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… by  Preston James


Who gets to decide who can speak...and who cannot?
Who gets to decide who can speak…and who cannot?

The Snowden disclosures have resulted in a worldwide public concern over privacy abuses by intelligence agencies.

Even more concerned are the intel agencies themselves over what they consider huge, perhaps unrepairable breeches in their future ability to gather intelligence using previously unknown secret but illegal technologies.

A second major intel disclosure originating from Snowden is far more important but has been largely ignored by American Intel Agencies, the US Congress and the current American Administration.

The second important disclosure
by Snowden is the fact that all NSA raw intelligence is immediately and spontaneously transmitted to Israel to their own Intel proprietary contractors, who also just happen to be major intel contractors responsible for running almost all American cell phone billing and Congressional Internet and communications too.

Of course, VT Editors and Authors have been claiming this for quite a while, and have repeatedly warned about use of various organizations like AIPAC, ADL, B’nai B’rith, SPLC and the like as agents of Israeli foreign espionage inside America. Of course all these claims will now more easily gain traction because of Snowden’s disclosures. However if folks dig a bit they will find that Thomas Drake, William Binney, Mark Novitsky and others disclosed this long ago but almost no-one was listening.(1)(2)(3)

How interesting that NSA Officials, Senate Intel Committee members and the Major Mass Media are not screaming this from the rooftops and demanding all intel sharing with Israel be immediately stopped in all forms.

In a recent article, Gordon Duff clarified how legitimate businesses vying for contracts can be undermined by use of stolen bidding information gathered by these Israel spy fronts.(4)

For many years the American System of International Spying has been referred to as the Five Eyes System, comprised of an intel sharing arrangement between the United States of America, Canada, England, Australia and New Zealand.(5)  This is actually quite incorrect.

This System should be referred to as the Six Eyes System because Israel is included at complete parity but even more, much, much more. It has manipulated itself into the system controller.  How is this possible? Simply because the NSA transmits ALL raw data they gain from all means digitally directly to Israeli to private Defense Contractors who are actually serving as Israel Intel proprietaries. This makes them the primary players in the system and gives them predominance over all other intel agencies in the system, including American Intel.

goyim-born-to-serve-israelThis of course constitutes major successful espionage against America and has seriously harmed actual American National Security, while placing Israel in the “driver’s seat” of World Intel.

This allows Israel intel assets plenty of information to blackmail US Supreme Court Justices, Congress-persons, or high USG Officials who want to remain in the closet.

It also allows vast private business intellectual property to be stolen, sold and used to make huge and illegitimate profits not otherwise possible.  It provides numerous private foreign companies and nations all sorts of secret classified technology to the highest bidder and numerous trade secrets for gaining competitive business advantages. This has happened many times in the past such as with Israel defense proprietaries selling American weapons technology and nuclear ICBM secrets to the Chinese.

Let us call this massive infiltration and hijacking of American Intel by Israeli intel proprietaries for what it is. It is nothing less than major espionage against many American inventors, entrepreneurs, American Corporations and partnerships and all Americans.  But it is also major RICO crime as well as TREASON.  And who are the perps here? It is the American-Israeli dual citizens and their NeoCon assets in high USG positions or associated Policy Boards or Think-Tanks who have sold out America for their loyalty to Israel.

It is a disgusting reality that many legitimate American businesses who struggle everyday to obtain success have been seriously damaged and even put out of business.  This has been done to them when their trade secrets and bidding proposals are stolen by NSA, directly transmitted to Israel proprietaries where they are then sold or given to fraudulent competitors.

These fraudulent Israeli Intel fronts masquerading at legitimate defense contractors have become hugely profitable and expanded in scope even to the point of being monopolies in certain businesses.

The Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) is owned and/or controlled by zionist assets and truly serves as a USG propaganda dispenser.  Don’t ever expect any real truth to be reported by the CMMM. It occasionally mentions peripheral facts but always adds a bad payload on to them to deliver misinformation, psyops or mind-kontrol.

So the only way mass concern can be elicited in the American Mass Mind is through the Alternative Media on the Internet and communication to others by word of mouth.  Now is the time to start speaking up to friends and associates about this reality that American Intel has been completely penetrated and hijacked by Israeli contractors who bamboozled and bought off disloyal, compromised American Congress-persons, and DOD and Pentagon Officials.

This fact must be brought to everyone’s attention and  US Congress-persons must be publicly shamed for their Treasonous betrayal to America.


criticizeIf these Congress-persons believe that they are innocent of Treason and have been tricked by Israeli Intel disguised as legitimate defense contractors, well then, they can act quickly to make it right.

And this would mean quickly classifying all organizations such as AIPAC, ADL, B’nai B’rith, SPLC and the like as agents of foreign espionage.

It would also require with anyone linked to Israeli Intel proprietaries of the NSA as ILLEGAL. And then, it would be appropriate to start major prosecutions against any American-Israeli dual citizen, NeoCons, asset or Sayanim involved for Espionage, Treason, and violations of intellectual property as well as Criminal Rico.

Obviously this Israeli foreign espionage inside America and the COMPLETE HIJACKING of the NSA, and all other American Intel is the gravest offense ever committed against America.  It is only equaled by their leading part in the 9/11 attacks(6). Obviously the Israeli access to all NSA Intel gave zionists a complete upper hand in managing and running the 9/11 attacks.

It also provided the means to compromise and blackmail all American intel and USG officials who were not on board into compliance.

[youtube NUbTe50UUgM]

It is now up to all good Americans to make their fellow Americans aware of this and get this stopped as soon as possible. And as many Europeans are just learning, this same International Intel System hijacked by Israeli intel assets is also directly and deeply damaging their business and defense endeavors.

Zionism is now in its death throes, like a cornered rapid dog and must be carefully managed. And as many now realize, a substantial number of Europeans from many nations have turned against Israel for its Palestinian abuse and Apartheid System. It is these serious world zionist abuses which are turning people all over the world, not just Europe, against the Judaics once again because of their criminally sociopathic world zionist leaders.

Now that we know that the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) has infil-Traited and hijacked the NSA and America, it is time for all Americans to stand together and take back America from these hijackers and all usurpers, imposters, Traitors and Infil-Traitors, deceivers, liars, and asset strippers who are truly “Enemies Inside the Gates of America”.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” …Quotation of Cicero












Postscript (for those who have time and interest): With the the spell binding disclosures of Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake, William Binney, Mark Novitsky and many others (all great American Heroes of the American Republic for reporting serious RICO crimes, Treason and Sedition against Americans by the NSA top level officials), we can now connect some very important “smoking gun” dots. Novitsky’s disclosures are just starting to get traction and they are just as important as Snowden’s.

This will allow us to draw some very serious conclusions about how the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated as well as covered up and a great deal more. Of course it is important to note that the NSA in coordination with the Administration and the CMMM is working hard to spin the truth about these serious capital crimes by top NSA Officials who have lied to Congress (perjury) and/or deceived “we the people”. So far their efforts to shift blame from the NSA perps to Snowden have failed miserably, and the public views Snowden and his protector Putin both as “Rock Stars”.

We can now realize that the NSA in cahoots with its partner, Israeli Contractors, are the actual Intel perps that have been abusing and spying on the American public illegally, stealing intellectual property and business secrets. They have been selling these to enemies or competitors associated with the International Zionist Criminal Syndicate (IZCS) which is the core perp here and actually runs the NSA. The IZCS is by far the largest crime syndicate in the world and is run out of the City London Financial District using Israeli Defense and Communication Contractors and Intel as their main action agents (Cutouts).

The IZCS specializes in sex trafficking, perversions of all sorts, organ theft and trafficking, illegal narcotics, and massive bribery and human compromise operations against American governmental officials, politicians and leaders. The IZCS does this by deploying assets such as Aipac, B’nai B’rith, ADL, SPLC and the like to buy, bribe, coerce and manipulate the American Political System, the American Military and Intel, and the Department of Just-us and has unlimited funds gained by many means including those directly issued by the private Central bank in Secret and numerous “coerced” donations.

Populism is emerging at breakneck speed inside America and many nations of the world. At some point the ICZS will be broken and all secret NSA files will be released in full to the public as this newly arising world populism reaches critical mass. This will result in a complete end of all secrecy.

When these NSA files are opened and released, folks everywhere will find out who all the actual IZCS Central Bankster Criminals are, how much money they stole, how they did it and where it went so it can be clawed-back. We will have all the secret backroom conversations of Central Banksters and “Roundtable-type” meetings, as well as the IZCS Crime Council Meetings.

All secrets will be made bare and various immunity agreements will be used to extract complete confessions from many who want to survive an emerging worldwide populist crackdown on political, government, intel, military and large International Corporate corruption. Many Corporations who enjoyed the benefits of person-hood will be prosecuted as such, bringing many members in such organizations into prosecutions personally such as for RICO, Bank Fraud, criminal theft, swindling, murder, mass-murder, war crimes, espionage, Treason and Sedition.

We now know for sure that the NSA is the Central Intel Collector and controller of all Signal Intel and all transmitted data in the whole world, whether by phone, cell phone, fax, telex and even sophisticated scramblers.  Yes, numerous connected inside sources have now confirmed that NSA has all the algorithms to decode every single data transmission, even scrambled DOD ones, and can translate any language anywhere in the whole world.

Those few top IZCS Policy-Makers who control the NSA (you should be able to guess who they are by now), have full knowledge of all these deep USG corruptions and crimes, Rico, Treason and Sedition and have been in many cases personally responsible. Let me emphasize that someday not too far off, all such secret will be opened up.  This will be either sooner or later, by one way or another. And the general public will be first surprised, then enraged followed by extreme demands and actions for justice and in many cases extreme revenge.

These top Policy-Makers (IZCS and their top Cutouts in America) know this and that is why they have built up DHS, special DHS secret assassination squads to be deployed against American Politicians, leaders, officials and police instead of protecting them (a mere cover story).

DHS is now going for broke planning to deploy TSA Vipr Squads and NORTHCOM (which will be placed under their zio command if the SHTF). DHS expects this will allow them to tyrannize Americans and use mass violence and mass-murder to subdue the American public. They couldn’t be more wrong as many inside DHS have turned against them psychologically and are sandbagging until the SHTF.

However, let me emphasize that all their extreme efforts to transform America into a new zionist slave-state, GAZA II, in order to make Americans the New Palestinians and then to systematically mass murder them (by using DHS as a New Red Cheka) will fail. Alas, such efforts will fail miserably from the inside as well as the outside and are already producing extreme discontent inside DHS as members “wake up”, as well as future catastrophic blow-back.

The more these corrupt top Policy-Makers take drastic actions like more 9/11 false-flag attacks or a nuclear attack on a major American City, the greater and more rapid will be the awareness of their covert ops, and the more immediate and intense blow-back and rebellions inside their own organizations will occur.

Currently many zios and cutouts are deserting zionism and the IZCS like rats leaving a sinking ship because they want to be on the winning side when the SHTF. The alternative news is diffusing too fast at too many levels of society at this point, and the CMMM cannot neutralize it or stop it. And any heavy-handed censorship will create immediate and far reaching blow-back, bringing the evil machine to a stand-still at all levels in short order.

What can reasonably be concluded is that the NSA had prior advanced knowledge of who planned the complex 9/11 attacks which had numerous layers and false plots set in to confuse even honest federal investigators.(7) Because Israeli Defense Contractors receive and control all NSA raw data, they have been able to blackmail, coerce, human compromise or murder numerous American officials in the Military, Intel and Administration to “go along or else”.

There were also a few who were part of the active plot in the USAF and NORAD High Command. We now know for sure that the plot actually was run by select NeoCons, Mossad, Assets, and Sayanim, some of whom wrote the PNAC Report. Highly placed inside sources have now confirmed that the NSA files, when opened some day, will show that the video clip included above is essentially 100% correct as well as the following article, “Israel did 9/11, all the Proof in the World”.(8)

And it has now also been confirmed by several credible inside sources who have access at the highest levels that the opening and sharing of all NSA Secret Files will solve every single mystery about such matters as: where were the missing POWs/MIAs, who really ran the Assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK, John-John Kennedy, Senator Wellstone, who has been bringing all the illegal drugs into America, etc. The whole world will eventually find out which USG officials and Military High Command knew about all these covert ops and who covered it up then and even still today.

The NSA secret files are all 100% intact in triplicate within Intel (and also elsewhere by a certain Entity) and contain every single USG and American Intel and military telecommunication ever transmitted or received all the way back to the early 1960’s.

Note, the secret Stasi files have all been opened in Germany and historians are still going over them and cataloging all their crimes against humanity they were so massive. The Stasi files were meticulously hand-written (notes and reports) so it is a very slow process. However, all Stasi secrets and crimes are slowly and systematically being exposed.

This will happen with all NSA secrets files too someday not too far off.  We the people will demand it. However since all NSA files are digital, they will be able to be accessed, searched and downloaded off the worldwide Internet instantaneously once opened and released to everyone unlike the Stasi files which have been extremely cumbersome and slow to catalog.

When the massive betrayal of the current Ruling Cabal occurs and they are thrown on the trash heap of history by emerging world populism, you can expect that a full set of all these files will emerge and be used to remove the whole remaining current IZCS criminal power structure and assets, after worldwide complete exposure. Why you might ask? The answer is that a certain Entity is now copying all NSA secret files for release at the optimal time when a new world populism begins to fully emerge and will fully capitalize on the masses desire for complete exposure and accountability for the criminal Ruling Cabal that has functioned as the world’s biggest parasite upon all mankind.

More about all this and the identity of this Entity will likely be revealed in later articles on VT.  I will give you a hint, advanced quantum computers have now been deployed by a foreign non-aligned nation or entity to hack and copy all these secret files and are doing so now in full.(9)  Can you guess now who has been doing this and waiting for the optimal time to “clean the deck”?

But before you get too excited and hopeful, remember this Entity has its own secret, hidden agenda too, one which may not be our preference in the long run and may involve a very big “second surprise”. If we all rise up and take back our Great Republic America now, we can prevent this other opportunistic Entity from doing so later, also.

Note to Officers and Staff of Fusion Centers and DHS. If you did your homework you would realize by now a Congressional Study has shown conclusively that the Fusion Centers HAVE NOT uncovered or stopped any Terrorism inside America.  And there are no real (what you classify as) Domestic Terrorists, only those the FBI has been caught trying to entrap and your leaders as well as the leaders of the NSA, CIA and FBI, SOLIC, and JSOC. It is generally recognized now that the FBI selects mentally ill, deranged, always somewhat retarded weirdos and try to equip them, train, entice and entrap them to perform terrorist acts.  The only times they have succeeded was with the First NY Twin Towers bombing where they insisted the Blind Sheik use real explosives and not the phonies he wanted too.  Yes, this was another planned “Sting Gone Bad” just like the Murrah Bombing which the FBI and BATF had prior knowledge of and cleared out beforehand.

By now you should have connected the dots and understood that DHS, the TSA and FBI are the real terrorists inside America and are functioning as Traitors and Enemies inside the Gates of America. Who is kidding who? And you should know that the USAF High Command was also involved in the 9/11 attacks and some insiders have fingered General Richard Meyers as being part of it.

If you really want to do your job start arresting the real Terrorists inside America including numerous FBI Agents to try to create Acts of Terror, and folks at the top of your agency and the TSA, FBI and NSA that are groping and sexually assaulting, spying on and terrorizing honest, law abiding Americans, you know the folks that run your agency (your criminal compatriots) keep labeling as domestic terrorists.  And of course DHS and the FBI and the Fusion Centers have labeled any dissident or any law abiding Citizen who tries to restore the Rule of Law and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Enough BS is enough.

Start waking up and really doing your job. When you are asked to oppress and murder (and mass-murder) honest law abiding Americans (you will be), stand up for America, honor the oath to protect and preserve the US Constitution and refuse. Some day true justice is coming to America, and all the crimes of NSA, DHS, TSA, the Fusion Centers,  the FBI, SOLIC and JSOC will be fully exposed and those perps involved will be brought to Justice.  Before that happens be sure you are on the right side of the Law, the US Constitution and History.


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