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It’s Time to Strike At the Root

Yes, it's time to strike at the Root Cause of all the Evil that has engulfed the United States of America Our Republic and most of the World.

The American Debt Bomb

Potentially more powerful than any nuclear device that exists. So volatile, it could perhaps be ignited by even a small unexpected spark.

Preventing the Transformation of America into GAZA II

- What can be done to thwart the Israeli nuclear blackmail that produced Homeland Security & other abominations after their 9/11/01 Nuclear attack on America?

The Deconstruction and Complete Reset of Israel

World Zionists Have been Ordered to Cut Israel Loose. Systematic Deconstruction and Reset to Follow in Progressive Steps Just like with South African Apartheid.

Stranglehold on America

America is now held captive in a Zionist stranglehold in what has appeared to be an ever tightening grip.

World To Israel: Stop the Mass Murder of Palestinians Now !

Three young Israeli men are dead. Israel claims that they were kidnapped and murdered by Palestinians.

Can “We the People” Save America from Destruction by World Zionists?

The answer is a conditional yes, but it will be very, very difficult, given the scope of the current situation....

Alien Agenda IV: Alien Ultimatum or Final Warning ?

Several top inside sources, including Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff have claimed that a very serious message was delivered to Super-elite Oligarchs on behalf of a certain Alien ET group.

Secret Space War XV: Epic Fail, NeoCons Go For Broke

This article is written as interesting fiction for entertainment purposes only...

You Are The Enemy

There is now a New American War. It is inside America. It is called the "War on Terror". The enemy is YOU! It is a staged, Phony War that has been created by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

Secret Space War VI: Dead Humans by the Millions, the...

Is DHS, the New American Gestapo, now being morphed into the New American Cheka?

Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids

Who is the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, pulling the strings?

Killing America

There is a secret war being waged against America the republic by the London Banksters. Its Purpose is to destroy America and Fold its remains into a NWO Globalist One-World Government System.

The Great Imposition

Like a covert inquisition without the obvious torture and murder of the Spanish Inquisition, an evil plague has descended on America that is transforming it from a representative Republic based on Freedom and Liberty to an open air Prison Camp.

The Abuse, Abandonement and Planned Replacement of the American Soldier


The Third Force

Is this THIRD FORCE non-human or alien and are the major world powers being separately controlled by this entity in different dress inside each nation state's highest echelons of government?