI agents can only sensibly be explained on the basis that both agencies were penetrated, which indeed they were.  What follows is only an outline summary.
How Many Shots?
The starting point is how many shots were fired.  Since the Warren Report was written in bad faith, I am sorry to say, and was an exercise in deception, it should come as no surprise that its conclusion that only three shots were fired cannot be sustained, even allowing for the weakness in Judge Garrison’s criticisms of the ‘magic bullet’.  The judge’s team assumed that Governor Connolly was seated directly in front of the president, whereas he was slightly offset.
My estimate is that one shot missed altogether, two hit the president, one slightly wounded a bystander and one just nicked the windshield of the Lincoln, i.e. five in total.
Where Were They Fired From?
There is no doubt that at least two were fired from the sniper’s nest on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository, using a rifle whose sights were zeroed in, i.e. not the rifle the Warren Commission managed to persuade themselves had been owned by Oswald.  Since it wasn’t fired that day we can safely exclude it from consideration, just as we can safely exclude the CIA’s Oswald as one of the shooters.  Just because 6.5 mm ammo was used it does not follow that the rifles used were Mannlicher-Carcano’s.  They were probably specially designed rifles made in Germany and chambered for the 6.5 mil Italian round.
A vigorous attempt has been made to damage the eyewitness testimony of one or more shots being fired from the ‘grassy knoll’, based on ballistic analysis.  I used to buy into it, on the basis that a shot fired from anywhere on the knoll would have shattered the windshield, but the analysis suffers from a major flaw.  It fails to have sufficient regard to the fact that the Lincoln was a moving target.  Only the first couple of shots would have hit the windshield, indeed as observed above one round seems to have struck a glancing blow on the windshield anyway.  As the Lincoln moved forward the windshield moved out of the line of fire.  One of the rounds which hit the president was probably fired from the grassy knoll.
The fatal shot was probably fired from the storm drain.  The objection to the storm drain – the Mannlicher-Carcano would be too bulky – falls away once you abandon the obsession with the rifles having to be Mannlicher-Carcanos just because the ammo was that used in a Mannlicher-Carcano.  The rifle used by the shooter in the storm drain was probably a specially made folding-stock sniper rifle.  This was a well-planned assassination and the DVD had the whole of the West and East German military-industrial complexes to fall back on.  The rifles were probably made in East Germany, and the sights were probably Zeiss.  We can bet that the real shooters did not use the crappy Japanese sight Oswald supposedly purchased.
Classic Movie of the Week – The Battle of the River Plate (Pursuit of the Graf Spee)(1956)
Shown again in Britain on Film Four on Friday, and directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, this is a superb chronicle of one of the greatest episodes in the history of naval warfare.  It has everything – great acting, real warships, superb photography, dead ‘Jerries’ and the German losing.  We British are nothing if not fair to the Germans and Kapitän Zur See Hans Langsdorff of the Graf Spee is given very sympathetic treatment, and rightly so, since he was a man of high quality and undoubtedly a gentleman.  John Gregson, Anthony Quayle and Peter Finch played the lead roles.
Unusually for a war movie the real names of the main ships used are given (the light cruiser HMS Birmingham was used for some scenes).  HMS Sheffield played the Ajax, HMS Jamaica the Exeter (tragically sunk in the Second Battle of the Java Sea in 1942) and USS Salem the Graf Spee.  HMS Achilles, by then the INS Delhi of the Indian Navy, played herself, as did the dear old Cumberland, the last of the great three-funneled ‘County’ class cruisers.  HMS Cumberland by then had lost her 8”/50 cal. main battery, but not her fine lines.
What the movie only hints at are the intelligence angles – how did Commodore Harwood know that Graf Spee was going to be in the Plate Estuary and what was she really up to?  The latter is hinted at – a three week gap between sinking merchant ships.  Her primary role was an intelligence gatherer and gold transport, not surface raider, which provided convenient cover.  The significance of the battle, aside from the loss to the Kriegsmarine of one pocket battleship and the valuable boost to morale, was that it marked Britain’s effective entry into the Second World War.  Up till then, in accordance with Chamberlain’s pro-German policy, we were only play-acting.  When Sir Henry Harwood’s cruisers hoisted their Battle Ensigns and trained their guns on the enemy ‘Jerry’ realised for the first time that in invading Poland he made a bit of a boo-boo.


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