Urban War Zones in America

Urban War Zones are now a reality inside many American cities

Detroit 1967 or London Today?
Detroit 1967 or London Today?

by Preston James

It’s no longer necessary to go to Iraq, Afghanistan or Africa to enter a real war zone and have to fight for your life.

Thanks to massive CIA drug trafficking and American Free-trade Treaties like NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT & WTO, many American inner cities have been transformed into actual War Zones.

slide_272164_2581251_freeThese inner-city war zones are infested with drug gangs that outnumber police and outgun them too.

At present these gangs are typically competing and battling with each other for turf and making a living selling drugs and running prostitutes, some captive sex-slaves. At some point, if the economy worsens and the SHTF, they could easily start looting and attacking anyone and everyone.

However, in every major city in America at present, violent urban predators prey on the unarmed, old, weak, sick or disabled. And while out of control Police Swat Teams battle these predators and Drug Gangs, they often tyrannize the innocent which include women and young children, using excessive force all too often. There are numerous incidents of such teams murdering innocents after attacking the wrong home. These SWAT teams seem to relish killing harmless family pets, and almost always do it, often killing pet cats too if they can catch them. This is brute thuggery accompanied by the vilest profanity ever spoken in most cases and often in front of young children. Psychologists have known for years that the killing and torture of pets is often an indicator of a serial mass-murderer. Is that what many of these SWAT has become, serial murderers filled with blood-lust?

The massive War on Drugs was designed as a dualistic program. One hand, the top-secret part involves the USG bringing in massive amounts of illegal drugs to raise “off the books money” for covert ops. The other hand uses all serious Gang Crimes arising as a pretext to militarize the Police to justify their deployment as Nazi Storm Troopers.

This second part of the War on Drugs is for public disclosure and consumption. In response to all this massive urban breakdown, the worsening economy and increasing government tyranny from the Department of Homeland Security, the TSA and out of control local Police, Americans are arming at an astounding rate. Guns are literally flying off the shelves and ammo sales are at an all-time high also.

Americans now arming up in mass in order to protect themselves from this and the obvious increases in USG Tyranny of the USG, DHS and their local militarized and Mind-kontrolled local Police (1). And also from increasing and spreading Urban Crime which includes robberies, car-jackings, home burglaries and home invasions.

Also given as an important reason for arming up for the first time when asked, is a fear of possible impending economic collapse with an associated SHTF occurrence. Many express a salient and absolute need to be able to protect themselves and/or their family members from possible looters and armed home invaders.

These events are expected to accompany a SHTF urban breakdown situation or an expected Katrina like Door to Door gun confiscation in New Orleans. In the upper Middle Class neighborhoods in New Orleans, Blackwater (hired mercenaries) were illegally hired and deployed by FEMA and gladly broke the law, threatening and robbing innocent homeowners. Later on, many expensive guns (collectors items) that were confiscated aka stolen turned up for sale on Ebay type websites.

These soulless zio mercenary scum that confiscated these weapons illegally were assisted by some poorly managed, unConstitutional National Guard Units who didn’t refuse (as some did). It is doubtful that Armed Americans will ever fall for this again. A substantial number of those FEMA or DHS criminals and their hired henchmen dumb enough to try this again will not be going home to their families at night. Why you might ask?

Because the Solzhenitsyn Solution is now becoming the modal expectation with many gun owners who now value the US Constitution, the Second Amendment and their God given right to Self Defense, especially from an illegal neo-Bolshevik zio foreign invading force like DHS, TSA and FEMA.

The Solzhenitsyn Solution to Bolshevik style Red Terror home invasions:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” — Alexandr Solzhenitsyn

And who should be credited with creating such a foreboding urban environment? It is the Globalist Traitors and infil-Traitors who have hijacked the political process and Banking in America.

These Globalist “enemies within” have rammed through economically disastrous Free-Trade Agreements and forced Diversity, Perversions and Political correctness accompanied by massive immigration, most illegal. All this has been designed to destroy the Borders, Language and Culture of America, to neutralize its Constitution, Bill of Rights and Rule of Law while transforming America into an economically distressed Third World Nation.

These Globalist enemies within the Gates have been working very hard to transform America into a Democracy (Note: A Democracy = Mob Rule by the Masses by simple majority–load up the nation with dumbed-down oppressed poor folks that just want to get USG freebies and you can imagine who they will vote for–anyone that promises them anything and everything and is willing to steal it from those who worked hard to earn it). America was set up as a Republic by our Founding Fathers, not a Democracy.  Any politician that uses this word “Democracy” is either mentally deficient or a Traitor (usually a Traitor, who is owned by those who have provided massive political contributions).

Obviously any real enforcement of the US Constitution would assure that America would remain a Republic the way it was set up. We would never use the word “Democracy” or send our Soldiers off to fight illegal, unConstititional, unprovoked wars in foreign lands to “give them Democracy” (which we don’t even have) in order to rescue them from tyranny.  Simple fact is anytime you hear politicians use the phrase “establishing a Democracy” or even the word “democracy”, they are pushing Tyranny and often Terrorist acts in addition.

Since the imposition of so-called “Free Trade” policies upon the American Republic, urban decay and blight have become epidemic in major American cities.

Many cities have turned into Urban Jungles, where only the strongest survive. In these Urban Jungles, violent gangs prevail and the weak are parasitized and consumed, afraid to go out of their homes, especially after dark.

Take Chicago, which has become a “kill or be kill” free fire Urban War Zone in some of its Urban areas. Chicago is the one of the most gun restricted areas ever, but the only ones that do not carry guns to defend themselves are law abiding citizens.

Gang members have all the guns they want, supplied by drug gangs and the CIA and BATF.

Some of these areas such as Washington DC have been rated as having a 300% chance of being mugged if out after dark in certain areas, which means you could likely be robbed three times in a single block if you have a victim profile (old, young, weak, disabled, female). The real unemployment rate is 37%, despite phony USG that it is 7% or less.(2) Post Traumatic Stress is a frequent disorder in many Urban War Zones due to the extreme violence rampant in these inner-city areas. (3)

And now Detroit has been declared Bankrupt. It has been reported that retired police and City workers will now receive approximately 13% of their pensions due.

The Ruins of Detroit:

The Ten Most Dangerous American Cities which are truly Urban Jungles at Night:

There are areas in Detroit, South Chicago and St. Louis that are so violent and infested with Violent Drug Gangs that even the police refuse to enter unless ordered and then do so with major forces.

Until recently parts of Detroit were so violent that police and ambulances refused to provide service during the night hours and often found abandoned dead bodies (murder victims) days later. Detroit, known as “Iron City”, the jewel of America, used to be prosperous beyond measure based on the manufacture of the world’s finest cars.

Remember what a 1965 Olds Starfire coupe was like, or a mid 60’s Buick Wildcat or Pontiac Bonneville was like.  How about a mid 60’s Chevy with a HP409 engine or a Plymouth Belvedere with a 426 Hemi or 440 Wedge engine?

That all changed in 1971 with the introduction of very extreme anti-pollution “clean air” laws which reduced automotive engine compression ratios from approximately 10.5 to 8.5, required the installation of retarded, goofy extremely inefficient camshafts.  The result was garbage engines that had little power, consumed huge increases in gasoline and a major shift in chassis quality to near complete crap.

At that point American automotive quality was gone and is only starting to come back now forty years later.

This is but one symptom of the covert Globalist engineering of American Society on behalf of the City of London zionist Central Banksters.

This, of course, created a great opportunity for the Japanese Auto manufacturers, secretly owned and controlled by the super-elite American Banking families. When W. Edwards Deming, an astute American engineer approached American Automotive Manufacturers in Detroit and proposed his plan to drastically reduce defects and lemons, he was rebuffed because it was felt his plan was too expensive and too slow.

Deming’s plan required 100% quality checks and verification of all parts from every supplier instead of the approximately 1% or less sampling. When Deming approached the Japanese, who had already shown a new coming expertise in motorcycles and quality circles in their electronics manufacturing, his program was accepted and implemented.

The rest is history, and after about 15 years, the American Automotive manufacturers have been playing a catch up game ever since for quality with the Japanese Auto manufacturers.

And now the Korean Automotive Manufacturers have hired retired Japanese automotive engineers as consultants and have adopted many of their same practices and principals to their automotive manufacturing.  The result?

Some Autos manufactured in South Korea have attained the same quality as the Japanese which are considered to currently be the highest quality in the world. As many automotive enthusiasts suggest, if you want the best performance buy German, if you want the highest quality buy Japanese.

It is a fair assumption that Globalism and the Free-Trade Agreements it produced, have resulted in the exportation of most American heavy industry, manufacturing and millions of good paying jobs. This alone has seriously harmed the American economy and set America on a path of destruction, starting first with its Urban Centers which have become urban wastelands and jungles, and now progressively spreading to middle class and upper middle class outlying suburbs.

Fair Trade with suitably adjusted reasonable Tariffs to protect American Jobs are necessary to America’s economic survival and prosperity. Free Trade is not Free at all and is an abomination to the American Republic and its Sovereignty.

It is a tool of the Globalists to enhance the earnings of their international offshore Globalist corporations at the expense of the American worker.  It is nothing less than a secret war against America’s Sovereignty and the Republic itself.

The only other globalist tactic to destroy America that approaches its effectiveness are the policies of unrestricted illegal immigration, forced diversity, cultural programming that perversion is good, required perversion programming in the public schools that it is normal, and political correctness.

Obviously these are all Globalist weapons of covert war waged against America to destroy its borders, language and culture and gut it economically.  These Globalist weapons have been deployed against Americans in order to transform America into a Third World “Democracy” instead of the Republic that it was set up to be by the Founding Fathers.

These Traitors and Infil-Traitors in Congress and the Administration keep financing and running foreign wars for Israel in order to establish Democracy like they keep claiming we have in America. We have never had a Democracy but they have been doing their best to kill the Republic on the behalf of their zionist owners and masters This is, of course, one of the biggest lies ever told.

America has always been a Republic, a Democracy is mob rule. Of course, bringing in 30-60 million illegal immigrants and millions of legally sanctioned foreign workers has quickly undermined American culture and tradition and established a real base to elect politicians who appeal to the masses. The election of President Obama was the first of such travesties.

Up until recently when American aircraft manufacturers starting buying foreign parts, American aircraft were the best in the world, especially the military aircraft and fighter/interceptors. Now we have an F-22 with a contaminated O2 system from China that causes some pilots to start passing out and a Boeing Dreamliner with a faulty battery system that was imported.

For years St. Louis has been so poor that some of their police radio don’t work properly and their squad cars are in disrepair. In East Los Angeles, despite how tough and well armed the LA Police Department is, top police officials know that they are completely outgunned by Mexican drug gangs allowed to enter and do business inside America and also provided arms shipped by the CIA and the BATF. Some experts have estimated tat there are between 250,000 and 400,000 Gang Members in the greater LA area, and the amount of arms they have stockpiled (thanks to the CIA, BATF and the Mexican Cartels) is staggering. What kind of a spark would it take to set these gangs off?

It’s not as if Americans weren’t duly warned what such Free-Trade Treaties would produce, because Presidential Candidate Ross Perot went public with what was coming.  He described the effects of any Free-Trade Treaties passed and ratified as a “giant sucking sound” for American jobs as they would leave America in droves.

[youtube Rkgx1C_S6ls]

But despite Perot’s grave warnings, President George HW Bush signed NAFTA on Dec. 17, 1992 with full Congressional support. The NAFTA Treaty was ratified after Bill Clinton became President. Soon after the sucking sound started, with shocking support the the US Department of State which provided massive grants to major corporations to move manufacturing to Mexico.  These grants continued at American taxpayer expense under the subsequent Trade Treaties that were subsequently signed and ratified such as CAFTA, GATT, and WTO.

Unbeknownst to most Americans, President Obama is now deeply involved in secret negotiations to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty (TPP) which experts have described as “NAFTA on Steroids”. TPP is far more than just another Free Trade Treaty which continues to lower the value of American wages to the “rock bottom” levels in third world  countries. If signed and ratified by Congress, the TPP would be the complete end to any remaining American Sovereignty.

What established this frenzy for Free-Trade Agreements? It is now known that The last duly elected President of the United States of America was Ronald Reagan.  It is also known by seasoned intel officers that Ronald Reagan distrusted American Intel in general and especially his Vice President George HW Bush.

In fact it has now been discovered that President Reagan distrusted the CIA and American Intel so much, he set up his “Kitchen Cabinet” and brought in Lee Wanta as his Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine (4).

Both George HW Bush and George W Bush were illegally elected later as President, since Prescott Bush had signed an Immunity Agreement that no future Bushes (Scherffs) would ever run for Public Office after he was arrested for “aiding the enemy” and his Union Bank assets were seized by FDR during WW2.

It is also known that George HW Bush ran his own private CIA inside the CIA which served the specific needs of the zionist City of London Central Banksters and their franchisees, the American private Federal Reserve and major Wall Street Banksters.

Some former top American Intel believe that it was this private GHW Bush Intel organization that tried to assassinate President Reagan by using their man, a Secret Service Agent who fired a high speed plastic disc from a compressed air powered disc-gun, the type displayed by William Colby in Congressional Hearings on the abuses of American Intel. Traitors within the Secret Service are not a new phenomena, as with Presidential Limo Driver William Greer.

Greer was a Traitor broke who precedent and the rules and brought his car carrying JFK to a dead stop until the head shots connected, and he was sure JFK was dead or mortally wounded. Thus he was party to the public Murder of JFK. Consider this, the Secret Service is a division of the US Treasury Department and thus under the direct thumb of private Central Banksters. Do you think this is a mere coincidence that they have their own private intel group so close to the President, supposedly protecting him? Are the rumors true that the Secretary of the Treasury’s salary is paid by the World bank?

When President Reagan was shot, PBS Judy Woodruff had reported seeing a SS man fire a gun from a second story window that night on PBS. The story was quickly squelched and she changed it after a very convincing “not to worry visit” from some very serious American Intel agents. President Reagan, despite the SS drivers intentionally long slow disjointed route to the hospital to delay needed emergency care, survived. This assassination attempt however, signaled that the Treasonous Bush Cabal had attained a major power base inside the Military and Congress.

The sad thing is that all the political power and influence  necessary to accomplish this and to transform the American Congress into Traitors and was due to the vast money provided to K Street Lobbyists and zionist espionage groups like AIPAC, ADL, B’nai B’brith, and the like, by the Central Banksters and the various Judaic groups shaken down and manipulated by zionist for donations.

So the first beach-head of the Globalists (aka zionist City of London Central Banksters and the “Old Black Nobility” they represented) was established with a bought, owned and controlled US Congress.  Once George HW Bush was elected President, the circle of control was complete.

One of his son George W. Bush’s major assignments was to take American further down the Globalist path by fighting more Mideast wars for Israel like his father did. Another was to destroy the Republic party by being the worst President ever and fully debasing the Republic, which he did. Now the Republican leaders in Congress are tricking the Republican Party into committing suicide by agreeing to back the Democratic legislation to make illegal immigrants legal.

So it is now obvious that the Republican Party is finished and Americans need to rise up and form a new Third Party. Otherwise you can be assured that just like in the last Presidential election, both candidates will be owned by the Bush Cabal. Unless the Bush Cabal has been fully exposed and displaced by then which is now  real possibility.

It has been estimated that there are now approximately 30 million illegal immigrants inside America allowed in by a Globalist controlled USG who prevented border enforcement and liberal immigration laws which are not enforced. With the the passage of the currently proposed Democratic plan for legalizing illegal immigrants, this number could easily grow to 60 to 100 million.

In most major American Cities, Police are not allowed to arrest suspected illegal immigrants for minor traffic violations or check their identification for legal status. Not so for those whose license plates are run and show up as actual American Citizens. And this is all due to orders coming down from a few top policy-Makers who operate at the nexus of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

Once his criminal cabal established a firm hold on the reigns of power, GHWB could now institute major efforts to undo all the excellent plans for the economic and industrial reconstruction of America that President Reagan had set in place and activated. As has been disclosed in a previous article (5), President Reagan had brought in Lee Wanta to serve as his Secret Agent because he didn’t trust the CIA which had been corrupted and hijacked by GHWB. The Bush Cabal was so frightened of President Reagan’s plans for Reconstructing America and its Economy that they pushed very hard to pass all the various Free-Trade Agreements and have them ratified using their cabal puppets and elected officials.

It should now be exceedingly clear to those who are well informed about the degradation of the American economy and rule of law accompanied by increasing tyranny, deployment of DHS, TSA and the passage of all the unConstitutional draconian laws (like the so-called Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and NDAA 2014), that America has been infil-Traited and hijacked.

All this Free-Trade has been engineered by foreign controlled Globalist traitors and infil-Traitors who have hijacked America and worked hard to export  heavy industry, manufacturing and jobs and morph America into a zionist Police State. And their plans are to continue this process until America has become the world’s biggest open air prison camp, a new Palestine, best to be referred to as Gaza II. Fortunately zionism has been exposed and many folks are now catching on and zionism is now actually in its final death throws, fighting for its life like a cornered rapid dog.

These zio Globalist infil-Traitors are doing all this to asset strip America, destroy it’s economy and the Republic itself, in order to Balkanize America and prevent it from ever rising in economic strength again and operating as a Republic “of the people, by the people and for the people”.

Their motives for all this?  To covertly re-fight the Revolutionary War that was lost and retake America on behalf of the zionist City of London Central Banksters and their Kingpin overlords the Old Black Nobility (OBN).  These hidden masters of the world-wide occult network which runs the IZCS prefer to stay hidden in the background where they can pull all the strings of several top Policy-Makers in America with no personal risk to themselves.

What can be done to turn this around? Obviously the first step is to get rid of all Free-Trade Agreements. In order to do this all the zionist espionage fronts inside America such as AIPAC, ADL, B’nai B’rith and the like must be fully exposed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. In order to do this zionist Israeli-American dual citizens inside Congress and the USG and its Agencies must be exposed as traitors and agents of foreign espionage and routed out of power.

America has to stop fighting Israel’s illegal Mideast wars and withdraw all aid and support for Israel as long as it is a criminal, racist apartheid state persecuting and murdering Palestinians and stealing their land incrementally.

Lee Wanta, a great American Hero that served as President Reagan’s Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine and was instrumental in bringing down the evil Soviet Union

We need to re-institute the Wanta Reconstructing America Plan based on the Maglev High Speed Rail System which has the necessary funding already available. (6)

And it is time to also re-establish the Wanta Economic Recovery Plan for America that was also set up under President Reagan, but later stopped cold by George HW Bush and his Cabal when they instituted a secret coup to take over the whole USG on behalf of the City of London zionist Central Banksters and their Wall Street and Federal Reserve Franchisees.(7)

In fact it is a reasonable assumption that the massive Free-Trade attack on America’s economy was largely a reaction by the Bush Cabal to these amazing economic reconstruction plans President Reagan had put in place through his Secret Agent Lee Wanta, who was the master strategist that took down the Soviet Union for President Reagan.

It is important to understand that Lee Wanta is one of the greatest American Heroes ever.  He served America diligently and could have taken out trillions for himself. But he took nothing and provided all 27.5 Trillion USD he earned to be used to finance all the projects President Reagan had assigned him to complete. And yet the US Federal Courts awarded Wanta 4.5 Trillion to use as he wished.  The problem is that the Bush Cabal continues to hold the money illegally, despite the courts findings.

Instead it was apparently hijacked by Cutouts for the Bush Cabal and their associates. Wanta’s reward for serving America the Republic with heroism and distinction? He should have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom, started by President Harry Truman. Instead he has been given false charges, illegal imprisonment in two different nations, abuse, threats, death attempts, abuse beyond what 99% of the public could ever take and even continuing sometimes daily harassment. The way this great American Hero Lee Wanta has been treated by the USG which is still under control of the Bush Cabal is simply disgusting and Treasonous and Seditious too.  It is also the clearest example of the offenses of the largest RICO crime Syndicate in America.

And yet Lee Wanta is still standing and has never stopped telling the truth.  He is respected by numerous political leaders all over the world whom he still communicates with. Now, finally he is getting his story published and publicized in the alternative media all over the worldwide Internet. Soon folks all over the world and most Americans will know the full Wanta story of how he was a critical player in the take-down of the evil Soviet Union and why so many in Soviet Intel cooperated with him to end this zionist Bolshevik system of evil which zios are now attempting to bring to America.

Recent respected surveys show that a majority of American are disgusted with the current administration and rating of the lowest ever experienced in America in the last century. Congress is also rated at an all time low with only 9% approving of it. Many view the current President as an alien imposter with no traceable past.  Some alternative media writers have stated that he is a sheep-dipped CIA creation just like Bill Clinton. All this is a mute point.  Why?

Because Ronald Reagan was the last duly elected President of the United States of America, the Republic, all presidents since have been fraudulently elected and owned by the Bush Cabal. And this Bush Cabal is the Action Agent of the City of London zionist Central Banksters and their International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

The IZCS is now centered in Israel where most intel is done by privatized Israeli corporations serving as American Defense and Intel contractors.  It is these private Israeli contractors who receive and control all NSA raw intel and almost all American communications including internal White House phone calls and messaging, as well as all Pentagon and DOD communications.

Obviously the Bush Cabal has been able to install its own Presidential puppets and run a lucrative illegal drug trafficking operations into America.  All done to destabilize and “dirty up” American Cities while absorbing a great deal of the Welfare dollars and capturing vast “off the books” funds for their own covert operations and bribery of Congress. It is a fair conclusion that the Bush Cabal has destroyed the American Rule of Law, debased any true enforcement of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and has corrupted every institution and agency of the USG.

However there is good news.  A growing force for good has emerged in the Alternative Media now transmitted everywhere instantly on demand by the worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press and the NWO Globalist’s Achilles Heel. Yes, the Controlled Mass media (CMMM) has been a propaganda mouthpiece for the Bush Cabal and the IZCS, but is now losing its appeal and credibility. The CMMM keeps feeding lies and crap to the American public that are obviously false, like all the USG Mideast American wars are wars to “establish Democracy”.  More and more Americans now realize this is complete BS, that we are there to fight Israel’s wars and defend British Oil interests.

Compare the articles of VT and other respected truth media now which are being published and read by millions inside America and all over the world with the CMMM. You will see the gap between the alternative media truth and the CMMM lies is ever widening and we are starting to see Alternative Media’s popularity driving stories into the CMMM, even thought the CMMM usually attempts to neutralize their significance.

Many thousands of brave American Soldiers who were lied to and deceived into fighting these illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared wars for Israel and Big Oil, thinking that they were defending America and its freedom. Few greater lies and deceptions has ever been predicated on Americans than this complete lie.  Many thousands of Americans have been killed and horribly wounded and disabled in this war.

If the American Military ever fully realizes that all these wars were phony and based on a lie and that Israel did the 9/11 attacks with the help of a cabal within the USAF and JCS, there will be hell to pay for all those perps involved. And now there is good reason to believe that day is coming in the not too distant future.

As most Americans are beginning to realize, America has been infil-Traited by Traitors and Infil-Traitors in the highest positions of the USG.  The major economic deterioration and loss of assets to the Wall Street Banksters and the private Federal Reserve through Financial Fraud have been staggering and Americans are catching on to the BLATANTLY OBVIOUS.

When American society reaches a critical mass awakening to this obvious situation that Globalists have been doing everything they can to destroy America, there will be major Blow-back of astounding proportions. When 12% of Americans are awakened, a critical mass and major turning point will be reached and you will begin to see major social change like never conceived, and this will all be due to major Blow-back from awakening.

The elites hate to acknowledge it, but when large numbers of ordinary people are moved to action, it changes the narrow political world where the elites call the shots. Inside accounts reveal the extent to which Johnson and Nixon’s conduct of the Vietnam War was constrained by the huge anti-war movement. It was the civil rights movement, not compelling arguments, that convinced members of Congress to end legal racial discrimination. More recently, the townhall meetings, dominated by people opposed to health care reform, have been a serious roadblock for those pushing reform…. A big turnout … can make a real difference….When someone tells you to stop imagining that you are having an impact, ask them to please direct their energy into getting 10 friends to join you in doing what needs to be done. If it has no impact, you’ll have gone down trying. If it has an impact, nobody will tell you for many years. (8)

This coming complete awakening will be due to information dispensed and diffused by the Alternative Media and the worldwide Internet, as well as word of mouth. it is best viewed as a byproduct of a new and powerful emerging worldwide populism which has now reached the point it is unstoppable. One recent study has established 10% as a critical mass, a turning point for Society. (9)

I believe we are already at 11% and when we reach 12%, the days of the Bush cabal will be quite dated. They know it too and are scared sh*tless. That is why they have been going for broke trying to ram the NWO down our throats and militarize local police and build up DHS to oppress and then mass-murder us.

It’s time to speak up to all your family, friends and associates that we need to abandon the Republican and Democratic political parties.  Both parties are owned and controlled by the same Overlord, the IZCS who bought them and can blackmail them with intel provided by the NSA.

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who is also a Vet and a Navy Seal/UDT man had it right in his book of the Republican and Democratic Political Gangs in America, DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans (10).

Gov. Ventura recommends Americans dump both political Parties which serve the same corrupt masters and start electing alternative candidates only who are not associated with either of the two parties.

Another excellent book written by another great American Hero, Lee Wanta (Wanta! Black Swan, White Hat) is now available on Kindle at a reasonable price.

This book tells an American story like no other of how President Reagan’s Secret Agent Lee Wanta brought down the Soviet Union on America’s behalf and describes how the Bush Cabal has worked very hard to block all of Wanta’s Reconstruction of America plans which were assigned by President Reagan. (11)


It should now be exceedingly clear to those who are well informed about the degradation of the American economy and rule of law accompanied by increasing tyranny, deployment of DHS, TSA and the passage of all the unConstitutional Draconian Laws (like the so-called Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, and NDAA 2014), that all this is being engineered by foreign controlled Globalist Traitors and infil-Traitors. These entities have hijacked America and have worked very hard to export  heavy industry, manufacturing and jobs and line the pockets of large offshore Globalist Corporations which form a network of approximately 140 interlocked groups.

These Globalist zios are doing this to asset strip America, destroy it’s economy and the Republic itself in order to Balkanize America and prevent it from ever rising in economic strength again and operating as a Republic “of the people, by the people and for the people”.

Their motives for all this?  To covertly re-fight the Revolutionary war that was lost and retake America on behalf of the zionist City of London Central Banksters and their Kingpin overlords the Old Black Nobility (OBN).  These hidden masters of the world-wide occult network which runs the IZCS prefer to stay hidden in the background where they can pull all the strings of several top Policy-Makers in America with no personal risk to themselves.

Postscript: I try to include some deep secret never before revealed in most of my articles.  This is getting easier all the time as the ability of corrupt, compromised, zio infested American Intel is becoming leakier all the time and soon there will be a complete end to all secrecy, with all secrets revealed publicly on the Alternative Media and the worldwide Internet.  When this happens watch numerous top Policy-Makers, USG Officials and Politicians “head for the hills very rapidly”.

Now for another deep secret few outside certain very small circles actually know about. It is important for folks to understand that the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) in America has making secret preparations for a future, very large internal Civil War since the middle of the Cold War.  This is how far ahead NWO Globalists plan their Social and Economic Engineering.  It is now generally recognized in the SSG High Command (top American Policy-Makers) that the USG cannot continue to fight massive Foreign, Mideast or African land-wars for many reasons including lack of funds, lack of public support and military High Command support, as well as the clear fact that the American People are waking up and do not want any more large scale foreign wars.

Thus the need to create Inner City War Zones. Once the USG has socially and economically engineered inner city “Urban War Zones” in many of the major urban centers, it is easily to expand them outward using the same urban blight, poverty, drug infestation, gangs and crime producing technologies, thus serving as a pretext for the militarization of the suburban police. The continued USG trafficking of illegal, cheap drugs and allowed immigration of numerous illegals which engender gangs activity assures a growing urban war Zone that will expand to the suburbs. Remember, the large international defense contractors must have large continuing war product orders to feed their coffers, otherwise they will go bankrupt.

The phony War on Terror has brought immense new revenues into their coffers. They now are concentrating on the new American anti-domestic terror security market, a market that USG/Israeli Gladio-style, inside-job false-flag terror has produced. Labeling honest, law-abiding Patriotic Americans (up to n80% of all Americans) as domestic or potential domestic terrorists is essential to the expansion of their new American market and is one of the biggest self-serving lies ever perpetrated by the USG and the CMMM. The defense contractors are literally salivating over the decision by DHS to purchase 30,000 armed drones to terrorize and attack American Citizens with and are working hard to get orders for armored vehicles, grenade launchers, and much more.

When the 9/11 attacks occurred, almost none of the members of the Federal Family realized that it was a Gladio-style inside-job, false-flag terror attack done by the USAF and the Israelis. And now that many are finally finding this out, their reaction vary.  Many have said that they just didn’t know. Once they have seen the facts they connect the dots and become very angry. More and more are finding out this terrible truth every day and are truly shocked that the USG that is supposed to serve the Citizens is actually its worst  enemy, truly an enemy within the Gates of America. And once these folks find out that the USG, Congress and the US Monetary System was hijacked by City of London zionists and their Israeli Cutouts, they are furious. And know this, the truth cannot be stopped, it is diffusing to and within the “Federal Family” right now more and more every single day. Soon a critical mass and major turning point will occur. And when some major triggering event occurs or the SHTF, there will be a massive turning back to the Republic and all the Founding Fathers fought to establish.  When this occurs it will be curtains for the infil-Traitors and Traitors that hijacked the USG, Congress, and the American Monetray System.

This constant emphasis by the CMMM of expected domestic terror attacks inside America and internal buildup of large DHS and NORTHCOM armed forces against Americans sets a pretext for bringing major war home to wage against the American people. But in order to set them off, you must first agitate them and provoke them to fight.  You do this by appointing doofuses and perverts to run their government, state and local, and placing political puppets in office that serve mammon only. The last four prez have all been perverts.  Coincidence, hardly.

No more large foreign Landwars for American Soldiers, only numerous small low intensity conflicts using special operators and mercenaries. The US Military needs a real and large Battlefield closer to home and the USG is working hard to transform America into that.

In order to protect oil and mineral interests of their offshore Central Banksters in the City of London, the current policy is to deploy special operations units and hired mercenary (“special operators”) from private defense contractors to engage in “Low Intensity Warfare” in numerous African nations. Low Intensity Warfare can involve abject acts of terror, torture, assassinations of community or tribal leaders, but also normal guerrilla warfare tactics, although sometimes can involve conventional “hit and run” warfare tactics and numerous remote controlled drone attacks with air to ground guided missiles.

But all the opposing guerrilla units or those fighting to protect their land have been designated as terrorists. Of course it is important to understand that any and all such folks fighting to defend their land from foreign invaders will always be well supplied, assuring continuing deaths and major woundings of all special op units attempting to defeat them. This itself is sick and evil beyond words.  Too bad the special ops do not realize they are but pawns in this system, set up as mere cannon fodder to keep the blood flowing. Plus most private mercenaries have no guaranteed medical care or disability provided either. Is their large paycheck enough for all this?

Please understand that in recent history, no group fighting in any Civil War has ever suffered a need for weapons that was not met by somebody.  When you understand who that somebody currently is, you have solved a big riddle of who runs “Terrorism” and why there have been so many Gladio style, left behind fascist army type false-flag attacks. When the SHTF in America, and it may be sooner than many expect, you can bet rebel groups will quickly form in small cells and will be very well supplied with some very sophisticated weaponry. How can this be you might ask? The answer goes back to the late 1980’s and 1990’s.

At the end of the cold war, a certain very elite intel group was given immense quantities of money to buy up as many Soviet Weapons as possible.  The cover story was that they were being acquired to prevent them from being sold to Israeli, Saudi, or other terror groups.  The real truth was that this intel entity was buying them up to transport to America to store inside various National Parks and Forests. But first these Parks and Forests had to all be signed over to the UN as “UN Biospheres”, which was done.

Those officials who ran Parks and Forests who were uncooperative, were arkensided (murdered but superficially made to look like an impossible suicide) and cooperative coroners quickly provided the coverup medical autopsy conclusion. These weapons were Czech fully automatic weapons, such as AK-47s, heavy machine guns, tons of ammo, artillery and rounds, shoulder fired missiles, and a great deal of explosives, satchel charges, incendiaries and various sophisticated detonators, as well as field radios.

Many of these arms caches were booby trapped. Some were placed at the Canadian, US border and protected by remote sensors. When the SHTF these arms caches will be distributed to numerous domestic (i.e. ordinary “we the people” American forces) in order to make sure DHS and NORTHCOM are completely defeated.

Here is an eyewitness description from two members of a well known Biker’s Gang that were returning from Canada “on a run”, coming across from Canada into the US near the nexus of Canada, Minnesota and North Dakota. Along the usual path they had taken for some years they were startled when they ran into a a massive line of wooden boxes and covered equipment arranged in a long thin line stretching what appeared to be at least a half a mile long through a road like clearing that appeared to have been bulldozed through the forest. They noticed foreign markings on the boxes. They pried open some boxes, one contained sealed cans of ammo and another AKs in grease. Then they heard a helicopter in the distance approaching so they decided to quickly leave the area. As they left they noticed a few of what appeared to be little white plastic globes on poles sticking out of the ground. Later it occurred to them that these were probably remote sensors which had perhaps alerted those were were watching over these apparent arms caches. It is believed by some retired intel that there are perhaps over a hundred of these arms caches acquired and brought over from the Soviet Union when it fell.

Many members of the FBI’s 56 or so so-called special “on-call” sniper teams will turn and defect to join the Republican Forces of “we the people”. The DHS’s special sniper squads hired to protect politicians (many of which are heavily mind-kontrolled as sleepers) will be used as “decapitation teams” to clear the deck to establish more complete control for the zios as many of these crooked politicians start to come to their senses.

Note to members of American SWAT Teams: You guys have a serious public image problem. Ever listened to a recording of yourselves making a raid? I have.  And it is almost always disgusting to the max. Usually it’s nothing but thug behavior and disgusting life threatening assaults such as “if you move I’ll blow your F*cking head off”, or “face down motherf*cker”. Or “If you move I will f*cking kill you. And sometimes even worse like sexually demeaning phrases toward women using the slang f*cking c*nt”. This is lowlife scummy criminal thug talk, constitutes assault too as well as terroristic threats.  Yes, when you use excessive force, throw innocent bystanders to the ground it is assault and battery. But you get away with this because of massive corruption in the USG and the judiciary and because of the war on terror. By the way, some experts believe that constant on should er held police radios not only entrain aggressiveness and psychomotor violent seizures in many susceptible officers but are linked to cancer clusters after years of exposure. Don’t expect your superiors or DHS to show any concern or tell you this simple health warning and fact. Look at how many TSA officers are dying now of cancer from standing near their unshielded X-ray machines in airports of America and no-one has warned them even though the top managers at TSA know full well.

What goes around comes around and payback for this may someday be a real bitch. Perhaps it would be far better for SWAT Teams to act professional and set up ethical guidelines, like stop attacking unverified wrong addresses and individuals, and stop all the low life scummy profanity and thug type behaviors. Learn to respect “we the people” of America. A now deceased psychologist who tested numerous police and swat type individuals using standard psychological tests, once said that their test profiles were more similar to violent criminals (convicted felons) and murderers than normal citizens.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the average SWAT Team member learned the real truth about illegal drugs, that the CIA and DEA bring most in by the use of “controlled deliveries” claiming they are part of stings to get the Mr. Big Drug Dealers (which they almost never do because this is a phony cover story used to protect routine daily USG drug trafficking). What if SWAT Teams started arresting these DEA approved CIA shipments and their handler and cargo-kickers at most of the local airports using the usual CIA contract airfreight airlines?

Too many times Swat Teams have attacked the wrong homes and the folks inside, assaulting and battering them and terrorizing them, sometimes murdering them. Now ask yourself, who is the real “domestic terrorist” here? Before you invade a home, how about checking each warrant for authenticity and re-verifying and cross-verifying all names and addresses?

If is a minor offense like a building violation or some minor City ordinance or a late or missed payment on an educational loan, refuse to go ahead with the attack that places everyone at risk, the targeted individuals as well as SWAT Team members.  Remember this, as good as your body armor is it cannot protect your sides or face adequately from big calibers or 12 gauge buckshot. Every time you attack an innocent party in error, you take a big personal risk yourself that you will be responded to with the “Solzhenitsyn Solution”.

This possibility is becoming greater everyday as the public begins to identify SWAT Teams as out of control Nazi type Thugs and murderers of innocents, including women and children.  There have been too many stories of out of control SWAT Teams attacking the wrong addresses, blowing kids hands off or burning them with flash bangs, killing harmless pets (dogs and even cats) and generally terrorizing young children. Will you expect mercy some day when the tables turn, if you keep this up?

And why do you almost always shoot folk’s harmless pet dogs?  How would you like it if a SWAT Team attacked your home by mistake when you were gone, stuck an MP5 in your wife’s face and threatened to murder her, using extreme profanity, terrorized her your kids causing post traumatic stress, and also shot your family Golden Retriever or black Lab and then smashed your cats head in with a boot? And yet this is done by SWAT Teams all the time, everyday in America, and even occasionally at the wrong address to the wrong, completely innocent parties.

Over the last twenty years there have been hundreds of foreign sleeper agents brought in for later activation by use of special triggering codes. Many of these came from Russia during the end of the Cold War. Their purpose, to be set off to create massive havoc and chaos in order to destabilize America right before a planned attack. Some of these sleepers have been taken over by other intel groups and still can be deployed when desired.

As “we the people” continue to wake up and start taking their Republic back from the usurpers and hijackers, the USG will deploy DHS to counter act this in increasing acts of tyranny and abuse of communities and law abiding citizens. As a critical mass in society is reached, citizens will start spontaneously fighting back in mass.

Numerous DHS and US Military arms and ammo supply depots will be sacked and stripped bare very quickly by those working on the inside who serve the populist “we the people” cause. Whole police departments will split and many in DHS will quickly turn populist, some immediately going YOYO, others sandbagging and dragging operations until they cease to function at all. After a short time most DHS top Officials and Policy-Makers will likely abandon ship and flee for their lives as decapitation plans of various American intel circles deep within Intel (hidden in plain sight) are activated. The occurrence of this planned American Civil war are not set in stone.

If enough folks wake up, the zios and their owned politicians and officials can be fully exposed and booted out, and Americans can take their Great Republic back. I cannot tell you how this would occur exactly, but suffice it to say that once that specific 12% critical mass is reached, the whole zio infested and controlled system will fail on all fronts. If an American Civil War does occur it is likely that all populist America “we the people” populist forces will be exceedingly well supplied, much of the USG troops, arms and equipment will be sabotaged, damaged, and rendered inoperable.

If an American Civil War occurs, there will be a THIRD FORCE hidden hand in the background using such a populist victory to Cut-loose all the City of London and Israeli IZCS (zio) Cutouts who are in the way of a new worldwide Populist movement which is being guided by the Third Force. Those who are well informed about this believe that this will be even worse that what we now have now with these most evil criminal psychopaths who now currently run things.

For those of you who just happen to be members of the “Federal Family”, that is, working as officers, agents, or staff of DHS, FEMA, TSA or any of its mercenary forces or sniper teams, your best bet to survive all what is coming is to decide now that you will not accept any unConstititional orders that violate your Oath of office, the Bill of Rights, Rule of Law under any circumstances and will refuse to attack American Citizens and refuse to go door to door to disarm them like was done in New Orleans.

Remember this, someday all those in the Federal Family and their superiors who are running illegal drugs, child trafficking/pedophile rings, staging false-flag attacks like Murrah and the 9/11 attacks, and stealing American wealth through trillion dollar Bankster bailouts, will be brought to extreme justice in the future.  This will occur as Americans take their Great Republic back from those foreign controlled Traitors and infil-Traitors that have hijacked it and asset stripped it and used it to fight their foreign oil and religious wars.

And now in response to the Snowden disclosures of massive unprecedented NSA crimes of spying against America, several USG and Intel officials have stated they wished that Snowden would be assassinated. One wanted Snowden shot in the head.  And yet almost everything Snowden disclosed had already been disclosed by other previous NSA Whistleblowers such as Mark Novitsky and Russel Tice, but few paid attention.

The Greatest Treason and Espionage ever committed against America the Republic is now ongoing and is being exposed for the first time ever, thanks to Snowden.

Snowden is an American National hero and has reported capital crimes by the NSA and others, here’s why. Hr did nothing illegal, it was the NSA that is the offender here of serious capital crimes of espionage. The one disclosure that Snowden made for the first time which has been largely ignored by the Controlled major mass Media (CMMM) is the terrible fact that ALL NSA RAW INTEL Collected for many years has been going directly to Israeli corporations who are US DOD contractors and to Israeli communication companies that process and tap every single phone call, e-mail and communique, including Congress, the White House, all other Intel Agencies, JCS, ect., everything.

This Israeli espionage against America and theft of all American raw Intel is the biggest BREECH of US National security ever and started after the Bush Cabal assassinated JFK, MLK & RFK on behalf of the City of London Banksters. Those top NSA officials and any Congressmen/women or Senators on Intel Committees involved who knew this and allowed it have also committed HIGH TREASON and must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for these CAPITAL CRIMES.

No real American Intel at all, NSA is operating as a foreign spy agency and “enemy within the gates” of America and is now “public enemy #1 of “we the people”! Unless this is stopped cold, there is no more America the republic.

This reality of the Israeli theft of all (every single byte) of American Intel by Israel for the 40 years would cause Bill Donovan, Bill Harvey, Dulles and the other fathers of post WW2 American Intel to roll over in their graves. This is by far the most serious occurrence in the history of America and means that there is NO REAL AMERICAN INTEL at all, it has all been compromised since November 22, 1963 when City of London Cutout and crypto Judaic LBJ rose to the Presidency thorough his Treasonous part in the murder and coverup of JFK.





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