The West is ISIL to E. Ukraine and Syria



This seems to by the US motto...but "to the end" of who I would ask?
This seems to be the US motto…but “to the end” of whom I would ask?

The West is ISIL to E. Ukraine and Syria

…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor     … with New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


The hypocrisy by the media over Obama’s ISIL anti-terrorism campaign has been another Twilight Zone episode into the surreal. The West plays the role of terrorist and anti-terrorist and thinks we don’t know or can even count, but we can.

The 200,000 regime-change dead in Syria would equate to 2 million in the US, with America’s population. Estimating a 5 to 1 wounded ratio, an additional 10 million people would be added to the casualty total, percentage-wise.

Yes Mr. President, we can count. We also remember we only had 408,000 killed in WWII, so we have inflicted five WWII’s on Syria. That is quite a terror campaign.

If hired thugs and killers from 85 countries had teamed up with local dissidents to inflict that carnage on America, we would have big taste of what it is like to be on the receiving end of American regime change.

We did get a sample on 9-11, but the Sandia Laboratory classified report in 2003, carried out with the help of IAEA investigators, confirmed that mini nukes brought down the World Trade Center buildings. That proved the whole day was a coup against the American people… and one for which we have done nothing to those that did that to us.

What we have done is inflict mayhem through a steady stream of 9-11 style tragedies all over the world, punishing innocents for what our own kind and the Israelis did to us. Yes, the dancing Israelis were in on it, as were the other teams captured and released to Mayor Giuliani’s people to scoot them out of the country. NY City detectives have never said a word about it, under penalty of death.

The dancing Israelis - celebrities now
The dancing Israelis – celebrities now

The dancing Israelis had been under surveillance by the IAEA and the FBI for moving nuclear weapons – the team headed by Mike Dick. But the Israelis were not there primarily to film.

They had planted the jammers that blocked the NY City fire department and Port Authority emergency radios. The jammers were recovered by the FCC, and yes… they were Israeli made. Welcome to the real world folks. It’s a nasty place.

But my title today takes us to Ukraine where we supported a Slavic ISIL attack there, to unleash them and their European skin-head buddies onto the Ukraine landscape in a wave of terror against those in E. Ukraine who would not submit to the West’s violent overthrow of their country.

In that regard they were quite traditionally American. As in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, we are now fighting on the wrong side. We should be with the Republics, but America just ain’t what she used to be, that is for sure.

My ancestors fought the British in our Rev War, where a small tea tax was the initial trigger for that long struggle. That seems almost too embarrassing to even mention now, with the daily slaughter we are inflicting with our regime change campaign to encircle Russia, à la Zbig.

The title idea came to me after reading the news of the Ukrainian soldier Sergey Litvinov of the ‘Dnepr’ battalion that the Russians have arrested. He had dressed up as a civilian to mingle with refugees to get medical care in Russia and got caught. During interrogation, he admitted that he had killed women and children in four villages for the bounty money that Ihor Kolomoisky was paying.

Kolomoyskyi lives in Switzerland, is governor of a Ukraine state, and put bounties on dead civilians
Kolomoyskyi lives in Switzerland, is governor of a Ukraine state, and put bounties on dead civilians

I watched an excellent 80-minute video of clips from the Ukraine war, which included Kiev troops’ cell phone cameras that featured the ever-popular Grad missile attacks on what the troops knew were general shellings of civilian areas.

The video was well edited with a lot of footage from cameramen on the receiving end of the Grad terror, some of it short shortly after an attack.

I had been asking for footage with the common E. Ukraine people voicing their thoughts on the war, and this video had a lot of angry victims.

Daughters had found their mothers dead, and vice versa… the streets littered with mangled corpses including children of all ages, all caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, and not one of them carrying a gun.

Most of those interviewed did not think this was being done by regular army troops, but the Right Sector National Guard units and the Oligarch brigades. The language used to describe them was harsh, and fitting. But along with that there was a deep sadness in their pleadings of why, why, why, was Kiev and Poroshenko doing this to them, after all that Ukraine has been through… why?

And one of the reasons, of course, is the regime change terrorists from the West, who want what they want and they will kill to get it. The passengers on the Malaysian flight 17 were just one example of what they were willing to do to turn world opinion against the Russians. Those victims have not only been buried by their families, but the press and their own governments who want everyone to forget it because the project backfired.

The EU and the US have their finger prints over all the Ukraine carnage that has taken place, with Israel taking third place, having been very active supporting the Oligarchs with Special Forces people and Intel. The thank you from Kiev has been quick. Hebrew is being made the second official language in Kiev, and several thousand language teachers will be coming to Ukraine to teach youngsters. Someone is planning way ahead.

More execution graves will be found, mostly in the areas where the Oligarchs and Right Sector battalions have been. But the Ukraine Army has another big problem on their hands now with the prisoner exchanges. They started out swapping lists for whom they wanted and both sides complied, then Kiev began substituting large numbers of “not on the list” people.

This unhappy looking fellow I fear is among the missing
This unhappy looking fellow I fear is among the missing

Now the Ukraine army admits it cannot find many of the Republics’ prisoners — a very strong indication that they have been killed and disposed of in the rear areas. Lavrov has been very public about an international investigation, and the OSCE monitors are following each mass grave discovery, so this will not be swept under the rug.

Kiev shows signs of preparing for a winter campaign, with all the non-NATO equipment they are getting from the NATO countries… quite a big loophole there. But what else is new — rules are made to be broke by the powerful.

A school in Donetsk was shelled on the first day it was open, zeroed in on by a skilled artillery unit, and killing many parents. I have not heard of a single case of Ukraine discovering the perpetrators of these illegal shellings that are “murder under a ceasefire”.

But that takes us now to the killing fields of Syria, where America’s reputation will be buried forever. We have this bizarre situation where three beheadings has captivated the world attention on the brutality of ISIL, and yet the 200,000 slaughtered Syrian people —  the biggest segment of it being their military — brings a yawn. We see an odd and disproportionate concern there.

Franklin Lamb was with the army last week in the aftermath of its clearing Adra al-Omalia, 12-miles northeast of Damascus, of its roughly 1000 al-Nusra and al-Islam Jjihadis. In the five-day fight to retake the city, whenever the Army approached the town, the Jihadis inside the town would throw women and children off the top of eight story buildings to “discourage” the army from advancing. But that turned out to be just one chapter of the horror show.

Witnesses came forward after the battle to tell how this particular group of Jihadis had all been foreigners, distinguished by their accents. When they took the city, they began hunting down, torturing and killing anyone who had worked in government jobs. And they came back around, rounding up the Alawites. These poor souls would have their hands cut off, so they could never work again, or were just tortured and beheaded, sometimes in front of their children.

Franklin in Adra al-Omalia
Franklin in Adra al-Omalia

This went on for ten months, all approved of in town after town in Syria by America’s terrorist allies, who had been employed to take down the Syrian regime. America and its Gulf allies have supported the ISIL forces, as they slaughtered the people of Syria and East Ukraine. To give them a free pass on this is to aid and abet in terrorism ourselves — which I will not do.

The publics of all the countries involved have not opposed this state-sponsored terrorism nearly enough. Russia’s resistance has been rewarded with the NATO-backed Ukraine attack. But Moscow has already won the battle for its moral leadership, with Putin and Lavrov among the world’s most respected leaders at this time.

WWIII has already started, and it will not stop without a few revolutions to change some of the key governments involved. That is one of the reasons why you have seen such a huge militarization of the police in America. They expect a revolt eventually and plan to be ready for it. The clock is ticking on us all.

I started my morning today with an execution video of a dozen Syrian soldiers who had surrendered or were wounded. If we don’t do something we will be similar to those poor soldiers. “They” will do with us what they wish, when they want to, and we will bear some of the blame… for being a bit too easy.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for VTproducer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.



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