The Truth Behind D-Day

Movie scene of D-Day
Movie scene of D-Day

The Truth Behind D-Day

…  by  Michael Shrimpton,  London


Erwin Rommel
Erwin Rommel

None of the leaders on parade last week was prepared to acknowledge the truth behind D-Day.  As revealed in Spyhunter it was a carve-up.  The date – June 6th – was chosen by Erwin Rommel, to coincide with his wife’s birthday.  This gave him an excuse not to be there.

He wasn’t helping the Allies. He was helping himself. He wanted to be President of Germany, in succession to the Führer and had carved things up with his friend Admiral Canaris, head of the Abwehr. Remember the July plot to assassinate the Führer was in July (no s..t Sherlock!), i.e. was already in the planning stages.

The idea was the Eisenhower would take France and Rommel and Canaris would take over Germany. Canaris had a plan to get back into power in France anyway, which was eventually revealed to the world as the Fifth Republic, which he pretty much controlled from the beginning.

De Gaulle talked regularly with Canaris throughout World War II, indeed De Gaulle was in the loop on the Eisenhower/Rommel deal. British Intelligence knew all about it, hence De Gaulle’s famous nons to British EEC entry.

The deal meant no Panzers, and Allied troops being allowed ashore.  Not all in the right places however – Eisenhower’s people made sure that the 4th Infantry Division was landed on the wrong beach (they never actually landed on Utah Beach).

Brigadier-General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., helped to save the day
Brigadier-General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., helped to save the day

The idea was to sow confusion, but thanks to the coolness and inspirational leadership of Brigadier-General Theodore Roosevelt Jnr, the men were ‘unconfused’.  He deserved his Medal of Honor.

Paratroops were dropped in the wrong place, Caen was flattened for no obvious military purpose and naval support fire was underused, all thanks to Eisenhower.

Adolf Hitler was not actually that given to lie-ins.  He did not intervene on D-Day because he had given orders that he was not to be disturbed, even for an Allied invasion in the West.  He did not wake up because Colonel-General Jodl, reporting to Canaris, had slipped him a Mickey Finn the night before.

Think about it.  You are the Führer of Germany and Commander-in-Chief of the German Armed Forces.  You stand to lose the war if the Allies get ashore and as you have managed to upset them with your maniacal speeches and policies you are likely to end up at the end of a rope if you do lose.

Wouldn’t you want to be woken up if a 7,000 ship assault force attacked your coastline with 130,000 men?  If 5,000 heavy and medium bombers were strafing a bit of Occupied Europe wouldn’t you want to be told about it?

Caen, France, in ruins, 1944
Caen, France, in ruins, 1944

Of course Hitler wanted to be told the minute the Allies landed.  Not only that, he wanted to be in charge.  He thought of himself as a military genius, which he was, compared to Barack Obama and David Cameron, the geniuses who have just lost Iraq.  He didn’t wake up because he couldn’t.  It was all part of the deal.

Postwar Hitler was a soft target.  You could make up any old nonsense about him and it would be believed.

Yes he was a bit anti-semitic and no, he was not that nice a person (he was, after all, a politician), but he took his responsibilities as Commander-in-Chief of the German Armed Forces very seriously.

He was much more interested in the defense of Germany than say David Cameron is interested in the defense of Great Britain.  He would be unlikely to have visited a military post and not known the ranks of the soldiers he was talking to.


‘Von Eisenhower’

General George Patton
General George Patton

None of this is easily understood if you have fallen for the old canard that General Dwight D. ‘von’ Eisenhower was working for the Americans.  That theory has certainly done the rounds since World War II and has even featured on the syllabus of the National War College.  How it got there is anyone’s guess.

‘Von’ Eisenhower was of course an ethnic German and he was working for the Fatherland.  He rose without trace, thanks to the sponsorship of fellow German agent George Marshall.  Now you know why Eisenhower supported the fascist Darlan in North Africa!

The key meetings were between a colonel on Eisenhower’s staff and the Abwehr in Algeciras, Spain, although there were contacts via Lisbon as well.

General Walter Bedell Smith, later the CIA’s second director, was also working for German Intelligence (of course – until President Kennedy was elected you couldn’t make DCI unless you were a German spy, indeed as I suggest in Spyhunter ‘Central’ in CIA was probably a throwback to the Central Powers as, like MI5 and MI6, it was set up as essentially a German, not American, agency).

Bedell Smith too was involved in the carve-up, indeed he was Eisenhower’s right-hand man.  Tragically for America and the West neither was arrested, given a fair trial and shot.

General Patton, a good man and a great general, sadly paid the price for this egregious failure of Army counter-intelligence and the FBI, being assassinated on Eisenhower’s orders in 1945.  Eisenhower of course rightly saw Patton as a rival for the presidency, i.e. Eisenhower murdered his way to the White House.  Politics then was almost as corrupt and ruthless a business as it is today.


The Disintegration of Iraq

Iraqi territorial divides
Iraqi territorial divides

One of my themes in Spyhunter, a book so explosive that no media organisation in the Western world has so far dared to review it, is the damage done to the hemispheric security interest through German penetration of our intelligence agencies.  We have paid the price for this yet again, in Iraq.

The ISIS column advancing on Baghdad, in thin-skinned vehicles vulnerable to air attack, would have been highly visible to US satellites.

Nothing however was done to warn the Iraqi government in Baghdad, although no doubt key Iranian assets were tipped off via Teheran and warned to move their cash and families.

Obama and Cameron have been made to look like fools.  The advance on Baghdad could easily have been stopped with air strikes.  It can now only be stopped with boots on the ground, which of course they have ruled out.  The crass stupidity of Coalition and Administration defense and security policies is now laid bare for all to see.

With the War on Terror still on, both Britain and America have scaled back their defense budgets, preferring to subsidize immigration from the Third World, and in Britain’s case, from the EU.  The British Army is no longer strong enough to be deployed to Iraq.

The ISIS crisis has once again made the case for the aircraft carrier.  With a pro-German Islamic government in power in Ankara, pretty much ruling out Incirlik, and the government in Bahrain financially dependent upon German-controlled MTN trading programs, the only effective means of Allied intervention is by carrier air power.

Ironically, the nearest carrier is the USS George H. W. Bush (CVN-77), a ship badly in need of renaming (I have respectfully suggested to the US Navy that “USS George W. Bush” is the option involving the least expenditure on paint).

It’s a case of great ship, shame about the name.  Some, but not myself, as I am not mean, may suggest that it was a pity that the parachute opened.  (‘41’ will I am sure not have minded my not wishing him a Happy Birthday – he doesn’t send me cards either!)

We are unlikely to see large scale air strikes however, as the Administration have clearly decided to sacrifice Iraq.  British policy is determined by the Cabinet Office, not the government, and Cabinet Office policy is decided in Dachau and Berlin, not Whitehall, so Britain will sit this crisis out as well.

Iraq will probably now break into three, a Sunni part, a Shi’ite part and a Kurdish part, indeed it already has.  As with Humpty Dumpty, the question is whether we can put the state back together again.



Flight MH 370

I wouldn’t waste money, if I were you, on the fundraising effort to appoint private investigators.  The people setting it up have already decided to push the official line that the Malaysian Airlines 777 crossed Malaysia, which is nonsense on stilts.  The latest story is that whoever was flying the plane descended below minimum safety height and used the terrain to avoid civilian radar, as though the big airliner were an F-16.

No one is putting forward any explanation as to why either of the pilots would have wanted to do that, and none of the passengers was able to fly the plane, or so far as we know, any plane.  You will recall that the hijack squawk code was not activated, pretty much ruling out hijack.

Whatever money is raised is likely to be wasted on ‘reputable’ security firms, who will trot out the official line, charge huge fees and deplete the fund.  I can confirm that no one involved has approached me for a briefing as to why I think the plane was shot down.

Since I am the only person in the world reporting that, and the Indian Ocean search has clearly drawn a blank, you would think that if they were serious they would at least be curious to find out what I know and how I know it.

The same comment goes for the media. VT is the only outlet in the world prepared to report the truth, apart from one website (, which carried an article by me, and  a couple of Internet radio and TV stations which have interviewed me.

The mainstream media is running scared.  As soon as they learn that it was the Chinese PLA Navy which shot down the plane and murdered her crew and passengers they run for cover faster than a Coalition politician, or a Democrat.  It’s no wonder that so many journalists wear brown trousers.

If you do not approve of mass murder – and I do not – you have to be prepared to condemn it when it happens.  It’s no use behaving like a small child and hiding behind the sofa.

A similar depletion strategy was followed with the trust fund raised to try and find Madeleine McCann.  It was actually raided by a con-man, who seems to have taken part of my reporting on her disappearance (re SATINT), distorted it (by asserting that the satellite was over Praia da Luz, when the birds’ tracks were off-set) and raided the fund for half a million bucks or so.

The poor old McCanns fell for it, because they wouldn’t talk to me.  I suspect that was because Leicestershire Police briefed against me to them, although as professional people themselves they should surely, with respect, have known the importance of checking the facts.

Only in the Vulcan prosecution, 7 years later, has it now emerged that Leicestershire Police were lying, making up an interview with Falklands War hero Major-General Julian Thompson, e.g., and claiming that I had been dismissed by my old chambers, Tanfield. English barristers are self-employed, not employed, and the alleged conversation with an anonymous person at Tanfield Chambers was simply invented.

As I explain in Spyhunter Leicestershire Police actually helped facilitate the murder of little Madeleine McCann, by betraying intelligence passed to them in confidence to a German-penetrated police agency in Lisbon, after they had been warned not to. I am determined that the b……..s will get their comeuppance.  If the Vulcan trial actually goes ahead I will of course be making great play with that dishonest Leicestershire Special Branch report, which was also circulated by Thames Valley Police.

The fact that the police have a track record of smearing a defendant and have been prepared in the past to lie about him or her is relevant to their credibility. To make up a conversation with a gallant war hero, and a general officer to boot, makes it even worse. Every prosecutor knows the danger of putting lying b……s in the witness box, no offense to the ‘rozzers’ intended. When the b…….s in question have the blood of a little girl on their hands the dangers are magnified tenfold.


The HS2 Scandal

HS2 must be canceled
HS2 must be canceled

This has now broken, on Internet radio and TV. Obviously I can neither confirm nor deny the scandal in print, but I have been asked about it on air several times in the last 36 hours. Rumors about large pay-offs to British politicians out of Tokyo connected with multi-billion dollar HS contracts, linked to the UK staying in the EU, are flying around INTELCOM.

If the sort of sums being talked about turn out to be correct then we are looking at the largest bribes in British political history. The German government has just turned against the Coalition Government in Britain by backing the fanatical federalist Juncker (well-named) as head of the European Commission, i.e. Berlin is treating the Coalition as unstable.

If the rumors are confirmed, don’t expect any prosecutions.  Large bribes to British politicians in practice have to be cleared through German assets in the Cabinet Office (as they control our intelligence services, police and the Crown Prosecution Service).

If the bribes were paid, as to which I express no view, then they would have been cleared, so no prosecution. The CPS take their marching orders from the Cabinet Office and wouldn’t dream of prosecuting a pro-EU politician without their backing.

Eurosceptic politicians are honest of course, so the question of bribery does not arise.  Apart from a few fanatics most politicians have to be bribed, either with cash or children to abuse, or blackmailed, into supporting the EU, as British membership is such an obvious nonsense.


Classic Movie of the Week: The Desert Fox (1951), dir. Henry Hathaway

The Desert Fox, 1951
The Desert Fox, 1951

The fox in question is none other than Field Marshal Rommel of course.  The movie is mainly based around events in 1944, including D-Day. Rommel is played, sympathetically, by James Mason.

The supporting cast is very strong, including the great actor Sir Cedric Hardwicke, as Dr Strölin, one of the Abwehr’s plotters against Hitler, Jessica Tandy as Lucie Rommel (who was quite a nice person) and Leo Carroll, as Field Marshal von Rundstedt.  Leo Carroll is particularly good, and his portrayal of von Rundstedt is probably definitive.  Gerd was a gent.

A British actor who moved to Hollywood, Leo Carroll was later deservedly made famous in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. of course.  He also memorably played ‘The Professor’ in North by Northwest.

The movie is well-made, indeed as a movie there is not much to be said against it.  Its glaring weakness is in the narrative it portrays. Rommel is portrayed as pro-Hitler, whereas he was pro-Canaris, and somewhat naïve, when in truth he was highly ambitious and wanted to succeed the Führer, to whom he was strikingly disloyal.

Rommel was deeply implicated in Canaris’s July plot and like his Abwehr colleague Eisenhower had no qualms about murdering his way to the top.

June 14th 2014


Michael Shrimpton is a barrister, called to the Bar in London 1983. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counterterrorism.

Michael was formerly an Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies in what was then the Department of National Security, Intelligence and Space Studies at the American Military University.

Michael’s ground-breaking, 700 page intelligence text “Spyhunter: The Secret History of German Intelligence” was published in England by June Press on April 14th 2014.

Editing: Erica P. Wissinger



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Michael Shrimpton was a barrister from his call to the Bar in London in 1983 until being disbarred in 2019 over a fraudulently obtained conviction. He is a specialist in National Security and Constitutional Law, Strategic Intelligence and Counter-terrorism. He is a former Adjunct Professor of Intelligence Studies at the American Military University. Read Articles from Michael Shrimpton; Read Michael Shrimptons' Full Complete Bio >>>