The Great EU Debate and Movie Review


The Great EU Debate

… by  Michael Shrimpton


Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

Big news in the UK this week is my old friend Nigel Farage’s trashing of Deputy Prime Minister Nick ‘von’ Clegg in the second televised debate on Brexit, the long-awaited British Exit from the despised European Union.

Post-debate polling, in this the most important televised political debate in the Western World since Kennedy-Nixon in 1960, had Farage triumphing over ‘von’ Clegg by a crushing 2 to 1 margin. 

It was Germany’s biggest loss in England since going down 2-4 to Bobby Moore’s England at Wembley in 1966, and their second biggest loss since the Battle of Britain in 1940.

Permit me to set out the background for my transatlantic, Australian and Malaysian readers (a few of those now, following the Chinese shoot-down of Flight MH 370 – update below). Shortly after the German invasion of Poland in 1939 the Nazi government instructed Reichsminister Funk and a team of officials to prepare a blueprint for the postwar German domination of Europe.

In order to reduce the burden on Germany’s economy it was planned to withdraw occupation forces and set up a series of client states in a Europäische Wirtschaft Gemeinschaft, or European Economic Community.

The model chosen was the Norwegian/Dutch model, i.e. using own national quisling leaders, rather than the ‘Bohemian/Moravian’ model, with German gauleiters, like our community partner SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich in Czechoslovakia.  Vidkun Quisling of course was the top German political asset in Norway. As I set out in Spyhunter, which has now gone to the printers (final editing, to the Bibliography, was completed on April 3rd), German intelligence was not shut down in 1945.

Total German domination of postwar Europe, was a key strategic aim of the new agency, the DVD’s, first director, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris.  DVD front organizations, like the American Committee for Europe and the Bilderberg Group, played a key role. The EEC was finally set up on January 1st, 1958.

The UK however stayed out, thanks to the courage and vision of statesmen like Sir Winston Churchill, who said that we should be “linked with Europe, but not comprised,” and Sir Anthony Eden MC. It was no coincidence that each of these great men was bitterly opposed to Adolf Hitler and our community partners the Nazis.

Canaris and the DVD worked hard to force Eden out, installing their own man Harold Macmillan after Suez. Macmillan appointed his protégé Edward Heath, the notorious traitor, who had worked hard for a German victory in World War II, to negotiate British entry.

Thankfully British Intelligence were able to blackmail Charles De Gaulle over his wartime links to the Abwehr. De Gaulle vetoed British entry. Our community partner the ‘Hun’ switched his support to the Labour Party, assassinating its patriotic leader Hugh Gaitskell (this is all set out in Spyhunter) in 1963, clearing the way for the DVD’s Harold Wilson.  In World War II Wilson had given vital help to the Admiral Dönitz’s U-Boat campaign, betraying British convoys. Not even the murderous Harold Wilson could get us in however.

Canaris and his man Sir Burke Trend, the Cabinet Secretary, then plotted to install the DVD’s Earl Mountbatten of Burma as a military dictator, sponsoring a coup in 1968. This was only narrowly averted, thanks again to brilliant counterintelligence work, with Dick White and MI18 in the vanguard (DW, a friend of several friends, was the man who spotted Kim Philby – he was double-hatted as the head of MI18 and then in turn D-G of MI5 and Director of MI6). Mountbatten’s cunning plan was to take Britain into the EEC.

Mountbatten - before the IRA got him
Mountbatten – before the IRA got him

When he threatened to go public in 1979 the DVD tasked the IRA with eliminating him. A nasty piece of work, Mountbatten had been blackmailing poor old Princess Margaret over some photos a black DVD agent had taken in the West Indies, photos he nearly lost, when courtesy of some valuable guidance from the great DW, MI5 cleverly arranged a raid on some safe deposit boxes at a bank in London.

The photos weren’t actually that incriminating. HRH Princess Margaret was, shall we say, just enjoying some downtime. She was a very nice person, with respect, cruelly treated by the pro-German establishment in Whitehall and Lambeth Palace.

After the failure of the planned military coup, the DVD staged a political coup. Their man Roy Jenkins, who had been promised the Labour leadership, sank Labour in the 1970 General Election with a deflationary budget, clearing the way for Heath and EEC membership.

Wilson was forced to hold a referendum on EEC withdrawal when he got back in, but only after the DVD’s John Hunt, Trend’s successor as Cabinet Secretary, worked out a way of rigging it, using central counting. The civil servant who did the rigging is named in Spyhunter (you don’t expect me to give away the entire book!)

When Margaret Thatcher threatened to veto what became the Maastricht Treaty she too was forced out in a German-sponsored political coup. John Major’s ratification split the Tory Party down the middle, leading to the creation of a new force on the right, the patriotic United Kingdom Independence Party, which as its name implies campaigns for UK withdrawal from the EU.

UKIP are a rising force, helped by the unpopularity of the hated Coalition Government, which is deeply committed to EU membership and is willing to massively increase UK debt in order to stay in. EU membership costs the UK economy roughly $325 billion a year.

Earlier this year, in a radio program, ‘von’ Clegg, a fanatical EU supporter, recklessly challenged Nigel Farage, the charismatic UKIP leader, to a debate on EU membership, reigniting a controversy Prime Minister Cameron has been trying to avoid. Clegg has the charisma of a roadkill on I-70 in Kansas, no offense intended.

In the first debate, last week, Nigel did well, but appeared nervous (it was his first big TV occasion) and a bit sweaty, like Nixon in 1960. Perhaps someone had forced him to climb some stairs instead of taking the elevator! On Wednesday he absolutely clobbered ‘von’ Clegg, smearing him around the walls of the studio.

Clegg was caught out in several outrageous lies, including the monster whopper that only 7% of Britain’s laws come from Europe (in order to arrive at that figure he left out regulations made under the European Communities Act 1972, the master enabling act, some articles in the EU treaty and regulations and directives having direct effect).

UKIP are now set for a big win in the European elections on May 22nd, which could clear the way for Cameron’s forced resignation and a UKIP-Tory deal.  The combined forces of UKIP and the Tory Party should be more than enough to crush the pro-EU parties in the General Election which would probably follow.

The big question everybody in the Westminster village is asking is, why did ‘von’ Clegg perform so disastrously badly? It was the worst trashing on TV any senior political figure in the UK has ever endured. I think I may know the answer.  There is a huge political scandal brewing in Britain, linked to EU membership and the estimated $100 billion dollar HS2 high-speed rail project.

This is the biggest public procurement program Whitehall has ever undertaken. As Gordon may have heard, NSA, CIA, GCHQ and Japanese intelligence have been monitoring big offshore payments out of Tokyo linked to pro-EU British politicians and senior civil servants. When it breaks it will be largest ever scandal to rock the British political establishment.

Between the two debates there was a flash priority alert from GCHQ to the Cabinet Office, based on COMINT intercepts (I know some in INTELCOM use ‘INT’ for intercept, making that a tautology, but I prefer ‘COMmmunications INTelligence’!) This followed interception of communications between someone ‘close to’ CIA and political figures in the States. NSA and GCHQ have been tracking communications between Tokyo, London, Brussels, Berlin and Washington, and offshore bank accounts in the Caribbean, for weeks. My favourite CIA bagman has been ordered not to talk to me, not even to say hi.

CIA Station in Tokyo apparently picked it up and State and Brussels are going into meltdown. ‘Von’ Clegg appears to have been briefed in by the Cabinet Office between the two debates. Whether that is correct or not something happened between the debates to rattle him badly. He was visibly shaking on Wednesday, indeed I wondered why he hadn’t chosen to wear brown pants as a precaution.

It’s certainly brown pants time for supporters of British membership of the EU.  We Eurosceptics are lining them up like Douglas Bader and the boys lined up Heinkels in the Battle of Britain. It will soon be time to “press the tit” and pour in deadly streams of lead.


Update on the Ukraine

My analysis last week seems to be shared by NATO and SACEUR, currently General Philip Breedlove, USAF. Good people, he went public on CNN, citing a huge Russian build-up on the Ukrainian frontier. Way to go Putin! Not the least comment by Nigel Farage to rock ‘von Clegg’ this week was his praise of Vladimir Putin, although he might have added, but didn’t, that “Pooters” by all accounts is an awfully nice chap.

Since the Coalition Government and the Foreign Office backed the German coup in Kiev which triggered the crisis, it’s easy to see why ‘von’ Clegg attacked Nigel. Pooters comes across as much nicer than either Cameron or ‘von’ Clegg, and nowhere near as slimy, no offense intended.

My analysis remains the same. I am still worried by ground conditions on the western approaches to Kiev. If the Russians invade Eastern Ukraine now, I am concerned that the Byelorussian Shock Army now massing on the Byelorussian-Ukrainian frontier may get bogged down if the Ukrainians respond militarily and a sensible decision is taken to engage them in a two-front war.

The panic-stricken pro-German/EU Polish Government is frantically calling for NATO reinforcements, although why I cannot understand. So far as I know Pooters has ruled out following up a victory over the neo-fascist Ukrainian enemy by invading Germany through Poland. Of course Russian control of the Ukraine opens up the intriguing possibility of a combined Russian/Byelorussian thrust via southern Poland across the Neisse, supporting say two Russian Shock Armies across the Oder. The terrain in the Dresden-Gorlitz gap, particularly in the Spree Valley, favors maneuver warfare, threatening the southern approaches to Berlin.

I am also aware that Russian fuel stocks are enough to take them triumphantly all the way to Berlin (I hope that vodka stocks are high enough to fuel the parties afterwards!) However I cannot see that Poland needs NATO reinforcements.  General Breedlove is NOT going to be drawn into a hot war with Russia. A hot-shot fighter jock, he knows how good those Mig-29s are, and how few fighters he has in theater. Thankfully, Moscow has got a hold on the Obama Administration, thanks to that damning DNA report.

If the Russians were to attack Germany, the ‘Huns’ would be on their own. The NATO Treaty is now a dead letter. I don’t see it, however. Charming thought though it would be to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Germany starting World War I by starting the third, final war against Germany, it’s too soon. The winter has just been too wet and Russia has got to sort out EU-loving Johnny Ukrainian first. Ground conditions between Berlin and the Oder have been tested and the going is a little bit softer than it was in the Grand National this afternoon.


Update on the ChiCom Shoot-Down of MH 370

A warm welcome from to readers in the People’s Justice Party (Malaysia), the PKR, who are good people. Their sensible leader, Anwar Ibrahim, has just publicly questioned the government’s bogus account of how Flight MH 370 transited no fewer than four Malaysian provinces without troubling AirTraffic Control. The answer is that it didn’t.

As Mr Ibrahim has pointed out there is no way a radar target the size of a 777 could transit the entire country without triggering an alert and a military response. The Malaysian PM has now painted himself into a corner. By lying about the plane’s flight-path, a lie which Anwar Ibrahim has now exposed, he has opened himself up to accusations that he knew about the attack on MH 370 in advance and green-lighted a shoot-down request from PLA-Navy HQ.

I don’t think he did. The missile firing point was well-chosen and appears to lie outside the range of Malaysian primary radar, both military and civil. The Chinese wanted to engage as far away from Malaysian airspace as possible, whilst staying over deep water, to minimize the chances of recovery of either the black boxes or the wreckage.

Today the PLA-Navy (the same scumbag navy which shot the plane down in the first place and murdered 239 people in the process) has announced that its ship Haixan 01 is receiving pulses on 37.5 KHz, having magically been directed to the spot by a Chinese plane, presumably the same one which dropped the transmitter/fake black box into the ocean, conveniently over an underwater mountain. Yeah, and Mao Tse-Tung only slept with adults.

If they have faked a black box, I’ll bet it’s only the Flight Data Recorder. Cockpit Voice Recorders are trickier to fabricate, as the French found during the AF447 cover-up. It took them months to come up with a convincing CVR, and they had ready access to ATC and training tapes of the crew for digital voice reproduction purposes.

Unsurprisingly, no one else has been hearing these pings, which have only just started. The RAN and RN are honest and I doubt they will allow themselves to be drawn into the Chinese cover-up. At this time these are strictly Chinese pings. If you’ll forgive the pun, the whole thing pongs! The cover-up of the shoot-down of Flight 370 is now a major scandal. PKR should be able to roll over the pro-Peking Malaysian Government on this one.


Squadron Leader Bob Muir DFC

There was a wonderful obituary of Bob Muir in the Telegraph this week. Bob was a colleague in Mosquitos of a late friend of mine, Air Marshal Ivor Broom. Like Ivor, Bob, who was 104 when he died in January, was a ‘Mossie’ ace. He shot up a whole load of ‘Jerries’, doing great work with 605 Squadron. Bob Muir could have avoided air combat had he wanted, on account of his age. He was already 30 when war broke out, and serving in the Home Guard. He was mustard keen to have a crack at ‘Jerry’ however, and volunteered for aircrew duties after it became clear that there wasn’t going to be an invasion and the Home Guard were not expected to go into combat.



Movie of the Week – Noah (Russell Crowe, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Ray Winstone and Emma Watson) That’s right – this is actually a new release, so new it only went on general release in the UK yesterday. I don’t just do classic movies, indeed I am being consulted by a producer in Hollywood on a movie project at the moment (lots of spies and intrigue, of course!)

I actually found Noah a bit disappointing.  There’s no doubt that it’s an epic epic, a sort of Gladiator meets Waterworld, but it’s a strange amalgam of Biblical epic, eco-propaganda and science fiction, with rock monsters. No, I couldn’t find them in my Bible either – the closest I could come (Authorized Version of course) was Genesis, Chapter 6, verse 4: “There were giants in the earth in those days.” Russell Crowe’s acting and the special effects are worth the price of admission however. Russell does a great religious maniac. Emma Watson reveals new depths to her talent. She has clearly made the transition from child actor to grown-up actor, indeed she gives a grown-up performance. Well done, Emma.

Sir Anthony Hopkins gives a superb cameo as Methuselah, whilst Ray Winstone is great as Tubal-Cain. He’s supposed to be the villain, but at times comes across as the only rational actor in the movie. The Environment Agency, who as we have seen are good at creating floods, will love it. I give it a 6.5. I can see Russell Crowe getting an Oscar for Best Actor, however. He really is very good.

April 5th, 2014



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