Ending the Continuing Stream of America’s Secret Shadow Govt Psyops


by  Preston James


Want to know why everything in America seems to have become so dysfunctional? Why we have few decent political candidates and why all the electronic voting is manipulated? Why nothing ever seems to get resolved by our Politicians. Why America, formerly the wealthiest most prosperous nation in the world, has been progressively asset stripped and seen its standard of living continually reduced, with Labor Unions and the Middle Class shrinking by the day?

Why most American heavy industry and  manufacturing has been exported and there are few new good paying jobs available while the large multi-national Corporate Profits are at an all time high? And why America keeps entering into perpetual, un-winnable foreign wars that are illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared and exceedingly indecent and inhumane? Wars which only help the Defense Contractors, Banksters and Politicians share Big Profits gained illegally from the American Taxpayers and borrowed against their Children’s futures?

Malcom-X-Quote-oppressed-peopleThere has been a continuing stream of Psyops deployed against the American People by the Hidden, True Leaders of America ever since their Covert Takeover in 1913.

These Psyops have been used to manipulate the American Masses to support crazy, destructive USG Policies and legislation which directly harms America by undermining America as a Constitutional Republic and diminishing the quality and standard of living for “We the People.”

It is time to fully identify and expose this Hidden Entity and the actual Perps responsible for these Psyops and bring their Continuing Stream of Psyops against the American People to a complete end.

Psyop: A Military/Intel Psychological Operation covertly deployed against an enemy, designed to stimulate and manipulate the group mind of that targeted population in a desired direction, in order to motivate them to allow or demand changes in their society that they would never otherwise accept or desire, such as supporting or demanding a new foreign war that is actually illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked or undeclared. It is paramount that Psyops be conducted in absolute secrecy in order to be effective because deception is required for maximum effectiveness. Control over all of the Major Mass Media is a minimal requirement for any large Psyop to be effective in manipulating the group mind of a nation or any subculture that is targeted.

Psyops are always based on any of a range of one or more of the following: exaggerations, limited hangout positions that deliver a bad payload, Gladio-style inside-job False-Flag attacks, outright bald-faced lies, deception, blown cover as new cover, staged purposeful limited hangout “Intel leaks” and a wide range of twisted, misleading narratives that cannot withstand deep analysis for truthfulness. These are always communicated to the public one way or another, either directly through the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) or indirectly by word of mouth to public officials, elected officials or spokespersons who diffuse the Psyop.

Once a Psyop’s cover is blown and dissected among a large segment of the public whether by word of mouth or alternative media, the ability to deploy successful Psyops can be easily be damaged forever, thereby  making it increasingly difficult or impossible for any future Psyops to be deployed successfully. All wars have always technically been Mindwars to a certain degree. Their outcomes have been at least partly determined by the overall effectiveness of the Psychological Operations deployed against the Group Mind of the enemy soldiers and masses behind them who support and sustain them.

Current and Future wars are even more dependent on large and powerfully convincing Psyops than ever before because of the great speed of information diffusion via the worldwide Internet and the increasing political sophistication of many Internet users. They are also much more difficult because once the methodology used becomes known to the public at large cover is thus blown and such operations can collapse almost instantly.

Exposure of Psyops is a necessity for the survival and future prosperity and reconstruction of America.

If America is to survive as a nation this Entity and their Psyops must be fully exposed and dis-empowered. Yes, the Entity responsible for this continual stream of deployed Psyops must be completely exposed and dis-empowered. If the American Masses gain a general understanding of what Psyops are, and how they are deployed as Gladio-style, Inside-job False-Flag attacks or part of a sophisticated coverups of USG Political Assassinations or other Illegal Intel operations inside America such as Iran-Contra/Mena Arkansas Drugs-in/arms-out or the S&L Bustouts, or Enron, etc., this can serve as a firewall to the future successful deployment of additional Psyops. So far the biggest breech of official USG Military Psyops was the declassification of Operation Northwoods which was blocked by JFK. http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/northwoods.html

This means in practical terms that those individuals responsible must be identified, indicted and fully prosecuted.

If these Perps are serving as agents of espionage for a foreign based entity (which many are), they must be Fully Prosecuted for Treason and in many cases Sedition also, if they are Dual or Triple Citizens. Note: these crimes of Treason and Sedition, as well as foreign based Espionage against America are Capital crimes, meaning that the Perps can be executed upon conviction.

This powerful Secret Entity which has been creating and dispensing this continual stream of Psyops upon “We the People” since 1913 is known by insiders as the Secret Shadow Government (SSG). The SSG is also known as the “Invisible USG” that controls “Visible USG” which is mostly ceremonial.

This entity, the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is comprised of super-elite deviants who view themselves as “above the law” in every way imaginable. And they are evil beyond imagination. When their true acts of cruelty and torture become fully exposed (and they will) most members of the public will reel in shock, some will develop symptoms of PTSD. Here is the best description of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) as it exists today in its derivative form after numerous expansions during and after each major American War.(1)

1913 was a very bad year for America because America was betrayed by President Woodrow Wilson and most of Congress who were bribed by the Rothschild Banksters from the City of London.

This is the kind of political cartoon that was published in major city newspapers before the Federal Reserve Act was illegally and Unconstitutionally passed without a Quorum right before Christmas in 1913. Despite all the publicity and political cartoons against the passing of this Act, the Banksters were able to pay huge bribes to enough Members of Congress to get their FIAT fake money debt-note system installed inside America. This sort of honest political cartoon has not allowed in any mainstream news publication soon after the Rothschild City of London Banksters hijacked America and put their phony FIAT pretend money (debt-note) system in place of real Constitutional Currency. this has been the greatest financial fraud in history and the Federal Income Tax scam/fraud is its derivative scheme to asset strip as much wealth from dumbed-down Americans as possible.

The SSG took over in 1913 when the City of London Rothschild private Central Banksters bribed weak, traitorous US Congressmen to pass the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act, which allowed a private group of Banksters run by the Rothschild System to systematically steal all American Gold and print worthless FIAT debt-notes claimed to be real money.

The only reason these were accepted by the public was that Federal Laws were passed requiring them to be accepted as real money. Once this illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System was in place the Banksters just kept distributing large sums of money, positions and perks to susceptible individuals with weak characters, in order to gain and maintain complete control over the Visible USG, and almost every single part of the Major Mass Media.

Once in control the SSG was able to consolidate the major Mass Media into a Psychological operations unit able to deploy their Psyops and coverups to the American Masses at will. If any heroes cropped up special ops were deployed to neutralize them one way or another.

If they couldn’t be bought off, they were threatened and/or harassed or blackmailed. If that didn’t work they were then murdered at the behest of the top Policy-Makers, a group of several men at the top of the SSG. You can easily figure out who these Eastern Establishment types are. The  top several ones are very old and close to death, and could pass away at any time. When each one dies, there will be a massive scramble by subordinates to grasp power. This itself is very destabilizing and will place their whole system in jeopardy.

Major Financial Fraud has been used used to gain and maintain control over the American Monetary Production and Distribution System.

By its own admission the Federal Reserve System has no USG oversight or any accountability to “We the People” which is a stark declaration of its Unconstitutionality and illegality.

[youtube CM2vMHx46ww]

[youtube q6vi528gseA]

It was this acquisition of control over the American monetary production and distribution system which provided the horsepower to the SSG to take control over the whole USG through extensive bribery, political campaign support and lots of varied types of expensive perks and foreign numbered bank account gifts commonly referred to as “set-aside allocations”, as well as numerous very high paying “revolving-door” jobs. Once the US Petro Dollar fails or even ends being the World’s Reserve Currency, the SSG will be decapitated from its elastic, FIAT money supply, quickly reducing the Federal Reserve System’s power dramatically all over the World.

It is now obvious that “We the People” need to defeat this group of sick demented and completely Evil Top Policy-Makers inside the SSG (the folks who create and deploy these massive Psyops against the American People on a continuing basis). In order to do this, these Top Policy-Makers must be completely separated from their source of elastic, unlimited funding.

This means they must be cut off from from their private illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System which must then be abolished and all its assets seized and/or clawed back to “We the People.” These Perps must also have their massive Black Ops funding eliminated which they derive from their huge illegal international Drug Trafficking and weapons enterprises. This concept of separating these SSG perps from their money-power is referred to by insiders as “financial decapitation” and you will be hearing a lot more about this in the future as researchers focus in on the source of power for these super-elite deviant criminals which run the SSG.

The new BRICS New Development Bank.

BRICS-320x189The new BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) is likely going to decapitate the Top Policy-Makers of the SSG from their elastic, create as much as they need, FIAT phony money supply created with the flick of a pen or a keyboard entry by the Federal Reserve System, the biggest financial scam in history.

The new BRICS New Development Bank (NDB) is growing by the day and now includes 139 members who have either signed agreements or Letters of Intent to join up. There are now estimates that this new World Trading Bloc includes between 40-47% of the World’s population and is actually in process of displacing the US Petro Dollar which will very likely not be able to continue being the World’s Reserve Exchange Currency much longer.

The secret Puppet-Masters.

There are key perps in this Asymmetrical Psyops War against the American people being run by the SSG which has been going on since 1913. These are the small group of very, very powerful men who are the true but hidden Policy-Makers.

The “Visible USG” is comprised of the various institutions of the USG which are actually serving as Puppets for this entity, the SSG and the top Policy-Makers who control it. Yes, the men who control the SSG are the ones who secretly create USG Policy as well as all the Psyops they mandate their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) to dispense. These men call each other the “Puppet-Masters” and are the ones that make the huge USG Deals and distribute huge illegal payoffs which are usually required to get anything done or any new legislation passed. VT will be covering this with numerous articles in the near future so stay tuned.

What you will learn about the Puppet-Masters in upcoming VT articles will shock you at the degree of current control these Puppet-Masters have over the levers of the USG and Congress, including the Supreme Court, the US Department of Justice, the Federal Reserve, the Congress and numerous high USG officials and State Officials in almost every State of the Union.

These secret Puppet-Masters are the real Deal-Makers that actually control and run the visible USG. How do they do this? It is done by a system of “Payola”, known to be the highest paying system of political bribes ever conceived and financed. It is a sophisticated system of bribes with many covertly disguised as huge honorariums for light-weight speaking engagements, high paying revolving door jobs, huge political contributions, secret bribes paid in various sophisticated ways including offshore accounts identified by a number only. This processed in the USG and the Congress is commonly known as “grease” or “getting paid for personal work”, or in Mideast nations as “baksheesh”.

The SSG in essence has assumed a Secret Role in determining USG Policy and running the Visible USG institutions and most USG officials and Members of Congress as puppets on a string. In doing so it creates numerous Psyops, each of which is based on outrageous super BIG Lies which are dispensed through the Controlled major mass media (CMMM).

Presstitutes, the Mainstream Mass Media Operatives of the SSG and Dispensers of the Big Government Lies that comprise the SSG’s Psyops upon the American People.

6corps-320x316By the way, the SSG has stacked the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) with dupes, opportunists, sell-outs, and quite a collection of soulless hanger-ons and sociopaths, best described by as “Press-Whores” or as noted Trends Journal publisher Gerald Celente has described as “Pressitutes.”

The job of these Presstitutes is to dispense the Big Government Lies and Propaganda that comprise these huge USG Psyops on behalf of the SSG Policy-Makers that create them, while never questioning them and usually being willing to dispense lots of misinformation and unjustified attacks on any legitimate investigative journalists that do question these Psyops.

The reason these massive Psyops are created and deployed by the SSG is to deceive and manipulate the American masses into giving up more and more of their Constitutional Rights and Rule of Law and to support numerous perpetual foreign wars that are illegal, Unconstitutional, unprovoked, and undeclared.

Actually the Secret Shadow Government (SSG) is run by a foreign entity which hijacked America in 1913, the Rothschild family Banksters who represent the Old Black Nobility, a worldwide occult network based on Luciferianism, Eugenics and basically a notably Evil Cult Network that worships and deploys Mass-Death as a means to gain power for themselves and their “Bloodline Families.”

The Nexus of all World Evil. Those with deep contacts have reported that this group claims it is anointed with the “teeming power of Lucifer” and engages in human sacrifice rituals twice a year to feed the Cosmic Parasite they worship. By doing evil and deploying mass human suffering and mass painful death, they claim they are feeding the Cosmic parasite negative energy he requires and in return receive increasing power, status and financial rewards. These “Rulers of Evil” also claim to have their own spirit guides provided to them by Lucifer which advises them and directs them on how to keep the whole Earth under their control and re-organize it into a One World System which is their “Plan of the Ages” for a complete Luciferian New World Order based in Jerusalem run by Lucifer who comes to Earth to rule. For this reason this group, the City of London World Banksters and Moneychangers are referred to as the “Synagogue of Satan”, the bloodline of Cain, the Kenites and the “New Crusaders.” They are obsessed with using surrogates and proxy mercenaries to depopulate and decimate the Mideast (including Israel, Palestine, Iraq and Syria), simultaneously destroying both World Zionism and Islam, and installing their own pure Luciferian NWO Global Kingdom in Jerusalem. They believe that they are Lucifer’s chosen, and their job is to purify and protect the human race by ministering mass-death to reduce the World’s population by 90%. This behavior is criminally insane, evil and demented beyond reason. It is hard to understand how these folks can maintain this philosophy since it it was applied to them they would end up hanging from a rope on a gallows. And eventually as the World’s populace progressively wakes up and populism emerges in every nation, this is what these sinister Minions of Evil and mass death will face themselves. Without absolute secrecy they face exposure and justice by the masses they have persecuted, abused and asset stripped for centuries.




a4903063What happened in 1913 that allowed this foreign entity to hijack the USG and establish itself as a Secret Invisible Government which took control over the Visible USG and eventually consolidated all the Major Mass media under their sinister control?

This Rothschild banking Group and its members gained huge wealth from Opium Sales to China which resulted in two opium Wars aka the Boxer Rebellion.The British traffickers prevailed thanks to the British Navy which was powerful at that time but sales were restricted due to a treaty signed to end the conflict.

The opium sales by the Rothschild group member families was basically an attempt to regain all the gold and silver paid to the Chinese for spices and silk over the prior years. It was a very crafty, sinister act of covert war,and continues against America and numerous other nations of the World even to this very day. (2)

Yes, it was the passage of the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act which was passed on a Friday night before Christmas with NO actual quorum present, thus this law was never really passed at all and even so is completely invalid.

Before 1913, there was dissent expressed in the American media. After 1913 when the Rothschild Banksters hijacked America, all freedom of the press was progressively destroyed by their use of money power against the American masses. Here are some example of what the American Press produced before 1913.

Consolidation of the American Major Mass Media into the CMMM.

This consolidation of the American Press took place at two levels of control. The first control was the buying up of all smaller media entities and formation of large International media Corporations. This was in direct violation of existing Anti-trust laws which were not enforced due to massive payoffs to the right members of Congress and USG Officials.

The second level of control was the creating of CIA financed and controlled “Talking heads”, authorized under the completely illegal, Unconstitutional operation known as Mockingbird. William Colby, former Director of the CIA once said after he left office that the successful deployment of operation mockingbird was the CIA’s greatest achievement and brought almost every single major newscaster personality under control of the CIA.

This consolidation of the Major Mass Media (MMM) has allowed the SSG to quite easily control it, transform it into their bought and owned Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) and use it as a tool of Asymmetrical, Psychological Warfare against “We the People.” If all the different broadcast Network News dispensed to the American Masses is controlled and synchronized to communicate a false message, it is usually quite easy to convince folks that such a particular dispensed storyline or narrative is true. Why? Because when the different Networks all seem to agree, networks that often display meaningless contrived differences between each other, this causes most folks to believe the USG dispensed story must be true even though it is planned and contrived Psychological Operation (Psyop). The whole purpose of a Psyop is to manipulate raw emotions in a targeted group (group mind of the masses) to induce them to support changes they would never otherwise be willing to do.

John Swinton wrote occasional Editorials for the New York Times. At his retirement party in approximately 1880, it was reported that he gave the following short speech. He was also active in the labor movement. There were already serious efforts by the wealthy and powerful to manipulate and limit the newspapers in those days. Since 1913 they have only increased and news control has become the primary obsession of the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon who both employ numerous cyber warriors, sock-puppets, shills and misinformation/coverup artists. John Swinton’s words still ring true today, but even more so:

“There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as an independent press. You know it and I know it.

There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone.

The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it, and what folly is this toasting an independent press?

We are the tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

(Source: Labor’s Untold Story, by Richard O. Boyer and Herbert M. Morais, published by United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America, NY, 1955/1979.)

The worldwide Internet aka the New Gutenberg press is the instant cure for this SSG control over the news and their ability to dupe the American masses with a continuing stream of sophisticated Psyops designed to stimulate Primal Fear in the American Group Mind (consciousness) in order to motivate them to accept the solution provided by the SSG  which would never otherwise ever be accepted by these masses. It is vital to make sure the American Masses stay dumbed-down and naive about real history. In order to do this the SSG has installed a top down system of globalist oriented education in all the public school systems, an educational curriculum designed to lead American youngsters away from the true and to stay ignorant of the real secret controllers of American Society.

Once the “sheeple” awake, it is curtains for the SSG and their continuing stream of Psyops and they know it. However it now appears that day is approaching quite rapidly due to the massive emergence of populism that is associated with the Internet and its numerous Alternative news sources. Truth is a strange thing, once it is out there it resonates with the public and overrides any attempts to dispense misinformation and any attempts to cover it up.

Here is a list of some of the biggest recent Psyops deployed by the SSG against “We the People”:

1- Murrah Building Bombing, done by the Mossad with assistance by the BATF & CIA and covered up by the FBI. This attack was a Psyop against the American People comprised of a Gladio-Style False-Flag, Inside-job attack on the newly emerging American Patriot Militias and an initial preparation for the planned “War on Terror.”

2- The first NY Trade Center Attack in the basement of the Twin Towers, done by the Mossad with assistance by the BATF & CIA and covered up by the FBI. This attack was a Psyop against the American People comprised of a Gladio-Style False-Flag, Inside-job attack blaming all Muslims, using an FBI entrapment of the Blind Sheik. It was the FBI that insisted that the Bomb used had to be real and the CIA which placed a 55 gallon drum of cyanide stolen from Champon Natural Cherri Flavoring Company in Boca Raton, Florida.

3- The nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 was done by the Mossad with assistance by NeoCons, PNACers, some Traitors in the JCS, USAF, FAA & NORAD and was a Gladio-Style False-Flag, Inside-job attack wrongfully blaming Osama Bin Laden (CIA Trade name Tim Osman) and by implications all Muslims including Saddam Hussein and Afghanistani Talibans. Veteran Today’s Senior Editor Gordon Duff has published numerous articles based on rock solid evidence showing that the 9/11/01 attack on America was a nuclear attack.(3) And Veteran Today’s Managing Editor Jim Dean has published a very informative article on this too.(4) And VT Editor Professor Jim Fetzer has published numerous articles with Research Associates documenting how mini or micro-nukes were deployed and what the nuclear fingerprints were comprised of. It is actually quite easy to identify the particular place the nuclear material used was manufactured because each detonation has a specific “fingerprint” based on the nuclear particles left behind after the detonation and these are known to Intel insiders. Back in 2011, VT Editors published a very sensitive and quite revealing article on how Nukes were deployed in the 9/11/01 attack on America.(6)

4- The Boston Marathon Bombing which was a covert DHS/FEMA Drill with absolutely no real injuries at all. This was a Gladio-Style False-Flag, Inside-job attack against the new construct, the “American Lone Wolf Terrorist” and was designed to justify a huge police state type occupation of the surrounding communities while looking for the DHS designated Patsies, one of which was murdered by the FBI in cold blood, a crime never prosecuted but should be someday since there is no statute of limitations on murder. Professor Jim Fetzer has published numerous articles showing that there were NO injuries at the Boston Marathon and professional “Crises Actors” were used.(7)

5- The Sandy Hook DHS/FEMA Capstone Drill using the whole New Town community, the Connecticut State Police, the Governor and Attorney general of Connecticut and the US Attorney General with approval by the US sitting President. This Sandy Hook Psyop was a sophisticated attack on the Second Amendment, designed to help the SSG get more laws passed to outlaw guns in America. The SSG and specifically the Banksters are scared to death of well armed masses rising up against them and seizing their power and assets, which is likely to happen eventually if their computer algorithm projections are accurate. Professor Jim Fetzer and his research associates including former Florida State Patrolman and School Safety Expert Wolfgang Halbig have shown that there were no dead kids at Sandy Hook and No dead teachers either, beyond any reasonable doubt.(8)

Good News, tell all your family and friends, there were No dead Kids, no dead teachers, no-one murdered at all at Sandy Hook School which was closed several years earlier for an asbestos problem.

Here is the good news about Sandy Hook. There were no dead kids, no dead teachers, no dead Lanzas and perhaps no Lanzas ever existed at all ever. All Americans need to be informed of this and rejoice. NO DEAD KIDS, that indeed is very good news. make sure you tell all your friends and associates this good news. Doubt this conclusion, just take the time to read every article published by Professor Jim Fetzer and his associates.  The evidence has been seriously analyzed and is now CONCLUSIVE beyond any reasonable doubt. Sandy Hook was a long term planned sophisticated Psyop on the Second Amendment, specifically so-called “assault rifles’ which is actually what the police use and can not legally be sold to American Citizens without a special use license for fully automatic weapons.

You can bet that soon there will be some major class action civil suits against all the perps involved in staging this Sandy Hook Drill and faked nonexistent deaths for the massive 29+ million dollars defrauded out of a naive sympathetic public that fell for it. Some now expect numerous top State and federal Officials to be eventually indicted, prosecuted and convicted for using this massive Sandy Hook Psyop to Terrorize and defraud the American people, scaring many beyond reason and causing PTSD in numerous concerned mothers of young school aged students.

Note that this is also Major Civil and Criminal RICO, for which there is NO statute of limitations because of all the financial fraud and coverups involved. As this Sandy Hook house of cards collapses you may see many such liars, deceivers and scum like Lt. Vance who made terroristic threats against investigative journalists get charged with criminal offenses, become convicted and do hard time behind bars where he belongs.

The Sandy Hook Perps also induced two Florida Police to pay Wolfgang Halbig a visit at home to criminally threaten him to stop investigating Sandy Hook. These officers must be brought to justice two someday, fired and fully prosecuted for obstruction of justice, a felony. If the shooting has actually occurred and been a real event certainly all authorities would seek assistance from all school safety experts and want as much sharing of the facts as possible to prevent any future such attacks. But since it never occurred the Sandy hook perps wanted to suppress any and all investigations and detailed questioning.

Sometimes even “limited hangout” websites publish useful, honest stories. When they do it is useful to use that information with the caveat that they still avoid dealing directly with the source of these Psyops and sometimes publish misinformation. Here is one truthful and quite revealing story from a retired NYCFD man that is worth viewing. This video illustrates the point that that the 9/11/01 coverup is now breaking down and cannot last much longer. Expect a complete breakdown of all CMMM control over these SSG Psyops in the near future.

It is coming like a powerful freight-train that cannot be stopped. that is why the SSG is now seriously considering staging another 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America, only perhaps this time using a much larger, “City-Buster” device and perhaps at more than one city, along with several attacks on shopping centers or sporting events. If all DHS, FEMA, Mossad, CIA, BATF and FBI operatives are monitored closely this kind of operation cannot occur because they are always involved at one level or another as agents of the SSG.

[youtube nQrpLp-X0ws]

The CMMM has been a key player in the deployment of these major Psyops against the American People and their systematic ongoing coverups.

Of course the CMMM was a key player in the deployment of each of these major Psyops and did everything imaginable to convince the American public their official SSG storyline/narrative was true and did all they could to suppress the emergence of the real truth. Now thanks to the Alternative media available on the worldwide Internet, the Truth about these major Psyops is coming out in spades. And it cannot be stopped because the Internet is functioning as the New Gutenberg Press, and it disseminates information and truth at the speed of light rather than the speed of paper and ink.

Each of these major Psyops against the American People can now be easily debunked and used to expose the SSG and their BIG Lies which they use the CMMM to dispense.

Each of these major Psyops against the American People can now be easily debunked because the numerous CMMM dispensed SSG Big Lies behind them can be shown to be clearly and patently false at every level. The problem is that it is very difficult for a  lot of the American People to question the SSG lies and propaganda dispensed by the CMMM. Why? Because most the American Public has been conditioned to view the USG as a large benevolent Parent Figure and cannot fathom that it works day and night at the behest of the SSG to subvert, dis-empower, asset strip and destroy them when their wealth has all be stripped.

It is an exceedingly sick situation in America Society when the American Public continues to believe these Big Government Lies despite the overwhelming evidence now available to prove the contrary beyond any reasonable doubt.

For the first time ever, the Internet offers and serious opportunity to dispense this new found truth which has spontaneously emerged in mass due to the worldwide efforts of so many top Investigative Journalists like Prof. Jim Fetzer. The numbers of Americans who are learning the real truth about these Psyops listed above is growing by the day and soon will be close to comprising a major turning point in the American Group Mind, which in itself will bring about major change and serious erosion of the SSG’s political controls.

The imminent demise of the CMMM is now apparent and well on the way.

Yes, the Alternative News and Media available on the Internet is now surpassing the CMMM in number of listeners and viewers. Only the stupid political ads, the Big Pharma ads, the “lying through their teeth” military recruiting ads, the gadget ads and the sex phone “party now” ads keep the CMMM in business. And the ad revenue is progressively dropping because the numbers of viewers/listeners is dropping rapidly, largely because more and more folks everyday are realizing that the CMMM specializes in dispensing lies and is responsible for maintaining USG coverups for many years.Now be certain the the Psyops listed above have all be shown to be exactly that, sophisticated Psychological Operations deployed by the SSG through their sidekick in Treason and sedition against America, the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

For example the CMMM is still parroting the standard USG lie that Oswald was a lone Assassin that murdered JFK when over 80% of “We the People” know this is a lie, and the CIA and the USG actually did it and have been using the CMMM to keep it covered up ever since, a disgusting abuse of privilege and power.

Thanks to the Internet the New Gutenberg press, we now have an excellent opportunity to fully expose these Psyops above for the Big Government Lies that they really are and the criminal part the CMMM has played in their roll-out and coverup.

We now have a very substantial opportunity to fully expose the CMMM and its game of dispensing Psyops for the SSG by realizing that every single one of these SSG Psyops listed above has been debunked beyond any reasonable doubt and then communicating and diffusing that information to as many family, friends and associates as possible.

A critical turning point is the American Group Mind is now fast approaching and the tables are going to turn for good.

Want to see these RICO criminals, the SSG Top Policy-Makers who do so in secret brought to justice for these Capital Crimes which have no statute of limitations? Want to see these scum and Traitors indicted, prosecuted, convicted and then hung by the neck until dead on a large wooden military gallows like what was done to the assassins of President Lincoln? This may be coming in the not too distant future. Here’s why.

Insiders believe that when 12% of the American People are woken up to the truth about these False-Flag Psyops, they will rapidly loose all their power to the “We the People.”(9)

The Secret Shadow Government (SSG) started out as a Criminal Cabal of Banksters, then expanded to include American Lumber, Grain and Railroad Barons. And then eventually included key representatives from the large Defense Contractors that became very wealthy and powerful during major Wars, such as WW1, WW2, Korea, Viet Nam, the First Iraq War, the Second Gulf War in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now through all their special ops and mercenary fought secret wars in the Mideast, Ukraine, Syria, and Africa.

Sophisticated group research efforts have emerged form the worldwide Internet and are posing a formidable ability to crack open and fully expose all these recent False-Flag, inside-job Psyops.

Thanks to the worldwide Internet we now have millions of very astute civilian researchers examining every single piece of publicly available evidence for all these recent False-Flag, Inside-job Psyops of the SSG. And they have formed thousands of research groups to share information which works itself into the Alternative Media, Blogs and News on the Internet and quickly attains prominence and then spreads like wildfire.

Professor Jim Fetzer is responsible for starting this fad of group research culminating in cutting edge articles that expose these Psyops in detail for what they are, False-Flag inside-job Psyops designed to manipulate the American Group Mind into supporting societal changes and USG action they would never otherwise accept.

Right now several groups inside Congress and the SSG are secretly meeting to see if they can create ways to restrict and censor the Internet and prevent so many of their Psyops from being uncovered and cracked open. It may actually already be too late as they are now faced with imminent financial decapitation even if they succeed in creating a two-tiered Internet, a fast lane for censored corporate giants and a slow internet for Alternative News and Media. And it is possible that this type of action alone could elicit a large populist uprising in “We the People” which could set off a new awakening of the American Masses.

Unless these matters are kept in proper balance they can be pretty discouraging so I am providing some dynamic entertainment for those interested. Major breakthroughs are right around the corner in our struggle for complete exposure of all these major Psyops. I have included a video clip of Raw musical talent far beyond the norm. Could this lady Ana Popovic be as great as Stevie Ray someday? If you like Blues, I suggest you use headphones and play this one in HD stereo if you have that capability.

[youtube n4ibook13h4]


Bonus Video:

For those who time and interest, here is a very informative bonus audio by Insider Dr. Jim Willie who has deep contacts and very good information on the actual state of the current financial and economic situation that the USG now finds itself in.

[youtube BKuvvEdqEV0]



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