Kiting the American Financial System

Wolf in Sheep's clothing

by Preston James

The foreign based Rothschild Banksters have worked hard to consolidate and get control of all American Police, Intel and the Alphabets, that is, to create their own large internal militarized Occupying Force inside America, Homeland Security. DHS is designed to serve as their enforcers and to protect them from any corrective actions by “We The People”. Even though they have worked hard to stack the deck against the America Masses, their system is failing and DHS is collapsing from within, now recognized to be an Illegal, Unconstitutional monstrosity with no valid mandate to even exist at all, like the Federal Reserve System.


American Bunco

The American Financial System is now being “Kited” to a Catastrophic Collapse not expected by the American People.


It should now be more than obvious to most folks that the current spending levels of the US Congress are completely unsustainable, but false narratives dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) have prevented the public from realizing this.

Any reasonable analysis would conclude that the American Economic System is being “Kited” by an out of control US Congress with an elastic, unlimited checkbook provided by the Unconstitutional, criminal Federal Reserve System and unknowingly backed by “We The People” and their descendents.

Some economic experts have claimed that so much Federal Reserve FIAT script has been borrowed by an out of control Congress to pad the accounts of special interest legislation (in order to get massive kickbacks!) that it would take up to fifteen generations to pay up the accruing interest.

Others claim it is so excessive that it can never be paid up. And some claim that since it is a such a colossal fraud it is completely null and void because of the US Constitution and RICO organized crime laws.

And of course there is the USG’s Secret “Plunge Protection Team” which uses advanced software to buy up huge quantities of US stocks in large batches at the speed of light to kite the stock market up to unsustainable highs.

Ask any Police Bunco Detective about “Check Kiting”. Isn’t this the same thing that the USG is doing with its partner in Financial Crime, the Federal Reserve System which provides it with a limitless elastic checkbook by which money can be endlessly created from nothing with no backing?

The result of this Congressional overspending from their Federal Reserve System Provided Elastic Checkbook is two fold: first, it keeps money and jobs for many that would not otherwise have them, especially Government bureaucrats in a bloated, out of control Federal Government; but second, it is a very crafty covert tool to quietly steal the fruits of the labor of many American Middle Class folks as well as a great deal of their accrued wealth.

RICO Crime beyond what most can imagine.

In reality this is a most sinister system which steals hard earned wealth from We The People, and is actually a massive financial fraud with absolutely no Congressional oversight at all. In fact the Federal Reserve System has never been audited, despite recent efforts to pass such a law in Congress which failed.

If the Federal Reserve System was ever completely audited and all the figures made public as they should be, the public would become so enraged at this greatest financial fraud in history that somehow they would  force it out of existence. Yes, once the American Masses fully understand that this Federal Reserve System is an illegal, Unconstitutional RICO criminal enterprise, they will demand its complete elimination, full prosecution and the claw-back of every single dime defrauded from the American people.

Why would any People ever pay foreigners massive interest to use what should have been their own money? Such a concept is ridiculous at face value. This only came to pass because of crooked Members of Congress, USG Bureaucrats and an Administration took bribes and/or was compromised or blackmailed.

Folks, this is massive RICO Crime and it’s time it is fully exposed and stopped. This is the true Litmus test for any Member of Congress. Any such member who supports this huge RICO Crime Syndicate can be assumed to either be so dumb that they shouldn’t be in office or is Dirty, as in “Compromised”. Any Member of Congress who supports the Federal Reserve System has clearly violated his Oath of Office to support the US Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic.

Consider what was done to Germany during the Weimar Republic which was engineered by the Rothschild Banksters, and what the final result was of this “Money Manipulation”.

And for those that think this uncontrolled incredibly huge volume of US Dollars spread out all over the World is no problem, all one needs to do is study the hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic in Germany before WW2 to get an idea of where it can lead. Only this time these US Dollars are spread all over the world and when they collapse in value can take much of the World’s economy down,

The Weimar super-inflation was engineered by the City of London Banksters and their Wall Street cronies to destabilize Germany and make it ripe for the rise of Fascism. Are these Banksters doing that again here in America right now and inflicting this on a dumbed-down, TV satiated, uniformed public that has been fed continuing false narratives by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM)?

End of the hegemony of the Petrodollar system?
Right now this is the intended target of the new BRICS Development Bank, the US Petro Dollar which became the World’s Reserve Currency and the medium for all Crude Oil Sales. This was a very crafty trick implemented by Heinz Kissinger on behalf of the Rothschild Banksters and was used to engulf nearly the whole world in a Web-of-Debt and onerous debt-slavery using unconscionable pernicious usury, a great evil. For years the wealthiest Americans benefited, but now the chickens have come home to roost and even they face absolute financial ruin which will likely come on suddenly with little warning.

The US Petro Dollar appears to be a sinking ship, with obvious decreasing value and no way for normal citizens to earn any return on their money that exceeds or even matches inflation.

And if you think the US Dollar is strong, just ask yourself why interest paid on bank savings that used to be 5% or more and is now close to 0%? Ask any retired person who still has a nest-egg if the value of their savings is shrinking every month and if they have seen a major loss of purchasing power of their money.

Many lost 30-40% of their investments in 2008 and have seen a steady decline since in value as most prices and their cost of living continues to rise.

The USG has spread these Federal Reserve Debt Notes all over the World doing business and buying Politicians in such a huge unfathomable quantity that if they are ever released on the open market they will collapse the American Economy.

At that point then the “chickens will have come home to roost” and this out of control, criminally insane spending of fake money created from nothing can no longer be denied or tolerated by the American Masses.

The total quantity of USD has increased the the level that many experts consider the whole US Financial system based on this Congressional Elastic Checkbook to have become a huge Ponzi Scheme ready for collapse.

And have some economists have asked, has the USA been technically Bankrupt for a long time, able to get by temporarily by just issuing more money aka Quantitative Easing?

We now know that the Powers That Be (PTB) aka the “Central Banking/Wall Street Establishment”, e.g. the Federal Reserve System carefully crafted a system of Deceit and Illusion right from the very start.

The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) has been used to effectively dispense this system of false narratives which have essentially concealed their Kiting of the American Financial System.

These Six Major Mass Media international New Corporations are completely controlled by the folks who own and control the Federal Reserve System. All news is written and approved into talking points distributed to each of “The Six” for broadcast. Any talking head who veers from these scripted talking points is pushed out. This happened to Dan Rather who lied about the JFK Assassination and was rewarded with a prominent “talking head” nationally prominent position. When he later stepped out of line he was pushed out. Some talking heads have been murdered for straying from assigned talking points. Tim Russert was one who made the mistake of questioning Bush2 about his membership in Skull and Bones and other most sensitive “verboten” matters.

Unfortunately most of the American People are naive and have a strong emotional need to view the USG and its illegitimate stepchild the Federal Reserve System as a benevolent parent figure when it is wolf in sheep’s clothing so they are easily conned by the CMMM to believe these false narratives.

Normally in the past years anyone who explored this subject publicly was severely sanctioned, some time beaten by hired thugs, many times repeated audited by the IRS and often just plain murdered.

Yes, the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the Guardians of the Federal Reserve System and completely controlled by it through Cutouts, works hard to dispense notably False Narratives to keep these facts from the public who would be outraged if they knew the truth.

However, thanks to the Worldwide Internet which is the New Gutenberg Press this information can no longer be kept from the public. And as many VT readers know there are now Websites that have enough real Political Power themselves to allow the publishing of this kind of an article.

No greater Institutional Evil in America has ever existed.

No greater institutional evil has ever existed in America than the Federal Reserve System which is the wellspring and root cause of everything wrong with America today, including poverty, unemployment, rampant crime, political correctness, diversity, perversity, uncontrolled borders, illegals allowed in without proper papers, flourishing urban drug gangs, perpetual un-winnable foreign wars, massive illegal drug trafficking into America, corrupt politicians, judges and police, and massively inflated consumer costs accompanied by shrinking wages.

[youtube QRYEFEJRw44]

It is no longer necessary to remain confused about all this or why so many inner cities have become urban jungles filled with muggings, robberies, burglaries, car-jackings and murder. Yes, we now know for certain that the root cause of all this is the Federal Reserve System which is in essence is the actual hijacking of America’s Government by a foreign Banking Entity known as the Rothschild World Zionists (WZs) operating out of the City of London Financial District, an evil entity which uses Israeli and American Dual Citizens as its main Action Agents of espionage inside America.

The purpose of this system of deceit and illusion presented through the CMMM is to hide these financial fraud crimes in plain sight by dispensing false narratives. Other “slight of hand” tricks like phony Unconstitutional “so-called” IRS Regulations which are enforced by the power of their “Boot in your Face 24 hours a day” are used to keep the American people confused, distracted, beat-down, disheartened and dis-empowered.

SMALL_ourlittleponzischeme1Kiting is when a financial entity fails to deliver securities (equity backing) of “buy and sell” transactions in a timely manner.

Bernard Madoff. He “Made Off” with a lot of other people’s money using a massive Ponzi scheme based on non-existent investments. How many more of these Wall Street Ponzi schemes are out there. Is the Federal Reserve System the greatest Ponzi scheme in History, one that has engulfed nearly the whole world in a Web-of-Debt and human slavery that can never be paid off?

Numerous financial experts and economists have claimed that the US Derivatives system is one big Kited Ponzi scheme, essentially Kiting on a mass-scale reaching mind-boggling proportions of un-backed obligations so large they are actually unfathomable, yes unimaginable. When Bernard Madoff was arrested he claimed that everyone on Wall Street was doing the same thing he was and the only reason he got caught was because of the dragging economy.

Consider the Bernard Madoff case, the man that Made Off with (as in stole) a lot of other people’s money.

Madoff had been chairman of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, perhaps he knows something about how things on Wall Street are really run. Perhaps the Federal Reserve System is being run the same way?

Some experts believe that the Federal Reserve System has produced and distributed so many US Dollars that have been distributed all over the World and become so heavily stockpiled in foreign nations, especially China, that when these un-backed funds are circulated they will immediately start lowering the value of the USD.

Actually this is technically Kiting too because printing and distributing too many dollars un-backed by real value of any kind can eventually produce the very same thing that happened in Weimar Germany before WW2 when paper money was so worthless it was used for wallpaper.

Has US Attorney General Eric Holder has been little more than a Cover Up man for the Banksters?

It is more than obvious that US Attorney general Eric Holder has not done his job. Perhaps it is now easy to understand why. Could his new job offer at a major Bank he covered up for be a clue to how he really operated to protect the top Banksters from the felony criminal prosecutions that should have been made? Seems like multiple recurrent offenses of “Misprision of a Felony” as well as criminal RICO don’t you think. Instead of going to a new job with a fat salary he should be arrested and taken away in Cuffs for trial. The probable cause is overwhelming. No reasonable suspicion needed here.

Unless the rats and criminals are cleaned out of the US Department of Justice at every level, including the crooked or compromised US Attorneys (which is most of them unfortunately), there can be no restoration of the Constitution of Rule of Law in America, now or ever.

If you think these Top Banksters, the US Secretary of the Treasury, and Attorney general Eric Holder have been upstanding, honorable, honest folks, just read this to get a true picture of their abject criminality and total disrespect for the American Public and how US Attorney General Eric Holder protected the Banksters from exposure and adequate criminal prosecution personally. That is why he has been promised a “revolving door job” at Morgan Chase for an announced 77 million dollar a year salary as soon as he leaves office. Instead he should be going to trial for obstruction of Justice, RICO crime and lots more.

Many dumbed-down, mind-kontrolled Americans think the Major Mass Media always tells the truth and is a benevolent Parent Figure. Clearly it is not and is an Evil Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Most have this same attitude about the USG and too many even act as if the USG is their God, always having their best interests in mind. It is difficult for most to understand that the USG merely tolerates them for their labor, Tax revenues, elicited consent, and for cannon fodder in illegal Unconstitutional foreign wars for profit. And now that their labor and Tax Revenues are needed even less all the time, most Americans are now soon going to be targeted for elimination by those who run the USG (e.g. to be mass-murdered as declared in the Georgia Guidestones and Club of Rome guidelines).

Has America’s financial system been “Kited” to include over 750 Trillion dollars worth of only marginally backed derivatives?

Some have claimed that the derivatives system has increased to over 750 Trillion dollars of obligations with less than 1% equity backing, which is actually considered massive financial fraud.

Equity backing is supposed to be provided for each layered transaction but in most cases is no longer existent, creating the largest system of financial fraud far larger than the whole Federal Reserve System of issued debt notes presented as real money. And realistically it is a large house of cards that is actually so unstable that it could collapse at any time.

Or perhaps this was intended and set up this way from the get-go, although some believe that the large Wall Street banks have habitually engaged in this high risk, very high profit international financial gambling while expecting the American taxpayer to back them up for any major losses that could put them out of business. And that is exactly what happened with the two big bailouts.

Two major Bank Bailouts by the USG were presented and passed to supposedly “fix” the damage done by this Kiting of the Financial System.

“This is great fun threatening Congress with Martial Law in the Streets tomorrow to get the dumb American Goyim to cover our International Gambling Losses.”

In fact that was what was happening when Bush2’s Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson demanded a near Trillion dollar bailout or when Timothy Geitner President Obama’s Secretary of the Treasure demanded another Trillion Dollar bailout for the large “too big to fail” Wall Street banks. Together these bailouts have been estimated to total 2.3 trillion dollars when it was all done, enough to pay off every single homeowners mortgage in America.

These derivatives are sold with claimed equity behind them but in actuality, there is little, almost none. And yes the major Wall Street Banks are all involved in this scheme and cannot continue to operate without the support of a very corrupt US Congress.

In fact there have been two prior, incredibly massive Bailouts of these Banks, the first by Bush2 and the second by Obama. Neither was legal or Constitutional, but some in Congress said that Secretary Paulson threatened them with next day Martial law in the Streets of America if they refused.

It has since been learned that most of this Bailout money (900 plus Billions for the first one) was sent to foreign banks to shore them up. And we now know the same was done with the second bailout, it was given to the Banksters to use as they wished, with many personally receiving huge sums.

The apparent purpose for this Kiting of the US Economic System is to create and maintain the Illusion that “everything is okay” to keep the American masses pacified and compliant while they finish asset stripping the wealth of the American worker and the fruits of his/her labor and completing the construction of their worldwide Web-of-Debt.

That is, the Banksters have worked hard to keep the average American somewhat satisfied by providing them notably false narratives which mislead them and prevent them from understanding how they have been deceived, robbed of their accrued assets and the fruits of their labor.

Now that the Rothschild Banksters and their Stateside Franchisees have created a massive worldwide Web-of Debt, can they pull the plug at anytime and create a worldwide financial collapse?

Once this worldwide Web-of-Debt (in actuality a huge Ponzi scheme) has been constructed, then the Banksters can pull the plug at anytime, creating a worldwide economic crises which is so large, it will be proposed in the Controlled Major Mass media that only they can resolve it.

Numerous top economic experts have said for many years now that the USG is spending far more than it takes in through Tax Revenues, some estimates are now as high as 40% more each year.

Add to this the huge trade deficits such as the 45 Billion USD one each month and one quickly understands that the USG has been on a long term uncontrolled spending spree which is clearly non sustainable.

Some economists believe the end of this process of worldwide economic bust has now been reached.

What has made it possible for the USG to spend at these levels which far exceed collected tax revenues? As with any individual or family budget, the only option is to borrow money.

This is what the US Constitution requires as real currency aka “Constitutional Money”.

Since 1913 the USG has phased out Gold and Silver backed bills, and has only issued phony Federal Reserve Debt Notes, except for the issuance and manufacture of coinage and a brief period when JFK printed some actual US Dollars.

Nixon took the US off the Gold System and with the help of notorious long term Soviet Union mole Heinz Kissinger (tradecraft name: “Bor”), set up the US Petro Dollar system which set a world standard for paying for all Crude Oil in US Federal Reserve Notes. It was at this point that the the World shifted from real metal backed money to phony FIAT money only backed by the full faith and credit of the USG, which some say is losing strength by the day.

Some JFK Assassination researchers JFK was murdered upon orders by the City of London and Federal Reserve Banksters using the JCS and the CIA with the coverup run by the FBI.

A pioneering investigation by a very respected Author, G. Edward Griffin, of what was supposed to remain a Deep Secret forever. Maximum power in notably Evil, Illegal and Unconstitutional enterprises always requires deep secrecy for continued existence. Remove all the secrecy by complete Public audit with all results made public and this Federal Reserve System criminal monster will be put out of business by unending mass demands which cannot be satisfied in any other way.

The exception is that the USG has continuing manufacturing coinage and issuing it as money. These are not debt-notes but are actually real US Currency. Obviously a quick solution to our phony Federal Reserve System FIAT money problem is to just start shifting all money to US Coinage and make up larger denominations, and issue US Dollar Bills just as President Kennedy did right before he was assassinated. As many are starting to figure out JFK was murdered by the JCS and the CIA (OP40 run by Bush1) upon the orders of the City of London Rothschild Banksters who control the Federal Reserve System.

The Biggest Trick in American History.

In 1913 Congress (without a proper quorum) passed the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act. Congressmen were bribed, blackmailed and coerced to vote for this Unconstitutional, blatantly illegal perversion on Christmas eve without even a required quorum. This means that the Federal Reserve Act was never legitimately passed in 1913.

Congress cannot pass a law to break another law, that is Congress cannot pass a law which is clearly Unconstitutional to make it Constitutional without the passage of a Constitutional Amendment.

What this means in practical terms is that it is not legal to impose pernicious usury on all Americans as a national obligation to pay back phony money issued by the Federal reserve System which always carries accrued interest.

This is the biggest trick in American History, a foreign controlled US Corporation, pretending to be a US Bank and Reserve (actually neither a Bank or a Reserve) lending Americans what should be their own money and then charging them interest for using their own money.

This is serious financial fraud and pernicious usury and is all completely illegal and Unconstitutional. And it has engulfed almost the whole world and been responsible for over two hundred million mass-murders to gain massive war profits and increased access to the natural resources of others.

The PuppetGate Audio Recording of two notorious self-declared Bush Crime Cabal PuppetMasters is the first 100% documented, voice-grammed X-ray or snapshot into how Congress really functions and how it is controlled by massive payoffs. It is the immediate reason that Eric Holder resigned, to avoid delivering indictments for the apparent crimes related to this Historical recording left on Ambassador Lee Wanta’s DC Embassy answering machine.

US unfunded obligations are a major financial time-bomb just waiting to be detonated.

It is now clear that the USG has unfunded obligations for Social Security, Medicare and Federal Retirements including Congress, the whole USG and the US Military which are completely unsustainable. Each year recently the USG is spending about 40% more than it takes in. The figures are clear about this. Social Security was supposed to be forever kept in a Lock-box, but the spineless Members of Congress access it, spent it and now pay for Social Security out of general Tax Revenues.

Where does the US Congress appropriate the extra money over tax collections they need to  finance all these expenditures not covered by incoming Tax Revenues? They simply borrow all they want from the Federal Reserve System which creates it as a book entry out of thin air and then starts charging accruing interest which must be repaid along with the principal. This is the dumbest thing Americans could ever put up with, paying a foreign-based Bankster group to manufacture and distribute what should be your own real money but is really phony Fiat pretend money.

Even the huge elastic checkbook provided to Congress by the Federal Reserve System is going to have its limits, sooner than later.

And this elastic checkbook being provided to Congress has no limits in the short term. But over time too many USDs are issued and this eventually leads to a huge devaluation of the USD which has already happened. Doubt this? Just consider that a USD is now worth what 2 cents could buy in 1913. That is a 98% reduction in value and is clear cut evidence of this financial fraud imposed on all US Citizens by the Federal Reserve System.

The BRICS International Development Bank has emerged in response to a new worldwide demand for Real Currency instead of the phony Fiat Federal Reserve System US Petro Dollars.

The World is beginning to demand a real money system instead of a phony FIAT imaginary elastic money system which is controlled by a criminal group of World Bankster/moneychangers run by the Rothschilds working out of the City of London Financial District.

Now there is a huge worldwide movement to move back into real money backed by precious metals and real commodities, intended to make a complete break from the phony Rothschild system of phony debt-notes and a web of debt which has engulfed the whole world and been seriously parasitizing it. This movement is called the BRICS Development Bank and is gaining strength by the week. Over 137 nations have either signed on or have sent letters of intent to do so. And these nations include even Germany, France, Italy, Spain and England who are all hedging their bets in case the US Petro Dollar fails as is expected.

Instead of issuing, printing or stamping it own currency (with one exception) since 1913 the USG, specifically the US Congress and the Administration, has allowed the foreign owned and controlled Federal Reserve System to create its money, but this money is phony FIAT debt notes and is not actually real money as in currency which the US Constitution requires.

What is the End Game of this Kiting of the US Financial System, the World’s largest Ponzi scheme?

Is this system of massive, seemingly uncontrolled Kiting of the Us Financial System simply a mistake or an unintended artifact? No, obviously this is a well planed occurrence and one designed to entrap the whole world in a system of debt-slavery to the Banksters, using the strength of the American economy and the productivity of the American worker to power this sick, twisted spider web of debt.

Yes the City of London Rothschild Banksters hijacked the American Monetary production and Distribution System in 1913 in order to use the American workers productivity and fruits of their labor to entrap the whole world, that is to enslave the whole world in their web of debt phony Fiat system or pernicious usury and debt slavery for all. And to do this successfully it was also necessary for the Rothschild Banksters to hijack the US Congress so they could use the US Military to serve at their muscle all over the world to accrue natural resources and generate massive war profits for member banks and their interlinked major defense Contractors.

Many top corruption researchers believe this Rothschild Central Banking Worldwide Octopus is the Root Cause of everything Evil in the World Today including endless perpetual wars and resulting mass-deaths and maimings by the millions, mass-deaths from starvation, Fascism and Bolshevism. Some have claimed that these Rothschilds are the carriers of Babylonian Talmudism and Kenite or Cain Blood which is the most anti-human parasitical secret philosophy ever conceived and explains their obsession with conquest through worldwide mass debt-slavery obsession to minister death to the masses in order to mass-murder as many as possible in wars of conquest for their personal profit and increased world power. No matter how nice these folks seem they are known Luciferians and worship Death like the Skull & Bones members of Yale University’s notorious windowless Tomb (Skull & Bones is none other than the Russell Trust folks who made many millions as narcotics peddlers of the Opium Wars fame, folks who worshiped Lucifer and claimed to have sold their souls in order to receive control over all of the World’s Kingdoms and riches–certainly it is easy to agree that they gave up their souls as evidenced by their criminally insane pychopathic, grossly anti-human, parasitical, homicidal behaviors).

War is Big Business for the Banksters and their cronies, comprised of 140 interlocked international Corporations and major Defense Contractors.

War is big business for the Banksters and their financial cronies such as the big defense contractors and is their preferred way on gaining control over the whole world which is their end game. In order to get control of America’s Government it has been necessary to get control over the US Congress.

This is done by using Israeli espionage fronts (which are actually Rothschild World Zionist) to funnel many millions of dollars to US Members of Congress one way or another including lavish PAC campaign contributions, revolving door jobs with huge salaries for virtually nothing honest, and indecently large honorariums which are political payoffs. So we now have a bought off, Congress that serves the interests of the Rothschild Banksters (aka World Moneychangers) instead of serving “We The People” as they were elected for and took an Oath of Office to do so.

The Banksters know that the USG cannot ever collect enough tax revenues from the American taxpayer to ever pay back all their loans with the huge accrued interest payments needed which are now in range of approaching our whole total Congressional budget.

Add to this the unfunded liabilities and it is completely obvious to anyone that can add and subtract simple figures that this whole process of addicting our Members of Congress to this elastic checkbook and ever expanding debt-slavery for US Taxpayers is completely unsustainable and is the greatest fraud in the history of America.

I have not laid out all the specific numbers which are readily available for anyone that wants to do a little basic web research. They are constantly changing, but only getting worse all the time. Something has to give pretty soon.

It seems that the top Banksters have a secret plan to engulf the whole world in their web of debt. Once done, it appears that they plan to collapse it and create the largest world economic crisis in history. This engineered world economic collapse could be so great that the American economy as well as most others could be brought to a near standstill, causing the collapse of many industries and businesses.

Forthcoming Mega Worldwide economic crises will create an immediate and desperate need for new leadership and a new world financial system.

This mega worldwide economic crisis will necessitate a mega solution that only they will be able to provide. Perhaps a dynamic world leader will emerge from their ranks operating under their authority who offers to implement a worldwide electronic banking system as the only workable solution. At the same time complete world parity between all nations could be offered, reducing the USA to essentially a third world system.

Can this engineered Financial Destruction of the USA be stopped or is it too late?

Many believe it is too late. But others believe just the opposite and are convinced that if We The People rise up, withdraw consent from these Constitutional USG practices and demand Constitutional, legal real Money (Currency backed by precious metal and real commodities) we can turn this around. But to do this we must expose and eliminate the root causes which is the fact that our monetary Production and Distribution System has been hijacked by foreign Banksters, the Rothschild World Zionists operating out of the City of London Financial District.

To do this we must eliminate the Federal Reserve System, claw back all their illegal taking going back all the way to 1914 and set up our Constitutional Monetary Production and Distribution Systems with real Constitutional Money (aka currency). Then all foreign espionage fronts must be registered as agents of foreign espionage and properly prosecuted under US espionage laws. And any Member of the US Congress that has served as their agents and/or received funds to betray the interests of the USA and We The People must be immediately impeached, arrested and fully prosecuted.

The USG false narratives which allow these Banksters to keep ripping us off must be exposed for what they are, huge lies and deception.

VT Financial Editor Mike Harris (who has his own talk show Monday through Friday 1-3 PM CST and is a soft spoken consummate insider with the nickname “Iron Mike” because of his extensive full-contact mixed Martial Arts expertise), has repeatedly said the first step in reversing all this foreign hijacking of America which has produced this massive Fiat debt-slavery is to destroy the Narrative of Lies dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media which is used to mislead the American Public.

Yes, Mike Harris is correct. It is vitally important to expose this establishment narrative of lies for what they are, gross lies and deceptions against the American People. The exposure of these false narratives is now occurring thanks to the alternative news published on the Internet. Yes there are a lot of phony stooge sites and limited hangout intercept sites, but real truth is out there and resonates and spreads among the American People.

It appears if these economic vectors are now converging and will soon collapse the US economy with a major depression worse than which started in 1929, unless delayed or mitigated. It does however seem that the Banksters do want more time to grab up more of the World’s wealth and resources by waging a new major war in the Mideast for Israel before they initiate the final collapse. This could easily get out of hand and go nuclear with the Russians and/or Chinese and certainly such will result in more and more American assets stripped away by these Rothschild Banksters. Could the Banksters be so criminally insane to actually want the world to be engulfed in a nuclear WW3 which could easily reduce the World’s population by 1/3 or more? That too could be part of their overall plan too.

The first steps necessary to destroy the foreign system that has invaded hijacked America by stealth and foreign espionage.

Yes, the very best solution would be for the US Congress and President to immediately Declare War against these foreign invaders and lock down all their espionage fronts inside America which are bribing, blackmailing and human compromising so many USG officials, Judges and members of Congress. And then to proceed to invade their home bases with the US Military, seize all assets and claw back all assets gained by this most massive financial fraud in history.

Any internal CIA factions or private armies like DHS and any foreign drug cartels would be attacked and destroyed if they did not surrender immediately. Any legitimate agents and staff could be transferred back to the agencies they came from which would be made once again independent while arresting any who have committed crimes against the USA who would then be fully prosecuted.

But before any of this can be done it is probably necessary to destroy the false narratives these foreign invaders and hijackers of the American Financial System have dispensed through the Controlled major Mass media (CMMM) which they own and control. This means that this illegal media monopoly must be broken up into hundreds of separate pieces with no common ownership at all. All we need is the honest enforcement of existing anti-trust laws and FCC regulations which make the transmission of known to be false stories on the airways a crime.

As the CMMM is broken up and adjudicated for news fraud, culture war and Mind-kontrol, the newly arising mass media and the Internet Alternative News can provide truthful stories that will quickly resonate with the masses.

Soon a tipping point, a critical mass in American Society will be reached and this alone will in many ways bring the old, corrupt foreign controlled system to a screeching halt accompanied by an all out war by the legitimate American military against it here in America and at its home bases in the City of London, Israel and anywhere else it is based or harbored.

Breaking news:

In order for a politicians to be duly elected he or she must receive a majority of the votes, this means not only the most votes but at least 51% of the citizens must turn out to vote. In this last National Election on November 4, 2014, only about 33% of the eligible registered voters turned out and voted. Technically this means that none of those supposedly elected were actually validly elected. A fair assumption would be that the majority of Americans have abandoned voting as any possible solution to crooked, self-serving Politicians from both Major Parties and feel the situation is essentially hopeless.

This is best defined as complete Alienation from the Government. And it is evidence that the USG and the so-called elected Politicians exist and operate the Federal Government only for themselves and to make vast fortunes off of We The People but do not care about the electorate at all.

The apparent preeminent goal of these elected Members of Congress is to make and accrue vast fortunes by selling their votes and their souls to the Banksters and other special interest groups that have vast funds to bribe them with. Many now leave Congress with Billions in offshore banks. This is unconscionable and completely illegal.

And now there is an international Buzz among the BRIC Development Bank members that they are planning legal action against the Federal Reserve System. Here is what is being discussed in the background chatter:












Ambassador Lee Wanta has the solution to America’s failing economic and financial systems.

Wanta-11-481x640As many have learned in recent month, Lee Wanta served as President Reagan’s Secret Agent under the Totten Doctrine and was able to take down the Soviet Union aka the “Evil Empire” without firing a single shot.

Ambassador Wanta designed a win/win solution to the Cold war which was accepted by both American and Soviet Leaders and the new upcoming leaders of the resulting Russian Federation. In the process of Lee Wanta bringing the “Evil Empire” to its knees, he engaged in money speculation as a business and earned a 27.5 Trillion USD profit.

This money has been illegally kept from him by the Bush Crime Cabal, but it is believed that law abiding, legitimate elements within the USG and the US Military High Command are now beginning to apply pressure to get these funds released.

If and when they are released Ambassador Wanta has pledged to use these funds as promised to President Reagan to Revitalize and Re-industrialize America, create a real US Banking System with Real Money, and to build a High Speed Inter-coastal Mag Lev Railroad which would provide an immediate two million good job opportunities for American Citizens.

The Federal Reserve System and its CMMM are bad to the bone. Ignore their public personal as harmless friends. These interlocked entities are operating in lockstep and working very hard to steal everything you have, destroy America and then mass-murder you and most Americans. Yes, the Federal Reserve System and its CMMM are Bad to the Bone!

[youtube PRMYQia5C5M]




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