Free Jonathan Pollard!



And shoot the other 300,000 unregistered agents of Israel


A Modest Proposal by Kevin Barrett, VT Editor


As the posters indicate, Obama would be serving the Israeli flag - not the American one - by freeing Pollard
As the posters indicate, Obama would be serving the Israeli flag – not the American one – by freeing Pollard

The Zionist-owned-and-operated lamestream media is clamoring for the release of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. The usual suspects are suggesting that releasing Pollard could bring us peace in the Middle East.

Indeed it could…if we release Pollard – and shoot the estimated 300,000 other members of what professor James Petras calls the Zionist Power Configuration (ZPC).

Read Petras’s groundbreaking book The Power of Israel in the Unites States free on-line

Like Pollard, the ZPC people are just normal, screwed-up human beings who have made some bad choices. My heart would go out to them as they stood there with their backs against the wall, waiting to be dispatched by a firing squad.

Pollard’s spying led to the mass slaughter of a great many worthier human beings. According to Seymour Hersh, “Israel made dramatic use of the Pollard material on October 1, 1985, seven weeks before his arrest, when its Air Force bombed the headquarters of the Palestine Liberation Organization in Tunisia, killing at least sixty-seven people.” But that’s the least of it. What Hersh doesn’t say is that the material that went from Pollard to the Israelis to the Russians led to the killing of hundreds of US spies. That is why George Tenet – not exactly an anti-Israel guy – threatened to resign as CIA Chief if Pollard was released.

So yes, Pollard has the blood of hundreds on his hands. But the Zionist Power Configuration, which was the real force behind the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, has the blood of millions on ITS hands. If Pollard deserved to be imprisoned, the 300,000 ZPG folks deserve summary execution – or worse.

But we must not think of vengeance.

Instead, let us reach out to the future in hope.

Let us think of the millions of lives we could save by releasing Pollard…while simultaneously annihilating the Israel lobby once and for all, by lining those 300,000 traitors up against the wall and riddling them with machine-gun fire.

If the Zionist Power Configuration is allowed to live, it will certainly drag America into an unending series of wars for Israel. Those wars will cost many millions of lives, including not a few American ones.

Under the pre-emptive war doctrine, it would be perfectly legitimate – indeed, virtually mandatory – to declare war on the ZPC and shoot all 300,000 of its core members by tomorrow morning at the very latest.

While regrettable, the death of 300,000 people would be a much smaller toll than the one exacted by the ZPC-directed invasion and occupation of Iraq. It would be a price worth paying to prevent another Iraq-style disaster from ever occurring.

Additionally, the release of Pollard and simultaneous mass execution of the 300,000 other traitors would almost certainly lead to a rapid and peaceful resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict. The moment Israel lost its control over the US government, media, and public opinion, it would be forced to sue for peace on terms that sane Palestinians could accept: Withdrawal to pre-1967 borders, right of return, and an Equal Protection Clause for both Israel and Palestine. Nothing short of the absolute and utter annihilation of the US Israel Lobby will ever force the Zionists to accept peace on the above, minimally-reasonable terms.

So by all means, let us put Jonathan Pollard on the next plane to Tel Aviv…and then round up his 300,000 accessories and put a bullet in each and every one of their heads.






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