Western Warmongers getting shot down in flames



Western Warmongers getting shot down in flames

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,     …with  Press TV


“One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up.” ~ Arthur Koestler

 –  First published  March 31,  2014  –


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) meets with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, including Chairman Robert Menendez (R) and ranking member Senator Bob Corker (2nd L), in Washington
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (C) meets with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, including Chairman Robert Menendez (R) and ranking member Senator Bob Corker (2nd L), in Washington

The list just keeps getting longer and longer. We are almost at the point of asking what haven’t they lied about in regards to their merry-go-round of theatrical threats they have spun regarding Iran, Syria, and now Ukraine and Crimea? My opening was stimulated this morning with a double news event.

Secretary of State John Kerry put a wooden stake through the heart of a totally bogus story published in Huffington Post, long noted in the Intel community as a shill for various interests wanting fake news coverage from time to time.

Huffington claimed that Obama had authorized Saudi Arabia to arm the radical Jihadis with Manpads.

The modern versions of these ground to air missiles make those used in the Soviet Afghanistan war look like sling shots. They can down airliners at high altitude and dozens of miles from an airport.

We suspect our military would countermand such an order even if given. With one phone call, we confirmed at VT that it was totally bogus.

Gordon - Summer of '69 - Vietnam
Gordon – Summer of ’69 – Vietnam

But Gordon Duff slipped the hoax story into a long Intel article this weekend for New Eastern Outlook in Moscow where the Russian ministry picked it up.

Deploying Manpads to the Jihadis would have been a huge escalation of the Syrian war and would have unleashed these weapons into all the other areas being “destabilized.”

Any Jihadi having one of these could sell it and be able to retire. And so far they have not shown themselves to be very concerned about negative public opinion.

In that regard, they are ideological soul mates of our own 2-bit warmongers in Congress who have been calling for further escalation in Syria with total disregard that it could set the whole region ablaze.

Frankly, at VT we think that is exactly what their goal is, and why we regard Congress as the most dangerous national security threat we face. And the bite of it all is, we the taxpayers pay them for doing this to us.

Lavrov obviously had a discussion about it with Kerry at the Paris conference, reported in ITAR-TASS today, March 31st:

“We raised the question of media reports which said that the theme of deliveries of anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria for the Syrian opposition had been discussed during President Barack Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia,” the Minister said. “John Kerry clearly reaffirmed that the Americans are against that.”

Obama is caught in the middle of getting slammed for continuing to support the Syrian opposition on the Southern flank, based out of Jordan, what is now the 52nd state in America, after Israel being 51st. The flip side of this is the Republican NeoCons and Democrats shilling for Israel want the country turned into charcoal to eliminate some threat to America, which for some reason, they never seem to be able to adequately describe.

Anne Patterson
Anne Patterson

Rather than working to enhance American security they seem to be focused on the opposite for the profits that would generate other interests they are very close to.

The Congressional hearings last week on Syria were almost too embarrassing to even watch… the pitiful display put on by pontificating Congressmen, all having their little “Caesar” moments.

US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Anne Patterson was getting the barbecue treatment in having to admit our Syria policy has been a failure.

“We haven’t had a strategy in Syria since day one,” said Senator Bob Corker, knowing that was untrue. The original plan was to trigger a Syrian Spring, where defectors inside the Assad government and military wanting to replace him would get the new jobs as American puppets. The Republicans were all on-board this at the behest of their Israeli Lobby buddies, for whom they cannot do enough, it seems.

The AIPAC inspired NeoCons were also on-board the planned Syria air attack until Obama put the brakes on at the last moment. Only a grass roots uprising beat them back down, one of the few proud moments of America’s slow-motion train wreck foreign policy, other than the Iran nuclear talks.

Another crash and burn
Another crash and burn

The other news event today destroys another fabrication push by our Western pretend-a-news outlets and corrupt Western legislatures, with their endless whining about the Russian bear waking from its slumber to start devouring territory in its march westward.

Of course this is the classic Israeli tactic of accusing your opponent of doing exactly what you do.

The West, behind the NATO smokescreen, has been on an Eastern offensive since the Soviet Union was broken up and reformed without a shot being fired and no one killed.

I don’t have the space here to add up what the body count, maimed bodies, and heads lost total could be, the direct result of our “freedom and democracy” Jihad of the West. Yet, our Congress and the current NATO commander think we are so stupid that we will buy their pitiful lies as to who the aggressors have been in the Ukraine.

Western media is still using terms like “territorial aggression” and “acquisition” in the Ukraine, when even an idiot could see the West was fully supportive of the violent overthrow of the government there. Last time I looked that was still considered an illegal event under international law.

Russians showing that they can be good sports, deliver 'thank you' cake to US Embassy for getting Crimea back as blowback from our own aggression.
Russians showing that they can be good sports, deliver ‘thank you’ cake to US Embassy for getting Crimea back as blowback from our own aggression.

Then we have the Crimeans voting in a landslide referendum to reject being ruled by a Western-orchestrated coup of professional hoodlums, and instead seeking the protection of the relatively peaceful Russians. And I am not being coy by using that peaceful term.

How many western governments have the Russians overthrown and installed puppets? How many foreign bases have they established and what was their body count in accomplishing that? How many trillions have the Russian spent on foreign wars in the past decade?

“Losing Crimea” was a direct result of the crazy Western Ukraine aggression. And to try to deflect public attention away from that, our losers then tried to concoct an impending Russian invasion. One debunked threat is quickly replaced by another.

But again they lied to us through their teeth. Observers from eight regional countries had been observing the Russian military exercises on the border and had been reporting daily that they saw no evidence of invasion pre-staging.

We learn today that the CIA must have slipped tampered compasses into the Russian military. They are invading in the wrong direction, and heading eastward. Imagine that!

Lavrov has been saying for days that the Russians had no intention of going into Ukraine, and both American and NATO civilian and military Intel knew that to be true. Yet they took public forums and told us the opposite.

For that they should resign as unfit for the duty they have been chosen: to maintain peace and security. We are tired of the lies. We are tired even of having these institutions that lie to us with utter abandon. It think it is time we begin discussing abandoning them… for our own security. Surely, we can do no worse than they have.

Editing:  Erica P. Wissinger



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