Chumps R Us Club: Part II


by Preston James


Experts claim that Americans are being continually Chumped by the massive dissemination of Big Government Lies dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

But how can this be shown to be true?

How can we be certain that we are being chumped by the Powers That Be (PTB) who run the Secret Shadow Government (*SSG) and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM)?

All we have to do is take a quick inventory on the current situation Americans find themselves in and the continuing Big Lies that the CMMM keep parroting over the years as if they were undisputed, accepted truth.

To easily illustrate this and prove the point, the following questions must be asked and answered:

>Why do we allow ourselves to be treated as dumbed-down Chumps and believe the constant stream of Big Government Lies and false narratives that are constantly fed us through the CMMM when they can be easily shown to be blatantly false? Is this because we have a deep social and emotional needs to believe these Big Government Lies?

>Do we have a deep social and emotional need to view Big Government and the CMMM as a benevolent Parent Figure? Has this been conditioned by Hollywoodism and engineered societal expectations over the last 50 years through the CMMM?

>How can we show conclusively that everything the USG dispenses through the Major Mass Media is controlled lies and propaganda?

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>What will it take for the average American to wake up and snap out of the Mind-Kontrol perpetrated upon them by the CMMM?

>What will it take for Americans to completely withdraw consent from this Joint Crime Cabal (JCC) a cooperative union between the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS), that uses several select Top Policy-Makers to run everything inside America?

Are you one of those people that believes all those dispensed US Government (USG) narratives about anything and everything because you think the USG is here to help you and would never lie?

If you still believe Oswald was a lone nut Assassin that murdered JFK with the finest shooting ever done in history and think the Warren Commission is accurate, please stop reading this article right now and move along. Without realizing it you are a satisfied card-carrying member of the “Chumps R Us Club” and have a completely closed and cloned mind.

Here is a quick inventory of how we as Americans are all being Chumped by the Joint Crime Cabal (JCC) which masquerades as the visible USG but controls what Americans believe and think they know through their propaganda dispenser the CMMM.

The top 21 reason Most average Americans are Chumps and members of the “Chumps R Us” Club:

1. Fluoride in the public water, a known toxic byproduct of the aluminum, gypsum and uranium processing industries. Recent Harvard study has shown it to lower IQ in children significantly, an average of 8 or more IQ points. In addition Fluoride was added to the water in German Work Camps and Russian Gulags. It was found that is drastically reduced rebellious thinking and escape attempts. It is undoubtedly added to the public water systems as a means of Mind-Kontrol. But it is also a proven carcinogen in children raising rates of bone cancer significantly. It has a strange history and at one time was used as rat poison. Now it is allowed to be added to the public drinking water with no prescription or any real dose control or any FDA oversight, an obvious violation of Federal Law. Go figure that. It is very strange that the FDA ignores all this. Somebody at the FDA must have been greased or adversely influenced, it certainly seems.

2. Thimerisol (ethyl mercury) and toxic contaminants (like SV-40 Monkey Virus, a known cause of soft tissue cancers), and adjuvants in vaccines which have now been shown to lower IQ in children and cause autism spectrum disorders. This is unnecessary for any vaccine and should have been outlawed long ago by the FDA.

92680022_9072bfcfa9_t 3. American Pertussis Vaccine, part of the DPT. Long known that the kind given in America only can cause serious or deadly damage to any child’s brain. Should have been long ago outlawed by the FDA, as it has been in every other nation.

4. Massive deployment of over 44 vaccinations on the average to kids, when babies through school age. This is known to lower their IQ and cause numerous medical problems as they grow up due to the numerous unnecessary adjuvants and contaminants including squalene, aluminum, anti-freeze, and Thimerisol (breaks down into Ethyl Mercury, the most neuro-toxic substance known to man) and even more.

5. Monosodium Glutamate allowed by the FDA in numerous foods. This is a flavor enhancer which can make bad food seem okay but is a known toxin. Guess what top banking family is responsible for this.

6. Use of Aspartame, a known substantially toxic excitory neuro-toxin. Initially received very bad reports and was blocked by the FDA only to be allowed because of the major political power and connections of Donald Rumsfeld. In some sensitive individuals this has caused seizures and some very serious medical problems, some  believe it is carcinogenic too.

7. GMO Foods have been shown conclusively in recent Russian medical research to grow tumors in lab rats and and to be linked to numerous genetic changes and carcinogenic tumors in the animal consuming these gene spliced foods which make their own pesticide. Many foreign nations are rejecting these GMO foods grown in America, but the FDA sees no problem and Monsanto lobbies extensively to prevent adequate labeling laws to declare that GMOs are contained in food products or are GMO.

8. Massive prescribing of SSRIs and other antidepressants and even more seriously toxic neuroleptics in young children who have problems adjusting in school. Many of these issues are societally systemic and also caused by poor nutrition, too much sugar and soda pop and toxic chemical additives consumed in food. In the public schools, problems kids are labelled Hyperactive, dyslexic or autism spectrum and prescribed these dangerous mind-numbing drugs when most of their problems are either vaccine related or caused by family conflicts. This is a huge problem and numerous experts believe that this overuse of dangerous drugs is due to massive marketing and covert mind-kontrol of the prescribing physicians by Big Pharma and lack of adequate oversight by the FDA or various medical and Psychiatric Associations. SSRI’s have been associated with Spy-chiatrists and MK-Ultra style school shootings and anti-depressants and especially the neuroleptics and amphetamine type drugs so often prescribed to young children can have very damaging long term effects. Use of amphetamine type drugs can stunt the bone plate growth in children and cause the growth of extra dendrites in the brain. neuroleptics have been directly linked to the development ot tardive dyskenesis, a permanent very strange tremor.

9. Massive deployment of cell phones, cell phone towers and Wi-Fi with absolutely no adequate research on the psychotronic effects or carcinogenicity, and no protection of young children from their known toxic effects. The toxic effects are now recognized in some European nations who have instituted disability for the 3-6% who are ultra sensitive electro-smog and have set up special sanctuary neighborhoods with very low emf emissions and instituted very strict limits on EMF emissions in highly populated areas. It is now generally recognized that cell phone and Wi-Fi emissions can be carcinogenic and damage nervous systems. Denmark and one province in Canada have removed Wi-Fi from schools and substituted faster fiber optic which emit no harmful brain entraining or irradiating/heating emf. Do you notice ringing in your ears?

Do you have trouble getting a restful sleep at night? Do you notice yourself being overly irritable to other family members in the evening over petty matters? Are there days when you feel tired and have a hard time getting through the day? Are you having numerous “senior moments” where you have cognitive slippage and just cannot translate what you want to say into words or just cannot remember a word you often use, which is very uncharacteristic for you? If most of these apply to you at various times you are a victim of the ultra-high-tech psychotronic weapons that have been secretly deployed against many American urban dwellers in mass.

10. Massive deployment of of the now notorious Smart Meters to indicate electric usage in each home by the minute or less, using strong pulsed beam pulsed beam microwave transmissions which have been shown to be psychotronically toxic to many in European health studies. Denmark and one province in Canada now prohibits use of any Wi-Fi in public schools due to the known toxicity shown in medical experiments to between 3-6% of those exposed. In several countries in Europe Wi-Fi and cell phone tower emissions are closely regulated and limited to protect the populace from known psychotronic and carcinogenic effects.

chemtrail_plane11. Chemtrails, aka atmospheric aerosol spraying of highly toxic chemicals such as nano-particles of aluminum, barium, strontium, Hemophilus Influenzae, and numerous other toxins, delivered in our skies illegally by covert DOD contract airlines. This has been given numerous false cover stories to the pilots and employees who are involved such as this is protection against global warming which would raise the oceans. These cover stories are complete bunk, the actual top secret reasons are to create massive droughts and famine in targeted areas, poison the plant-life and crops, dispense magnetic-electrical tracer nano-particles to humans which can be flashed and allow travel-tracking.

Some insiders have reported that these chemicals are part of anew ultra-high tech radar system to track any ICBM, aircraft, or UFOs. Some experts have now had actual samples taken from these aircraft spectro-graphically analyzed, know the composition chemically and believe they are designed to poison humans and increase the rates of dementia and early Alzheimers type symptoms in even young folks.

And there is evidence to suggest these toxic chemicals harm plant-life and reduce crop yields. Some scientists are now convinced these aerosol toxins contain very strange nano-sized threads which are inhaled into humans and start growing in their central nervous system, perhaps an effort to psychotronically hive folks into a central quantum computer based “central hive.”

When-Did-Police-Become-This12. The Phony war on Drugs which was used to provide cover for the CIA trafficking of illegal drugs into American inner cities to raise massive funds for black ops all around the world. These CIA drug financed black ops are necessary to start new perpetual wars for war-profiteers and provide an excuse for the USG to build itself up into a strong Secret Police State needed to oppress the citizens and violate their Constitutional Rights.

Obviously this secret war on America’s urban dwellers is part of a NWO World Zionist effort to create massive chaos in American Cities and stress them to the breaking point which is close. Remember the the WZ’s favorite motto is “Order ab Chaos” or a New World Order can be created from the generation of massive chaos and destruction of the existing order.

13. The Militarization of the Police has transformed the average Police Officer who used to be dedicated to Protecting and Serving the Community, to now oppressing it, tyrannizing it, and treating it like there was a war between the police and the common Citizen. Police Officers have been transformed into agents of the State and a fighting machine deployed against the Citizenry on behalf of Homeland Security, an Israeli occupying force trained by the ADL and set up by Marcus Wolfe, former head of the East German Stasi. Thousands of police officers all over America are now being set up to be the new psychotronic robotized patsies used to perhaps set off a new Civil War inside America. Obviously the Intel folks controlling these pulsed beam radio emissions that entrain police and cause cause psychomotor seizures with extreme and inappropriate violence see these police as disposable chattel to sacrifice for their cause in their creation of a NWO Global Tyranny.

Here is an example of the new modal police mentality of a “militarized” police officer that serves the Joint Crime Cabal (JCC) rather than protecting and serving the taxpayers that pay his salary and benefits.(2) This cop appears unworthy to wear the badge and could perhaps be in the midst of a psychotronically induced psychomotor seizure, out of control and ready to kill over nothing. Certainly he should be arrested for felony Assault with a deadly weapon a charge which carries heavy prison time for a first offense.

If any citizen did such he/she would have been shot down from all sides. Why should Police Officers be allowed to commit major felonies on Camera with multiple witnesses? This Officer should have been immediately arrested by the other officer that witnessed this and then charged, suspended and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law with absolutely no mercy extended. Militarized Police have been trained by the ADL to treat All Americans as actual or potential domestic or lone-wolf terrorists, just the way the IDF treats Palestinians. One IDF sniper recently bragged he had thirteen kills of Palestinian Children in one day alone. Breaking news: this police officer has now been suspended for his threat to murder innocent protestors which was recorded by several professional photographers.

If a true Civil War does break out, these entrained attack dogs of DHS, that is the local police “thumpers” along with their mad dog entrained VIPR groups will become serious targets of a public that has finally had enough tyranny served up to them who will fight back with a vengeance as their wives and children are murdered in cold blood by these DHS psychotronic soulless zombies perverts and soon to be mass-murderers. You see, here is the thing these dumbed-down soulless thugs cannot understand, America is not Palestine. Americans are armed to the teeth and will never allow themselves to be mass-murdered like Palestinians. We will never allow DHS, the Israeli private occupying army inside America, an engineered clone of the IDF, a serious terrorist mass-murder group itself, to transform America into GAZA II. If these demonic perverts want a civil war and keep provoking it they will probably get far worse than they ever expected and may literally be signing their own death warrants when push comes to shove.

And be certain that provocation of these no-win conflicts is the specialty of the IZCS, the Dual Citizens, the NeoCons and the PNACers. They agitate both sides and work hard to destroy America by breeding chaos everywhere possible. And you can bet they worked hard to Mind-Kontrol both the victim and the police, playing both sides against each other. This is what they do and it is their specialty. But it can only work when the public is uninformed about this game. As more and more catch on, their tactics no longer work very well.

Now for the top secret part of this section. If you work for VIPR you have been profiled and preselected and have probably drank too much Koolaide to be able to process this, so please skip this part. American Police in most large urban areas in general work for the same folks that run the IDF, the Likudists. These are the folks that ran the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 and have hijacked almost all the training of the American Police. They have transformed the American Police into a hard core, zero tolerance Israel anti-terrorist force, and this is ALL based on Big Government Lies. Professor Jim Fetzer has reported numerous times that a recent Fusion Center Study across the whole USA showed no acts of terror inside America since 9/11/01, only absurd attempts by the FBI to entrap mentally deficient, mentally ill, or seriously retarded Patsies.

All Terrorism is synthetically created by the World Zionists in the City of London, Tel Aviv and DC, using American taxpayer assets and the Controlled Major Mass Media. It is all a Big Government Lie designed to Mind-Kontrol the American People and the American Police. Until the “Son of the Devil” is either arrested or deported forever and stripped of his citizenship and all AIPAC members and the like that pull the strings of DHS, there is little chance that a Top Secret Agenda to Mind-Kontrol the Americans and especially their Police with this Terrorism Big Lie can be stopped cold. Now here is the difficult part. The Plan is to  set up American police to war with “We the People”, thus destroying both in the process.

There is a top secret program to transform some key VIPR squads members into Mind-Kontrolled sleeper assassins which can be activated to take out key politicians they will be assigned to protect when the SHTF. Most of these folks cannot be reached and are too far gone. They will also be used to take out key Police and police officials who wake up and become obstructions to their plans. There is also a secret plan to bring in sheep-dipped, hardcore mercenaries as UN Troops on various training missions which will coincide with incidents leading to a SHTF situation which triggers a meltdown in various large urban cities and then spreads into a generalized American Civil War.

The Israeli “anti-terror” plan is to make sure all American police are liquidated soon after the SHTF and as many armed Americans who resist as possible. Remember this, almost every American Police Officer in any large police Department has been secretly transformed into an Israel trained, Israeli operated anti-terror nutcase who cannot understand that he has been seriously Mind-Kontrolled and infected with this Babylonian Talmudic virus of hate and destruction which has a main goal of mass-murdering all American Goyim just like these same Bolshevik families did to 100 Millions Russians as a byproduct of the Russian Revolution.

If you want to understand the new mindset that American people are being conditioned by Tel Aviv authorities to have, consider what the Red Cheka squad did to the Russian Czar and his family in 1917. They were murdered in cold blood with no mercy and their young children bayoneted to death. These same brutal, inhuman, soulless Bolshevik Families from Khazaria stole all the massive Russian wealth and all the Czar’s family jewels and gold. This should all be clawed back like the Internment Camp survivors that repeated sued Germans and also Swiss Bankers to get back the money and art work that was stolen by Nazis at the direction of the City of London World Zionists (WZs). What’s good for the goose is good for the gander so they say.

Remember this, the whole new American Police Agenda is driven by a very Big Government lie, Terrorism which only exists synthetically, created to Mind-Kontrol the American Police, and “We the People.” And all American Police should know this Anti-Terror program that has been used to robotize and militarize every major Police Department is designed in the end to destroy as in mass-murder all American Police, that is mass-murder them to as disposal pawns on the chessboard of the NWO Luciferians along with up to 90% of all American Citizens.

And you Police Officers who read this, please wake up and understand that although your new power, high opowered weapon system (“special toys” for big boys) and esprit ‘d corps based on this phony War on Terror is a self-impressive, fun power trip and quite invigorating right now, remember you are secretly in the sights of the folks who run this Anti-Terror plan out of Tel Aviv and AIPAC type Israeli espionage fronts inside America. This Phony War on Terror which was carefully and synthetically engineered by WZs is one of the greatest Mind-Kontrol scams ever perpetrated and is designed in the end to cause the mass-murder of most Americans, including the American police and the VIPR dupes conned by it.He who has ears, let him hear and he who has sight, let him see.

14. So-called Free Trade Agreements (NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, WTO, NAU, and now the upcoming TPP). As Ross Perot predicted this would be a “Big Sucking Sound” that would export most heavy industry and manufacturing out of America, thus eliminating most related future American jobs. He has been proved correct in this prediction and the Free Trade Agreements (Treaties) are now reducing America to a third world nation very rapidly. This has been a City of London World Zionist ploy to destroy America and unless stopped soon, there will be no more America, but it will become Balkanized into different regions and annexed by other nations such as China, Japan, Mexico, Canada and Europe. Numerous “sold-out” mayors and City councils are now selling roads, city buildings and water plants to private offshore investors from China, Malaysia and Europe which should be completely illegal.

banksters-300x20715. The Federal Reserve System, neither a monetary reserve or a bank, but merely a crooked Unconstitutional debt-making system and a franchisee of the City of London Rothschild Zionist private central Banksters. It’s main job is to provide a limitless checkbook for Congress as an infinitely elastic “Money supply”with no limits to the USG, so Congress can fund special interest groups and foreign espionage groups and then get huge kickbacks, perks and retirement packages and fat foreign bank accounts. Of course even though these FIAT Debt-Notes are not real money, the “Fed” requires that the principal be paid back with interest anyhow on this “Money for Nothing”.

No greater slight of hand financial fraud has ever been perpetrated on Americans and they have been dumbed-down and Mind-Kontrolled by the CMMM to just accept this fraud as normal and expected. The illegal passage of the Federal Reserve System Act in 1913 right before Christmas with no quorum was a successful major Coup d’ etat against America by the City of London World Zionist private Central Banksters and America has been their captive nation ever since.

This is the head of the World Zionist Monster that has hijacked America and has been asset stripping hard earned American property and wealth ever since. Their goal? The complete destruction of America and the eventually mass-murder of most Americans. Why because these are the same families who ran the Bolshevik revolution in Russian in 1917 after murdering the Czar and his family (children included) in cold blood. The Federal Reserve System is nothing but the tip of the spear for the Neo-Bolshevik invasion of America on behalf of the City of London Rothschild Zionist private Central Banksters. Insiders refer to these Neo-Bolshevik mass-murderers and war profiteers as pure parasites on mankind and destroyers of every society they infest.

High_Treason16. Presence of numerous Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens and their Zionist espionage groups such as AIPAC and the like which have bought and now own and control (one way or another including use of sophisticated honey traps and pedophile blackmail ops) almost every single member of Congress. No other foreign based group has ever been allowed to operate with no correction, free to enact high level anti-American Espionage inside America. This of course is High Treason which is a Capital Offense punishable by hanging on a Military Gallows like the assassins of President Abraham Lincoln.

Why are these agents of foreign espionage against America allowed to operate at will inside America? The answer is because they are the stepchild of the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System which directly or indirectly provide the tremendous, unrestricted “Money-Power” that  allows AIPAC and the like to buy, bribe, blackmail and control (as necessary) almost every member of the US Congress.

These Dual Citizen espionage crimes against America are perhaps the main thing wrong with America right now and the main source of the massive corruption which is endemic at every level of Government inside America down to the Cities and even most incorporated villages.

Certainly the Federal Reserve System and the whole Dual Citizen crime complex (best referred to as the International Zionist Crime Syndicate ICS), are part of a very large RICO crime syndicate which the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) is also a well known integral part of.

Together these two large crime groups the IZCS and the BCC are best referred to as the Joint Crime Cabal (JCC).

17. The CIA is a known RICO crime enterprise on behalf of large Wall Street Banks and the Private Federal Reserve. It was started by the OSS men after WW2 in response to the crashed UFO’s and was pretty much run by the Gehlen/Muehler organization brought over from Nazi Germany under Operation Paperclip. Intel insiders refer to this group which is behind this current CIA infiltration as the Fourth Reich or the DVD. George Bush1 (aka Scherf) has been considered to be their man inside the USG Secret Shadow Government (SSG), following in his father Prescott Sherfs footsteps on behalf of the “World Moneychangers” aka the City of London Banksters.

The CIA specializes in defrauding Americans of large amounts of their money through massive drug trafficking and distribution into America for black ops. the CIA is responsible for working closely with Israel to provoke numerous perpetual wars necessary for the secret Shadow Government (SSG) to be able to maintain their making of massive war profits.

In addition the CIA specializes in brutal inhuman Mind-Kontrol experiments based on Nazi technology provided by Joseph Mengele. These horrific and brutal CIA Mind-Kontrol operations are still deployed today all over America and the world and constitute some of the greatest crimes against humanity in history.

Do you think it was a coincidence that the CIA has been directly linked to the rapes, torture and murder of the men and women prisoners at Abu Ghraib and the torture and murder at the still-used secret black foreign prisons and prison ships?

nuclear_power_1018. Ronald Reagan was the last duly elected President and all others since and every piece of Legislation signed into law by Congress and these illegitimate President since are completely NULL and VOID.(1)

19. The continued complete abandonment of the US Constitution ad Bill of Rights by the US Congress, Judiciary and the Administration. It is actually quite amazing how creatively our crooked politicians and judiciary argue around the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. They pervert the simple language and meaning of the Constitution and add new strange nonsensical interpretations which justify their criminal actions. As George Bush2 once said, the Constitution is just a GD piece of paper. And that is the way most of our crooked Politicians and USG officials regard it as and operate accordingly.

20. The Creation and deployment of Homeland Security (DHS). The cover story for this was that the 9/11/01 attack on America was known in advance by some Intel agencies inside America but because they had no formal information sharing arrangements nothing was done to stop it. It was argued publicly that the creation of DHS would consolidate all American Intel, Alphabets and Police function under one master control making sure that this never happened again.

This was one of the biggest lies ever told by American officials and the real reason was that those WZ leaders responsible for the 9/1/01 attack on America (using Israeli Mossad, NeoCons, PNACers, Israeli-American Israeli-first “Dual Citizens”, Traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA) blackmailed Bush2 into cooperating, telling him that his father sold the reprocessed, decommissions w-54 nuclear Pitt based nukes used in the Twin Towers and if he didn’t promote DHS and make sure they got it, they would use their Samson Option once again in America.(3)

6corps21. The biggest abuse of Americans ever devised is comprised of six international Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) News Corporations which are owned and controlled by World Zionist entities to deploy manufactured, notably false, controlled news to gullible Americans which is best described as USG propaganda.

Thus it is realistic and accurate to describe and label these six corporations which work together in lock step to dispense pre-arranged, SSG vetted stories in unison as the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM). Here are some prime examples of the Big Lies the CMMM has been parrotting to “We the People” for many years even though it has been shown conclusively that they are completely false and designed to protect the Joint Crime cabal which rules America on behalf of the SSG and the Rothschild private Zionist City of London Banksters.

The CMMM has worked hard to suppress truth and substitute a continuing parroted and re-parroted cycle of numerous “pack of lies” cover stories to keep the real truth perpetually buried on major USG crimes against “We the People.” In the process the CMMM has actually socially constructed a completely false reality that most Americans live in. It is a very strange system where Americans tend to view the USG as their good “super parent” or even as their God and main provider. This has always been the goal of Bolshevism and neo-Bolshevism and was quite successful until economic realities crumbled the pack of lies that sustained the Soviet Union and eroded the power of Bolshevism. The same process is now at play inside America.

The central control of the USG is now being eroded daily as their system of Neo-Bolshevik lies is daily being eroded by grim financial realities produced by the Luciferian NWO/WZ regime in power now in America due to so-call “Free-Trade” and an out of control Congress who uses the Federal Reserve System’s bottomless checkbook with no restraints. Of course the private Central Banksters of the Federal Reserve System and their overlords the City of London private Rothschild Zionist Banksters, expect the children and grandchildren of  Americans to pay every single penny of this borrowed phony FIAT debt-note “funny money” back to them with interest.

Here are the BIG Lie Stories the CMMM has kept churning out like the little Zionist puppets they are. Yes, the CMMM is owned and controlled by World Zionist connected and financed entities which represent the City of London Banksters in lockstep.

These CMMM dispensed narratives are so easily debunked and so notably false, their continued dissemination and rote acceptance by the talking heads that dispense them is nothing short of what is best described as the “King’s new Clothes” parable and truly the behavior of soulless presstitutes.

a. The JFK Assassination–“Oswald was a Lone Nut Assassin that did it and there was no conspiracy of any kind at all.” This big lie has been completely exposed by many fine researchers. But Professor Jim Fetzer and his various teams of top experts in many fields have completely shredded the Warren Commission which is the Official USG JFK Assassination coverup. They have shown that Oswald was in the doorway of the School Book Depository when the volley of shots was fired at JFK. They have shown beyond any reasonable doubt that the Zapruder film was spliced and highly faked and have exposed how the JFK Assassination was done, by whom and how. It is now known beyond any reasonable doubt that it was ordered by the LBJ, Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, George Bush1 (Scherf) and the JCS on behalf of the World Zionist City of London Rothschild Private Central Banksters, the US Military and Defense Contractors, the Oil Companies, the CIA and the Mafia using the CIA’s Op40 which was run out of Room 40 at Langley. Read and study all the great research done by Professor Fetzer and his teams of experts if you want to know all the details. You can find it on or on or all over the Internet.

Professor Fetzer has published three major research books which fully expose this Big Government Lie (Assassination Science, Murder in Dealey Plaza, and the Great Zapruder Film Hoax). If you gain understanding of the USG’s assassination of JFK and coverup which is still onging to this very day, you will then understand a great deal of how the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) works to manipulate politics and controls the news behind the scenes.

b. Sirhan Sirhan was a lone-nut assassin of RFK that did it and there was no conspiracy of any kind at all. Again, all just another Big USG Lie. Sirhan Sirhan was an MK-Ultra Mind-Kontrolled patsy run by the CIA and did not fire the killing shot that hit RFK. In fact 13 or more shots were fired and his Iver Johnson gun only held eight. the Hotel where the assassination occurred was a mob owned hotel and the security guard Caesar also had an Iver Johnson .22 revolver just like Sirhan. The killing shot was fired so close powder burns appeared on the skin near the entry point making it impossible for Sirhan Sirhan to have fired the shot. There were numerous CIA hit men photographed in the crowd before the shooting who were there to watch the fireworks and some of them were also present in Dealey Plaza. The LAPD Officers who ran the so-called investigation were CIA assets and suppressed and destroyed a great deal of evidence proving that it was a CIA conspiracy using Op40 once again. Can you say El Indio or David Morales?

c. James Earl Ray was a lone-nut assassin of Martin Luther King that did it by himself and there was no conspiracy of any kind at all. Attorney William Pepper has thoroughly solved this case after many years of legal efforts. It is now provable that James Earl Ray did not fire a shot and was another man set up to be a “Lone Nut Patsy” like Lee Oswald. Read Attorney Pepper’s book if you want the truth which the USG is still fully denying to this day. A CIA Mafia shooter who was a policeman fired the shots, but a special US Army sniper squad was on a roof close-by laying prone and providing serious backup, ready to finish the job if necessary.  All serious police protection had been withdrawn. Dr. King was assassinated because the SSG felt that he was becoming far too powerful, was too non-violent to be discredited and had turned against the Vietnam War and started speaking out about it. His emerging power alone could have stopped the war and the SSG knew it. And the SSG needs big perpetual wars for  large war profits for their Wall Street buddies and large Defense Contractors.

d. Timothy McVeigh was the lone-nut bomber that blew up the Murrah Building on behalf of the American Militias. We now know this is another Big Government Lie because we now know for sure that the Israeli Mossad and Dual Citizens blew up the Murrah Building using a specially prepared and reconditioned W-54 nuclear Pitt acquired from Bush1 as part of a load of 350 decommissioned nuclear pitts taken out the back door at Pentex. McVeigh’s execution was phony. He was a US Army special forces soldier who was deployed to run this op which was a False-Flag on the newly emerging American Militias.

This deep cover covert operation was set up by the CIA as a BATF “Sting Gone bad” much like the first NYC Twin Trade Towers basement bombing.  That morning bomb squads had been deployed outside Murrah at 7 am but left. A tracker had been set up on McVeigh’s rented Ryder truck which had the “patsy homemade bomb” inside.

McVeigh’s partner turned off the tracking device which prevented the truck from being stopped by the BATF and this same man (Pedilla) pulled off McVeigh’s license plate so that he could be easily arrested. Want to know more? Then check out Hoppy Heidelberg’s youtube video and Stew Webb’s recent VT series on the Murrah Bombing, a US Intel deep cover op. Can you say Pedilla and Straussmeier?

e. The Blind Sheik  was a lone nut who planned and deployed the first NYC Trade Center Towers all by himself. This is another Big Government Lie. It is now known that the Sheik was set up and entrapped and was coerced to use real explosives when he wanted to use fake ones. The CIA placed a 55 gallon drum of cyanide next to the explosives in an experiment to see what cyanide would do to innocent civilians when detonated in such a manner. The CIA tunneled under the street and stole this cyanide from Louis Champon’s Natural Cherry Flavoring in Boca Raton, Florida and then tried to frame him up for it.

bholesf. The Branch Davidians were a crazy “Bible-nuts” pedophile sex cult run by David Koresh who was building illegal fully automatic machine guns, was sexually abusing little children, they all deserved to be “burned to death” at Waco, Texas by the US Army and their force of tanks in order to stop Koresh’s sexual abuse of these children, after he and his men attacked the BATF that came to serve a warrant for illegal machine guns.

This (as all of the above) is another monstrous USG Big Lie. It is now easily provable that Koresh did not shoot first, did not sexually abuse children and could have easily been arrested when he went to town every morning to eat breakfast and that he and his folks had committed NO crimes at all but fired second in self defense after the BATF gunmen shot some Davidians first.

There were no machine guns there, nor any illegal weapons. The Davidians had collected Intel about top secret American CIA drug trafficking run out of an airport close by and were planning on going public. And the Davidians had been located in Israel for a short time and flew the Star of David Israeli Flag which angered the Israeli Dual Citizens in the State department who wanted them mass-murdered for that alone as a big fiery human sacrifice (they love the word “Holocaust” which means “Fiery sacrifice” in Old English). During the siege loud music was used to cover the noise of a small tunnel drilling machine activated from a rear out building which was used to bore a tunnel inside the Church.

On the last day as the tanks started the fires and spread the highly toxic gas, a team of twelve special black ops went inside through the tunnel and killed as many as they could find, injecting children to bring what they described as a “quick humane death”, and shooting adults they could find. This team could not get to the kids and women who had gone into the buried bus, and these Davidians all died of cyanide poisoning because the gas used was designed to turn to cyanide in fire. Some Davidians were allowed to exit the fire to be tried for murder, albeit unsuccessfully.

The four BATF who were shot and killed when the shooting started were not shot by Davidians at all but were all shot through the top of the skull exiting the lower jaw by an FBI-HRT sniper in a black helicopter overhead rumored by insiders to have been the same FBI-HRT sniper or team that did the dirty work at Ruby Ridge and shot their own man as a false flag to start off the seize there too. These dead BATF men had served on President Clinton’s Security detail and knew too much and it was decided they would be sacrificed for the good of the operation.

Afterwards, the special ops were taken to a nearby motel and their heads were hooked up to the electronic suitcase and they were given special IVs containing a mixture of hypnotics of scopolomine, placidyl type compounds designed to erase their memories. Later these men started remembering and were so upset at what had happened and what they had done they collectively contacted DC Attorney Paul Wilshire and asked him to represent them to top Congressional Leaders.

They wanted to do public in exchange for immunity, so they collectively approached and hired DC Attorney Paul Wilshire who assembled a 110 page legal brief which he took personally delivered to Attorney General Janet Reno. She promised everything but did nothing but informed those who ran the op and Paul Wilshire was assassinated in his own apartment to be later found by Sarah McLendon. The first 101 pages of this legal brief are available on the Internet for those who want to know. But fake ones have been tossed out there too to muddy up the waters. The last nine pages were redacted by the original leaker to protect the identities of the ops and their families.(4)

It is now easily provable that the multiple attacks on the Davidians were all illegal, Unconstitutional acts of tyranny, assault, mass-murder and hundreds of USG officials and agents should have been indicted, tried and convicted and given long prison sentences or been executed for these horrendous crimes best described as the first stage of Americans being transformed into Palestinians and mass-murdered by an Israeli occupying force which has now morphed into DHS. What few realize is that the individual that wanted the final murderous assault, a burn job done by tanks, was a lady who still has big Political aspirations. Her determined push for the tank destruction of the walls, and the insertion of fire from flame throwers on the tanks “to burn ’em all” as she demanded as revenge was gladly enacted by a top US Army General who ran a base close by and who now pretends to be a good guy today but is a hard core mass-murderer of children. Can you guess his name? Dig a little and you will know the full story on this.

The Flir heat sensitive video taken from overhead clearly showed FBI HRT teams to be filled with lying mass-murders and the company responsible for the video processing was allegedly so upset they refused to cover up this blatant FBI evil. Has the FBI changed at all since Waco or Ruby Ridge? Highly doubtful. They are now completely infiltrated and run by the Deseret Mafia just like the NSA but the Dual Citizens still pull their strings much of the time. Expect no mercy as anyone who deals with the FBI will get None.

2g. The attacks on America at NYC and the Pentagon were run by 19 Arab Terrorists from Afghanistan who were run and deployed by Osama Bin Laden from a cave in Afghanistan using a cell phone. This is an easily provable Big Government Lie that has been completely shredded by numerous groundbreaking articles on VT. Professor Jim Fetzer and his research teams of many experts have shredded the USG lies about this from every possible direction you can imagine and has shown that 9/11 was a nuclear event. He has written many groundbreaking articles with associates, this one is an early good example.(5)

And VT’s Senior Editor Gordon Duff has shown conclusively that the 9/99/01 attack on the Twin Towers was a nuclear attack on America by Israeli assets and even revealed where the devices came from and how they wee prepared.(6)

h. Senator Paul Wellstone died needlessly in an air crash in bad weather because of an inexperienced, negligent sloppy pilot. This is another monstrous Big Government Lie. Prof. Jim Fetzer and his teams have shown conclusively that Senator Wellstone was murdered by a ground based high tech attack on the aircraft which had been sprayed with thermite to make sure it completely burned up all evidence. There was no pilot error and the Pilot Dick Conry was very experienced, known to be an obsessive compulsive type that was exceedingly careful about his flying. Interestingly, Dick Cheney aka “Darth Vader” had delivered a serious threat to Senator Wellstone that he better back the new Mideast War or he would suffer grave consequences. Murdering a sitting US Senator and his family is a pretty serious consequence, wouldn’t you say?

Bombcari. The Boston Marathon Bombing was done by immigrant Muslim terrorists, the Tsarnovs and the injuries were horrific, involving legs blown off. This is another monstrous USG Big Lie. The Boston marathon Bombing was a phony which used black powder puffer charges and professional crisis actors, at least one which has a previously missing limb. Stage props were used and fake blood too and all this has been caught on video taken by local retail stores outside HD security cameras.

No one was injured, wounded or killed and no legs were blown off. The main patsy however was murdered by the FBI in cold blood and so far this hard core FBI murderer is walking around free, ready to kill again. And the second patsy has alleged to have been been stabbed in the neck by another criminal FBI so he couldn’t talk. Numerous Intel insiders believe that this whole operation was an Israeli asset designed op designed to scare the public into giving DHS more extensive and Draconian police powers.

Official-crime-scene-photo-of-windowj. There were 21 deaths at the Sandy Hook school shooting which was caused by it being too easy for an unbalanced young man to obtain and use an assault rifle. This is a huge and easily exposed Big Government Lie. The Sandy Hook School was closed down over four years ago for a serious asbestos contamination problem. This can be easily proved, but one piece of evidence is that the Internet was disconnected at that time and remained disconnected.

We now have an admission from a US Department of Education official who say that this was merely a drill with no dead kids, designed to help the USG disarm the public. And there is so much evidence that there were no dead kids at all, no dead teachers, no dead Lanzas and no real Lanzas either that it is mind boggling.

This group of phony parents, consummate liars and actors, defrauded a gullible public of over 27 million USD, which is major RICO Fraud. Do not be surprised when class action lawsuits are filed to recover this money under RICO. Remember fraud has no statute of limitations so eventually these lying scum will pay the piper one way or another.

This attack on truth in America has been a multi-modal attack on many fronts using numerous USG agencies but the Controlled major mass media (CMMM) has been the main mode of Mind-kontrol of the masses because it continually dispenses massive Big Government Lies as truth.

imagesCould it be that the Joint Crime Cabal (JCC) has been hitting us on every front and the volume of such attacks on “We the People” is so great that most are so disoriented that they just cannot get a fix on anything. Yes, this is best described as a very scientifically engineered full spectrum attack at almost every available vector against “We the People.”

With such a broad-based attack at every vector most folks find themselves confused, discordant and in a state of alienation and cognitive dissonance. This state of mind typically causes folks to go away and remain in quiet desperation and a state of anomie, a state of being where folks find themselves having no normative structure to provide expectations with which to deal with such a complex disheartening situation they find themselves in.

There is hope that the truth will prevail and will become forced into the Major Mass Media at some point.

Numerous media experts now view the worldwide Internet as the New Gutenberg Press and believe it is a major earth shattering milestone in spreading truth at the speed of light all over the world in spite of all the CMMM dispensed USG lies. The Alternative Media published and broadcast on the Worldwide Internet constitutes a monumental change in the dissemination of information and truth. truth tends to resonate with folks and then spreads like wildfire, whereas USG dispensed lies are soon found out and picked apart because so many millions all over the world are scrutinizing them as never before.

The Fetzer worldwide Open System for group research and publication using the worldwide Internet has caught on and is setting a new standard for investigative journalism using the Internet and its Alternative Media.

fames-fetzer-press-tv-headerProfessor Jim Fetzer has actually been responsible for starting this major new worldwide pastime sport of debunking official USG lies.

When private debunking of the official USG lies began, it was initially done by individual researchers such as Professor Jim Fetzer. He is a seasoned Academic Philospher, a full Professor (now Emeritus)and has specialized in Philosophy, Logic, and the Scientific Method. Professor Fetzer was one of the first very well trained valid “non-stooge” researchers to publish his findings on the worldwide Internet using an “open system” model on continual updating as new information and facts appeared.

Professor Fetzer’s first efforts were “lone-wolf” ventures which quickly gained numerous sock-puppet attackers, most of which were USG or American Intel misinformation artists sent to obstruct his discovery and publication of truth which exposed Big USG lies. Prof. Fetzer worked very hard to counteract these psyops, but soon realized that he had to consult with the very top experts in the areas of the research he was being attacked in. Soon he realized that to cover all his bases he had to assemble research teams comprised of top experts in numerous different areas of forensics, pathology, X-ray, medicine, photography, etc., which he did.

In the process of assembling teams, his research and publishing system became open to input from anyone at any age that discovered facts which could be shown to be valid. Because Prof. Fetzer realized that he was not an expert in all the important areas related to the JFK Assassination that needed serious attention from highly qualified scientists, he brought such folks into his investigation and created sophisticated teams of top experts.

k10683185The result of this group, open system effort has been the authoring and publishing of three monumental, groundbreaking scientific books on the JFK Assassination, each based on a group research of a team of top world experts in numerous areas. These three books have literally shredded the Big Government lies related to the JFK Assassination such as the completely bogus “King’s New Clothes” position of the Warren Commission, so full of holes and obvious falsities it is regarded as a bad political joke and major example of typical Big Government Lies.

This open system of research and publishing which is now the standard operating procedure used by Professor Fetzer is constantly expanding and new teams are being formed all the time and reflected in Professor Fetzer’s numerous excellent articles now published on VT and all over the Internet including So far he has shredded the following USG crimes and coverups: The JFK Assassination; The RFK Assassination; The Senator Wellstone Assassination; The inside-job, Gladio-style False-Flag 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America at NYC and the Pentagon; The fake Boston Bombing; and the Sandy Hook Hoax.

This Fetzer open system of research and publishing using the worldwide Internet and accepting and using all new evidence that can be well substantiated is now becoming the norm all over the world. He has truly started a new pastime sport of folks ganging up on the USG shills, apologists, liars and sock-puppets. The result of Professor Fetzer’s efforts have created a worldwide new social pastime, hobby or avocation for many, including active and retired top scientists in many fields. Every time the USG dispenses another Big USG Lie through their CMMM, millions of arm chair Internet researchers all over the world scrutinize every possible bit of evidence and eventually make astounding discoveries that fully expose these Big USG Lies. Literally millions of private researchers attack these USG criminal conspiracies and coverups and expose the Big Government Lies behind them.

And the amount of good information that folks now have immediate access to through the worldwide Internet is astounding. So now we have millions of researchers all working on exposing these Big USG Lies and any other Big Lies from any other Government about their major crimes and coverups. And when shills, sock-puppets and USG goons play their hands, they are quickly exposed and ganged up in amazing ratios of 100 to 1 or greater.

The lone wolf researcher situation used to exist where the single individual was ganged up maybe 100 to 1 by these USG shills, sock-puppets and goons, but now its the other way around. Yes, the tables have turned. Thanks to the Internet these shills, sock-puppets and USG goons are being chewed up and spit out for dinner and these Big Government Lies just cannot hold up to such worldwide detailed scrutiny by so many private researchers. This is open source Intel in its purest form.

Coffin nails for the Joint Crime cabal (JCC)?

Obviously it is easy to see that the worldwide Internet is the new Gutenberg Press and is responsible for an emergence of Worldwide POPULISM. This newly emerging Worldwide Populism is coffin nails to the World Zionists of the City of London Financial District and the Joint Crime Cabal (JCC) that runs America and much of the free world through the Rothschild Zionist private Central Banking of the City of London.



*The Secret Shadow Government. Best analysis of these private defense contractors and private systems regarded as the real or “invisible” USG has been assembled by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.(7)









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