Murder By Cop: New State Sanctioned Zio Sport In America?


1195437989469106298liftarn_Police_brutality_svg_hi… by Preston James

Is America being transformed into GAZA II right before our eyes as the Police are being Militarized?

And are “We The People” being targeted by these new Militarized Police as “New Palestinians”?

And are these Police Officers who abuse the Public actually quite unaware of what they have become and how they are violating numerous Laws and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights?

And if Police Officers are unaware they are not complying with the Law and the Constitution as the evidence suggests, what are the Mind-kontrol technologies used to accomplish this, and what entity has been deploying them?

If the American Police are being Militarized as the evidence suggests, how is this being done and who is behind it? Has this new “no tolerance” anti-social attitude that is being displayed by so many police been the result of an unconsciously conditioned Mind-kontrol. 

And has this Mind-Kontrol occurred because of a new “Anti-Terror Culture” which has emerged in response to the phony “War On Terror.”

Have advanced Psychotronics using pulsed beam “constant-on” shoulder-held Police radios been deployed and used to assist in this Mind-Kontrol? And if Culture-Control and Psychotronics are being deployed to Mind-Kontrol, American Police, who are the Top Policy-Makers behind this and why?

As numerous experts now realize, anytime Police are Militarized, they instantly become a tool of State Oppression. But any Military Force needs an enemy to fight. If there isn’t one, the State creates one, and they usually do it by staging inside-job false-flag attacks, and do this to gain solidified State Power, Authority and Supremacy of Rule. Doubt this remember that New Recruits are taught and motivated to “kill the enemy” in basic training in the US Military.

“This phenomenon we are experiencing with the police is what philosopher Abraham Kaplan referred to as the law of the instrument, which essentially says that to a hammer, everything looks like a nail. In the scenario that has been playing out in recent years, we the citizenry have become the nails to be hammered by the government’s henchmen, a.k.a. its guns for hire, a.k.a. its standing army, a.k.a. the nation’s law enforcement agencies.” Excerpt from an article by Attorney John W. Whitehead, “Vigilantes With A Badge: The War Against The American people” (1)

Yes, in America the State has created a new, all-encompassing, wide-open, self-defining categories of their enemy, the “Domestic Terrorist”, the dissident or the Non-compliant and the Police are now acting out this new script in the Streets of America.  This label is like a huge Police “Rorschach Ink-Blot Test” where the Officer can see or create anything he needs to, as it becomes necessary to justify his use of force or excessive force to attain the compliance he has been taught to get no matter what usually for “his own safety”. 

And unfortunately this new “labeling process” can easily result in the rationalized use of unnecessary, excessive force to obtain compliance, even if the officer believes that  a major use of force is necessary in the first place. The rationalizations that Police can instantly construct around their new label for these new labels “Domestic Terrorists”, Dissidents, or Non-Compliant individuals, are shared among most Officers in their Departments and can be used to create a justification for excessive force, or even the occasional Cold-Blooded Murder.  This same mindset motivates Officers to “cover each others *sses”, and for Police Management, Prosecutors and some Juries to look the other way and to back any Officer using excessive force no matter what.

Thus a Domestic Terrorist, Dissident or Non-Compliant Individual is now anybody who dissents, wants to take back his/her own Government, or is not in many cases immediately compliant and subservient to the Officer’s orders whether legal or not, or Constitutional or unConstitutional. And Police tend to treat all these three categories of folks the same way, as a potentially immediate threat to the Officer’s life. So now, any Citizen who dissents or does not instantly comply is often viewed as an “Enemy of the State”, and this view often justified an extreme of Police Action necessary to gain instant compliance and a completely subservient attitude.

It can now be proposed with certainty that the real background source for this major change in Police Policy from the previous “Protect & Serve” to an instant “Forced Compliance No Matter What Action is Necessary” is directly related to the Israeli controlled 9/11 False-Flag Attack and the whole new “War On Terror” Culture surrounding it.

It is this “War On Terror” Culture that has truly created the Militarization of the Police, transforming its basic Police Operational philosophy and Policy from a previous commitment to “We The People”, to the new “we the Federal Family” and the Maintainers of State Authority and Tyranny No Matter What is Necessary”.

It is known that most major urban Police Departs have had Training and Intel provided from the ADL for many years.  After the Israeli 9/11 attacks against “We The People” the ADL control over US Police Policy has accelerated and become much more powerful and defining. And the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is now known to be an extension of Israeli Intel and Israeli defense. Israel has been identified by high USG Officials and members of Congress as the World’s top Terror Experts.  This is true but not because they stop Terror, but because they have been the origin of almost all of it since WW2.

And the operating philosophy of the Israeli anti-terror experts is that all Terrorists should be killed. Since the ADL trains most of the American Police and sets their new “Federalized” Policies, this same attitude translates to Police patrolling the streets or responding to calls to use extreme force and often deadly for even minor “non-compliance”.

An “identified dissident” is now anyone who finds out the USG has become little more than a large RICO crime syndicate completely infiltrated by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS) which runs proxy wars for it. Anyone who finds this out and dares to talk about it on the phone to friends or read or write about it on the Internet is likely to become classified by the Fusion Centers and the NSA who tap every single digital communication and phone call for key words.

Or anyone who becomes Politically Active and speaks out against the last four USG Administrations in DC which have all been Cutouts for the Bush Criminal Cabal is also likely to be put on the list of “Domestic Terrorists” or “Suspect Domestic Terrorists”.

The Police are being Militarized all over America. Yes, this is exactly what is happening in America right now. The IZCS is Militarizing the Police by using its Israeli Espionage Fronts like the ADL, and obtaining funding for it by an owned, controlled and infi-Traited Congress. The result? The massive “gifting” of armored cars, fully automatic real assault weapons (not look-alikes), grenade launchers, high-powered blinding lasers and much more.

What is required in exchange to get all this military hardware that no Police Department could ever afford? All that is necessary is for the Chief (in secret) to sign an “Open-Ended Agreement” to defer all Jurisdiction to the Feds if they ever request it in any case and refer all control over any investigation so ordered then by the Feds. Often a duffel bag of “untraceable” large bills is included to the Chief on the sly to provide for any “department needs”, off the books of course. Yes, this is all completely illegal despite what the Feds claim.

Some large Police Departments are provided direct, live feeds to the local Fusion Centers where major MJTF “anti-terror” activities are coordinated. These feeds help to keep local Police Departments constantly worried about any local gun buyers who buy more than two guns in a  month (they get reports on these folks and usually do field “walk-bys” or engage in phony “stop and talks” to keep the police paranoia high.

What is driving this current obsession with the application of excessive force, serious assault and to frequent murder in cold blood of American Citizens? Sadly, the ultimate source are the World Zionists in Israel and the City of London, best referred to as the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS), a worldwide crime syndicate and also the largest one in the world. here is a quote from a Rabid World Zionsit that is driving the world Zionist ideology in America (which is basically neo-Bolshevism or a new “Red Terror”).

These IZCS folks  that have hijacked the USG and Congress are obsessed with the Militarization of the American police and the deployment of “no-Tolerance” and “Shoot to Kill” policies for any kind of non-compliance. Their reason is to protect the stranglehold on America they have attained by hijacking the USG and Congress. To do this they have paid a lot of bribes, blackmailed a lot of people, and compromised many more, and they are dead serious about maintaining it.  Thus they needed to assemble a very large DHS to be their main enforcer and eventually their Red Cheka neo-Bolshevik terror and mass-murder Machine to get rid of American Goyim once and for all.

Thus in order to preserve their hold on the State, the IZCS needs each and every Police Officer to have the same mindset of the Major Hollywood Movie Character Judge Dredd played  by Sylvester Stallone and the average person on the street as typically an enemy of the state that is desperate to murder any and all Police Officers. With the Judge Dredd mind-set police Officers tend to view every person who does not instantly comply as a serious perp and worthy of the use of any amount of force necessary to bring compliance.

The following quote is the best short summary of this World Zionist/neo-Bolshevik ideology available and explain why the Cheka instituted the horrors of the Red Terror in Russia starting in 1917.  If you don’t know about this horror, do some basic research and see what City of London and Wall Street zionist Banksters produced under their quest for a World Zionist NWO Globalist State.


The War on Terror is a complete phony and serves as a mechanism of major Mind-Kontrol. The “War on Terror” is completely phony because it has been created by Israel, the USG, the UK and Saudi Arabia through various terror groups they have assembled, Mind-kontrolled, armed and financed, commonly known by insiders as “Al Cia Duh”.

Because the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) is the propaganda dispenser for the IZCS and its hijacked USG, the truth about the 9/11 attacks being a Gladio-style “false-flag” attack, an “inside-job”, Has the phony zio run “War On Terror” been used as a means to Mind-Kontrol the local Police to view all non-police Citizens as either Terrorists, Domestic terrorists or potential Domestic terrorists? (2) Upon examination, the answer is a clear YES.

Are the shoulder-held constant-on police radios also being used to Mind-Kontrol many police?Do they entrain aggressive frequencies in their brains and stimulate semi-conscious, violent parietal lobe or temporal lobe psycho-motor seizures in many police leading to hundreds of unjustified murders and serious assaults of civilians?(3)

Anyone who compares current Police norms, policies and practices now from what they used to be twenty-five years ago, can easily conclude that high tech mind-kontrol, both cultural and psychotronic has been used by top policy-Makers who set the Police policies in the major departments. Obviously the sophistication of this mind-kontrol deployed in a background of the phony “War on Drugs”, 9/11 and the phony “War on Terror” has allowed a progressive implementation over a long period of time.

This incremental deployment in such times of course has prevented most Police Officers from being aware of how they have been mind-kontrolled.  And few have studied such techniques in advance and this information is not readily available in the Controlled Major mass Media (CMMM). And it seems apparent that the so-called phony “War On Terror” created a background of fear, aggression and Institutional Police Paranoia which provides blanket justification for allowing the ADL to morph American Police into a Militarized paramilitary force for the zios and convert America into GAZA II?(4) 5678

9/11 was an inside-job false-flag Gladio-style attack. It has now been well determined that the 9/11 attacks were deep cover, covert Israeli Black Ops, staged using NeoCons and Israeli-American Dual Citizen Traitors. (5)(6)

All the hoopla and panic generated in America over so-called Arab Terrorism is a monstrous and horrendous BIG LIE that needs to be exposed, screamed from the rooftops and forced into the mainstream media. Of course and many of the Internet’s Alternative media like, and have been carrying these stories for years.

So far the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the USG propaganda dispensers, won’t touch this truth. Interestingly enough, more and more mainstream Americans are learning that 9/11 was an Israeli-American inside-job, a Gladio style false-flag attack and that a huge USG coverup has been in place ever since.

The Coach of the Seattle Seahawks is purported to be a 9/11-truther and has been criticized for it.  His team pounded Denver in the Superbowl this year.  In the program after the game when the MVP was being interviewed, a 911-truther was “allowed” to slip in and take the microphone.  He clearly stated that 9/11 was an inside job done by the USG and needed to be investigated. This was heard by many millions of Pro Football fans. So things are now changing and the truth is diffusing across America despite the coverup of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

[youtube uf5wILigxfk&feature=player_detailpage]

Current American Police Policy has fingerprints of the IZCS and its action-agent the ADL all over it. Many now realize that Police Policy in most major urban Police Departments is being determined by ADL training programs. This has also been true for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) which appears to be little more than Israel’s Bitch and is still run by a man in the background who looks like Lenin’s grandson and whose translated Russian name means “Son of the Devil”.

This man Chertoff, another Israeli-American dual citizen infil-Traitor has made millions of dollars profit from selling his Xray scanners to the TSA for airport screenings. Numerous cancer clusters of TSA staff have developed because these machines have no shielding for back-scatter and many experts believe they strip genes and are carcinogenic. They are unregulated by the FDA with no dose control badges and are a clear and present danger to TSA staff and the public who go through them or stand near them.

This is just like the DHS step vans that cruise the highways which carry high powered Xray Machines to Xray trucks and vehicles while moving inconspicuously among them.  The harm to the operators and the public they “scan” is criminal. And the TSA VIPR assassination squads are just one more example of the out of control unConstitutional programs of the TSA and DHS.

Bolshevism is still alive and well and is the operating platform of the IZCS and all it espionage fronts inside America. If you like the Red Cheka murder squads under the Bolsheviks who murdered 22 million innocent Russian men, Women and Children, you are going to just love DHS, TSA and what your local Police eventually morph into.  Remember, this is all driven by neo-Bolsheviks Israeli-American Dual Citizen Traitors and Infil-Traitors and is all part of a Talmudic, Noahide zionist plan to take over the whole world and eradicate all Christians, Muslims and Deists.

It is the same zionist, occult families that set up the Bolshevik revolution in Russia in 1917. Yes, it is now know that Bolshevism is the core expression and ideology that drives World Zionism and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS). The IZCS is the largest crime syndicate in the world and is run out of the City of London Financial District and Israel, is set up to be the primary action agent for cnetral banking, Big oil and the establishment of a worldwide luciferian NWO Kingdom of Chaos and destruction of all Christendom, deism and Goyim.

The IZCS is now in the process of taking down America by the use of Israeli espionage fronts like AIPAC, the ADL, SPLC, B’nai B’rith and the like. Only the very top members of these groups know the full story about the deeply hidden core values and the occult aspects of the IZCS and how they use satanic cult networks to do their dirty work and run their human sacrifices. Most members are dupes driven by the false racial delusion that they are God’s “chosen people” when their top leaders act like the devil’s.

Realistically translated, the IZCS leadership have suckered many Judaics into a luciferian-type worship of the IZCS without their awareness.  They have done this by driving a racial delusion of survival angst related to the exaggerated stories about what zios call the holocaust, actually translated in old English to mean their “Fiery Sacrifice” of their own to set up this racial extermination delusion.

And anyone who digs deep enough can find out that World Zionism has infiltrated and hijacked Freemasonry at the highest levels, now uses it as cover, and has transformed it into pure luciferianism. image00234Is this ADL indoctrination of the American Police just the planned first stage of an intended complete and total hijacking of America, just the way Palestinian land continues to be stolen? The answer appears to be a clear YES.

Yes, unless AIPAC, the ADL, SPLC and the like are exposed and stopped for their espionage on behalf of the IZCS and Israel, America will be probably be propelled into a nuclear WW3 total confrontation with the Russians.

This IZCS/zionist Militarization of the Police in America is not the only major problem which is now occurring. The AIPAC-Israeli espionage machine is now exerting extreme influence on Member’s of Congress to make war with Assad’s Syria and also Iran.

This could easily escalate overnight into an all out nuclear confrontation with Putin and Russia, who may have been pushed just about as far as they will go by Israeli and American aggression, that is, their use of Al Cia Duh type terror groups, special forces and mercenary special operators.

When the American Police become Militarized (and that is what is well underway now), they cease to “Protect & Serve” and begin to “Tyrannize, Assault and Murder”. Unless this militarization of the Police process is stopped, soon many police will be operating South American style death squads, which is what some experts believe many urban Police Swat Teams are now morphing into.

Have most American large urban Police Forces been transformed into an extension of the IDF to serve as their new localized army in America? That now seems certain and will continue indefinitely unless AIPAC is stopped cold and investigated and brought to justice and “Rule of Law” for many years of Israeli espionage in America.  Why how has Israeli Intel and their assets been deeply involved in espionage in America you might ask? image00122

The answer is simple, AIPAC and the like have been engaged in criminal espionage.It has done so by illegally and unduly influencing Members of Congress and funneling vast sums of money and lavish perks to numerous high USG Officials.

This has been done by massive lobbying efforts backed up by visible fat campaign donations, and much more that is invisible as fat revolving door jobs and consultancies, ridiculous huge honorariums, off short “gifts” and so much more.

Unless AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC and all the similar Israeli espionage fronts in America are stopped, Americans better be ready to face WW3. Why? It’s simple. America has been functioning as Israel’s bitch ever since it was hijacked by the zionist City of London private Central Banksters in 1913, and their web of penetration has been increasing incrementally ever since.

This Israel penetration on behalf of the City of London zionist Central Banksters has in essence resulted in the hijacking of the American Government and the constant drumbeat for more illegal Mideast wars which would once again be proxy wars for Israel and City of London Big Oil. 3d230d44

The USG has then deployed its war-making machine on behalf of the City of London Banksters into numerous illegal, unprovoked, unConstitutional, undeclared wars. The latest of these wars have been specifically on Israel’s behalf and have been numerous Mideast wars that have almost destroyed America economically.

There will be no indictment of non-zionist or anti-zionist judaics here (and actually there are plenty of them but they get no CMMM attention for their ant-zionism public opinion and even their demonstrations against World Zionism).

Note:  It is also important to note that this article is not an indictment of Judaics, just those in top Policy-maker positions that are rabid World Zionists and are working to install a neo-Bolshevik regime, to destroy America and turn America into Gaza II.  This is a very small proportion of Judaics in general, but they are aligned with and serve as the Cutouts for the City of London zio private Central Banksters and thus have access to all the money they need to buy up, bribe, coerce and manipulate Members of Congress and the USG through Cutouts and espionage fronts like AIPAC, the ADL, B’nai B’rith, SPLC and the like.

There will be no horrendous videos of abject Police brutality, excessive force or murder of civilians in this article although there are hundreds of them available on the Internet from American Police abuses and tyranny in the streets of America. Yes, there are hundreds of them, but you can search these out yourself on the Internet. I am not going to show you any of the numerous squad-car dash-cam or phone cam videos that show out of control overly aggressive police murdering civilians in cold-blood. This is now almost an everyday occurrence.

If you want documentation, just go to to or the numerous websites which show these horrendous videos. I am also not going to report on the numerous well documented incidents of “Murder by Swat” or incidents where little kids are burned or lose hands from police tossing in Flash-bangs into the rooms they are sleeping in; or the numerous murders or assaults of innocents when the Police storm the wrong home with no warrant and shoot old ladies or men in their beds and claim they seemed to reaching for a weapon when none was there. It’s all there if you want to research these incidents.

Frankly, I can’t stomach watching any more videos of this abject tyranny which is really a phenomenon clearly emergent from the infiltration and influence-peddling of Congress & the USG by Israeli-American Dual Citizens, and their NeoCon and PNAC buddies.789

And because of the background and mood of “no tolerance” created by ADL Training of Police and the DHS “Intel Reports” to the Police, it is almost impossible for any Police Officer to be made accountable in a court of law for these murders and now frequent assaults on innocents using excessive force.

Coverup in a Highway Tragedy in Minnesota, a typical example of how basic information is blocked to protect the Police? For example, just several weeks ago in Minnesota during a traffic stop, some overaggressive County Police shot a woman hostage in cold blood after they shot her boyfriend.  Their story, she grabbed for a knife on the ground.  Hmm, how come they won’t release any dash-cam video and there were at least five of them.

These Police blocked off the freeway for approximately 10 hours (both sides) and left the bodies covered up there, supposedly to preserve the crime scene.  But they ran their crime scene truck into it and many police tracked through it. Locals were late to work by an hour or more and this was all for nothing but ritual and show, just a celebration of Police Power and Narcissism.

The so-called “Intel Reports” prepared by DHS and sent to all American Police departments are little more than Paranoid Smear Jobs used to set the stage for unmitigated police brutality. Doubt this then do a search and obtain a copy of the leaked MIAC report.

Out of Control Excessive Force by American Police is very serious unchecked crime. Just consider this. Since the 9/11 Israeli inside job attacks of 9-11-01, over 5,000 Americans have been wrongly gunned down (as in murdered) by out of control overly aggressive police using excessive force. And many more have been seriously wounded by Police using Excessive Force.

This is more Americans than have been killed in the War in Iraq which is now understood to be just another Proxy War of Israel and their NeoCons and Israeli-American Dual Citizens. Typically DHS periodically prepares and distributes lists of known so-called “Domestic Terrorists” or “suspected Domestic Terrorists”.

One report listed Catholics, Evangelical Lutherans, Ron Paul supporters, Veterans, Constitutionalists and Tax Protesters in the top positions.  This is nuts and it is paranoid too, as well as being completely nonsense. It is also a set up to provide a supporting ideology to justify the tyrannical abuse of Citizens they were supposed to “Protect and Serve” before the ADL started their training and before Israel did the 9/11 inside-job false-flag attacks.

New Police Policy promoted by the Feds: come down hard over minutiae and charge up for anything and everything. Many Police Departments are now training their officers to come down heavy on anyone who questions police or any minor offense.  This philosophy is referred to as “you can beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride”.

This policy involves making arrest that are so thin the officer knows they cannot succeed, so in order to create a better shot at conviction, they “charge-up” the arrestee with numerous completely false unjustified charges such as resisting arrest, assaulting an officer, you name it. most of the time these cases are thrown out by a prosecutor or judge.  But departments have allegedly been promised plenty of Federal Funding if they deploy this policy to keep dissidents in line and let folks know the establishment is boss.

We definitely need a whole mass of new State and Local laws to limit this Police “Abuse of Process” of the law and some significant penalties and firing for Police who knowingly abuse their position by arresting folks and charging them up according to this policy. And there needs to be new strong laws to restrict the abuses and “assault and murder by mistake” of out of control Swat Teams.

Out of control verbiage and behavior of many Swat Teams. And there is plenty of available evidence to show this, as well as their constant use of the vilest profanity toward those they attack, even by mistake. They use the words like “if you move I’ll blow you motherf*cking head off” or address young or older women by phrases such as  “if you move, C*nt, I will kill you”, “down on the ground motherf*cker or I’ll blow your F*cking head off”, etc. This profane, overly aggressive, verbiage is unnecessary and should stop.

Sticking loaded guns in women and young teenage children’s faces and threatening them with profanity should be verboten and made illegal, period. This kind of foul aggressive verbiage suggests that many swat teams have become vicious thugs like those that they often bust in homes to arrest. I once knew a police Sniper who was obsessed with “blowing the perps head off” when called into action, although it never got that far in his Police work.

It should be obvious to most who do some basic research on this problem that most large Urban Police departments have serious Public Relations problem.  They have placed their department above “We The People” as representatives of what is best described as the super-elite deviants who run America, who are truly “Princes of the Dark Side”.

For those who doubt this abject arrogance and inability to understand who they are supposed to really work for, the folks that pay their salaries and retirements, I will refer you to this recent incident in Austin Texas. Fortunately this young lady wasn’t “Murdered by Cop” but she was wrongly arrested, charged up and told by what appears to be a very a very insensitive, disturbed Police Chief that she was lucky the arresting Police did not rape her.(7)

Here’s another example of abject tyranny of the Police in Brooklyn NYC.  To “Protect & Serve” became to drive carelessly, hit an innocent parked driver, lie and blame the drive and claim he hit you, and then arrest the driver. These lying thug cops just didn’t realize that a security camera of a business close by recorded the whole incident showing the thug-cop to be a liar and an abuser of Justice and Rule of law.

This citizen is now suing the police Officer who lied and the city. It’s a good thing he was restrained in his denial or these thugs would have probably shot him and murdered him in cold blood and laid down a “clean drop piece” from the glove compartment of their squad like thug type or ‘roid-cops occasionally do in a number of so many in large Urban police Departments are known to carry in their glove compartments.(8)

Or here is another story of serious police Corruption where the Chief of a Department and some of his officers preyed on the poor by stealing their cars.  They got caught.  Remember very few Police who commit Murder, Assault or rape are ever prosecuted or made accountable in any way.(9) This case in an exception brought about by good video coverage of a business security camera and an honest businessman.

Normally the US Marshalls make crafty, clean arrests and should serve as the standard. Yes, the US Marshalls are typically the cream of the crop when it comes to crafty, non-violent arrests of violent felons. Yes, they have had a few bad apples, but staisticaly very few over many years. Most who were not on the up and up, however, were sheep-dipped CIA or Mossad “wetboys” embedded there to take care of Whistle-blowers and Federal Witnesses. In the past there have been some incidents  where some have “dropped a dime” to Mafioso giving away the locations of persons in Witness protection Plans for “dineri”.

In a number of cases related to Contra Drug trafficking into America, some CIA wetboys were sheep-dipped as US Marshalls and deployed to hit several DEA and Customs Agents who “knew too much” about the Bush Cabal’s secret CIA drug shipments during the Contra War. I may specify some of these incidents in future articles. And the US Customs and the DEA have had their share of problems with sheep-dipped CIA or Mossad Agents embedded to serve other interest besides America or “We The People”.

A significant number of US Customs have been involved by Drug Cartels and serve their needs from time to time for large payoffs. And it is well known by insiders that the FBI has had it share of sheep-dipped CIA or Mossad embedded in deep cover roles, especially in the notorious Division Five where some were notorious “Wet Boys” and some also deeply involved in CIA drug Trafficking during the Contra war. I know of one case where embedded CIA and Mossad agent in thne US Marshalls tried hard but did not succeed in setting up a DEA man (filing false charges on him) because he knew of high level CIA Drug Trafficking into America.

They printed up and circulated a US Martials Wanted Poster on him specifying him as armed and extremely dangerous to all police Departments and the FBI, trying to set the man (who was actually an American Hero) up for a hit made to look like a shootout. These men worked for the BUSH Crime Cabal and served as button men to keep those who were going to testify in the Iran Contra Hearings from doing so.

Some of the most paranoid folks you will ever meet are inner City Police and Swat Team members who think almost everybody out there is bad and a serious threat. They have become “Hammers of the State” with the suspects the “Nails that must be hammered-down”. Perhaps they have seen far too many folks marred by CIA drugs and lack of hope for any job or future. Some of these Officers have lost compatriots are not able to go home to their families at night anymore and that adds to their vulgarity anger and intent to murder anyone that resists even if they bust into the wrong home.

The most experienced retired Police Officer that I know was a street cop and then a detective and claims the best arrests do not involve Swat which are too dangerous to the citizens (including children) as well as the Police. He claimed that the best arrests involve careful investigations and crafty arrests like the US Marshalls are often known for. It’s call “Smart Police Work” and is the best way for everybody.

And there are always good and decent Police Officers in every department who follow the law and actually protect and serve.  I know of many and some personally too, so I know there are a lot of them out there. And of course it would help immensely if crooked police and the CIA would stop selling arms and drugs to the inner city urban gangs.  In my City, a large Urban Area, for years CIA sheep-dipped as Chitown cops, brought confiscated guns and sold them to the gangs off of a USD surplus food give-away truck.

When this was reported nothing was done by the Police in my City and it was all covered up except for one honest Police Officer, an Officer seriously committed to “Protect & Serve”. This honest Police Officer that tried to stop it was allegedly gunned down by a CIA-linked gang member in a Pizza Parlor, execution-style.

About 10% of the Police Officers are standup guys and super productive, an honor to the profession. The best estimate according to an Expert on Police Corruption that I know says in his experience, 10% are the cream of the crop that do Golden work (the workhorses, highly honest and ethical), about 10% should be fired for poor work, illegal acts or corruption, and about 80% are quite mediocre, thus there to go along to get along with there partners and to occupy space and absorb heat.

It is believed that this 80% can be pushed into effective Police work with the deployment of good police policies. But anyone can figure that the best way to reduce urban crime long term is arrest, convict and jail the CIA and their protected Mr. Big drug traffickers.  We go after terrorists anywhere in the world with JSOC and SOLIC, why deploy them against these CIA and DEA illegal Traffickers in America and anywhere else they are under real “national security”.

And dumping so-called “Free Trade” for “Fair Trade” with reasonable tariffs to establish a fair playing field would immediately start bringing many new jobs back into America.  This alone would help prevent crimes in the inner Urban areas that are now infested and hopeless. Perhaps the paranoid abusers in many inner city Police Departments have seen too many people dirtied-up by CIA drug trafficking, lack of decent jobs from so-called “Free-Trade”, and who have submitted to a no-hope dependency on USG handouts to survive.

It is rumored by insiders that DHS also distributes a “Terrorist Watch List” to all Police Departments which can be accessed by police from their squad-cars. These lists are pure smear jobs, involve absolutely no rule of law or due process or any chance to appeal or question this data.

This data often justifies excessive, lethal force in the minds of the Police when they stop someone on the list. Before they get out of the car, they have come to believe that the person they have stopped is a violent terrorist who may try to immediately kill them.

It has also been reported by insiders that those folks placed on this Terror Watch List are also automatically placed on the DHS Main Core List. Many insiders view the Main Core List as a Master Assassination List for any and all folks judged by the ADL and DHS to be dissidents, America-Firsters, or anyone who has also been placed on the No-fly List or the No-Work List, or any of the numerous Federal and State Watch Lists.

The important thing to remember that ALL American Intel has been penetrated and hijacked by Israel and Israeli defense contractors and communication companies who do all American phone billing — all of it. And they have been using this to hijack the USG and blackmail and coerce Members of Congress and High USG Officials. In fact all NSA Intel raw digital data is downloaded from satellite to Israel in real time.(10)

This must be stopped immediately. It was this complete hijacking of all American Intel that allowed Israel to blackmail, coerce, and manipulate members of Congress and high USG Officials over the years and to be able to bring them on board to support the phony “War On Terror”, the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act, and NDAA 2014, each of which is completely unConstitutional. Even more, this phony “War On Terror” and these illegal acts that support it have created and justified the militarization of the police.

Now that many Police Departments in America are militarized, they need an enemy. That enemy is everybody that is not a police officer or part of the “federal Family.” And this is all driven by the inside-job Israeli 9/11 attack and the phony “War On Terror.”

The militarization of the Police started with the Phony War on Drugs. This is similar to the phony War On Drugs where the CIA and DEA have been trafficking about 95% of the illegal drugs into America with one hand and then building up a huge internal army to investigate and arrest petty drug sellers and many harmless drug users without investigating or arresting themselves, which is what they should do.

These alphabets bust the independent dealers to keep their prices up and their profits up and use these to finance numerous black ops as well as to line their own pockets substantially (which is allowed). They also pay top officials in each city 10% off the top for protection and the privilege of bringing these illegal drugs in. Doubt this then just read some basic books like the Big White Lie by Michael Levine, Powder Burns by Celerino Castillo, or Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press by Andrew Cockburn, or read some on many VT articles by Columnist Stew Webb.

Or check out all the videos available on Freeway Ricky Ross or Michael Ruppert, former LA Narcotics Police Officer when he confronted John Deutch, Director of the CIA, with his personal knowledge of massive CIA drug trafficking. Deutch’s denial allegedly ruined his career and kept him from becoming Secretary of Defense.

One more very strange twist to this story. It is now known that Israeli Intel completely infiltrated the American CIA during the Cold War. This was done largely through James Jesus Angleton and the various Judaic agents that were also agents for the Soviet Union.

Now for the interesting part. Israeli Intel has been known to specialize in selling massive amounts of very highly classified Intel stolen from America as well as stolen American intellectual property to the Soviet Union, post Soviet Russia, Communist China and numerous other nation states or drug cartels with big money including India.

What many inside Israeli Intel never realized was that a significant number of their Soviet satellite Judaics who infiltrated the CIA, were actually working as deep cover doubles for the Soviet union in their primary role. So in reality while Angleton was using his Israeli network to supposedly find and stop Soviet Moles that infiltrated the CIA, he was actually helping place the Soviet Moles deeper inside the CIA by acting as extension of Israeli Intel (more on this in a future article).

The top secret W-88 nuclear secrets were stolen by Israeli Intel and sold to the Communist Chinese. But even deeper secrets were given to the Soviet Union. Before that Ivy Bells and the Berlin Tunnel secrets were obtained by Israeli moles in American Intel and sold to the Soviets. Take Jonathan Pollard as a typical example of how American defense secrets and names of agent were stolen, given to the Mossad and ended up in the hands of Soviet Intel.

Now that the Cold war is over and Putin is in charge of the new Russia, Israel has started to infringe on some of Russia’s trade deals in Syria and Iran. The problem here for Israel is that the Russians have completely infiltrated Israeli Intel during the Cold war and still have their own agents deeply embedded inside Israeli Intel. This bodes to be a very bad omen for any designs of Israel to attempt to exercise their Samson option against Putin’s Russia or any plans to wage war with Putin’s Russia by trying to draw America in as a proxy.

Obviously, if Israel persists in attempting to use America’s Al Cia Duh and it’s own terrorist patsy groups to wage low intensity warfare in Syria to Balkanize Syria for their planned gas and oil pipeline, they will eventually perhaps run up against the Russian Bear who is now perhaps an immovable wall. And since Israeli Intel is completely infiltrated by Putin’s boys, any battle that goes live between Israel and Russia will likely have a disastrous outcome for Israel and its puppets.

The US Military has lost every war since WW2. If the American military is deployed to aid Israel in another Israeli proxy war in the Mideast, this may be risky too, since so far America has lost every war they waged since WW2.  The only thing post WW2 American Wars have attained is to place fat profits in the pockets of the private zio Central Banksters, the defense contractors and the politicians.

Sad to say because of Angleton’s commitment to Judaism and Israel, all American intel was hijacked by Israel Intel.  It was done a little bit at a time.  When completely hijacked, the Israeli’s were positioned to be able to use their stateside assets to pull off the 9/11 false-flag terror attacks. But this is not so simple for Israel since few Israeli Intel understand that Putin’s Intel has obtained full access to all American intel stolen by Israel, including Israel’s.

And for those interesting there is an upcoming major breaking story on the FBI’s Autopsy report and Investigation Report of their shooting of Tameran Tsarnaev after the so-called Boston Marathon Bombing which is now known to be another staged false-flag attack, a USG “inside-job”. The FBI has been withholding these reports and is supposedly going to soon send them to The US Department of Justice.

FBI Director James Comey has his first test as Director. Now it has been rumored that James Comey, the new FBI Director is an honest stand-up man who has a pretty nice record. He was once testified in Congress the truth about how AG Alberto Gonzalez tried to manipulate a signature from John Ashcroft while he was in the hospital “out of it” and how he stopped it. This took great courage.

Somebody or some small group with a lot of power wants Comey as the new FBI Director. What will Director Comey do if AG Holder buries the reports?, Will he release them anyway and what will members of Congress do if this report which will create many doubts about the USG position if released without being severely redacted? Or will he bide his time until his power base in Congress is stronger (it appears to be growing quite fast).

Can AG Holder survive this coverup, and is he already on his way out for Fast & Furious and the associated coverup? And the most interesting rumor of all is that the doctors that treated Dzokhar Tsarnaev were alleged Israeli special “anti-terror doctors” brought in to manage the situation. Interesting that he had a throat wound that prevented him from talking and the Dzokhar now in custody may not be the same one arrested.

Also there is a pesky little rumor that the FBI that assassinated his brother were sheep-dipped CIA who were actually linked to a special Israeli anti-terror squad. Folks always ask when they read about these obvious out of control police State abuse and RICO crimes, what can WE DO to reverse this growing cancer?

Actually there is a lot that can be done at your local level. Bruce Campbell at offers a three part solution (11):

1- Set up or join a neighborhood watch for your neighborhood.

2-Organize and start a local Police-Citizens’ Review Board.

3-Reach out to everyone you know, family and friends and discuss your concerns for the growing problems with excessive force by police and misuse of overly-aggressive swat teams who are careless around children, who kill every harmless family pet dog or cat they come into contact with inside or outside.  Discuss the need for Citizen oversight of the local Police.

VT Columnist Stew Webb has recommended the use of recall Petitions and Process to get rid of Corrupt politicians.

4-Stew Webb has another good recommendation to add to this.  He believes that recall Petitions followed by recall elections are necessary to get corrupt, insensitive politicians replaced. This has been done in Colorado twice and the recall pressure will usually drive corrupt politicians out because they fear too much attention and exposure.(12) It is a great idea and if every reader of this article goes to this website and shares this website with their friends, it can start a whole new Populist Movement of “We The People” to take America back.

5-The Policies that have Militarized the Police and Mind-kontrolled them to think their abusive and sometimes brutal homicidal behavior is justified and legal must be changed.  To do this, the phony “War On Terror” and also the Phony “War On Drugs” must be completely exposed.  All these BIG LIES must be fully exposed and the perps involved who are still alive must be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by federal Law for capital crimes such as Treason, Sedition, Espionage and also Criminal RICO. In order to do this the CMMM must be completely discredited to the American masses and the US Department of Justice must be purged of all the sheep-dipped CIA boys owned and run by the Bush Crime Cabal. Actually this is not too far off as more and more are turning to the Alternative News sites on the Internet for their Daily and World news.

6-the top World Zionist (IZCS controlled) policy-Makers that have hijacked America (NeoCons, Israeli-American Dual Citizen Traitors, as well as all the IZCS front groups like AIPAC, the ADL, SPLC and B’nai B’rith must be fully exposed as Israeli espionage fronts and prosecuted to the fullest extent of Federal Law. For some of these IZCS controlled top Policy-Makers, this means been charged for Capital crimes such as treason and Sedition as well as espionage against America and of course Criminal RICO.

7-The private central Bank must be “nationalized” and taken away from the un-Constitutional, fraudulant private Central Banksters.  All interest owed on the phony “national debt” must be defaulted on to these Banksters and serious attempts must be made to claw-back all their profits since 1913. As many Banking experts have stated in the past several years, the Core-Horsepower behind World Zionism (the IZCS) is private Central Banking which is nothing more than “Making Money from Nothing” and “Banksters Owning Public Debt for Free”, or ancient luciferian, “Babylonian Money-Magick”  from the “Dark Side”.

So let me leave you with this question.  Are you going to just sit back and allow yourself to become a new Palestinian in an America which has been transformed into an Israel Police State, GAZA II? Are you going to just sit back and allow yourself to be a nail hammered by the State’s militarized agent of tyranny and Excessive Force? Or will you do everything reasonable that you can to communicate this ugly truth to all your friends and start working to recall all the zio-puppet politicians in America?















For those that want more information about Police Abuse in America, refer to the following sources:

Badged Serial killers, Part I:

Badged Serial killers, Part II:

Badged Serial killers, Part III:

Badged Serial killers, Part IV: (note: Copblock has various organizations in numerous states, check the map below):


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