LA Marathon Disrupts VA Operations



Open Letter to the VA Chief of Police

March 2, 2014

Gerald “Ed” Casey
Chief of Police
Department of Veterans Affairs

Los Angeles Healthcare System

Dear Chief Casey:

On March 9, the LA Marathon will once again overwhelm the Los Angeles VA with an estimated 30,000 runners charging through these grounds where war-injured Veterans are trying to heal from defending our Nation’s Flag and Constitution.

In addition to this massive takeover of runners, there will be several thousand public spectators on this hallowed property that was exclusively deeded as a National Home for disabled Veterans.

At last year’s Boston Marathon, three people were killed and an estimated 265 injured when two home-made terrorist bombs detonated.

Apparently Donna Beiter, the executive director of the Los Angeles VA, did not get the Memo on this devastating tragedy that happened on American soil while our Military Forces were simultaneously in harm’s way fighting terrorists in bomb-plagued Afghanistan.

It is beyond comprehension how any federal VA employee entrusted to protect the safety and well-being of our Veterans could even entertain such a dangerous notion of illegally opening this revered property to the general public and putting convalescing Veterans in harm’s way — again.

Thousands of Marathon runners steadily charge past the VA Wadsworth Hospital
in the background where Military Veterans are healing from their war injuries

Many of the Veterans who are convalescing at the VA Wadsworth Hospital are amputees, paralyzed, wheel-chair bound and seriously disabled from roadside bombs inflicted during the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars, but that doesn’t stop the insensitive VA bureaucrats from allowing tens of thousands of able-bodied runners to advance through these sacred grounds all day to remind our heroes of their disabilities with flashbacks of oversea wars and the Boston Marathon.

And yes, there are disabled Veterans participating in the LA Marathon and we whole-heartedly support and salute them and are extremely proud of their courage and progress.

And yes, the Marathon is a praiseworthy event and we hail all participants, particularly those who run for special causes like honoring cancer and heart disease patients and family losses.

However, considering what happened at the Boston Marathon, there can be no second-guessing to ensure the utmost safety for our service-injured Veterans who are recuperating on this land that was deeded 126 years ago as a permanent National Home for disabled Veterans.

As the chief law enforcer at the largest VA in the nation, you are entrusted to oversee and assure maximum safety and protection for thousands of Veteran patients

Not only is the LA Marathon a serious breach of lawful use of this property, but the VA’s mission is greatly undermined by 30,000 Marathon runners overwhelming this property throughout the entire day.

In addition to Veterans security being drasticly stifled, this disturbing invasion is a severe drain of VA resources and a major disruption of operations and services.

The emergency entryway from Wilshire into the VA Hospital is completely blocked
denying access to any Veteran who may need immediate medical treatment.

Chief, the dangers of this situation cannot be made any clearer. You have very serious problems to deal with that should never have been thrust upon you and your VA Police force.

Nevertheless, you must immediately demand that the LA Marathon be detoured away from the Los Angeles VA — far away – for the greater good and safety of our Veteran patients.

Not only are you responsible for providing the utmost in safety for our Veterans, but so are U.S. Representative Henry Waxman, whose 33rd Congressional District encompasses this VA facility, and California U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

And while the VA is illegally opening the gates to more than 30,000 runners and thousands more spectators, there are 20,000 disabled and disadvantaged Veterans in Los Angeles who have been shamefully exiled from their rightful “Home Land” and forced to live homeless and hungry in back-alley squalor and skid-row.

As you know, Donna Beiter already has two Federal Judgments against her and the latest one is for the unlawful use of Veterans property with non-Veteran entities. Déjà vu.

A small child will tell you that running 30,000 Marathoners through these sacred grounds where Veterans are trying to heal is not only illegal, but also immoral.

LA Marathon runners trashed the VA with no respect or regard to the sanctity
of these hallowed grounds where Veterans from the Civil War forward have walked.

It’s time for mature adults to take charge of this VA property and maintain it with decorum, dignity and defense against such unwarranted invasions and occupation.

It’s time for the VA to honor its entrusted duty and serve our Veterans “needs” and not the “wants” of the general public.

The motto of the VA Police is “Protecting Those Who Served.”

By allowing tens of thousands of non-stop LA Marathon to collectively trespass on VA property, you are doing the complete opposite.

In 2011, a Veteran was killed on these grounds and the murderer is still at large. The deceased Veteran’s body went undiscovered for nearly ten days even though there are 5,000 VA employees circulating throughout this property.

If the VA police cannot protect one Veteran from a murderer while thousands of VA employees didn’t notice his decomposing body for more than a week, how do you expect to prevent possible terrorist activity on March 9?

More than $200,000 was embezzled from the public golf course on Federal VA property and it took several years before the culprits were caught.

In one night last year, $30,000 in Care packages were stolen on Federal VA property and even though your Detective had videos and impeachable evidence on the perpetrators, your Police Department couldn’t even prosecute eight bona fide suspects, four with prior convictions.

A while back, a disabled homeless Veteran was sorting through VA trash looking for bottles and cans to cash in for living money and he was arrested and cited for “stealing government property” to the tune of a $150 fine.

You sent armed VA Police “outside” to intervene and harass elderly Veterans at our 300th consecutive Sunday Rally simply because we had a small sign leaning against a fence “touching VA property,” as we peacefully protested the land-fraud and malfeasance on the “inside,”

Instead of directing you to fight the crime within, Non-Veteran Donna Beiter has you focused on frivolity and retaliation against the Old Veterans Guard as a distraction to keep you from investigating the rampant crime and corruption that she has orchestrated on behalf of her wealthy cronies.

Chief, let there be no misunderstanding: A terrorist-bomber can strike in an instant and destroy countless lives. You and your staff are not prepared to counter such a threat, let alone prevent an actual bombing.

LA Marathon attendees with large baggage and handbags

Sure, you can bring in the FBI and hordes of LA City Police and LA County Deputy Sheriffs

to inspect bags and whatnot, but why? And at what expense or assurance?

Your job is to prevent all possible terrrorist threats from ever happening by denying such culprits from even entering upon this hallowed property. You are a civil servant entrusted to provide the utmost of safety and protection for our Veterans at the Los Angeles VA.

This is a “National Veterans Home.”

It is not a public sports and entertainment center or a public amusement park.

There are 20,000 homeless Veterans in Los Angeles, yet the VA claims they will end it next year as seen in this billboard while 30,000 LA Marathoners charge by on the very property deeded exclusively as a National Veterans Home.
There are 20,000 homeless Veterans in Los Angeles, yet the VA claims they will
end it next year as seen in this billboard while 30,000 LA Marathoners charge by
on the very property deeded exclusively as a National Veterans Home.

A few years ago, Veterans Park Conservancy, which is not a Veterans organization but a wealthy homeowner group, held a ceremony on VA property to dedicate a wrought iron fence along the exterior that was partially financed with $1 million of VA healthcare money.

The ceremony was a small, restricted invitation-only event because of “security reasons.”


What security reasons could there possibly be for such a small and irrelevant event, while more than 30,000 strangers will be invading this property without any serious security oversight.

Chief, if you are overseeing such a secure VA facility during normal operations, why does non-Veteran Donna Bieter have a highly secured, locked-door, bullet proof penthouse command center for an office on the sixth floor of the VA Hospital? Who’s she afraid of? Veterans?

Like everything else at the VA, there are two sets of laws and two sets of standards – one for Veterans and one for non-Veterans.

The foregoing notwithstanding and for the safety and well-being of our fellow Veterans who are patients at the Los Angeles VA, this to respectfully request that you direct Donna Beiter to inform the officials of the LA Marathon that their event must be detoured far away from the Los Angeles VA.

If she refuses, call the FBI and have her arrested for reckless disregard, negligence and endangerment to our Veteran patients, amongst a multitude of other criminal activities that she’s been engaging in over the past years.


Robert L. Rosebrock

Old Veterans Guard

God Bless America and the Veterans Revolution!


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  1. I had no idea this kinda stuff is going on. Thank you Mr. Rosebrock for your continued investigations when it comes to “OUR” sacred land.