Takfiri terrorists strangulate Syrian girl in public




Religious Terrorism replaces Valentines Day for this brave young girl

… by  Press TV, Tehran,   with  Jim W. Dean commentary


Israelis trying out their new phosphorous weapons on the UN compound
Israelis trying out their new phosphorous weapons on the UN compound

[ Editors Note:  Some may think of this as an inappropriate Valentine satire, but it is not. The world has grown numb to these kinds of atrocities, be they experimenting with white phosphorous on Gazans by ‘the only Democracy in the Middle East’ say the Israelis, or this young girl standing up to these Western-supported Takfiris.

But that has, in effect, given a free recruitment pass for more snuff artists like the strangler above.

Have you heard of a single family denouncing or even disinheriting a son who has gone to fight with Al Nusra or the Takfiris? Has John ‘Takfiri’ McCain been accosted with rotten tomatoes and eggs at his Arizona town hall meetings? 

Has anyone at the State Dept. or the Pentagon committed suicide over having been part of the political or logistical support for America’s new proxy terrorist army? For those who think this is a far away thing that has nothing to do with your life, mark my words….it does. 

I am not going to go biblical on you with the ‘reap what you sow’ head trip number…but the thought does come to mind. Speaking of that, another thought…has a single Christian Zionist committed suicide or even show public remorse for the crimes against humanity that the CZ’s have supported in the Holy land, as long as they feel they are getting closer to their space ship ride to the Pearly Gates? 

Not a single drone strike has gone in on any of these Takfiris. There has not even been any talk of such a thing. While this slaughter is going on, the West is using it as a destabilization demonstration of what will happen to anyone in the ‘in between zone’ that does not play ball with them.

We need a major political revolution folks, and the sooner the better. The clock is ticking and we see the moves now, slowly…but steadily…to criminalize dissent.

‘They’ know it is just a matter of time before we come after them, and they want law abiding citizens to watch with unconcern as someone else’s freedom of thought is strangled, because that is okay…as long as it is not you… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published February 14, 2014 


The gruesome video is here, fortunately of poor quality, to watch the coward Jihadi do his thing.


These acts of cruelty are so common that the world public now pays little attention. Divide and conquer is working.

A grisly video has emerged showing Takfiri terrorists operating in Syria strangulating a young girl in public.

In the video, a Takfiri hooded executioner strangulates the young girl to death using a piece of metal wire in an unidentified location.

The girl has been put to death because of her refusal to recognize the rigid-minded beliefs promoted by Takfiri groups in Syria.

Earlier this month, a disturbing video emerged showing al-Qaeda-linked militants in Syria’s central province of Homs beheading a man believed to have been a Shia supporter of the government.

The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which posted the video, said the beheading was conducted by militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria in March 2011, many similar videos have emerged, depicting horrendous crimes, including decapitation and cannibalism, committed by the foreign-backed Takfiri militants against the people in Syria.

A video footage posted online on January 26, showed several mutilated bodies in the western suburb of Aleppo that reportedly belong to the civilians who were executed by ISIL militants.

Another video posted online on May 12, 2013, showed Takfiri militant, Khalid al Hamad, known by his nom de guerre, Abu Sakkar, eating an organ of a dead Syrian soldier.

In an interview with the state-run BBC in July 2013, Abu Sakkar threatened to commit more gruesome murders if foreign-backed terrorists in Syria do not receive more military aid from abroad.

Reports show that the Western powers and their regional allies – especially Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey – are supporting the militants operating inside Syria.



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