American refugee in Russia persecuted by US gestapo



By Kevin Barrett, VT Editor


John Robles at the Voice of Russia

Watch out, Edward Snowden. If you thought Russia could shield you from persecution by the American gestapo, you may have to think again.

That, at least, is the lesson to be drawn from the plight of John Robles.

Robles – not Snowden – is the only American with political asylum in Russia. (Snowden has been granted a three year residency permit, not political asylum.)

Unlike Snowden, Robles is not famous. And unlike Snowden, Robles is a hard-core dissident who bangs the drums for 9/11 truth at every opportunity.

For the past several years, Robles worked as a journalist for the Voice of Russia. His work – including last April’s three-part interview series with me – has consistently drawn attention to the 9/11 false flag operation and other issues the US government and its bankster masters strive mightily to cover up.

The banksters and the American gestapo they own can’t touch Snowden – for now. He’s too famous. And besides, he’s only speaking out against the police state, not the 9/11 false flag operation that launched it.

But Robles, a less-well-known 9/11-truth-seeking journalist, enjoys no such protection. It appears that US/bankster agents in Russia have launched a campaign to punish Robles for daring to draw attention to the 9/11 coup d’état, Craft International’s Boston Marathon  false-flag bombing, Operation Gladio, and similar third-rail stories. The police state’s only vulnerability is 9/11 truth – the achilles heel of the neocon regime that rules America. So Snowden is tolerated, while Robles is being hammered into the ground by US agents in the Russian media. (Those agents serve the same Zionist interests as the dual-citizen oligarchs who have so much power in Russia; both groups represent the NWO and both are terrified of 9/11 truth.)

Since last December’s merger of Voice of Russia and RIA Novosti under the new name Rossiya Segodnya, Robles has been demoted and finally fired – for no apparent reason. Either the Russian-media-embedded CIA or the Zio-oligarchs’ mobster minions have apparently decided that Robles’ truth-telling about their false flag operations is bad for business.

Now Robles finds himself jobless and destitute…exactly as if he tried to do his job as a journalist in the USA. Apparently the long arm of the Zio-American crime mob can silence critics in Russia as well as America.

If you can help please contact John directly at +7-965-131-5479, through his site at where there is a PayPal link or by e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected].

Below is today’s press release from an anonymous friend of the Robles family.



In one of the strangest political persecutions in recent history after years of documenting and exposing US illegality and battling anti-Russian/anti-Kremlin forces within and through the Voice of Russia, worldwide and also in the subsequent news organization Rossiya Sevodnya, outspoken pro-Kremlin US critic John Anthony Robles II, the day after informing his supervisor Oleg Dmitrev and Rossiya Sevodnya that his Russian wife had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, was terminated thus ridding him and his family of their only source of income.

Rossiya Sevodnya head Dmitry Kiselev was sent a long letter protesting the termination which is illegal under Russian law and yesterday, October 20th 2014, Mr. Robles attempted to meet with Mr. Kiselev again to prevent the termination but was informed that Mr. Kiselev is on sick leave. After a recent meeting with Mr. Kiselev and management a decision was made to allow for the publication of Mr. Robles’ articles and interviews on the RIA-Novsti site, however the American editors controlling the content of the site successfully blocked every attempt by Mr. Robles to have his work published. This is all documented and provable.

We assert that this is a completely political termination and one that has been carried out by U.S. sponsored and backed forces and in fact embedded Americans within the Russian media and the Russian Government working for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) which has repeatedly targeted Mr. Robles in the past for his work. The fact that Mr. Robles is extremely vulnerable as the only American with political asylum in Russia and an indigenous Caribbean islander with a newborn baby and a family to support should have caused the Rossiya Sevodnya News Agency to at least attempt to appear to protect Mr. Robles’ rights, if in the least as their journalist, yet this was not the case.

During the past few months Mr. Robles informed management of several issues directly related to his work, one being the fact that he was placed on a Right Sector/Ukrainian SBU hit-list, another that he had been receiving death threats and continued to be persecuted on social media and through the internet by figures such as ex U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul who attempted shortly after his arrival to have Mr. Robles placed in a Russian prison or deported to the United States by making the false claim that Mr. Robles had threatened him. When that failed then filing an official diplomatic complaint with the Russian Foreign Ministry that Mr. Robles had physically threatened him, something proven to be false and patently absurd. This was after Mr. Robles wrote several articles and conducted several interviews exposing Mr. McFaul’s attempts to orchestrate a color revolution in Russia and the usurping of democratically elected President Vladimir Putin.

Due to the continued persecution by CIA backed pro-U.S. forces in Russia and the Right Sector/SBU hit list, the fact that an individual who presented himself as Serbian but then turned out to have ties with the Kiev junta government as well as the fact that for some reason the heat was never turned on in Mr. Robles former residence with the onset of winter, Mr. Robles was forced to relocate his residence, at his own expense to another location. The moved also threatened to shut down as initially the ISPs serving the new address refused to grant the jar2 servers external IP addresses. This was taken care of and is a testament to Russia’s real stance on internet independence and freedom of speech and is applauded by us.

We further ascertain that Mr. Robles’ human rights and his right to freedom of speech continue to be egregiously violated. This began with events in 1995 which forced Mr. Robles to flee the United States after attempting to expose massive fraud in Yolo County California and continued with the revocation of Mr. Robles’ U.S. citizenship in Moscow in 2007 and his 5 year application for Russian citizenship which has been moth-balled for no reason. We also state that the rights of Mr. Robles’ U.S. born children in Russia, of whom Mr. Robles was the sole custodial parent almost since the birth of his son in 1992 and who are in the same situation, as well as his newborn Russian daughter and his wife, continue to be violated and ignored. The egregious targeting and persecution of Mr. Robles and his family includes the proven and filmed planting of narcotics by dirty police on Mr. Robles’ son John III, who may have been mistakenly targeted after publication of multiple anti-Kiev junta articles because he shares the same name as his father.

John has been battling the U.S. Empire, the CIA, the illegal post-9-11 U.S. Government, a U.S. installed 5th column and CIA assets in Moscow who have targeted him for years including during the 2009 illegal takeover of his school by Ukrainian Yura Solagub which John documented at that time on the best he could.

The issues John has championed and focused on in his journalistic work have been ones that the U.S. Government, the CIA and NATO would rather no one knew about. These include but are not limited to: the illegal annexation of Kosovo by the U.S. (including forty-two pages of signatures as a petition to President Clinton to stop killing Serbs), the destruction of Yugoslavia, the false flag terror attack of 9-11 (a huge body of work), the illegal invasions by the U.S. of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya, the illegal torture prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, the crackdown on free speech and civil rights in the U.S., the illegal drone campaign and extra-judicial executions being carried out by Obama, freedom of the internet and more. For his work with WikiLeaks and the dozens of interviews he conducted with everyone form Christine Assange to Greg Barns, John was placed on a CIA WikLeaks watch list. However that is not all, in the fervor for war that was the buildup to the invasion by the U.S. of Syria Mr. Robles was one of the few, if not the only, journalist in the world working for a mass-media outlet who exposed the Mossad Suadi ties to the ISIL and their execution of 426 children in Latakia Syria as a pretext for a U.S. invasion under the guise of an Assad sponsored chemical attack. John was also a vocal defender of the late Hugo Chavez and his exposé on CIA cancer assassination programs is one of the few in the world and the only one we know of published by a mass media outlet. His investigative work with surrounding Serbia and in defense of the Serbian people including the illegal black market selling of human organs and the real genocide being carried out against the Serbian people won John much praise from the Serbian people and even earned him an honorary title of being a Serbian.
Mr. Robles’ last work published by the Rossiya Sevondya News Agency exposed an airline (VistJet) used by the CIA for the illegal rendition of Roman Seleznyov to the United States and his interviews with witnesses delayed the extradition for several weeks. This was the 3rd CIA rendition airline exposed by Mr. Robles.

His work with Nathan Folks in exposing the false-flag terror attack that was the Boston Marathon bombing also caused resonance all the way to California as did all of his work with the Anonymous Hactivist Collective. That is not all. Mr. Robles’ work on exposing the CIA backed Nazi junta in Ukraine and their subsequent war crimes in their campaign of genocide against ethnic Russian cannot be over-looked and includes hundreds of articles and finally, after years of methodically interviewing experts and amassing difficult to find information John was working on a petition signed by hundreds of experts to request President Putin to release all information Russia has on 9-11 and an exposé on the involvement of Saudi, Mossad and a rogue black operations wing in the CIA in the carrying out of the 9-11 attacks including the use of mini-nukes to bring the buildings down.
John’s work over the years on exposing and fighting NATO expansion can also not be overlooked. His continued fight for peace and diplomacy and his unwavering stance against militarism and endless war and those who profit from it is to be applauded, as is the work of thousands of like-minded individuals worldwide.

John’s work with the Occupy Movement, his championing of important human rights issues and his work with the indigenous nations of his homeland have also been had positive results and show that he supports the people, all people, in their fight against tyranny and injustice. Now injustice is once again knocking John’s door down and he needs your support. John has almost given up, in a world where someone like Julian Assange can be forced to live in a basement for years for attempting to expose illegality, right in front of the world’s eyes and nothing is done, he has little hope that the birth of his daughter or the ridding him of his means of survival will cause much resonance. We have had to convince him to speak out. On the day he was terminated by laughing staff who knew he had a newborn baby in the hospital John almost gave up. He said these people are not human. I believe he is right.
For us and we are sure for you it is highly suspicious that a political prosecution against Mr. Robles’ has been allowed to take place in Russia which is claiming to champion freedom of speech and anti-U.S. imperialism and even stranger after Mr. Robles’ years of pro-Putin articles and statements. Something is not right here and that something, like the killing by Kiev of Russian speaking civilians is beyond normal understanding until we realize that the instructions come from the U.S. and are being forced from the outside. John has proven to be a friend of the oppressed, a friend of Russia, a dedicated fan of President Putin and even at times more Russian than Russians themselves, so his persecution is completely illogical until you take into account he is an enemy of the U.S. state.

We urge you to support Mr. Robles in any way you can but at this juncture he has been left without an income and if he cannot soon find a source of income for his daughter who is the hospital and his family as well as his basic needs and even his legal battle, things will end tragically. You can help to prevent the tragic end of Mr. Robles and his family and even allow him to be reinstated in the job he loved and carried out with sincere belief that truth and justice would prevail.

John and his family are desperately in need of financial assistance to pay hospital bills for their newborn daughter, pay lawyers who will fight for their rights including his reinstatement as a radio newscaster, analyst and interviewer and host with Rossiya Sevodnya and to pay the rent on their apartment next month. If you can help please contact John directly at +7-965-131-5479, through his site at where there is a PayPal link or by e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected].

John has been asking for the help of Russian and international Human Rights lawyers for years but his case has never received the media attention it deserves. Even when he was granted permanent political asylum in Russia not a word was printed in the media. His case is an inconvenient truth for those who have done everything to destroy him and shut him up forever.

John is also attempting to collect funds to help the people of Donbass with desperately needed winter clothing and in the transportation of said supplies and would also appreciate help in that as well.
With regard to the subverted Russian media we might ask: Why are the Russian Government and Russian taxpayers financing a news organization that has been compromised into a U.S. policy echo-chamber by a CIA 5th column and refuses to publish or employ a proven defender of Russia and the Russian President and a vocal critic of the U.S. Government? Does President Putin know what is going on? We seriously doubt it.
If Russia is indifferent to those it grants asylum and those in the Russian world who face persecution for speaking out in defense of the Russian world and against those who would destroy it, then perhaps another country would grant such a vocal anti-U.S. critic as Mr. Robles asylum or other assistance? As a Taino/Borinken Indian born in Puerto Rico perhaps a Latin American country such as Venezuela or Cuba where John and his family lived may finally offer assistance to one of their sons? John however insists that because of his work with the Russian Government and Russia’s security services he cannot leave Russia, he says he will die in Russia and will be proud to! We state that for now he must live and his work must continue and so far Russia has proven that the best place for John is in fact on the territory of the Russian Federation. In keeping John and his family alive and helping him to continue his work we ask your help.

An Anonymous friend of the Robles family.

P.S. Please publish, re-send and submit this Press Release to any organization or body that can bring attention to the plight of this fighter for truth. We are open to suggestions and John is desperately in need of stable employment. I sincerely believe that his story is so unusual and fascinating that publishers and movie companies should be knocking down John’s door for the rights to his story and have convinced John to consider such requests although he remains self-effacing about his own importance. Before Snowden there was Mr. Robles’ and unlike Mr. Snowden, John has vocally defended Russia, President Putin and the Russian world, it is time we did the same for John.


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