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Algerian Crash Not a "Shoot Down"

- Stories reporting a former Libyan "Buk/SA11" missile as responsible for downing an Air Algerie jet with 116 aboard are false, according to authoritative sources...

Algeria: Way to Go General Tartag

If my backchannel to Algiers is working as it should my respectful congratulations should already have reached General Tartag, in charge of the successful operation to rescue the hostages at the Tigantourine natural gas facility.

Make "May Day" a "Truth Day"

A bit ago, Obama was celebrating the imaginary death of Osama bin Laden. A simple and inexorable fact: bin Laden was US agent for years and died while working for the US, well over a decade ago. I have debriefed his CIA handler, interviewed his ISI associates and now recommend him for a Presidental Medal of Freedom for his work in fighting communism and ending the Cold War. His CIA files have been altered, paragraphs added to make him look like a terrorist, wrong type face, "cut and paste." Shameful.

WILLIAM COOK : Tsunami in the Mid-East

It’s curious to consider how events in one part of the world offer images that reflect conditions in another part, as the devastation in Japan provides a glimpse into the eruptions spreading throughout the mid-east. The suddenness of the tsunami

Barghouthi: Lessons From The Egyptian Revolution

The rush and tumult of events makes it hard, sometimes, to draw the most important general conclusions from their significance. This said, the revolutionary tidal wave, which began in Tunisia and Algeria, reached its crest in Egypt and is currently sweeping other countries such as Libya and Bahrain, offers a unique opportunity to watch how people can reshape history as they reconstruct their fates and futures.

M Rafic Soormally: Al Qaeda in North Africa Tied to...

Behind Al Qaeda in North Africa there are Sarkozy and Netanyahu, who is in control of the CIA embassy in Tunisia where the fake...

Tomgram: American Policy on the Brink

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently took a four-day tour of the Middle East, at each stop telling various allies and enemies, in classic...

Israel Strikes Back

Timing is everything when waging war “by way of deception,” the motto that has long guided Israeli war-planners. Whenever Israel’s geopolitical goals are threatened,...

Tunisia first victim of Israeli Public Relation Wikileaks?

Tunisia may be the first nation to be overthrown with Wikileaks playing an active part, this time in support of Israel, the CIA and a group claiming to be Al Qaeda.

28 Nations Helped US to Detain Suspects

Twenty-eight nations have cooperated with the U.S. to detain in their prisons, and sometimes to interrogate and torture, suspects arrested as part of the U.S. “War on Terror.” The complicit countries have kept suspects in prisons ranging from public interior ministry buildings to “safe house” villas in downtown urban areas to obscure prisons in forests to “black” sites to which the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) has been denied access.