Commissar Ehrenburg’s pamphlet urged Soviet troops to plunder, rape and KILL. This pamphlet was distributed in the millions among Red Army troops on the front lines of battle — men who were already intoxicated with hate and vengefulness as a result of over two decades of Bolshevik oppression: the collectivization of their farms, the confiscation of their grain and property, and the mass murder of their families.

Here are the final paragraphs of Ilya Ehrenberg’s pamphlet entitled “Kill”:

“The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word ‘German’ is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word ‘German’ strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day.

If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime. If you have already killed a German, then kill another one — there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses.

Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed.
Kill the Germans!… Kill the Germans!… Kill!”

And in another leaflet, this is what the same psychopath has to say:

“The Germans must be killed. One must kill them….Do you feel sick? Do you feel a nightmare in your breast?… Kill a German! If you are a righteous and conscientious man, kill a German!.. Kill!”

Ehrenburg, like any skilled propagandist with a penchant for revenge and training in human psychology, appealed to the basest instincts of his men, urging them to rape and wantonly slaughter other human beings at will. There would be no penalties for this injustice. It was all officially sanctioned.

Here is Ehrenburg again, rising to new heights of mental derangement, this time giving his troops the green light to rape and kill as many German women as they wanted:

“Kill! Kill! In the German race, there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, KILL, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army!”


LASHA DARKMOON: This psychopathic war criminal, directly responsible for the rape, torture and mass murder of 2 million German women after WWII, is now honored in Israel, his papers being lovingly preserved by the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum.

In his 6-volume memoirs, Ehrenberg openly boasts about being aware of the crimes of the Stalin regime, his own included, and actually admits that a veil of silence has been drawn over these matters.

He is buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy Cemetery where his tomb is graced with a crude, cartoonish portrait by his close friend Picasso. One cannot help wondering if the great Spanish painter was aware that his Jewish pal, who won the absurdly named “Stalin Peace Prize” in 1952,  was a psychotic serial killer. (See here).

The thought of being burned alive is horrific, but the thought of being burned alive because you are trapped in melted asphalt and literally stuck by your own disfigured hands and knees and screaming is worse.

What did you do to be burned or boiled alive? What was your crime?

You supported Adolf Hitler, the man who dared to stand up to international finance and the Jewish system of systematic international monetary and spiritual enslavement.
THAT was your “crime” and the crime of millions of others in Germany and Europe who were incinerated, melted, tortured, strafed, raped or blown into body parts by their own racial and cultural kindred in the USSR, Britain and America.

The core of the firestorms often reached 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit; the flames 1,300 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. A Holocaust in the truest sense of the word: a burnt offering of the Germanic race – women, children, refugees, POWs, the elderly, and even animals at the Berlin Zoo – to the Christian-Jewish “god” Jahve.

The truth is that this was the single largest burnt offering of human flesh to the Devil in recorded history. And for what? For what did hundreds of thousands of German victims suffer: international finance Capitalism.

And WHY? This is why: So that a few people, mostly ethnic Jews, could continue to make money from money and enslave millions of people in the process.


Eisenhower’s camps were designed with one purpose in mind: mass death. They were, quite literally, death camps.

Millions of German men and boys died from starvation, disease, exposure, heat exhaustion, thirst, and of course torture, slave labor, random massacre, and systematic execution.
After having served in the worst war in Western history, and one of the worst in world history, German men came “home” to nothing more than rubble.

Their wives, girlfriends, and children were dead, enslaved, mutilated, driven to madness, missing, lost, or had gone with the enemy to survive and prevent further systematic rape by Polish, Russian, and Mongolian soldiers.

There were very few “homes” to return to, so thousands of men ended their lives in despair. They had survived six years of horror and warfare only to end it all in the rubble-strewn wasteland once called “Germany.” Why? Because their own blood kindred in America and Britain — and even in much of Europe — had betrayed them: had turned on them to appease their Jewish overlords.

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Dr. Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles have been translated into several languages. Most of these can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker, but others on a variety of different topics—such as philosophy, religion, art, and poetry—will be found on the net. Because of her radical political ideas in regard to 9-11 and the role played by organized Jewry in international affairs—ideas that would alienate her friends and family and make them ostracize her—Lasha Darkmoon is forced to conceal her true identity at the present time under a pen name. The need for the strictest anonymity makes it impossible for Lasha Darkmoon to reveal her home address or telephone number to anyone; nor to accept the numerous invitations she has received to appear on people’s radio programs, to give talks and interviews, or to enter into audiovisual communication with anyone. She remains a strictly reclusive and private person whose only contact with strangers, for the foreseeable future, must be through the written word. Indian mysticism remains Lasha Darkmoon’s chief influence. Though echoes of her favorite poets—Blake, Keats, Baudelaire, Yeats, and TS Eliot—may sometimes be heard in her verse, Darkmoon’s work is marked above all by a lush exoticism and otherworldliness.


  1. Oh, what a pathetic attempt. FAIL! So what is your stupid staged picture suppose to prove? Anyone is free to make up any variety of stories and fantasies – no matter how wild and crazy from it. Soooo infantile.

  2. Proof? Aaah right. … and you, of course, have genuine pictures and/or films of the ovens in full operation, complete with people being stuffed in and of people being gassed in those imaginary “gas chambers.” Obviously, you don’t get it. Irrespective of the truth, it is the jews who are claiming all innocence, even as they are systematically engaged in a most cruel, sadistic and barbaric ongoing holocaust (a real one) in Gaza right up to the present moment.

  3. I would suggest you read the propaganda writings of Ilya Ehrenberg and Wassily Grossman, from the 1944 and 1945 years, they contain a lot of very disgusting passages that basically told the Red Army to treat Germans very badly in revenge. Millions were raped, the Red Army front line echelons, the quality combat troops did not do it, it was the lower quality rear echelon troops, largely from Central Asia that were the main culprits. The western allies were not innocent either, while the British Army was well behaved and had strict discipline, the US and French armies often did not behave well towards civilians, for instance, the US army had to hang hundreds for raping civilians, and this was in France, before they entered Germany; the French Army raped a lot of Italian women in 43 and 44, the North African troops were the main culprits.

  4. So Germany did not have SS and they did not kill millions of civilians in eastern countries? They did not commit Baby Yar in Kiev massacre of Jews. It was that brilliant white Germany that we need again? They did not kill a lot of Soviet people, they were not Jews, they were slavic white people. They did not blockage Leningrad and starved people to death there , yet they did not surrender. Hitler was a maniac and loonatic, yes we can talk about money poured into Germany and conspiracy how they wanted to use him against Soviets, etc. But fact is the fact, he invaded Soviet Union, which had its own problems, sure. But fact is the fact he sent his soldiers to kill and then they died.
    Moreover this article only could show caricature images of red army, which was not like that at all. You have no proof. Germany sadly is occupied by NATO and it is true, but for it to rise up and not to recognize Nazism, SS , Hitler and Gebbels as evil is another wrong. Shame on you guys, real shame.

  5. Absolute piece of garbage. 2 million raped women is the same as 6 million Jews that died. It never was. Sure there were rapes most likely occasional by all allies , but it was not systematic , neither it was approved by Red Army at all. One just need to know not, mind, values of Soviet soldiers to right this piece of garbage. To blame it on Jews is even more sinister.
    My grandfather was a pilot, bombed Berlin, stationed in Hungary after the war. Family man of highest degree and love for people. I knew him well. I knew his comrades who went through the war. It is all lies. Veterans Today is piece of garbage. Sadly. Even though they have some true material a most of it written by idiots. True test, if BBC makes a lot of material about rapes, they even make movie about it, it is for sure a propaganda designed to paint true winners over Nazism, like bad guys. Do you trust BBC ? You are just the flip coin on ‘alternative’ side. Disgusting…..Yack – goodbye. Need to filter your content somewhat.