The American Debt Bomb


by Preston Jamesnuclearbomboncity


The Most Powerful Weapon Ever Devised & Deployed, the American Debt Bomb


Potentially more powerful than any nuclear device that exists.

So volatile, it could perhaps be ignited by even a small unexpected spark.

Once ignited it could take much of the World back to the Stone Age, into a new Feudal Age, accompanied by a catastrophic reduction in the World’s population, perhaps up to 90%.

Could this American Debt Bomb be purposely set off at anytime chosen by those who created it in the first place, or is it like a freight train running out of control that will destruct on its own?

glostwreck2smCould such a detonation be used to attain a very evil, age old Agenda to radically depopulate the Earth of humans while setting up a whole new electronic monetary system which would provide control over every surviving human, control beyond imagination?

And if this American Debt Bomb is detonated will a new major World Personality rise to the occasion and provide a new Electronic Cashless Monetary and Banking System as a worldwide solution to this world wide catastrophe? And would this new Electronic Cashless Monetary and Banking System perhaps be their covert creation, that is, the very same international criminals that created the American Debt Bomb?

And would there be draconian requirements if anyone was to be allowed to participate in this new Electronic Cashless Monetary and Banking System? Would folks be required to pay homage and take an oath to a new world ruler that is evil beyond imagination, a man put in place and is now waiting to take over and manage the whole World after this monstrous American Debt Bomb detonates?

[youtube 8DD5pjPS-aM]

What is the Agenda of those City of London Top Policy-Makers that created this Londonworldwide American Debt-Bomb? 

Is it an Agenda of mass-death, a basic hatred of humanity and all human accomplishments, a desire to eradicate all human moral character and everything good in society? It sure appears to be so.

What is the American Debt Bomb? How many nations have become aware of the American Debt Bomb and the threat it poses to their very existence if it is detonated?

Can this American Debt Bomb be stopped? If so how? What are Russia and China doing to neutralize the effects of this American Debt Bomb if it is ever detonated? Is their creation of the BRICS Development Bank going to be adequate? So far they seem very confident it is.

brics-logo-320x116How many other nations of the World are attempting to decouple from the US Petro Dollar? And what happens if “Free Energy” aka “Cosmic Wind” Powered Electric Production which is already operational, is made available to individual consumers, thus eliminating electrical grids and dependence on Crude Oil? Some experts have said Free Energy is on the close horizon and cannot be stopped at this point by anyone.

The means to create a huge international American Debt Bomb was shoved into place using the Bretton Woods Agreement of 1945 followed later by creation and use of the American Petro Dollar in 1971.

It certainly appears that the US Petro Dollar is little more than very crafty, deceptive, state-sanctioned system of counterfeiting by a foreign Central Banking Family that hijacked the American Monetary Production and Distribution System in 1913. This occurred when the Rothschilds created and franchised the Federal Reserve, after it was illegally and Unconstitutionally passed by a corrupt Congress and Administration.

The US Petro Dollar was set up as a very crafty secret weapon of the Rothschild Banking Empire for capturing the whole world, including the United States of America, in a huge Web-of-Debt which they could ignite at any time they wanted, or could simply threaten to do so to get anything they wanted.

In order to capture the whole world in a Web-of-Debt it was necessary to free money up from any constraints such as required backing by Gold, Silver, precious metals or other commodities. Once this was done in 1971, it was then possible to Manufacture and Distribute as much of this imaginary phony FIAT money as necessary to engulf the whole world in a Web-of-Debt.

And as many now realize this is exactly what was done by US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson which he told Congress in October of 2008 that if they didn’t provide an immediate huge 900+ Billion Dollar bank Bailout, “there will be martial Law in the Streets tomorrow”.


The US Petro Dollar, a covert weapon of War for the Rothschild Banksters?

The US Petro Dollar has been a covert weapon of war with which a major economic war has been waged against the whole world. It’s purpose has been to access and hijack the national, natural resources and wealth of nation-states and install their own puppet dictators there to assist them.

The US Petro Dollar was shoved into place by President Nixon at the direction of Heinz Kissinger who many believe has been representing the Rothschild’s from the get go even when he served as the Soviet  Mole “Bor” at the Rothschild’s bequest. At the same time the US Dollar was taken off of the Gold standard and was then backed only by the faith and credit of the American People.

VT Columnist Dean Henderson has done some of the very best research and writing on the connection between Big Oil, the US Petro Dollar and the Rothschild Bankers. He has shown conclusively that Big Oil has been used in numerous major geopolitical manipulations and for transferring immense wealth from consumers to those who own and control the Major International Oil Companies.


[youtube NzyOtl4MDC4]

The American Financial System has been “Kited” to the point where it has become an international Debt Bomb, more powerful than any nuclear weapon.

The American Debt Bomb is the ultimate weapon of war. As many now realize the American Financial System has been “Kited” to the point where there could never be enough “faith and credit” of the American people to ever adequately back it. Essentially the whole world has become engulfed in a sea of US Federal Reserve System counterfeit “funny money”.  And the main mechanism by which this occurred was the massive offshore crude oil purchases with US Dollars supplied by American Gasoline and oil consumers.

What is the American Debt Bomb?

Economic experts point out that it is comprised of many Trillions of Dollars of Derivatives which despite what is claimed, have little equity backing them, perhaps making them worthless. Many of these have been based on very irregular MERS “robo-signed and robo-recorded” fraudulent home mortgages that have been repackaged and resold too many times. Many have been linked to the largest Bank Fraud in history with imaginary double loans, fake mortgage insurance and double dipping or triple dipping recoveries by crooked banks (these crimes have been linked to the Denver Twelve, AKA the “Illuminati”). So far no banker has been charged with a crime which should have happened long ago.

Another part of this worldwide American Debt Bomb is the huge stockpiles of Federal Reserve Notes (AKA US Petro Dollars) being held by foreign governments such as China. Rather than dumping these on the open financial markets which would instantly destroy their value, the Chinese are buying up US assets and goods all over America and slowly spending them.

And another part of this massive American Debt Bomb is held by the large Wall Street Banks themselves.

The spread of US Petro Dollars has resulted in a massive shift of wealth to the Mideast Nations and this wealth has been capitalized on by the World’s large weapons manufacturers.

These massive oil purchases provided huge quantities of US Petro Dollars with which the oil producing nations could spend to buy American and European goods, especially weapons systems made in America and numerous other nations. This has resulted in Mideast Nations becoming heavily militarized. And of course the big secret is that the Bush faction of the CIA joint ventured with the Saudis and were able to access a great deal of these US Petro Dollars for their own covert uses.

It is well known among senior Intel Officials that this type of strategic partnership between Big Oil and the  Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) allowed the BCC to accrue enough power to override Congress and allow the BCC to even pick Presidents and Supreme Court & Federal Court Judges, while completely hijacking and controlling the Republican Party, which they do even to this very day.

And a number of covert researchers believe that the Republican Party was completely hijacked by the secret CIA which is controlled by the Bush Crime Cabal and has been working closely with the International Zionist Crime Syndicate making the Republican Party itself a large RICO crime Syndicate worthy of serious RICO prosecutions with the need for some prosecutions for Treason and Sedition too.

The Bankster’s Agenda, major recurrent Wars with Mass Death?

These large military buildups of course could be used to destabilize the Mideast and set the stage for numerous Mideast wars which have been easily be set off by manipulating borders, running destabilization programs internally, and provoking and agitating basic tribal differences leading to major tribal wars. This process has kept the weapon systems being bought and the death rates up, which is what appears to be a central part of the Bankster’s Agenda for the World. It is a lot easier to “steal people blind” if you keep them distracted by war and major tribal conflicts.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild, the Founding Father of the Worldwide Rothschild Occult powered Banking System, pure Evil incarnate like his descendents and their close associates?

So there is substantial reason to believe that the Rothschild Banksters who operate out of the City of London Financial District have a specific Agenda to engulf the whole world in their Web-of-Debt using the US Petro Dollar.

And that an important part of their Agenda is to engulf the World in a series of perpetual Wars accompanied by mass-death, particularly painful death.

All Wars are Bankster’s wars.

Their Agenda is all about Power and death, that is ministering death to the masses to get maximum power and control over those that remain alive.

Yes, the Rothschild Banksters and their partners have been reported to be a Luciferian Death Cult committed to preserving the human race by drastically depopulating it aka “Thinning the herd” and promoting survival of the fittest.

If any individual, especially a group, a family or a designated bloodline, has no working conscience and no regard for human life but only accruing vast wealth and power and is willing to orchestrate murders and mass-murders for such, the sky is the limit as far as accruing power over governments and whole nations.

Ultimate Evil beyond imagination packaged in a human bodies that appear and act normal or benevolent in public, easily fools the masses.

Allowing these fallen angels of death to perpetrate incredible, incalculable Evil for centuries that is now finally being fully exposed for the first time all over the World by the Internet.

For the last half century those that have studied the Rothschild Banksters and their close associates have had great difficulty understanding how such men could be directing such inhuman acts such a wars that create mass murder and human debt slavery all over the world accompanied by massive theft of the hard earned fruits of workers labor and as many of their accrued assets and wealth as possible. The key to understanding how these men can do this is to learn about their deepest hidden secrets of how they sacrifice little children on Satanic Holidays to receive their power.

Several rock solid witnesses have come forth over the years and disclosed that yes these folks actually engage in these monstrously evil activities so it is known for sure they occur. If someone has claimed to sell their soul to Lucifer with a blood contract in exchange for ultimate riches and power and is known for certain to periodically sacrifice (as in murder) innocent little children, it should come as no surprise they would also be willing to minister death to many millions to further their Evil Agenda to engulf the whole World in their Web-of-Debt and mass-death by staged, provoked wars, which is always accompanied by large incredible amounts of human maimings and suffering.

Why haven’t corrective covert operations been taken to protect We The People and Our Republic from these mass-murdering Perps who are the most evil entities imaginable?

In recent years numerous folks have asked this question, “if our Intel services know all about this and presumably they do, why don’t they get “signed findings” and just quietly terminate all these perps with prejudice using special ops”. There just are not that many of these international criminal perps to deal with. And if the US Military or US Intel has has not been willing to take serious “corrective actions”, why then hasn’t the alphabets or the US Department of Justice indicted them and prosecuted them for all their capital crimes?

The answer sadly is that in the past the folks running special operations, the Military, Intel and the Alphabets and the US Department of Justice were either these same folks or their close associates, often part of the same Occult Circles, so naturally these folks are reluctant to order such terminations and prosecutions, although they are certainly justified under anyone’s definition of “Real National Security”.

Top Muckraker Greg Hallett has a lot of the answers how these Bankster/Moneychangers acquire, maintain power and breed and groom their successors from known select “Old Black Nobility” Luciferian Bloodlines.

But there is a whole secret set of reasons that the “Kings” and heads of Armies did not just declare war on these Luciferian Moneychangers and Banksters. The World’s foremost expert on this matter is top Muckraker and highly respected Investigative Journalist Greg Hallett. He describes how these efforts were and still are neutralized as matters of Palace Intrigue. These Bankster/Moneychangers also controlled Freemasonry and kinky sex clubs which provided the illicit sex, sick thrills and business power not otherwise available. Early on the Top Bankster/Moneychangers saw the need to control the printed Major Mass Media and started their own or coerced control.

The use of secret Societies, illicit kink and private crimes as well as access provided to huge income producing business deals not otherwise accessible.

They were also the World best blackmailers, offering up sins of the flesh and then being able to use them to keep Royalty and top Military Brass in line. Thus we now see the likes of the Bohemian Grove which is a continuation of this practice of offering forbidden fruit, high powered business deals and untold means to gain wealth and power through associations provided. Yes, these same practices of using secret societies, offering forbidden sex, buying up favors and providing huge wealth and connections, and then blackmailing or even murdering if necessary to keep top Government Officials is still being done to this very day inside the USA sad to say. In fact top Politicians and Corporate leaders are selected by these Bankster/Moneychangers from certain of their “Ruling Occult Bloodlines” only and are then provided with access and protection while they are taken up to their top positions in Government, Commerce and banking.

Their standard operating procedure is to make the top Government Officials partners in your occult based special crimes, provide them forbidden fruit such as kinky sex and untold riches and position and then no one would dare go against you because they would have too much to lose and could be exposed in the mass media which the Banksters substantially control and/or own.Once they have become part of the child sacrifices such as during the “Cremation of Care”at Bohemian Grove of the special lethal hunts of children on the Royal Country Estates, these Top Officials are in too far to ever dare go against the Top Bankster/Moneychangers.

Now here is the kicker. On their asscent to Banking power, these Bankster/Moneychangers had gained enough silver and gold through their market manipulations that they could buy control of either side and use such to overpower any King or Military coming against them who might try and seize their power. These Banksters called themselves “occult masters” for their absolute lack of any morality and willingness to murder, bribe, blackmail and human sacrifice Children and even babies. Greg Hallett has meticulously documented how these Banksters/Moneychangers were even able to infiltrate the so-called European Royalty and breed in their own bloodlines or at least control the breeding of the Royals, often raising up imposters and displacing real Royals which was done for the so-called Royals in England now which are known imposters.

When a soulless, criminal psychopath that has gained immense family wealth based on the indecent crime of pernicious usury and money-fraud is willing to engage in human sacrifices of little innocent children, offer up sex perversions to “stoke the flesh” and appeal to the baser instinct of men who also have no functioning conscience but want power, status and wealth and will also do anything including steal, lie, murder, kill, it becomes easier to understand how the Banksters are able to accrue so much power in high positions of Government, All around the World.

The secret unrestricted Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice/Child Murder Operations of these Moneychanger/Banksters.

Simply stated, these “power elites” have no morality and nothing is forbidden as long as it provides power and gain for them. The only human life they value is their own, period. Normally anyone doing the horrible crimes they do such as Child murder and Child sexual abuse (like Jimmy Savile) would be quickly caught, tried, convicted and executed. It is now known that Jimmy Savile abused and pedophiled hundreds of children and also provided kids to European and UK Royals to sexually abuse and even murder at their hunting lodges by hunting them like animals.

However because these perps have owned and controlled the Press, infiltrated and controlled the Police, and have at least one top ranking man in every major police Department and Alphabet to block any investigations under “National Security”, these perps skate free when they should have been executed long ago. Without secrecy they can no longer conceal their crimes and because of the Worldwide Internet, and Justice is heading their way sooner than later. Soon the whole World will just not be willing to put up with their crimes against humanity and children any longer.

Thus they are willing to engage in completely inhuman acts no normal person could ever do or even conceive of. This inability for the average person to conceive of such evil like the blatant murdering of little innocent children provides great cover for these criminal psychopathic monsters best described as the World’s greatest Parasites of mankind. Doubt this, just do a web search for Rothschild or Illuminati parties or study the Mark Dutroux crimes of providing young kids to these inhuman monsters to sexually abuse, torture, kill and even eat some of their body parts.

The Movie Eyes Wide Shut was made about these parties for the Bankster/Moneychangers. It was so realistic it angered the Illuminati and a major part had to be cut out for a special Editors Cut which has never surfaced. It is believed by some that Producer Stanley Kubrick was murdered for revealing too much about these secret sex parties of the Bankster/Moneychangers where special selected breedings with high class, mind-kontrolled “runway models” are conducted.

We in America now have a new High Military Command.

Will they step up to the plate and fulfill their Constitutional Oath and Duty such as protecting the USA Our Republic and the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, all of them?

Yes, we now have a new High Military Command and based on the obvious crimes that the Banksters have done (RICO, Treason and Sedition, blackmail and human compromise espionage against Congress and America, etc.) the US Militray High Command does have the Constitutional authority under real “National Security” to perform a wide variety of extra-judicial acts (some with extreme prejudice) to protect We The People and Our Republic.

It has now become the Duty of the US Military High Command to intercede and take complete control back away from the City of London Rothschild Banksters who infiltrated and hijacked America in 1913.

These actions are not as unthinkable as they once were, especially with all the knowledge of these perps formerly secret activities coming to light on the Alternative Media of the worldwide Internet. And because the Banksters have essentially compromised and bribed the US Congress to the point that they have become decapitated from any true command and control function of the USA and is functioning as an “enemy within the gates of America”, the US Military High Command now has standing to intercede. As one top highly respected Vet recently remarked, if the US Military Command ever really learns what these Banksters have done to the average American Soldier for nothing but fighting their own personal wars, they will be tracked down and dealt with one way or another.

And now we know for sure that the new US Military High Command has been fully briefed and has most of the facts of these crimes of espionage, treason and Sedition against We The People and these perps major RICO crimes too. The day is soon coming when the US Military High Command will probably realize that in order to save the United States of America Our Republic and the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to restore the Rule of Law, they will have to be the ones to act and will soon have to take complete control because Congress is far too corrupt to ever straighten itself out.

It is likely that someday in the not too distant future complete justice for these perps is coming.

There are rumors that a secret European Strike Force has already formed and will start taking corrective actions, if they have not already done so as a part of EU plans to extract themselves from the Bankster’s Web-of-Debt. Be certain of this, when and if the American Debt Bomb detonates, various strike forces all over the world will take major corrective actions. It is known that the level of security protecting these perps is just no match for angry, experienced strike force members who want pay back and have been authorized to “go get ’em”.

Once the perps have become completely exposed after their protective veil of secrecy has been pulled back and their illicit money power based on “money from nothing” has been completely eroded by the “collapse”, it would take a whole army to protect them, and at that point when the SHTF just isn’t going to happen. Everyone including all armies will see these perps as the true enemy of mankind and will act accordingly. Doubt this spontaneous populism is now emerging, just consider what happened in Iceland where many Banksters were arrested, most home mortgages forgiven and the Icelandic Government refused to bail out the Banksters at all. It is only a matter of time and the pitchforks are coming for these Rothschild associated Bankster Perps.


What Real National Security IS, and what it ISN’T and how it must be re-established in America.

Real National Security is NOT allowing a foreign based private Banking System which specializes in creating FIAT Money from thin air and charging the people who are supposed to own it, the Citizens of America who have been misled and lied to, told they were using “their own money”,  but are being charged illegal, Unconstitutional onerous, pernicious interest to do so. Allowing a foreign based World Zionist force from the City of London and Israel which is run by the Rothschilds to create their own internal occupying force inside America called Homeland Security (DHS) is NOT National Security, but is foreign espionage inside America and those American Citizens helping this entity are committing Treason and Sedition, period. Allowing over 90% of the members of the US Congress to be bought, owned, bribed, blackmailed or human compromised with most leaving with billions of dollars in foreign offshore bank accounts is NOT National Security, it is massive RICO crime with NO statute of Limitations at all.

Now here is what real National Security of the USA actually is. It is creating a large contingency force withing the remaining honest part of the US Military and arresting, detaining, indicting and fully prosecuting all top Banksters, all Dual and triple citizens aiding them in their espionage against America. Real National Security is doing the same for the leaders and principals of the Bush Crime Cabal and their secret CIA which is little more than the World’s largest illegal narcotics and illegal weapons traffickers. Real National Security is doing the same for the International Zionist Crime Syndicate and all the crooked and compromised Federal Judges including the five Supreme Court Justices that have taken bribes and are dirty. All these perps must be taken off in handcuffs and leg irons with no bail allowed.

The criminal NSA must be sacked by either the first or fifth US Army and all their files as well as all CIA secret file must be published on the worldwide Internet, everything but the launch codes with Israel and Russia already have thanks to traitors in the NSA who download everything from satellite to Israel. All who are shown to be perps of major USG or major Corporate or Banking RICO crimes must be arrested, detained and fully prosecuted with no statute of limitations because of the misuse of National Security to defraud the Public from knowledge of their crimes against We The People.

All assets (every bank account domestic or foreign, all houses, cars, all personal property) must be clawed back and paid back proportionally to all citizens who have been defrauded of their property, accrued wealth and the fruits of their labor. Upon charging all assets must be frozen, competent attorneys must be provided, swift trials within a week must be conducted, and all capital punishments that are duly adjudicated must be conducted immediately upon sentencing which is to immediately after conviction in a military court of Justice.

Real National Security is never using secrecy to conceal major felonies and RICO crimes, never. And that has been what has been done since the National Security Acts of 1947 and 1952 were passed. These must be immediately repealed as completely Unconstitutional and their use to foment RICO crime by the BCC and the IZCS must be acknowledged and NEVER allowed to be repeated EVER again.

Absolute, clear knowledge and communication of these Perps unconscionable Evil is paramount for any future corrective actions which are necessary soon if the United States of America is to be saved.

And now many American Military are starting to learn that is was these Banksters that were the ones that planned and orchestrated the nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 using Kingpins and Cutouts from Mossad, several Traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD, AIPAC and PNAC Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, including some top NeoCon Traitors.

The US Military High Command has now been fully briefed on all this and has smoking gun evidence of who did the 9/11/01 Attack on America, how and why and has already taken some actions of revenge against Israel by sinking two of their Dolphin Class Subs. It is rumored that much more is now in process, probably quite covert.


These Perps arrogantly thought they could get away with these evil crimes such as their nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 because they have always gotten away with horrendous crimes in the past because of their complete control over the Major Mass Media which they own through Cutouts. But this time it is quite different thanks to the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press which is being followed everywhere by the spontaneous emergence of Populism. Justice may yet be at hand as economic conditions worsen inside America and the rest of the world and the US Military realizes that they must act before the USA completely collapses which appears to be the secret Agenda of the Rothschilds.

Unbridled evil, if kept secret, can yield enormous power. It is time that all the secrets of this incredible evil be screamed from every rooftop and these perps are left no where to hide and they are stopped cold and brought to justice for their incredible crimes against humanity all over the World.

Secrecy is paramount for this Occult Bankster Network to stay in power.

Complete public exposure will eventually end their reign of power through their ministering of mass death.

That is why they have spent many Billions getting control over all Major Mass Media inside America from where they operate their worldwide debt machine by way of their Federal Reserve System which is neither a bank or a reserve.

Russia is well aware that without secrecy these City of London Banksters cannot continue to operate as they have. That is why Russia has put so much money into very accurate, unbiased reporting and Television and has established news services that the whole World is beginning to respect. And the same goes for the leaders of Iran who have encouraged positive relationships with western academics who want peace and now have some news services that are doing a very good job.

Truth resonates and this is why truthful Internet Web sites are rising in popularity and the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) in America are dropping in popularity. The alternative media provided by the worldwide Internet, the new Gutenberg Press, has outpaced the CMMM in every way.

It is obvious that the CMMM is losing viewers and listeners by the day, with few folks under 30 ever even turning on a TV set anymore or listening to broadcast radio for anything other than music. Most use the Internet and shop around for sites they like for news. Truth tends to resonate and take on a life of its own and over time, the Internet has displaced the CMMM and will continue to do so.

The Banksters and their Cutouts realize this and have financed and set up massive numbers of disinformation sites on the Web in an attempt to neutralize Web dispensed truth. So far these efforts are failing miserably because Truth resonates and lies smell. Just last week Direct TV dumped CNN due to lack of viewer response. This is what is in store for all of the rest of the CMMM fake news outlets.

How effective has the American Debt Bomb become for asset stripping the average American, eliminating the middle class, and when used as a threat to take America apart at the seams?

The American Debt Bomb has been very effective in a number of aspects. If you doubt that it has had far reaching effects on American life, just ask yourself how fast have food and gasoline prices been rising the last few years? Or can a depositor in an American banks make enough interest to cover the losses of purchasing power that this inflation in prices causes? Basically the average American loses more value through inflation than he/she can recover from any investment or saving account.

Can any normal citizen still make any money off of any saving accounts? The answer is a definitive No. Many Americans were being severely bit by it already in 2008 and the American economy has not recovered. How can it ever recover when it is still be parasitized by the Federal Reserve System, the main root cause of all American social and economic problems and little more than a huge RICO crime syndicate.

Given the incredibly huge deficit and the reality of the American debt Bomb what is the likelihood that the USG will be able to keep paying social security and USG pensions of all types? What is the likelihood any pension funds will continue to be solvent?

Not only has the American Debt Bomb been devastating to Americans even without it impending detonation, it has been devastating to many other nations too. It is a fair conclusion that the reason the United States of America our Republic is failing is because of the Rothschild Banksters, their Federal Reserve System, the PuppetMasters (aka the Ruling Crime Cabal) who work for them and their overall parasitical effects on the American economy and American Society.

These Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) entities which has parasitized America through the Federal Reserve System are nothing less than International War Criminals, merchants of death who continually commit crimes against humanity. They must be stopped cold if the United States of America our Great Republic is to be salvaged.

How can this parasitical mass-murdering monster stopped cold and their American Debt Bomb be de-fused?

When a nation is failing like the USA is at present, the normal thing would be for its leaders, in this case Members of Congress, to meet and openly discuss the actual root causes and what solutions could work. This cannot be done because over 95% of all Members of Congress have been bought and paid for, blackmailed, or human compromised one way or the other. Many have been financially compromised by illegal foreign espionage fronts for the Rothschilds such as by AIPAC and the like.

If any Member of Congress was to speak out truthfully like Congressman Jim Trafficant, they would be severely sanctioned and then murdered if they kept telling the truth. If they openly blocked a staged war effort they would be murdered like Senator Paul Wellstone was at the behest of Dick Chicanery.

If they were mild mannered about it they would be sidetracked like Representative Ron Paul was. They would only be safe if they all told the truth together as a unit and called upon the US President, the Congressional Police, the US Marshals, and the US Military and the Provost Marshals to protect them.

Representative Jim Traficant. Sanctioned numerous times by the World Zionists for telling the truth about their RICO crimes. Some believe Rep. Traficant was murdered by the WZs while working on his farm.

As lone truth tellers, they would be picked off one at a time as they have been in the past. As all Members of Congress find out you must “take the silver or take the lead”. That is accept the very liberal bribes which will continue perpetually, or you will have to take a bullet”.

These members of Congress have not only violated their Oaths of Office, an Oath to preserve and protect the US Constitution and the Republic, but have become part of a massive RICO crime syndicate that characterizes what the USG has become.

Senator Paul Wellstone. Would not buckle under to WZ leaders of either party, the Republicans or the Democrats. He and his family were murdered when their aircraft was hit with a ground fired high powered maser type weapon ordered by Dick Chicanery after the Senator refused to heed a serious threat from him a week before in response to his refusal to back an invasion of Iraq. Senator Wellstone cared about the common man and valued labor Unions. A week before his murder he was the lone sponsor of Senate Bill 3143, the Consumer Shareholder and Protection Act which would have resulted in the later massive exposure of the Bankster’s tricks to defraud the public and stopped some of them.

Complete truth broadcast to the masses is the absolute anti-dote to endemic USG corruption. When the masses become informed of the absolute incredulous evil and abuse the USG and its PuppetMasters are inflicting on them, this mass knowledge increases the “moral density” of the populace until it goes critical.

Yes, when We The People learn what is actually occurring, and how grotesquely evil it is, they will no longer be able to tolerate it any longer. We The People will then rise up in numerous unfathomable ways and will work on every single front to take them down and eliminate their power.

Americans must follow the examples shown by RT, Press TV, and other news services that are working hard to present the news as it really is, not as a Ruling Crime Cabal (RCC) propaganda operation for the Rothschild Banksters like the CMMM does in America.

The Federal Reserve System must be recognized for what it is, a part of a large criminal Banking Cartel run out of the City of London by the Rothschild World Zionist Banksters.

Yes, the Federal Reserve System must be identified as the Root Cause of all the current economic and social problems inside America and much of the World and the major instigator of all Wars and Mass death which are accompanied by horrendous maimings and incredible human suffering.

It must be viewed as a large RICO crime syndicate, a monstrous parasite that is responsible for all the millions of deaths and maimings of wonderful American Soldiers sent into their staged, engineered wars for profits like WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and all the Mideast Wars for Israel and the WZs.

Nearly the whole World has figured this out and is now turning against America and the regimes it has supported like Israel. If Americans and their elected officials do not wake up, the whole world will eventually declare a covert war on America and make sure one way or another that America become irrelevant and isolated. Unless this course of events is quickly reversed America is going to become a radically depopulated Third World nation of the likes of Mexico.

What are the specific crimes these foreign based Banksters, and their associates and Kingpins and Cutouts including the BCC and the IZCS have committed inside America?

All Perps must be arrested and tried with public televised trials in a military court inside America or alternatively an International Court of the World, perhaps at Nuremberg.

Many Europeans are tired of having all the fruits of their labor stolen and being asset stripped by these international banking parasites, so they too are highly motivated to see these Perps brought to Justice in a suitable court of International Law.

Here is a list of the Bankster’s Crimes and the crimes of their Kingpins, Cutouts and Associates (note: These Bankster Perps and their associates in the BCC, IZCS, top leaders of the secret CIA and DHS  and are the worst, biggest criminals in history but have stayed hidden behind a veil of power, secrecy, wealth, status and privilege until now. Thanks to the Worldwide Internet all truth is coming out and we are now seeing the End of Secrecy for good):

1. Massive Counterfeiting and the creation of a worldwide Debt Bomb. Punishment upon conviction >>> 20 years to life with all assets seized and clawed back to be distributed to those defrauded by their crimes.

2. Other RICO crimes including bribery of Members of Congress, Judges and USG Officials, murders of whistle-blowers ordered and paid-for, money structuring, tax evasion, blackmail and coercion, bust-outs, various bank related scams such as the S&L crises, Enron and the Mortgage Bubble and Derivatives fraud, asset stripping of Americans through fraudulent taxation and money-manipulation and charging onerous, pernicious interest for counterfeit money. Punishment upon conviction >>> Life imprisonment to Capital Punishment (Public Execution by hanging by the neck until dead) with all assets gained seized and clawed back to be distributed to survivors of their crimes.

3. Mass-murder through coerced, induced and paid for Wars. Punishment upon conviction >>> Capital Punishment (Public Execution by hanging by the neck until dead) with all assets seized and clawed back to be distributed to survivors of their crimes.

4. Crimes against humanity including coercion of Terrorism, economic depressions, major state financial and economic engineering used to create Bolshevism and various forms of Fascism, coercing the torture and hunting of children and human sacrifice of children (documented by Kevin Annett and numerous others, e.g. the Marc Dutroux and associated “Royalty Crimes” of the Old Black European Nobility). Punishment upon conviction >>> Capital Punishment (Public Execution by hanging by the neck until dead) with all assets seized and clawed back to be distributed to survivors of their crimes.

4. Conspiring to attack America with stolen decommissioned nuclear weapons on 9/11/01 and to bomb the Murrah Building. Punishment upon conviction >>> Capital Punishment (Public Execution by hanging by the neck until dead) with all assets seized and clawed back to be distributed to survivors of their crimes.

5. Nuclear Blackmail. Threatening to ignite any of the 25 additional nukes planted inside America by the Bankster’s Cutouts (threats of activating the Samson option), thereby Blackmailing the US Administration to allow their Cutouts (the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens) to consolidate all American law Enforcement, the Alphabets and Intel into Homeland Security, a Rothschild controlled World Zionist occupying army inside America set up to harass, tyrannize, terrorize, disarm, intern and mass-murder most Americans. Punishment upon conviction >>> Capital Punishment (Public Execution by hanging by the neck until dead) with all assets seized and clawed back to be distributed to survivors of their crimes.

6. Treason. Being an American Citizen or a Dual or Triple Citizen and engaging in espionage to control, manipulate, coerce or destroy the USA or any of its Institutions. Punishment upon conviction >>> Capital Punishment (Public Execution by hanging by the neck until dead) with all assets seized and clawed back to be distributed to survivors of their crimes.

7. Sedition. Being and American Citizen or a Dual or Triple Citizen and conspiring or working to destroy the USA, it’s Constitution, Bill of Rights, Rule of Law, Culture, Language, Morality, Borders or its Unity. Punishment upon conviction >>> Capital Punishment (Public Execution by hanging by the neck until dead) with all assets seized and clawed back to be distributed to survivors of their crimes.

8. Numerous other major felonies which will become apparent when the NSA is surrounded and sacked by either the First or fifth US Army and all their files which were illegally obtained are released in full on the Worldwide Internet for all to examine. Minimum Punishment upon conviction >>> 20 years to life with all assets seized and clawed back to be distributed to survivors of their crimes (if murders are uncovered, prosecution  and upon conviction >>> Capital Punishment (Public Execution by hanging by the neck until dead) with all assets seized and clawed back to be distributed to survivors of their crimes.

Until all these major Rothschild Associated Bankster Perps are prosecuted and punished (which is the only way to stop them cold other than secret executive actions with extreme prejudice, or other types of secret executions like they have done so many of toward whistle-blowers), no one in the World will ever be safe from their evil.

At some point the US Military High Command has a Constitutional Duty to Intercede and free America from this parasitical occupation by a foreign based Banking Power and their PuppetMasters and Cutouts.

Leaving Vietnam. This whole war was completely unnecessary and was a planned part of the Banksters betrayal of Chiang Kai-Shek to place of Mao the Bolshhevik in power which resulted in over 100 million dead innocent Chinese Civilians and then later caused the deaths and serious wounding of many thousands of American Soldiers and Pilots in the staged Korean War and then the Vietnam War. The blood and suffering of so many American Korean and Vietnam Vets cries out for revenge. These soldiers and Pilots were America’s best and died and suffered for only the Banksters, and most have been treated poorly upon their return to Civilian Life. The Rothschild Banksters love Bolshevism and created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to serve as their own private Bolshevik Occupying force inside America. As Americans are waking up to this sad reality, many forces are now converging to force the permanent elimination of DHS and anything else like it run by the Rothschild Banksters inside the United States of America.
Leaving Vietnam. This whole war was completely unnecessary and was a planned part of the Banksters betrayal of Chiang Kai-Shek to place Mao the Bolshhevik in power which resulted in over 100 million dead innocent Chinese Civilians and then later caused the deaths and serious wounding of many thousands of American Soldiers and Pilots in the staged Korean War and then the Vietnam War. The blood and suffering of so many American Korean and Vietnam Vets cries out for revenge. These soldiers and Pilots were America’s best and died and suffered for only the Banksters, and most of the wounded and disabled have been treated poorly upon their return to Civilian Life. The Rothschild Banksters love Bolshevism and created the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to serve as their own private Bolshevik Occupying force inside America. As Americans are waking up to this sad reality, many forces are now converging for the permanent elimination of DHS and anything else like it run by the Rothschild Banksters inside the United States of America, including the FBI which has been a classic tool of grossly illegal political oppression of the Banksters.

Things may soon get so chaotic and unwound in America that the US Military may step in and exercise it’s Constitutional Right to take over if there is reasonable cause to assume that the USG American Command and Control (aka Congress) has been decapitated from control, that is if they have iron clad Intel that Congress has been completely compromised by a foreign power.

Which actually is what has happened because the the Rothschild’s main action-agent, Israel has hijacked the US Congress through AIPAC and also hijacked the whole Republican Party through the Bush Crime Cabal.

When the US Military High Command fully realizes this and has collected sufficient evidence, we may see some sanity and honesty restored to the USG. This could be followed by large arrests of agents of foreign espionage inside America along with massive RICO arrests related to the Criminal Federal Reserve System and their PuppetMasters and Cutouts.

And when the US Military High Command does take over, and it’s only a matter of time, the first things they need to do is arrest and prosecute all who are major perpetrators in the major overlapping RICO Crime Syndicates, the illegal & Unconstitutional Federal Reserve System, the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC) and the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

As many now realize the Federal Reserve Bank and the CMMM are functioning as illegal Monopolies and criminal Cartels and must be prosecuted and completely broken up under existing anti-trust laws which are not now enforced because of a completely compromised US Department of Justice and many crooked, bought off federal Judges including five corrupted, bought-off Supreme Court Judges. And as more and more are now realizing the US Supreme Court is a fraud, a political creation of Congress and is not the final Court of the land.

The actual Final Court of the Land is the US Federal District Circuit Court of Appeals located in Washington DC, which was originally set up as a traveling Court. Like the private Federal Reserve System and its collection Agency the IRS (both private Corporations owned by the Banksters), the US Supreme Court is a complete fraud upon the American People and enforced only by the power of the USG’s boot in your face.


We now know for certain that the Rothschild Banksters have been part of an age-old occult plan to promote their worldwide “sleight of hand, money from nothing” system perpetrate and manage wars and mass-death and painful human suffering in order to engulf the whole World in a massive Web-of-Debt aka a huge Debt-Bomb that they can detonate at will or let it self-detonate. Like everything else they do its deployment has been used to scare and blackmail those who run the visible, ceremonial USG and even much of the Secret Shadow Government (SSG).

Just like they used their 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America to blackmail the USG into allowing them to set up their own WZ Israeli occupation force inside America aka Homeland Security (DHS) staffed at the top by some of the most evil, sexually perverted individuals that ever existed, absolute monsters dedicated to destroyed the USA our Republic, our Rule of Law, our Constitution and Bill of Rights and everything good inside America.

A vast force of unimaginable Evil has been arrayed against We The People, all under the evil spell and control of the Rothschild Banksters and their Kingpins and Cutouts. They literally own over 90% of all Members of Congress because they have bribed them through massive campaign contributions and other perks provided by AIPAC and the like, with many being controlled and/or blackmailed by various sophisticated cover operations.

These human compromise operations included the Craig Spence/Senator Barney Frank White house and Pageboy pedophile ops, which were related to the Franklin Credit Union Coverup, a well documented CIA pedophile op which was completely covered up by the FBI during one of their most shameful periods ever. During this the FBI and one of its SACs in Omaha were directly linked to murders and false imprisonment of Children and adolescent witnesses. Hopefully the new FBI Director Comey will have enough personal strength to stop these crimes and route out the FBI Agents and SACs responsible.

About a third of the US Military is under direct control of the Rothschilds and their Kingpins and Cutouts and are fighting the legitimate part that is left of the US Military in Iraq and Syria in a secret Civil War being run out of Fort Huachuca, AZ by two “retired Generals who are known Satanists but one works for Fox News” with the help of two Senators, one a deeply closeted man who is very afraid of being exposed and another one who graduated from the Hanoi Hilton with the degree, Manchurian Candidate.

Yes, there is a secret American Civil war now being fought because ISIS/ISIL is comprised of a secret BCC/CIA army of Israeli, American, Saudi, Turkish, British and other Mercenaries who are attempting to con vulnerable mentally disturbed Islamics into being part of a new phony Islamic State actually run by the Israelis at the direction of the Rothschilds. The purpose is to keep human deaths up and lots of war profits flowing to the Banksters and their defense contractors.

If the legitimate part of our US Military who fortunately just happens to be America-Firsters does not act soon, the Debt-Bomb will be go critical and will detonate. The top Rothschild Banksters plan to go underground for a while and leave their stateside Kingpins and Cutouts to suffer and die from the pestilence that is likely to result. These folks are considered disposable to the top Rothschilds and have never been fully briefed as to their disposable fate. But even the Rothschilds have a surprise coming too when they find out there is a Third Force at play which no longer needs them. At that time Judgment will be delivered to them by a force superior to them in every way.

Insiders have reported that the US Military High Command is very close to taking serious action. For the very first time inside the UK serious discussions have begin questioning the Rothschild’s demonic hold on the production of phony money.

The Banksters world’s biggest con job is coming to an end. Too many of the public are catching on and questioning their motives and wondering why they are so evil and have not been stopped by governments of the World. Soon they will be stopped one way or another. Like the cornered rats they are, they may decide to detonate their Debt-Bomb asap or even try to start a nuclear WW3 as their final Samson Option. Every American that has learned about the American Debt-Bomb and the world most evil individuals that created it, the Rothschilds and their Kingpins and Cutouts, needs to communicate this to all trusted family and friends. The speed at which the American masses become informed can make the difference between the saving of our Republic or not.

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