INVESTIGATION: Who Politically Punched John Kerry in the Jimmy Carter Face?


john-kerry-carterJoin Author Johnny Punish on an Irreverent Adventure as He Searches for the Perp-Pe-Traitor of the Political Rear Naked Choke Hold on Secretary of State John Kerry’s Campaign for World Peace


by Johnny Punish


This week we bore witness to another smack down of a major U.S. leader by the global force that is “it”

This time, like so many before him, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was the target du jour; publicly tarred and feathered by this ominous dark sided menace.

At a closed meeting of the Trilateral Commission, the group that secretly runs the shadow government, Kerry said Israel could become an “apartheid” nation if it does not reach a peace deal to create a separate Palestinian state. And just before his warm viperian breath vapor ran cold, “it” had their attack squads scrambled into action like U.S. Taxpayer funded F-15s paid for as part of the billions upon billions of misappropriated monies and strong arm defense contracts that continue to fund the ethnic cleansing of an indigenous people in favor of whatever “it” wants.

And who or what is “it”?

Well unlike in BitCoin where we really don’t know who is “it” really is. I mean the proverbial Satoshi Nakamoto is really unknown in the general public circles. He’s a wazzy, a wozzy, a poof of air! We don’t know! But the “it” we are talkin’ bout well…. we actually do know who “it” is.

In fact, “it” jumped out of the shadows after 9-11 and into the light with amazing in your face contempt so freakin bold that, in the USA, it’s now accepted dogma to defer power to “it” in public without fear of repercussions because “it” has a marketing blitzkrieg  so bold, so effective, so amazing that average Americans think ‘it” is actually American.  Yeah, this foreign agent is actually registered as a USA lobby.  Comedy!

I mean, the general public can no longer tell the difference between “it” and the wage slavery along with the global black eye that “it” has brought upon the good peoples as “it” systematically sucks the life blood out of the once great nation while the infected populace continues to applaud against their own interests.

[youtube oNP1rUf09nU]

So who is “it”?

Well, in the USA, “it” is AIPAC; the American Israeli Political Action Committee; literally the most effective infection not only in USA history but world history. These psychotic predators in custom blue and brown suits have built the most amazing propaganda power machine the world has ever seen. They singlehandledly control the U.S. Congress and can make a U.S. President and his Secretary State bow to their will. I mean, Obama said it best when he told Former French President Sarkozy, after Sarkozy complained the Israeli Prime Minister is a liar, that he has to deal with the Prime Minister of Israel daily. It was a revealing moment into the insight as to who is calling shots in D.C.

Around the globe, the wider “it” is really a cabal of elites that use whatever tools necessary without mercy to insure control of the worlds resources, media, and power structures to ensure that their species; and I do mean species because they see themselves as a different species than us. They are better than us and come under the guise of all religions and sects including but NOT limited to Jews, Christians and Muslims.  They are the real chosen people!

So that is who “it” is and when their interests align with we the people, we feel good and the world is grand but more often than not their anti-Team People disposition kills as a matter of business while millions upon millions of people in communities around the world are unnecessarily affected in horrific ways. It is mind blowing!

Anyway, in regards to Kerry, paid off and intimidated supporters of Israel in the U.S. Congress along with their money masters at AIPAC said Kerry’s comment on Friday was offensive because it compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the former South African regime’s systematic segregation and oppression of black Africans.

This statement by Kerry was first reported Sunday by the Daily Beast, which said it had obtained a recording of the comment but would NOT say how they obtained it.  Interesting right?

  • So how do they get a private Tri-Lateral Commission recording?
  • Who are they working for? Come on!

[youtube k81p2LCj_cs]


Anyways, so Jen Psaki, a State Department spokeswoman on the defensive against the attack, said Kerry’s words on the dangers of a stalemate reflect his concerns about what could happen to Israel in the absence of a deal, rather than his views about its current condition.

The secretary “does not believe and did not state publicly or privately that Israel is an apartheid state, and there’s an important difference there,” she said. “Israel is obviously a vibrant democracy with equal rights for all its citizens.” Why even offer an explanation? Kerry was crystal clear on what he said. We can listen and read right?


Almost immediately after Kerry uttered truth about Apartheid, the machine went into action.

Yep, you guessed it! Like a predictable appearance by Miley Cyrus at a Twerk Convention, U.S. House Majority Leader and admitted Zionist Israeli Firster Eric Cantor (R-Va.) demanded that Kerry apologize to Israel, saying that the use of the word apartheid “has routinely been dismissed as offensive and inaccurate, and Secretary Kerry’s use of it makes peace even harder to achieve.” He said Kerry and the administration have “been too quick to blame Israel for obstacles in the peace process.”
Geez us! What where the odds in Vegas that Cantor would be first out of the gate? He must be on speed dial over at AIPAC right?

What is more sad is that Americans can’t see that Cantor is siding against a U.S. Diplomat over a foreign country? Really now? We used to call that type of behavior a Benedict Arnold move or as Jonah Hill’s character in the movie Funny People would say “That’s such a dick move!”.

No matter, imagine how far gone the USA general populace is when they cannot even tell where the USA begins and the interest of some foreign country in a land far far away end? All this while millions of U.S. Veterans suffer and are homeless in need of support yet we support these crazies in a place that has no relevance to the homeland.

Anyways, AIPAC, the corrupted and deeply anti-American pro-Eretz Israel lobby group who buys off and intimidates U.S. Politicians into submission, said the comments were “deeply troubling. Any suggestion that Israel is, or is at risk of becoming, an apartheid state is offensive and inappropriate.”

AIPAC continues to take this bizarre position as more Euro settlers continue to push indigenous peoples into homelessness and living a hopeless existence continuing what Nelson Mandela said is Apartheid in Palestine. In fact, Mandela said;

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” Nelson Mandela

No matter cause the grand Bandwagoners and political money beggars are on fire!

I mean consider the upstart Canadian citizen serving in the U.S. Senate; the dishonorable carpetbagger Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Yeah, he called for Kerry to step down, saying: “It is my belief that Secretary Kerry has thus proven himself unsuitable for his position and that before any further harm is done to our alliance with Israel, he should offer President Obama his resignation and the president should accept it.”

Geez us! Somebody send poor Ted Cruz some Chapstick cause he is sucking a bit too hard and long on the AIPAC Fallace of Doom and could end up with some bruises on his fake lips!

[youtube hzs13oGNnVs]

On the other side, the Institute for Middle East Understanding, took exception to Kerry’s comment, issuing a fact sheet to argue that Israel already has a two-tier legal system in the West Bank and discriminatory practices against Palestinians living in Israel basically saying that Israel is already and Apartheid State. In other words, it is not going to be an Apartheid State, it already is and Apartheid State.

In fact, the rest of the global community all know what’s going on for realz ya’ll. I mean under the current global paradigm, “it” controls the USA with all the military might and global banking systems in step. “It” knows exactly what “it” is doing and “it” has been doing it for a long time folks!

Oh! I found it super funny when Michael Smerconish, a CNN host who plays the role of lackey for the Republicans on CNN, declared that if Kerry had any dreams of running for President in 2016 that it was over now because saying anything bad against Israel is a disqualifier. Man, I was on the floor laughing watching this silly bitch deliver his corporatocracy AIPAC induced death blow on Kerry brand! It was a nice knee to the solarplexes! Man, I was impressed! Smerconish is a great soldier for their cause! And he comes cheap too! No need to arm twist this knucklehead with a mic! He is a willing participant in the ethnic cleansing of millions. I mean if Jeffrey Dahmer should up and ate 15 of the indigenous people, he would have called for Dahmer to receive the Food Network All Time Achievement Award! Dick Move!


Over the years some Israelis including Israel’s first prime minister, the late David Ben-Gurion warned that their nation could become an “apartheid state” if it retained control of the Palestinian territories.

In fact, many Israelis in leadership today have expressed the exact same sentiment that Kerry expressed; Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Current Israeli Government Official and Potential future Prime Minister Tzipi Livni, Former Mayor of Jerusalem Ehud Olmert and more. Yet all of sudden it’s Kerry that gets the smack down.

So where does this smack down come from?

Well, there is a precedence for such. In fact, U.S. President Jimmy Carter wrote a book titled “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid” which drew the ire of AIPAC and he got immediately castrated in the U.S. Media turning a decent Team People guy into persona non-grata. Wow! That was classic!

And let us not forget U.S. Vice President Joe Biden! Yep! The Veep basically got banned for life from Israel after he commented that settlements should stop while he attended the lovely funeral of the globally disgraced Former Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon; who is commonly known as the Butcher of Beirut for his role in the murder and massacre of thousands of men, women and children in the refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila in 1982 Lebanon.

Now the good news for Team People is that within Israel, there are many amazing and brave pro Team People men and women of civility who are at war with “it” and believe that the only way forward for Israel is cooperation, dignity, and respect for the indigenous peoples.

Yeah true gentlemen like Israeli Haaretz Reporter Gideon Levy who speaks out against Israeli Apartheid and openly challenges the ambitious psychopaths who believe that the only solution is a complete Nazi style cleansing of the indigenous dirty people to clear the way for a cleaner European Jewish Only state.

So what we are witness to and being used by is a cabal that wants domination without regard for the welfare of Team People. The value of human dignity and life is worthless to them as long as they get what the desire. It is that simple!

Now to me, I am NOT sure they get it. I mean check it!

Yesterday a billionaire was given the Scarlet letter for bad behavior against the tribe. I am talking bout the NBA Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling who was swiftly removed by we the people who, when he finally crossed the line and shoved his contempt for Team People into our face, well, the people had enough, gave him the Armbar and forced the tap out!

Granted, it was the NBA Commissioner Adam Silver who delivered the death blow publically at the press conference but it was really the public and players who told Silver that if nothing is done within 24 hours, the league would experience a complete boycott by ALL players and it would lose almost everything ever built in trust with its fan base not only in the USA, but around the world. And so Silver had had no choice. He had to take out his “friend” of 20 years and sacrifice the lamb so that his ownership group can continue to milk the cow.

I mean, come on! They knew about this bad actor for over a decade yet the NBA leaders never took action. Why? Well for them, it’s never about right and wrong, it’s just profits and losses. And when profits are high, well, as long as things don’t become public embarrassments, well, it’s all good. But when the overall business is under threat like it was yesterday, it was over. And “friend” Sterling got the phone call from Silver.

You had to know that he the owners were like “Donald, didn’t we tell you to keep your mouth shut about the Schwartzes”. Now the NBA has to tread smartly because any more B.S. from contempt of the people masters will be clearly met with a flash mob of TEAM PEOPLE in their face and up in their grill. This is a game changer ya’ll.

So you see, Team People can defeat a cabal. It matters not what evil powers do to Team People. What matters now is that everyone is on notice that behaving badly towards TEAM PEOPLE will cause you harm.

Now when it comes to “it’ in America, all it will take is for Americans to wake up from this nightmare that puts us against the tenants of freedom, liberty, and justice on the same plan with evil behavior that is anti-humanity and anti-American.

We must now stand with all the moderate Israelis and against the extremists at AIPAC and their cabal and absolutely make the cause of the Palestinians our cause! Yes, when we side with justice for people and with humanity then we side with ourselves and that’s a win/win for everyone!

Here’s an idea….maybe we can call in Kevin Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, and the rest of this heroic group of true Americans and ask them to teach the rest of us how to cut out the cancer and bring humanity back to U.S. Foreign Policy so we can once again be the light of the world. Just sayin!

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