Algerian Crash Not a "Shoot Down"

116 dead
116 dead

Sahara Sources Debunk Shoot Down Story


… by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Onboard bomb cited as probable cause.  No one has yet claimed Israel is responsible though they do make the very best bombs for bringing down airplanes.  Frankly, it may well have been someone else.  Editor
Stories reporting a former Libyan “Buk/SA11” missile as responsible for the shoot down of an Air Algerie jet with 116 aboard are false, according to authoritative sources who have lived with and worked with the rebels in the area.
A VT source, an expert in air defense systems, with experience in the region, not just with the equipment but with rebel groups as well, has taken to task a recent story citing Libyan weapons and the Obama administration as responsible.  From our Bureau Chief literally in Timbuktu:

This is bull shit. I can tell you from being in the Sahara for over 4 years that the story does not fit. These type of missile batteries require well trained crews to operate them and they go bad fast. The rebels can’t even tie their shoes. They can’t even keep a Fiat car working. They have no air force. Any thing more complex than a man-pad or a tow missile is too complex for them to use.

They don’t even have tanks that they can keep working. I spent 4 years with the Polasario they were well trained by the Cubans and they couldn’t keep any thing working. The heat and sand destroys everything. There are no roads to move this stuff on. The satellites can spot everything that big easily. They can’t hide it. It was probably another bombing. The question is why and who? This was my playground for over 4 years. They would have to cross through Algeria or Niger to get there. The tracks would fall off first. The engines will overheat in extended desert operations. No one has radar or knows how to use it.

 We are not taking offense nor citing the story released today as purposeful disinformation in any way.  We are simply using the best sources and rendering a dissenting opinion.  Here are more observations:

1. Numerology. MA-17 VS MA-5017 ??? odd....
2. Someone is using missiles and commercial airliners as a distraction or cover for something bigger.
3. All of the SA-3, SA-11 and S-300 missile systems that the Algerians had had no air conditioning. They were surplus Warsaw pack units designed for European weather conditions and not the Sahara desert. The generators would over heat. The filters would plug up. The hydraulics’s leaked like a sieve. They were all designed for cold weather operation only. They had no spare parts. A full SA-11 system is worth over 50 million dollars on the surplus market. These people know that. They will sell it in a heart beat. They are not stupid. The missiles alone are worth a million dollars each.
4. The radar will be detected like a June bug glowing in the dark. The satellites have no problem detecting them in an empty desert like that. They know what type of radar it is and where it is. They can see and detect the launch. So this is a no-brainer. It is either a set up for French NATO intervention or another psy-op.
5. Every time a new radar popped up they would send us in to see what it was. I planted plenty of remote sensors on those mountain tops just for that reason. You got the photos. Every doctor, geologist, mining engineer etc over there is a spook. The French have the best people on the ground. They know everything. Someone probably found another big oil / Diamond / mineral deposit that they want...............

It is our goal at VT that we will simply get the truth out there whatever the truth is without agenda.  This is how we solved 9/11 and why we are always right, eventually anyway.
In this case, the Sahara is “our back yard.”  VT folks have been working there with the UN, IAEA and various military and intelligence missions for 40 years.

[ Note:  This incident is also a “work in progress”. We will be following up  as we lean more…. Jim W. Dean ]



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