My favorite movie line of all time is delivered by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Predator.

“If it bleeds we can kill it.”

But you cannot kill what you cannot find. Every predator, no matter how stealthy, can be tracked when you know what to look for. Then, sometimes, just like in the movie the hunter becomes the prey.

Cullen Finnerty

Hundreds of people had been looking for him — friends, family, and emergency service personnel. Helicopters had braved the driving rain, which seemingly came from nowhere, almost thwarting the rescue attempt. The rural community of Baldwin, Michigan, worked side by side with people bused in from all over the state to participate in the search.

All of them groped for answers as to how something like this could happen.

A call to the sheriff’s department by one local had even asserted that the man was being chased through the forest by Bigfoot. He was finally found by his friends face down and dead in a thickly-wooded area less than forty-eight hours after and not far from where he seemingly disappeared into thin air. His waders were askew and a trickle of blood ran down his nose.

An autopsy done the next day determined that he had a “slightly enlarged heart and slightly cloudy lungs”, but “no trauma to the body at all”. Months later, the initial autopsy, which found no reason for the man to be dead, would be redacted to speculate that he had died of pneumonia caused by inhaling his own vomit, in combination with a half dozen other absurdities(1). The case was closed, just like a thousand other cases like it have been closed before.

Cullen Finnerty was the type of big robust Irishman that the Midwest seems to grow like corn. He was a man who lived for physical confrontation, and he was so good at it that, after a sterling college career he ended up for a while, as a backup quarterback in the National Football League. The New York Times would eulogize that he was “perhaps the most successful quarterback in college football history”. (2)

At six foot two and two hundred and forty pounds of solid muscle, by all accounts, the staunchly Catholic Finnerty ran over defensive lineman and to fights — not away from them. By all accounts, Finnerty had taken one too many shots to the head. He was suffering from a mild case of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease prevalent in ex-football players.

Back in December of 2011, he had been in Detroit with some coworkers, when he had phoned his brother Tim claiming he was being followed. In that paranoid episode, the only time Tim had ever seen Cullen afraid of anything, Cullen drove 150 miles to Tim’s house in Grand Rapids in an effort to evade the FBI, whom he imagined being following him. (3)

By the time he went fishing on the evening of May 26, 2013, in the Baldwin River beneath the green canopy of Manistee National Forest Park, Cullen’s football career was behind him. He was thirty years old, married with two small children, and had a good job in medical sales. His carefully-concealed oxycodone habit was a memento from his playing days. His paranoid episode over a year ago had been an isolated incident, perhaps more likely attributed to overindulgence in Detroit’s thriving cocaine industry, than his imperceptible brain damage and medically-managed addiction to pain medication.

Cullen’s wife and friends had agreed to pick him up from the boat launching area at about 9.30 PM and bring him back to their rented cabin. At 9.27 she received a phone call from him in which he frantically described being followed by two men — one of which was twenty feet behind him, and neither of whom responded when he tried to talk to them. He then inexplicably stated that he was getting out of the river and taking off his clothes. He then hung up.(4 – 21:07)

His wife described him as sounding scared. Two more calls were made at 9.34 and 9.36 with Cullen again saying that he was being followed and he was nervous then hanging up. At 9.36 his friend, who was on the camping trip, asked where he was. Cullen replied that he’s not sure, but it’s getting a little rough. I think a couple of guys are following me. He then hung up again. During the last call, his wife was able to have him give her the coordinates from his iPhone. But when they went to the location, Cullen was not there.

At 10:37, a deputy responded, and it is at this point that the five-page long exercise in sentimental propaganda appearing in the June 8, 2013 edition of the New York Times makes a mockery of both journalism and the mysterious circumstances surrounding Cullen Finnerty’s death. The Times glibly states that the deputy “had a phone company ping his cellphone, and the results came back as far as three miles south and five miles north. Still no answers. Only questions.”(5)

Without missing a beat to even consider the cell phone evidence, the whitewash goes on to insinuate that Cullen died of a heart attack, mentioning pain in the left arm that a professional football player with too many miles on the odometer had been experiencing the week prior. The autopsy never even mentions a heart attack, not even the redacted autopsy.

Cullen Finnerty had with him an iPhone, which contains a Global Positioning System (GPS) transmitter that links to a ground station and then to several satellites. The margin for error on a GPS transmitter is fifty to one hundred feet. When the cell phone company pinged Finnerty’s iPhone, the coordinates that came back were for four different locations. Although the pings were within minutes of each other, the locations were 4.37 miles apart.(6 – 32:40)

The pings that the NY Times seems to find so mundane would ordinarily be good enough to get a murder conviction in any court of law in the western world. (7) Perhaps the NY Times just takes for granted that Cullen was traveling by rocket pack?

In order to get to any one of the four locations, Cullen would have to have crossed a paved road. If he had gone north from the campground where his boat was found, as is indicated by where his body was discovered, he would have traveled through heavily-posted and fenced land.

The area Cullen disappeared in is not so isolated. It is inconceivable that he could have eluded the hundreds of people searching for him — many of them seasoned woodsmen with dog teams — even if he was trying, for two days. Speculative hyperbole aside, the forensic and technological evidence indicates Cullen Finnerty, a man renowned for his physical courage, had been lost in limbo and scared to death.

Amber Rose Smith

In early October a few miles to the southeast, the summer of 2013 would end on a much happier note when two-year-old Amber Rose Smith vanished from in front of her home on East 13 Mile Road and Cottonwood Avenue. Her father was watching her and had just stepped inside to use the bathroom. When he came back out, Amber and their two dogs that she had been playing with were gone. When he called to them, the dogs slunk back out of the woods, but there was no sign of Amber.

After a frantic 24-hour search by over two hundred volunteers and a hundred emergency service personnel, she was found the next day, almost two miles southeast of her home, standing in the middle of a two-track road and staring blankly into space. She was unharmed except for some superficial cuts and scrapes on her body and face. How a barefoot, two and a half foot tall girl wearing nothing but a tank top had managed to traverse almost two miles of some of the most ruggedly-forested land in the lower forty-eight almost unscathed and without being discovered by all those people searching for her was never explained.

Newaygo County Undersheriff Brian Boyd said, “It’s hard to imagine how a 2 1/2-year-old can survive that distance through the woods with that kind of temperature.” Temperatures had plunged down to forty-five degrees during the night. (8) He went on to say “there’s some that aren’t convinced she walked that entire distance. Maybe she was dropped off. Those are things we might have to determine in the future.”(9 – 48:04)

Richard Shaver’s Return of the Titans

In Return of the Titans, evidence was produced that Richard Shaver, who along with his publisher Ray Palmer introduced the UFO phenomena to the world, had learned his extensive knowledge of forbidden science from National Socialism. If the pun on the acronym of his name, Sharpe Shaver, and the Bolshevik Zionists’ panicked efforts to silence him is not enough, then his use of the SS religion — Welteislehre or World Ice Theory — to explain his art certainly should be.

The SS, Shaver, and Hitler himself believed everything Victorian science expounds upon about the history of the earth and man is a lie. They believed that the moon periodically breaks free from its orbit and collides with the earth decimating whatever civilization is on the surface and leaving the earth a barren orb of ice. Shaver said that these past civilizations have all left imprints on the faces of rocks, and he developed a process that he called rock art to clarify those images. Posthumously, Shaver’s rock art has made him an internationally acclaimed artist.

Shaver was an agent of the SS. He was no serendipitous prodigy, as he pretended to be. But there is reason to believe he may not have falsified his story about having been taken down into the hypogean world of the Dero against his will. He grew up in Pennsylvania during the early twentieth century. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has had more children disappear than anywhere else on earth. Missing children were endemic to Pennsylvania from the early to mid-twentieth century.(10 – 57:46)

Raymond Howe, Jr.

On July 16, 1946, nine-year-old Raymond Howe Jr. went with his three sisters and brother to a park just outside of Pittsburgh for a lazy summer’s day fishing and swimming. Raymond went off by himself to fish in a secluded lake and didn’t return that night. A hundred and fifty emergency service personnel scoured the park for him in the ensuing days and found no sign of him. On August 9, another huge search was launched with the same result.

Forty-one days after he disappeared, twenty miles southeast of the park, a man exercising his dogs came upon Raymond’s body at the end of a trail near a bridge. The coroner fixed the time of death at no more than a month and could find no cause for it.

Raymond had somehow managed to wander twenty miles in ten days through a populated area with half of Pittsburgh looking for him. (11 – 47:03)

At the time, Raymond’s disappearance was a major media event, even bigger than the disappearance of Cullen Finnerty. All kinds of questions were asked. No answers were ever given.

Missing 411

The strange disappearances of Cullen Finnerty, Amber Rose Smith, and Raymond Howe Jr. are covered in David Paulides’ four-volume work, Missing 411, wherein the inordinate amount of people who inexplicably vanish in and around America’s national parks is given long-overdue scrutiny.

Paulides, a noted Big Foot author and a police officer for twenty years, has gathered around him a cadre of retired police officers, search and rescue experts, and other professionals.

Together they have logged over 9,000 hours in research and examined over 4,000 missing person cases after Paulides was tipped off over four years ago by some park rangers as to what might be the most insidious cover-up ever perpetrated against the human race. Paulides’ group calls themselves The CanAm Missing Project. (12)

The only consistency as to where the disappearances occur appears to be a lonely place with granite rock in the vicinity (13 – 24:46). In the cases Paulides cites, those that go missing either turn up dead in a place where they are not supposed to be; alive but unable to describe how they got there; or they are never found at all.

Daming Xu and Jake Dutton

In November of 2007, University of Oregon mathematics professor Daming Xu, an experienced woodsman, walked into Willamette National Forest carrying only a bottle of water on a day excursion. His body was never found. In 2012, nine miles away thirty-two-year-old physical fitness and outdoor buff James “Jake” Dutton walked in at the trailhead near Cougar Reservoir for a three-day hike. His body has never been found.

“There is a mystery here,” Dutton’s mother Cynthia Boucher is quoted as saying. “Both Jake and the professor were experienced hikers on wilderness trails. Two grown men can’t simply disappear from the mountains five years apart.”

Since 1997, 189 men and 51 women remain listed as missing after trekking into the Oregon wilderness. (14)

In his April 2012 interview with famed paranormal researcher Whitley Strieber, Paulides relates an anecdote about two-year-old Keith Parkins, who vanished in April 1952 from his grandparent’s ranch near Umatilla National Forest in eastern Oregon. Nineteen hours later and over two thickly-forested mountains, twelve miles north of his grandparent’s ranch, Keith was found by rescue workers unconscious in a riverbed. His clothes were torn to shreds, and he was suffering from severe exposure.

In the interview with Strieber, Paulides asks the now unanswerable question of why rescue workers were looking for Parkins that far away from where he went missing.(15)

It may not always be a round trip

In Paulides latest book, The Devil’s in the Details on page 362, he recounts how a seven-year-old boy was found alive and well two days after and fifty miles from where he had been lost. Another eleven children, some alive others dead, were found twenty or more miles away from their vanishing points. Others were found in areas that had been repeatedly searched before. Two-year-old Arthur Leo Ivey was found the next day sleeping in a ditch by his neighbor within a half-mile of the home he disappeared from, after two hundred and fifty searchers had spent the night scouring the same area where he was found.(16)

Dr. James McGrogan disappearance

On Friday, March 14, 2014, thirty-nine-year-old Dr. James C. McGrogan disappeared while hiking with some friends north of Vail Colorado. He had a cell phone, food, water, medical supplies, GPS, and other tools. A fellow physician who was with McGrogan at the time told his father he couldn’t understand how his son had just disappeared from the trail. They had been close together the whole time (17). After a thousand hours of combined effort, search parties gave up looking for him on Tuesday, March 18, when high winds made it too dangerous to continue.

Three weeks later, Vail Mountain Rescue pulled Dr. McGrogan’s body from the bottom of an icefall four and a half miles away from the trail he had gone missing on. The area had already been searched multiple times. The press reported blandly that Dr. McGrogan had fallen off a cliff, but Paulides’ group using Colorado’s mandatory disclosure laws filed against the county sheriff and coroner for their post mortem reports on the incident.

Dr. McGrogan’s body had been found without any boots on. His boots in fact, although searched for, have never been found. Without any boots on he had somehow managed travel four and a half miles out of his way, on a route his equipment rental company would later describe to Paulides as insane, in twenty to thirty-foot drifts of snow in spite of having a cell phone and a GPS.(18 – 1:12:32)

When people are recovered, dead or alive, missing articles of clothing, with footwear being the most frequent (19 – 20.04), are a constant. The dead are almost always found face down. (20 – 24:18)

Violent storms seem to arise out of nowhere, with the calculated intention of stymieing the rescuers (21 – 14:00). Search dogs are useless, and in some cases, have even laid down refusing to follow scent trails (22 – 28:53). Those that are recovered alive are invariably in a dazed state and cannot recount coherently what happened to them.

Most report blacking out right before the vanishing event, with some not even remembering how they left the house. In his September 2012 interview with Strieber, Paulides relates tales told by women who were chased by men on the Appalachian Trail. They are not clear in their descriptions, but one woman said she was chased for three days. She dumped her backpack and consistently hid in order to avoid them. For days, she saw no one else on the trail but her pursuers. She was unable to provide a detailed description of the men, nor give any real details of how she managed to evade them.(23 – 1:08:39)

Arteaga and Huff in the Ozarks

Right after that interview, on Saturday, September 22, 2012, 53-year-old Linda Arteaga and her 56-year-old brother Eddie Huff walked into the woods surrounding the tiny town of St. Joe in the Arkansas Ozarks. Huff was going to teach his sister backwoods survival techniques. Huff walked out of the woods on Monday and told their niece Shelly Friend that he had seen Arteaga safe on the porch of a relative’s house. It wasn’t until Wednesday that Friend and Huff realized Arteaga was still in the woods. On Thursday morning, about 75 volunteers on foot, horseback, and all-terrain vehicles started searching the area for Arteaga. They found her on the same day. (24)

Arteaga was unable to explain how she and her brother had become separated on Monday, saying “I thought he was hurt or something, so what I did, I tried to find help for him, but I didn’t know there was nothing wrong with him.” According to Arteaga, she wasn’t alone out there. She said “I would see people. I’d ask for help, and they’d act like they didn’t even hear me.” She described herself as being very scared and her plight as freaky, saying “These people were hiding in bushes. They were weird people, very weird people.”(25)

Some tried to rationalize her story by saying she was hallucinating from the berries she was eating to survive.

The internet media giant Daily Mail neglected to even mention any of the strange circumstances involved in Arteaga’s ordeal. Instead, they give the medical opinion of backwoods deputy Dewayne Pierce, who said that when she came out of the woods “she wasn’t quiet about her head.”(26)

The distinguished deputy’s diagnosis aside, Dr. John Sorg of North Arkansas Regional Medical Center (NARMC) said: “I suppose she could have had some toxic ingestion that may have caused, a hallucinogen, in other words; but you know, she’s been very consistent with that story, and today in her mental examination, she seems very oriented and appropriate in conversation.”

The Medical Director of NARMC’s Hospitalist Program went on to say “Whatever she experienced, whether or not it was real or hallucinatory, she clearly did experience that.”(27)

Reports of Large Bears

In 1868, a three-year-old girl disappeared from her father’s lumber camp in Northern Michigan. After enlisting the help of a pair of professional hunters, who happened on the hysterical search scene by chance, the men traced the little girl’s feeble cries to a dense stand of brush. When the men advanced on the thicket, they saw what they said looked like a giant bear burst from it and run across the river, heading for the distant horizon.

The men recovered the girl unharmed from the brush. She later told them that “Mr. Wolf” would not let her leave, and had eaten her hat from right off her head; although, he had also gathered berries and fed them to her. (28 – 16:42)

On the night of July 2, 1955, Mrs. Curtis, summoned by her distraught older children, arrived just in time to see what she and the children said was a was a huge bear cradling her 2-year-old daughter Ida Mae Curtis in its front paw as it scurried off on three legs from their tent in a lumber camp at the wild Kootenai National Forrest in Montana (29). On July 4, after a search by 350 backwoodsmen in heavy rain, Ida was found dry and safe in a crudely built shelter across a river, just 300 yards away from where she was taken.

Ida would later relate, to the best of a 2-year-old’s ability, being cuddled and comforted by the bear during the time she was missing. The Sheriff became so angry that he actually paid the Curtises three separate visits demanding that they stop telling their story of a bear abducting and caring for their little girl. He told them “quit telling that story. It could never happen. It didn’t happen and don’t say it anymore.”(30 – 54:27)

It was late in the afternoon on June 14, 1969, when six-year-old Dennis Martin ducked into a stand of woods on Spence Field; a boulder-strewn and windswept meadow high up in Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Intersected by the Appalachian Trail, the scenic tourist destination straddles the Tennessee and North Carolina border. Dennis’s bright red tee-shirt made him easy to spot in the dazzling sunlight as he circled behind the densely-tangled thickets of mountain laurel and rhododendron, all laden with pink and lavender flowers. The men shared a knowing smile as the boy tried to “sneak” upon them.

His father, grandfather, brother, some friends, and their father had lost sight of him for no more than 3 minutes before the search for him began. Within an hour, the mountain was crawling with rangers. The sky opened up that evening and dumped two and a half inches of rain on the park. The torrential downpours would continue on and off for the rest of the week, dropping three more inches.

Park rangers, dog teams, firefighters and police, students, boy scouts and hunters, all worked side by side with military personnel. By June 21, 1,400 people were scouring that park on their hands and knees desperately seeking signs of little “Denny”.

About a week later, they were joined by a contingent of 60 battle-hardened Green Berets, seemingly pulled right out of the jungles of Southeast Asia.

Special Forces. Choppered in to search for a lost child?

When the search officially ended in September, over 13,000 man-hours had been logged and helicopters had spent almost two hundred hours in the air. But a washed-out footprint halfway down the Tennessee side of the mountain, found in the early stage of the search but ignored, is all that would ever be found of Dennis Martin.

Late in the afternoon of Martin’s disappearance, Harold Key was less than five miles to the northwest of Spence Field and unaware of the growing search or the lost boy. He was sightseeing with his family on the Tennessee side of the park when they heard the ear-piercing shriek of a distressed child. Looking up the mountain, in the area where the scream had come, the family saw something bipedal and moving stealthily along the wood line. Then it melted back into the darkness of the forest. (31)

The incident was reported the next day and the Keys were interviewed by a park service agent and an FBI agent. It was then arbitrarily dismissed, with the FBI saying there was no way a man could carry a child and cover the distance from Spence Field to the Keys sighting from the time of Denny’s disappearance. (32 – video 2:40)

The footprint which was en route to the Key sighting was also disregarded because there were indications that other searchers had been in the area before it was found. But there were no children with them and the experienced trackers who found the print measured it and identified it as being made by the oxford shoe of a “little boy”. Dennis Martin was wearing oxford shoes at the time of his disappearance. (33 – video 3:53)

As did everyone else who recently covered the story, Paulides interviewed renowned man tracker Dwight McCarter who participated in the search as a young park ranger. But Paulides is the only investigative journalist ever to get an interview with Bill Martin, Dennis Martin’s father. Bill Martin has steadfastly refused all attempts by the media to talk to him since the time of the incident. He blames them for helping to cover up his son’s abduction.

Bill Martin’s revelations to Paulides make it quite clear that the disappearance of Dennis Martin was officially whitewashed. The FBI agent who had participated in and seemingly directed the Martin search ended up committing suicide. What the Key family had sighted moving along the wood line, and was originally mistaken for a bear by Key’s nine-year-old son, had something slung over its shoulder.

In his interview with Paulides, Dwight McCarter confirmed that what the Keys had sighted was carrying something. Paulides quotes him as saying “they buried that information. The press would never talk about it and the park service would never talk about it.”(34 – 1:44:17 – 1:47:09)

At the time, Bill Martin, contrary to a deal he had made with the Park Service to be kept informed of any leads on his son, only learned about the Key sighting from the press days after the federal agents had met with the Keys in private outside of the park. Martin then went to McCarter, and when McCarter asked questions, he was told by the FBI agent that the distance was too great and the time to short to travel it. Putting the agent’s reasoning to the test, McCarter and Martin walked from where the boy disappeared to where the Key sighting had occurred with plenty of time to spare from what was allotted.

McCarter also remarked in his interview with Paulides about how strange the arrival on the scene of the Green Berets was. They were supposedly training in the area, but no one could confirm where, and no one in the Park Service admitted to knowing anything about their deployment in the search. They just showed up in choppers about a week into it, carrying their own equipment and their own communication systems.

They searched on their own and refused a supervising rangers request that they work with the other emergency service personnel. They stayed for four or five days searching but never coordinating their efforts with the rescue workers.

Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), orders for military units can be requested. Paulides filed three such requests inquiring as to the Green Berets mission in the Martin search. He never got an answer not even a denial of the request.(35 – 14:02 – 19:53)

When Paulides sent the park service an FOIA request for their files on the Martin case the package they sent him in compliance made no mention of the Key sighting. When Paulides sent a secondary request asking for the file they had on the Keys the park service replied that there was no such file. (36 – 10:08)

Paulides carefully restrained law enforcement demeanor cracks a bit when he describes the media, as exemplified in Knoxville Tennessee, as being absolutely “corrupt and worthless.” Shortly before the Missing, 411 books were released Paulides group held a press conference on the Dennis martin case in Knoxville. It was attended by regional representatives of NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX.

Graphs and charts were produced and the presentation was lauded by all in attendance (37 – 1:47:20). Yet till this day the official story of what WBIR, Knoxville’s primary news channel, recently called the “biggest search in the history of the Great Smoky Mountains” has not changed one word since 1969.(38)

The corporate Medias obfuscation of the facts may just be the least disconcerting element of Paulides investigation. The Park rangers who originally tipped him off did so because they had seen a pattern of what appeared to be a premeditated dereliction of duty with the National Park Service (NPS).

Both rangers had been rotated to several different parks during their careers and each of the parks they had served in had made much ado whenever someone disappeared. But as soon as the attention generated by the disappearance subsided it was treated as a non-event with follow up investigations almost never done. Information, particularly about the frequency of disappearances and in many cases the strange circumstances they occurred in, was routinely withheld from the public.

The vanishings occur in clusters throughout eastern and western park systems and all around the Great Lakes. America’s central corridor is practically unscathed. Paulides initial investigation revealed that the highest number of incidents occurred in Yosemite.

People vanish with what can only be described as astonishing regularity in its sparsely forested boulder-strewn landscape seemingly devoid of cover for anything larger than a rattlesnake.

photograph of the map by David Paulides removed at his request.  as for why he made such a request when this is only a photo of his map used well within “free use” guidelines is another story, what does he have to hide and who has gotten to him?

Toward that end, we will begin sending the ferrets out to look into Paulides proverbial “underwear drawer” for what is hidden there.
Missing 411 Map

Working in concert with four other retired law enforcement personnel, Paulides filed an FOIA request with the park service asking for a list of people that have gone missing in Yosemite. The park service replied that they kept no such lists. As ex-law enforcement officers; Paulides and the company immediately grasped the breathtaking level of negligence required for the park service not to keep such lists and the unlikelihood of such incompetence existing in a federal agency of the NPS’s stature.

They filed their FOIA again, rewording it in case it was a question of semantics. The chilling response of the NPS western regional director was blanket denial of such a list existing at either the park level or the national level. Paulides quotes her as saying “we rely on the institutional memory of our employees to help us on missing people and to understand the magnitude of it at different parks.”

Paulides then sent her a letter stating that he was a published author that had requested an exemption. He was entitled by law to a list utilizing the resources she had just quoted. The park service responded that his books were not carried in enough libraries to get an author’s exemption and they would have to go into the archives and formulate a list and that would cost him thirty-four thousand dollars. That would be for a list of missing people in Yosemite. For the entire park system, Paulides was told he would have to pay 1.4 million dollars. (39 – 7:00 – 9:58)

There are rooms in coroners offices all across America filled with bodies and bones that cannot be identified. More than one in five physicians working in America’s busiest morgues is not even board certified in forensic pathology. In sixteen hundred rural counties where coroners are appointed or elected the only qualification necessary is a high school diploma.(40)

There is no centralized registry or database of persons who have gone missing in America’s national parks and forests or on land under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The NPS, the United States Park Police, and the Department of the Interior will not put on their web sites any information about missing people other than for the first seven to ten days after their initial disappearance.

After that period those that have vanished usually fall into the category of Missing Presumed Dead. There is no recorded account of their disappearance. The situation virtually assures that those who go missing on land under the jurisdiction of the NPS or the BLM will never be identified if their remains are not found in the area they went missing in.(41 – 56:52 – 58:48)

Yosemite National Park

Stacy Anne Arras disappeared on July 17, 1981. She was fourteen years old and on the trip of her lifetime horseback riding into the backcountry of Yosemite with her father and his party of a half dozen. In front of witnesses, to get a better angle for a picture she was taking, she walked into a stand of trees by their Sunrise High Sierra Camp. She was never seen again. After an intensive two week search, only the lens cover from her camera was ever found, still in the stand of trees.

After the NPS denied Paulides first FOIA request for the Arras case, he appealed and was denied again. He then got a call from the NPS asking why he wanted the files. Paulides asked whether Arras was a missing person case or a criminal investigation, to which the NPS agent replied she was a missing person case. The agent then confirmed that there were no suspects, and no one has even looked at the case in twenty years. Nevertheless, he told Paulides that he will never see the case.(42 – 6:49 – 9:48)

The Park Service answered Paulides’ FOIA request in the same manner concerning the case of 30-year-old George Penca (43 – 33:20). Penca seemingly vanished into thin air on June 20, 2011, when, after tiring, he fell behind his church group as they were descending the Upper Yosemite Falls Trail.

The three and half-mile long trail winds its way 2,500 feet up an almost vertical cliff ending at the tallest waterfall in North America. It may very well be Yosemite’s biggest tourist attraction. It is heavily-trafficked and is in full view of Yosemite village. Outside of plunging to one’s death on the rocks below, there is no way off it. A dozen helicopters, seventy-four ground teams, and six search dogs failed to produce Penca’s body, or any other sign of him. (44)

Jaryd Atadero and Bobby Bizup

Three-year-old Jaryd Atadero vanished from the Big South trail in Poudre Canyon, Colorado on October 2, 1999. He was hiking with a Christian singles group that was staying at his father’s lodge; a well known Christian retreat.

Somehow Jaryd got ahead of the party of twelve, and the last people to see him alive were two men fishing in the Cache la Poudre River. The fishermen claim he was still within sight of his group when he asked them if they had seen any bears in the area. They told him to get back with his group and kept fishing. Four teams of tracking dogs could find no trace of him, and during the search, an Air Force helicopter crashed, injuring its five occupants.

His remains wouldn’t be found until four years later and over five hundred feet above the trail he disappeared on, in a place only accessible by scrambling on all fours up a steep incline most adults couldn’t climb. It was tentatively blamed on a mountain lion, but multiple cougar experts brought in by the boy’s father said that wasn’t likely, based on the absence of damage to the sweater near the stomach and neck.

Strange scratches were found on the cranium. The forensic experts consulted by Paulides are unable to identify their source, but unanimously concur that they were not made by any animal (45 – 45:46 – 49:37). Many of the children who are found have been severely scratched on their skin.(46 – 1:14:47)

The search for little Jaryd was a media event right from the start. But according to Allyn Atadero, Jaryd’s father who wrote the book Missing which recounts it, it was bad, if not deliberately, botched. Jaryd had disappeared in forestland under the jurisdiction of the federal government. Inconsistent with the past policy in the thousands of cases investigated by Paulides the FBI refused to get involved or even to send an observer.

During the search, the Atadero family was inexplicably threatened with arrest by the sheriff if they set foot on the Big South Trail. A sheriff’s official saw fit to tell the already distraught Allyn that his son’s body was beneath the freezing waters of the river and wouldn’t be found for four years.

When Allyn checked what the dog handlers were using as an example of Jaryd’s scent he found it was a pair of his own shorts. When he asked how they could mistake a grown man’s shorts for a three-year-olds the man in charge of the search and rescue operation became annoyed and threatened to call it off right then and there. Throughout, the sheriff and rescue workers maintained that the Big South Trail was the only way in and out of the valley. Allyn would find out later that there were several other routes.


Jaryd’s remains were found on June 4, 2003, by some hikers. They were lying out in the open. Allyn suspects they had been placed there to be found. The colors of the sneakers were still vibrant and his tooth was on top of a decaying log when it should have been submerged in humus accumulated in over four years in the wilderness. The sweat pants had been found inside out yet when the sheriff held his press conference they had been turned right side out for display to the media. When Allyn objected he was ignored and the sweat pants left that way.

The tooth could have been placed there by a rodent.

But there is no logical explanation for this sneaker appearing like this after being exposed to the elements nine thousand feet up in the Rockies for four years.

The tooth, cranium, and clothes were sent to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for DNA analysis. No blood was found on the clothing and the CBI claimed the degraded cranium only allowed for an 85% return. The identification of the tooth was also inconclusive because testing showed the DNA was mixed with other DNA. A DNA expert from Ohio privately enlisted by Allyn later told him the tooth was contaminated with more than one person’s DNA. All items undergoing DNA tests are supposed to be routinely cleaned prior to testing to avoid just such contamination.


Hair fibers that were found on the boy’s sweater were also analyzed, but no test results were ever released. All Allyn has ever been told was that the hairs were non-human, not a Mountain lion and that he shouldn’t worry about it. (47)

Many of Paulides’ readers have remarked that the phenomenon seems to target Christians (“religious” people) and military personnel. (48 – 1:12:18)

About twenty miles south of the Jaryd Atadero tragedy, a generation before it, and again in Rocky Mountain State Park, 10-year-old Bobby Bizup vanished on the evening of August 15, 1958. He was staying at Camp Saint-Malo, a Roman Catholic boys retreat at the foot of Mount Meeker. He was the only son of master sergeant Joseph Bizup, who was stationed at Lowry Air Force Base in Denver at the time.

In spite of a massive search, including bloodhounds and airplanes, the only sign of Bobby found that year was his bait box about a mile from the creek where he was last seen by his counselor, fishing (49). The following year, some of his bones and his hearing aid were found three miles up Mount Meeker, all the way at the timberline. (50)

On Friday, August 13, before his Sunday mass in Denver celebrating World Youth Day on August 15, 1993, Pope John Paul II visited the St. Malo Retreat Center (51). He was helicoptered in and spent two hours alone on the trail that Bobby Bizup disappeared on. (52 – 1:14:29)

Only on Long Island could a handful of well to do politically-connected dilettantes simply appropriate for themselves the choicest part of a legendarily scenic state park, mar it with McMansions that were certain to erode the ecological system of a bay vital to an entire nation’s food supply, then erect gates and use the state police to privatize their commandeered land.

I was there. I worked for Bob Matheson who owned the Oak Beach Inn (OBI) South when they forced him to shut it down because it was a “nuisance” having all those young people on the beach bordering “their property.”

To young people living on the west end of Long Island, the OBI South was the place to go on a Sunday afternoon or on an evening where you felt the need to see or be seen while having a beer or sipping a pina colada by the seaside. Thousands would throng its expansive dock, tailgate on its cavernous parking lot and mill around the beach it was built on, just to watch the sunset over Fire Island Inlet.

The Mystery of Shannan Gilbertchets_041

The Mystery of Shannan Gilbert

Long Island was different then, thirty years ago. Oak Beach was the personification of its seaside innocence and yearning for life. It wasn’t, in the words of Shannan Gilbert’s mother, “an evil dirty place.” Now, “It’s isolated. It’s desolate. It’s a rich community. You’ve got doctors and cops and very very wealthy people who live there. No one’s ever going to think that that’s a bad dangerous area. But it is.”(53 – 0:16)

Sometime around midnight of Walpurgis Eve 2010, Shannan Gilbert, a twenty-four-year-old call girl, left Manhattan and took the last ride of her life in Michael Pak’s SUV. They would have got off Ocean Parkway where the OBI south once stood and gone left about a half-mile down the pitch-black Oak Beach Road till they got to the gate and someone let them in. Pak, her regular driver to escort appointments, says it was Oak Beach resident Joseph Brewer and they followed his car to his house (54 – 2:32). Brewer admits to hiring her but says it was not for sex (55 – 27:28). Brewer and Pak’s stories collaborate and they both passed lie detector tests but sociopaths laugh at lie detector tests.

At 4:51 AM Shannan made a terrifying 911 call from her cell phone that for reasons that are unclear to this day was transferred to the state police who no longer have jurisdiction in Oak Beach (56 – 9:02). Although she was on the phone twenty-three minutes screaming “their trying to kill me” the 911 operator was unable to get her location. Two male voices that have been identified as Pak and Brewer can be heard in the background.

Shannan then showed up banging on the door of Oak Beach resident of over thirty years Gus Colletti. Colletti, perhaps not coincidentally, comes across as the only witness in the CBS 48 Hours news investigation who is not being disingenuous. According to Colletti, he opened the door. “And I said to her … ‘What’s the matter?’ She wouldn’t answer me. She just kept staring at me and going, ‘Help me, help me, help me.’ I reached over and grabbed that phone, dialed 911. When I said to her, ‘I called the police. Sit down in that chair. They’re on their way.’ She just looked at me and she ran right out the door.”

When Colletti followed her outside he saw her cowering under his boat in the driveway. He says “I could see a car coming down the road very slowly … would stop and then go a little bit. Stop, go a little bit.” Colletti ran up to the car and confronted the driver; Michael Pak, asking him ‘Where do you think you’re going?’ Pak replied that he was looking for Shannan and Colletti told him ‘Well, I called the police … they are on their way to bring her back,’ to which Pak replied ‘You shouldn’t have done that.’ Colletti answered ‘Well, I did.’ At this point, Shannan bolted from under the boat and into the darkness. Pak drove off after her ignoring Colletti’s shouts for him to stop.(57 – 7:07)

Pak claims that they had been at Brewer’s house for about three hours when Brewer came out and got him. When he went in Shannon was “freaking out” and accused them both of trying to kill her. She then went behind the couch and crouched down. Pak says he followed her and asked her if she had seen the movie Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. She replied coherently and at that point, he says he realized she wasn’t high.

It was then he heard the 911 operator on her phone and he thought Shannan might be trying to set him up. So he left. When he was outside he saw her run out of the house and tried to follow her. From there his story match’s Colletti’s. With him giving up and leaving when he couldn’t find her after pursuing her from Colletti’s house.(58 – 56:39)

The next 911 call came from Oak Beach resident Barbara Brennan, who says Shannan showed up banging at her door at 5:21. But neither Shannan nor Pak was anywhere to be found by the time the Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD) got there at 5:40. SCPD was unaware of Shannan’s initial panicked 911 call received by the state police and wouldn’t find out about it for at least a month. So when they didn’t see Shannan or Pak, SCPD assumed they had left together.

Two days later on Monday May 3 at 1:42 PM, Oak Beach resident Dr. Charles Peter Hackett made a phone call to Shannan’s mother Mari (59 – 31:34). Mari says that Dr. Hackett told her Shannan had been staying at his house in Oak Beach which doubled as a halfway home for wayward girls. Dr. Hackett told her that Shannan had been agitated, so he had sedated her and she had left with her driver.

Dr. Hackett at first denied making the call but after 48 Hours dug up the phone records he wrote 48 Hours’ investigative journalist Erin Moriarty a series of letters claiming he hadn’t said he had seen Shannan nor did he say he ran a halfway house out of his home. He was just trying to help. According to him, he had become involved after meeting with her family and Pak and Shannan’s boyfriend Alec, when they came looking for her in the ensuing days.(60 – 30:36)

But Alec did not even realize Shannan was missing until Sunday night (61 – 6:06). Shannan’s family only came to Oak Beach to look for her eight days later (62 – 4:38) after SCPD refused to take the case seriously and made them file the missing persons report in New Jersey where Shannon lived.(63 – 8:25)

In August, under relentless pressure from Shannan’s family and their pit-bull of a lawyer, John Ray, SCPD finally got around to interviewing Gus Colletti (64 – 9:14). By December they began their search for her and on the eleventh a K9 team working its way down Ocean Pkwy, less than three miles from where Shannan had last been seen, turned up the first body.

In the following days, they found three more in the same area within five hundred feet of each other. All of them had been asphyxiated, wrapped in roll-off burlap used by landscapers, and dumped haphazardly a few feet from the road in marshland bordering one of the most crowded beaches in the world. (65 – 11:26)

All of the dead were call girls, petite, attractive, and White, between the ages of twenty-two to twenty-seven, who had advertised their services on Craig’s List just like Shannon Gilbert. But none of them were Shannan Gilbert. The girls had all disappeared between 2007 and 2010.

In March of 2011, the remains of six more bodies were found by SCPD in the marsh’s bordering Ocean Pkwy between where the first four were found and Oak Beach where Shannan disappeared. Only one could be identified. She was a twenty-year-old escort who had gone missing back in 2003. One was a baby girl and another a slightly built Asian man dressed in woman’s clothes. The rest were women. Again none of them were Shannan.(66 – 25:48)

It wouldn’t be until December that SCPD would finally find the first sign of Shannan. Her pocketbook, jeans, and shoes were found just about in the driveway of a house on Hatch Way Street. A week later and about a quarter of a mile from where they found her clothes, less than a hundred feet from Ocean Pkwy, Shannan’s rotting corpse was found face down in the marshes.(67 – 33:29)

Unlike the other four call girls, two of which were dead longer than Shannan, the Suffolk County coroner was unable to determine a cause of death for Shannan. Case closed for SCPD. Former Suffolk County Chief of Detectives Dominick Varrone says Shannan died of “fatigue and exhaustion” after becoming lost in the marsh grass a hundred feet from the well lit and heavily-trafficked Ocean Pkwy.

Varrone insists over and over again that her panicked flight was drug-induced, and she shed her clothes because it is easier to run through razor-sharp marsh grass naked. The fact that he found eleven dead bodies while searching the area she disappeared in, nine of girls exactly like Shannan, doesn’t sway his conclusions in the least.(68 – 34:11)

Varrone also says that Dr. Hackett is not a suspect. Although he admits that Dr. Hackett might have made that phone call Varrone feels that Dr. Hackett is just a busybody who is prone to exaggeration (69 – 32:10). When pressed by Erin Moriarty about the nature and timing of Dr. Hackett’s call Varrone actually accuses the victim’s bereaved family of lying and then claims that SCPD did not know about the phone call till months later. The call and the details of it are contained in the New Jersey missing persons report made two days after Shannan disappeared.(70 – 37:08)

Shannan Gilbert was a resident of New Jersey. Her strange death is clearly the FBI’s case. She crossed state lines to commit an act of prostitution, which facilitated her death in circumstances that are more than a little suspicious. Perhaps they can start by arresting Varrone, if not for deliberately ignoring the best lead he had on the investigation of at least 11 homicides, then for criminal incompetence. All the evidence they need is right on the internet due to CBS’ crack piece of investigative journalism: “48 HOURS” UNCOVERS MISSING ESCORT SHANNAN GILBERT’S FINAL MINUTES. (71)

If that’s not enough; before the conclusion of this piece right before Christmas, Newsday miraculously managed to obtain a report on the autopsy. Shannan’s autopsy, just like a full transcript of her desperate 23-minute 911 call to the police, has been kept from the media at all costs by local law enforcement. Shannon Gilbert’s remains tested negative for drugs and parts of her fingers and toes had been eaten off. There was also a small piece of her neck bone missing. (72)

Back in September, renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, at the request of Shannan’s Family and their attorney John Ray, asked the Suffolk County coroner for Shannan’s body. Apparently they had seen this report or parts of it, and Dr. Baden wants to take a closer look at her hair and bones for drugs. He also wants to take a good look at her larynx and windpipe. Turns out the missing piece of her neck is the Hyoid bone. Coincidentally, a fractured Hyoid bone is the primary determinate for a coroner in detecting strangulation in skeletal remains.

Dr. Baden’s credentials include being the former Chief Medical Examiner of New York City and former chief forensic pathologist for the New York State Police. While serving in these prestigious positions, he participated in the investigation of more than 3,000 homicides, suicides, and drug deaths, including the deaths of President John F. Kennedy and the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. By law, the Suffolk County coroner must turn Shannan’s body over to Dr. Baden. (73)

The coroner’s office has now agreed to release Shannan’s remains to a Long Island funeral home that will turn them over to Dr. Baden for an independent autopsy but not before someone coughs up sixteen thousand dollars. They say that will be the minimal amount for a funeral, headstone and burial plot. (74)

All over the world people simply ‘vanish into thin air.’ The saying itself is a platitude. There are geographic pockets where it happens with alarming regularity. Some like the Bermuda Triangle are part of human folklore. Others like Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and America’s national park system are popular tourist destinations. Even when the missing turn up, no explanations are ever forthcoming.

Evil stalks the human race and evil with millennia of practice at remaining invisible. But if you know where to look you will see the footprints of evil.


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  1. In NY the state spent million of dollars looking for two trash man who escaped from prison, but they would not spend more than 6 days and a few thousands dollars to search for a missing child. Incredible.

  2. Lisa Cimbaluk was found dead…apparently they found her after an aerial search and spotted her body in the partially frozen Big Bear Lake. No other details available at this time.

  3. Regina:”Bliss machines” are not that hard to build.Research ixquick>alternate search engines>cymatics.That’s what Tesla was working on.As usual,we’re catching up. Been suppressed over the years by the laxative industry:-).

  4. [ Editor’s note: VT policy is one hotlink per comment. Comments just posting a link with no other words will be candidates for deletion.]
    A good starter for people interested( The_Body_Electric).And this leads to a very interesting subject about us and the universe(s). Consider this subject(

  5. Yep Michael and we also have the case of “Hari Simran Singh Khalsa” self anointed swami from Brooklyn, no doubt wearing Mike Kays neon lunch sign, found dead a few days ago in Tepoztlan Mexico after “accidentally summiting another mountain” within sight of his camp and being lost for four days with half of Mexico looking for him. Anybody who read this better make sure the people they love who enjoy the wilderness do too, or at least buy Paulides books for them. Otherwise if something happens you will have to live with it.

  6. I doubt this interview took place in 1899. Einstein had not even stolen his first patent yet. He was still attending Zürich Polytechnic and relying on Mileva Marić to do his papers for him. But never the less its pure Telsa especially when he talks about man being electricity.

  7. Priceless.So much to learn about this great soul.It is said there was a boxcar or two full of his papers at his death.Also.the red horse of Revelation(Russia) was given a mighty sword.Tesla technoloy?

  8. ” I no longer have Orage”. Sorry to hear that Jack.Also, thank you for the Shaver lead and his mantong language.Etymology is a pastime I have.Right now I’m trying to devote more time to paleo-hebrew(found in the Sumerian book of contracts) following it back to Sumer(and beyond).You’re probably aware,the Iroquois League was a matrilineal kinship system.Only bad mistake they made was regarding their immigration policy.Should have listened to the Mohawks.Keep up the good work.Shalom.

  9. Most welcome m’lady and thank you for the lead.Add it to the my(ever growing) list of reads.If I can make it thru Michael Cremo’s opus magnum,there’s hope.

  10. This comment actually belongs to the Return of the Titans, but fit in nicely here as well. In the Return of the Titans there was mentioning about a ‘bliss’ machine.

    Nicola Tesla gave an interview in 1899 and in it he mentioned that he became friends with Mark Twain. Mark Twain asked him if he could see the bliss machine, which Tesla made just for pure fun. You can read it here:

    Now doubt in my mind that Nicola Tesla was an adept into Hermetic Science.


  11. That’s awfully nice of you to say VFWARD! However, I am learning like you do and share whatever comes to me. This has been the path after 911.

    And thank you Jonathan for providing that link: if one is serious about learning the Hermetic Science, this is the book, it is a gem.


  12. Regina please do not diminish a single word you put to a page. You are easily capable of filling voids of understanding with your knowledge, thoughts and experience. Jack you and Mike Kay as always bring in to focus the perception of those who would see. Carlos and Don Juan began teaching me shortly after my brother returned from Vietnam in the 70’s. Our discussions brought my feet to this road. Now I see the same truths and visions becoming much clearer from others who share the sense of ongoing battle. The others, the energy vampires must be defeated on two planes, likely simultaneously. Dr. James and others on VT, and yes you too Jack, have proposed several approaches to handling the physical and there are apparently millions becoming aware of the ancient ways of doing battle on the other plane in which we all have a foot. Girded for battle here and there as always seeking peace to you all.

  13. Don’t be ridiculous Regina. You saved me at least two days and if I had to listen to Paulides interviews with Whitley Strieber one more time, with Strieber trying to sell everything from Communion ash trays to alien tie clips, I’m sure permanent madness would have been the result. I never got to that Franz Bardon book. This stuff is so labor intensive especially since I no longer have Orage to spoon feed me inside information. Some day, some day, maybe I will. What’s going on here is we have a failure to communicate which is why I wrote this piece. I really hope now that I have made myself perfectly clear. Nobody rescinded the Golden Rule not even Crowley even though he went through considerable mental gymnastics rationalizing its replacement with the law for the new aeon. All he needed to say is ‘this is a war one cannot do unto others as one would have others do unto them in a war. Therefore Do as thou wilt.’ But the ancient laws of chivalry, what makes us human, what makes us more than the god of Abraham, what makes us the spawn of the Goddess, must stand as long as there is time and space. We do not prey on children, we do not prey on woman, we do not prey on non combatants to satisfy our own depraved urges. Otherwise we are no better than the children of Ptah.

  14. This might be a run of the mill missing persons case, but I noticed that Lisa Ann Cimbaluk (35 from Irvine CA) has gone missing approx. 5-6 miles from where David Gonzalez disappeared (2005) from the Hanna Flat Campground near Fawnskin, CA. In a strange synchronicity, I camped at Hanna Flats in the last year before coming across this information on these strange disappearances. I think you could consider the San Bernardino National Forest area another hotspot. Jared Negrete (missing 1991), a Boy Scout who fell behind (last in line) also disappeared from Mt. San Gorgonio and was never seen again….that area is about 12 miles from where this woman disappeared. The area is dotted with old mines and caves and things of that nature…who knows what lurks below.

  15. Also,from bio-dynamics(Rudolph Steiner)we have water flowforms( is based on George Adams, Path Curve geometry.Yes,those Germans came up with very good material to stimulate your grey matter.Can’t understand why those Romans didn’t appreciate their genius.

  16. Excuse me Jack on that zio link.Yes,I know but should have made it more clear for folks that don’t know.Few tibets within it.They got rid of geocities and gave us wiki-puke.Follow the trail and up pops the magen saturn tribe.Also,this new format led to a double post,sorry rac. Talking to people who make a living outdoors there are other groups of sentient beings on this planet.Been some real close encounters of the worst kind.Has your sidekick Mr O showed back up?Hope all is well.A lighthearted tribute to Tesla(

  17. I have referred to this in the past before at one of the first essays of the Jack of Hearts. It is one of the four books by Franz Bardon. He came at the scene at the same time as Aleister Crowley and Rudolph Steiner.

    It is said that he was the reincarnation of Hermes Trismegistus.

    Franz Bardon was asked by Divine Providence to reveal all the secrets of the universe. (You can read about that in Frabato; his first book.)

    He did that reluctantly so: in four books, the book I referred is the most important:

    ‘Initiation of Hermetics’

    In it he describes the higher science, which is magick:

    We all have the capability to use magick if we choose and want to.
    The enemy sure does it with their, let’s call it black magick, although there is not such a thing.

    He also spent considerable time in describing all the invisible entities,
    non-corporeal if you will. And also the schemata’s which is literally something creating by the individuals themselves…….

    And that is what I think is going on here!

    I know for sure that “Initiation” is on line in PDF form. Please if interested look for it, it is there!

    At last but not least, you give me way too much credit, Jack of Hearts:
    it was nothing for me, equipped with a decent memory.


  18. Now we have reached the final perfection of the experiment launched by he who calls himself “God”. Three permutations of the plan to destroy Anthropos and the Body of the Mother.
    Success had bred success, and the fires of depravity now burn enshrined as holy, correct, and right in the distorted processes left to so many Anthropoids today.
    But there is a way out, a way to be free of the barbarian murderers and their two imitators. Thus the battle is waged, and thus the outcome is not yet defined. Thus does Lord Archon lean forward on his throne and urge greater speed to his three proxies of suicide. Thus is your job, dear reader, to discover where your Light lies.

  19. Still, this small tribe, capable of immense damage as it was, could not alone achieve the aims of destroying the Anthropos, and the body of the Mother. It required help, and so came the fires of resentment and depravity into the minds of the Empire. From the seed of the success of the barbarians, came the new way, which was the old way, with enough stolen to appear to be different, and a new message, meant to recruit Anthropoids from many different tribes.
    The mother dreamed, and the child ignited more of her dream with the flames of destruction.

  20. Yet the fires of resentment grew stronger in the breast of Lord Archon. His very mother had tricked him, and upon fashioning his version of the Anthropos, so carefully rendered from that glimpse of celestial reflection, she had encouraged his hubris, and had him breathe her stolen Light into this, his automaton. He knew then that this Anthropoid had every potential to surpass him and his brethren, and thus he lured the small barbarian tribe of the Anthropoids to destroy their brethren for his resentment.

  21. Lord Archon made a promise to a small, and insignificant group of barbarians long ago. He promised them the expanse of his mother’s body, if they would but follow his rules, and play his game.
    His mother allowed this, for she was dreaming, and in her dream she had not yet remembered the Song of the Light.
    Lord Archon achieved great success with his barbarian tribe. Soon they had fully embraced his rules without question, and they set upon humanity as the destroyers Lord Archon had always intended them to be.

  22. And I neglected to add that Wikipedia, a known Zionist front, insists that Telsa was insane. But strangely enough when it suites their slanderous purposes the Zionist will admit, as he does in this link, that Telsa was genius of proportions that dwarfed even the content of the paeans they sing to their patent thief idol Einstein. Before you tell me anything about the Montauk Projects better wait till I’m done telling you…

  23. Another link that you would find interesting is ( Ketchum shares her DNA testing results which are most interesting.Had a good career going until she got involved in DNA testing and released her findings(face palm).I’m of the opinion that bigfeets are not the culprit here.Then you have multiple stories circulating the web concerning those nazis and there secret bases,for example,( those “habituators” ought to ask them a pertinent question or two concerning……..

  24. Also, you might want to check out the following link.Dr. Ketchum deals with the dna aspect of bigfoots.Generally regarded as friendly by some indian tribes,others,not so friendly.Use psi ability to communicate.Has anyone asked them question yet?(

  25. Jack,
    I think one of the hardest obstacles for us to overcome is the tyranny of our indoctrinated beliefs. The simple question of what is possible has been redefined so many times that its practically meaningless.
    I don’t mean any of this in a new-age sense, where possibility serves as ego gratification and parlor tricks, I mean in the sense that radioactive isotopes can be removed from water, something that carries the potential to derail a large chunk of the control complex.
    Yes, when we were designed by the Ruler, and all of his brethren, who followed their glimpse of the reflection of Anthropos, we were given the spark, the luminous epinoia with which to overcome limitation.
    I don’t know if Paul Schatz found the portal, but I think its clear he found his way to the luminous epinoia.

  26. I think I have to stand pat with my last answer rac but you or anybody else is welcome to voice their opinions on Big Foot in this comment section. If I am using Mr. Paulides research and I certainly have here Big Foot is definitely in play.

  27. Thanks, Jack for your follow up. But what do you and Mr. Paulides think about Janice Carter Coy, Joan Ocean and other “habituators” who claim that they have in-depth interactions, relationships, and conversations, with Bigfoot?

    I think that in his book “Tribal Bigfoot”, Paulides suggested that the Indians talked with Bigfoot sometimes. By the way, Paulides infers that there is more to the Bigfoot story than just a normal animal, because he sometimes associates Bigfoot with UFO sightings.

  28. Maybe Big Foot is an Ancient Alien? What does Pokey-Man, the orange-faced pompadoured priest of high comedy, have to say about our hairy, chewbacci brethren of the Northwest?

  29. Very good rac the jaw bone and teeth of Gigantopithecus blacki in all likelihood do constitute the remains of “Big Foot.” But after that I don’t know what a Big Foot really is and neither do the National geographic circus clowns who pretend to know what Gigantopithecus blacki was. I can tell you that you are dealing with Magi most ancient who long ago mastered the power of illusion. But Francis Bacon already did four hundred years ago in the New Atlantis (see Black Sun Rising part 1). I can also tell you that a master Qabalist can make an artificial man out of clay. The instructions for doing so are in the Sepher Yetsirah. Coincidentally the X files also features an episode about that. Be very careful before you start attributing all these disappearances to Big Foot. Apparently that is exactly what Paulides and company want you to do. It wasn’t no Big Foot that snatched little Jaryd Atadero and then mocked his father while they pretended to be searching for him. And it certainly was no Big Foot that murdered a dozen people here on Long Island, of that I can vouch for. Yet the modus operandi is the same as in Paulides cases where Big Foot is the only logical suspect. Is that because that is what Paulides wants you to think or is it because someone is using Big Foot in the same manner as a master Qabalist uses his Golem? You decide. I can’t tell you everything. I’m not Morgan Freeman.

  30. Maybe Paul Schatz found a doorway out of here. The National Socialists certainly did, some of them used it too as we shall see in 66 part 3. According to Shavers narrative in Return of the Titans; in this solar system the earth’s aged sun is the mother of all radiation which is called disintegrances. These are heavy metals so dissolute that they only exist as rays to be drawn in by the earth and reconstituted as matter. Toxins suspended in the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink. This is the source of aging in the human body. Disintegrance or detrimental energy is the destructive force of the universe. Shaver tells us the Titans and Atlans had machines for removing these disintegrances allowing them to live for thousands of years in top physical condition.

  31. How’s that “Reader?” Was that superficial enough for you?

    What the six pointed star which frames the tetragrammaton so that the two proper names of god can be derived (see Behind the Bush 6) is really representative of is a cube . It is a cube folded into itself. Existence itself can only occur in a cube where mans eternal soul which is the essence of the Goddess herself is imprisoned. In Qabalism there are 3 mother letters Aleph (corresponding to Air), Mem (corresponding to Water), Shin (corresponding to Fire). The mother letters have the ability to transubstantiate to the letters in gods name Yod, Heh, and Vav and it is the letters of gods own name which he uses to seal the 6 directions of infinity to create a cube where all the limitations and misery that accompany this existence are possible. As it says in the Sepher Yetsirah;

    “He sealed them with His spirit and fashioned them into a Great Name and with this sealed the universe in six directions.

    He turned towards the above and sealed the height with I, H, and V.

    He turned towards the below and sealed the depth with H, I, and V.

    He turned forward and sealed the East with V, I, and H.

    He turned backward and sealed the West with V, H, and I.

    He turned to the right and sealed the South with I, V, and H.

    He turned to the left and sealed the North with H, V, and I.”

  32. Considering our previous premise, that a small segment of humanity asserts its control over greater humanity via manipulation and emasculation, it is not difficult to understand why such advances are consistently ignored and swept under the rug. Widespread deployment of such tumblers, and their capacity in decontamination, would go far in reducing the terror implicit with the favorite weapon of that small segment. Living water, when used individually, would greatly increase the capacity to grow food. This would result in less terror, less pain, and less misery-essentially emasculating the emasculators.
    So to you, “Reader”, here you go, a little glimpse into Paul Schatz’ towering intellect, beyond the Platonic solid.

  33. Yet the true genius of Paul Schatz lay in the field of geometry. All true scholars are aware that geometry was held by the ancients to be the language of the cosmos, and to this day, we call the five key forms the Platonic solids.
    Paul Schatz discovered that these solids, and specifically the cube, could be inverted, and this inversion held the keys to movement of the zodiac, and of water itself.
    From the inversion of the cube, Paul Schatz arrived the OLOID, a geometric form that revolutionizes his revolutionary tumbler.
    When his tumbler is combined with the Oloid, and the latter used as a vessel for water, the tumbling action changes the characteristics of water.
    This water has been referred to as living water, as it is far more potent as a source for growing plants, and healing the body. Further, following the direction of Rudolph Steiner, radioactive water and peat, when combined and tumbled together in the Oloid, results in water free from radioactive contamination.

  34. Working from the perspective that the world is emasculated and manipulated by a small segment of humanity, it becomes simple deduction to view the suppression of certain advances as an effect of the effort of control.
    For the most part, this control has been marvelously successful. Greater humanity has been more than willing to ape the dictates of this small group. However, at certain times, and in certain places, humanity has threatened to break free of this largely self-imposed emasculation and manipulation.
    One of the greatest and most successful efforts has occurred throughout the German speaking world. Jack Heart has, in past essays, illustrated directly some of the achievements and discoveries to flow from there, but there are others, specifically here, the geometrical genius of Paul Schatz.
    I cannot do justice to the genius of Paul Schatz, but since he was brought up here previously, and since it bears directly on the force(s) behind such things as disappearances, it behooves us to do a little examination.
    First of all, Herr Schatz was an advocate of combining art with math. In other words, he did not believe that one could have exploration without creativity, and structure. He is perhaps best remembered for inventing a mixer that combined both converging and separating forces. This results in a far more complete mixture of either solids or liquids. This type of mixing machine is used today in the production of fuel rods for nuclear reactors.

  35. Jack,

    Can we get please get a bit of commentary by you about Joan Ocean and her groups that she takes to meet them like CoJonesGrandes wrote about? Does that sound like it is for real?

    One of the interesting things for me about bigfoot is that we have not found bigfoot skeletons, unless you count the ones from 10,000 years ago in Southeast Asia. To most people that means that it is a hoax. But another possibility can be that it is real but not a normal, natural earthly mammal.

  36. John that area’s about as hot as they come but if you ask me armed with the awareness of what you have just read here and a good revolver (I’m no fan of semiautomatic hand guns) you’ll be fine. Paulides repeatedly states no ones ever went into his case files that was carrying both a personal locator and a fire arm. Don’t ever be afraid. Fear is their ambrosia that’s why they have turned the world into exactly what you see now.

  37. Anytime Jack…look me up in Southern California if you’re ever out this way. I’ll buy the first round. I never know when the next drink might be my last, so savor each one 😉 I look forward to your next installment, we need all of the information/tips we can get. I’ve always been fascinated by tales of the underground…as above so below and all that. At the moment I think I’m more afraid of what my neighbors/unprepared zombie hoards might do in a TSHTF scenario…a mother trying to feed her hungry children is capable of pretty much anything. Anyway, I digress. I hope I never run into these things, but I get the impression it may be unavoidable at some point. I feel I’ve got at least a basic level of training/body of knowledge and intend to leave a few marks of my own…those would be in addition to the stripes on my underwear. I think the human ability to think creatively, spontaneously under emerging circumstances, and use imagination are some of our greatest weapons. Computer systems can model things up, down, and sideways, and input all sorts of variables and spit out predictive analysis, but you can’t model the Human X factor, its kept us alive this long and I imagine for a very long time to come in spite of nefarious forces.

  38. WFW,
    Vielen dank.
    We are entering a new world, and in a sense we are already there. There is no map, no template for directing ourselves, other than those disciplines which have worked for humanity in the past.
    The Earth herself is changing, and it just may be that this period of intense change correlates to the teachings of Valentinius, to the correction the Valentinian scripture alludes to. However, Valentinius advised all to follow the ancient Gnosis, and to aid correction with your own light, right here and right now.
    The way of the warrior-priest is almost exclusively a Northern European discipline. Remember, it was Hroptatyr himself who taught his priests the songs and the runes, that they would continue his tradition.
    Oh, and Gnosis was not simply a phenomenon of the Levant and Egypt, it was alive and well in the Aryan lands before the servants of the Demiurge drove it underground.
    Best wishes to you, sir!

  39. Reader,
    Thank you for the antagonistic response. I was beginning to think that the internet had begun to attract some folks who had a genuine grasp of what was almost lost to humanity.
    Thankfully, you reminded me that banal bickering and egoistic posturing is still the order of the day.

  40. See I knew you were a good man when you laughed at my joke instead of getting offended. I would share a beer or a foxhole with you anytime Michael. I agree with everything you just said.The shoes I was going to wait for the next part to bring up but now that you have mentioned it I will say leave your shoes on if you are ever in this situation, which I have been

    The shoes break the ground, wish I had known that when it happened. I wasn’t wearing any. But then again it was about time for a showdown anyway and I’ll tell you this; whatever’s coming through that portal bleeds just like you and I. I never knew what they were myself until I read Richard Shavers work.

  41. LOL Jack, not a Fulford disciple either, but he is listed here on the Editorial Board-Staff as the Japan Bureau Chief. One of those head scratching mysteries I guess. I think Uncle Gordy mentioned he was associated with the Company. Since he’s still listed here I assume his nerosis has at least some basis in fact, or there is some other reason for VT to be associated, but I think I done smoked all my ninja and Ashtar Command hopium many years ago. I think we can sheath the edged weapons for now, but those psi warriors are definitely making an impact.

  42. “The Wicker Man” is another one worth watching… Funny they even showed a Moloch monument – quite fitting I’d say…

  43. H & M,
    Both of you are rightly concerned with getting rid of evil, however no human has the power to remove the Demiurge, or perhaps I should amend that with a proviso-not yet.
    It was the great Valentinius who saw that the time would come for our Earth to embark upon her own correction. Yet there can be no correction without the diminishment of the Demiurge, and the overthrow of this great Demon must first happen within your own selves before this can ever be a reality you bring to others.

  44. Reader,
    Excellent call on Paul Schatz.
    Herr Schatz was heavily influenced by the luminous Rudolph Steiner, and both were examples of that Aryan intelligence that is so profound, so magnificent, that the Enemies of humanity launched two world wars to extinguish it.
    Never forget that it was never simply the solid that Herr Schatz was transforming, it was the zodiacal motion, the relationship between the Ethers and the Earth herself.

  45. Jack, I’m looking for “Behind the Bush 6,” — and finding only “Behind the Bush,” and “Behind the Bush 2” (but can’t find 6).

    And I do want to read what you say about IVHH etc.

    Can you point me to Part 6 ? ? ?

    Thank you, and Happy New Year !


  46. Mike I have to second what Jack said. Your comments are always those of the adept warrior priest who is willing to pass his knowledge on. I too had a good laugh. One should not go into the wilderness without the heart of a predator: wherever that wilderness is.

  47. Ever been in the middle of a Mexican stand off LC? I was once. Two bachelor party’s of cops completely inebriated all pulled their guns late one night in the Café Royale pointing them at each other. Me and my 450 pound bouncer named, what else but, Tiny standing between them. What you need to do LC is put yourself in Tiny and I’s place that night, because right now you are…

  48. Thank you Michael. No doubt Benjamin Fulford and his horde of bloodthirsty Ninjas will attack from the other side and close the pincer with Lash and his Kalika Warriors; enveloping the evil empire so they may be slaughtered at leisure. Keep us in the loop, please…

  49. I lived in Humboldt County CA in the 90’s. Friend of mine was growing out deep in the woods on MT SHASTA and ran into something out there that scared the living $hit out of him. He was out there for weeks on end by himself. This was a man like Cullen Finnerty who was a scary physical specimen, strong as an ox that feared no man…worked construction all his life. Something chased & tracked him for hours off that mountain…he thought they were ‘men’ but I know better now. Jake had extreme endurance as he hiked all over those mountains carrying bags of materials. He could not outrun them and his cardio was top notch, he was in prime physical condition. They were just toying with him, like a cat plays with a mouse. If you’re not mentally prepared to fight these entities you might feel like jumping off a cliff to your death is better than being eaten by some scary perceived beast. Their projection of soul crushing fear and implanting of irrational thoughts are their primary weapons. As for some that are found without shoes…this could be viewed as a defensive mechanism. They may have removed them not knowing exactly why, but it’s stored in our genetic memory, its instinctive and allows you to ground yourself to the Earth and channel energy. Disciplined warriors don’t run, they turn and face their foe, declare their sovereignty as a Son of Man, and fight to the death if needed, surrender of your soul is not negotiable.

  50. Excuse me the phrase is reality is a etiological myth (dam spell checkers)

    If you want Muxia email me and I’ll forward, the box cutter conversation is one I can’t have anymore. If you still believe that you deserve whatever you get.

  51. Oh! I totally hear you with regards to the VT staffs’ bona fides, Jack – That was never in any doubt; one only has to listen with one’s heart and mind (~discernment) to know that these guys are telling it like it is. I was just pointing out that said friend was honestly under the impression that VT stories are just made up nonsense ala The Onion!! He wouldn’t say where he gleaned that impression from, mind you~ but, then again, this is a guy who still believes the crazy arabs with box cutters version of 911 and proceeds to get angry when the GLARING inconsistencies to that narrative are pointed out..
    …but I’m sure you’ve hear and seen all that before, yourself – been there, had that conversation.
    ….as for Paulides, was that early morning desperation expressed in the form of threats? Or pleadings!! LOLLL~~~ I trust he’ll sees sense and give it up before the inevitable Gordy-slap-down levels him for good!

  52. The emergence of the Kalika War Party is not a coincidence. These abominations are not going unchallenged and will be ultimately destroyed…they are a perversion of the Source in our galaxy and whatever role they were supposed to serve is over. There is no intent for negotiations, no need for further discussions, only cleansing.Targets will try to run, but they’ll just die tired. Their dreams filled with nightmares and restless sleep. There is no safe quarter on this planet. The ‘correction’ is in play. The KWP does not forgive. All accrued debts will now be paid in full.

  53. She can take him out whenever she wants Hamilto but she never will, not like this. She created him. She is his mother. That’s why in mythology Hecate never uses her powers against Zeus nor Isis hers against Set. Even in his own book the Zohar he admits he cannot exist outside of her.“With this woman are connected all those things which are below, from her body do they receive their nourishment, and from her do they receive blessing.” The trick is getting her to do it. That is the secret of the Mexican stand off we are looking at now and that is what my unpublished book Those Who Would Arouse Leviathan is about. In the Book of Job Yahweh boasts that “no one is so fierce as to arouse Leviathan. Then who is it that will stand before me?” But we all know that there are those among us, men and woman, who when faced by a tyrant are fierce enough to do whatever its going to take.

  54. Yea biggee someone or a couple of people wanted to go the route of the Cabin in the Woods twenty-five years ago. Its in my as of yet unpublished book (Mr. Wolf?). Maybe I should have listened to them. It would have saved us all a lot of trouble. But then we would have missed the best part of the trip, no?

  55. Right now probably the best pay off i get for all the work I put into writing these things is the comments you leave on them Mike. I’ve already read this one several times and I’m still laughing at the coda line.

  56. Dr. James if we disagree its only on terminology. You gotta remember something about me; I’ve been kept insulated all my life, even from myself, maybe especially from myself. I’ve learned so much from you guys, particularly yourself and Mr. Duff. There’s something you said a while back about the old guard wanting to keep their secrets and the young lions wanting the world to know. That keeps echoing through this whole scenario like a Ginger Baker drum solo.

  57. Cold Wind Paulides says in only about ten out of a few thousand cases were the guys armed and I guarantee you those guys were taken by surprise. Now that you read this you won’t ever be. Fear nothing when you walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Know that you are the meanest mother@#$@!^ in that valley.

  58. Everybody who has ever even gotten a whiff of what is on the other side of the façade comes to VT because they know it is one of the few places where they will find useful information. They all know it too, including Paulides. This piece didn’t have a hundred hits before Paulides started firing off emails each one more hysterical than the last. What he wanted is for the story to get dropped by VT and probably by Jack Heart too. Why? Because guys like him are a given a license to go places usually not travelled with the understanding that it is all a means towards ratcheting up the fear. It’s the same thing the MSM does but with a greater degree of intellectual acumen for those who want to believe they know something special. These fear porn purveyors are given a line and told to never cross it or they will suffer the consequences. He knew that line was getting crossed as soon as he saw this piece here. Hence his desperation which extended into wee hours of the morning last night. Anybody who doesn’t believe that is welcome to send me an email at [email protected] and I will forward them the email thread.

  59. Muxia its because of guys like you and Mike that I’m writing. I’m not out to save the world nor even appropriate a piece of it for myself; just empower a very select group. Then let them decide the fate of this world. I don’t care much for its present arbiters, nor even all that many of its inhabitants. I have to disagree with you completely here. If you look at who is on the board of Veterans Today, its staff of writers and its content, VT delivers more credibility in one week than the NY Times or the Washington Post does in ten years. The first time I read something by Gordon Duff a few years back my jaw dropped, not only that somebody was finally telling the truth but that they would live to talk about it after they did. The reason some of the articles in VT are really out there is because the truth is really out there. The first step in getting lost in Jim Morrison’s proverbial Roman Wilderness of Pain is believing there is a reality. As I have said before reality is an etymological myth.

  60. Hi Jack, thanks, for your response. One more question and I sincerely hope you are patient enough for an answer:

    One thing I don’t get, and perhaps you or Mike Kay could enlighten me. Is the purpose of these rituals to ‘bring azazel forth’ into our material plane, or something like that? If so, surely there must be some other ritual that can be used for the opposite purpose, to harass antagonize or diminish this IVHH.

    Is it really so one sided as that? The dark can have powerful rituals and we simply ‘live and let live’ because that is the nature of goodness, not to intervene?
    Can we not evoke some power thru ritual that might antagonize and diminish IVHH?

  61. Cabin in the Woods, Mr. Heart ?
    Demons, Titans, and blood rituals to save humanity….
    Thank you for what you do.

  62. …Wilderness is the immediate and unbending dance of Life and Death.
    The lessons of Wilderness are rarely simple, or blatant, rather they are subtle, but with a harsh reality that is both shocking and ultimately beautiful to modern sensibilities.
    One should never enter the wilderness without embodying the principle of dangerousness. When I am in the wild I am exceptionally dangerous.
    On the other hand, entering the wilderness with flaming colours and a neon sandwich sign that says LUNCH tends to get you what you deserve…

  63. My comment would not be complete without the reference to an overlooked aspect of reality.
    The Earth flows with life force, potential, and this potential tends to follow certain paths, like rivers and streams. It also collects in certain places, and is both dampened and magnified through certain natural and man made applications of life force.
    These rivers and wells were well known and understood by the ancestors, as was the link with sound and vibration. It is through interacting with these streams and wells that magnificent and impossible things occur. This interaction need not be a conscious event.
    Keep in mind that the control complex, the corrupt offspring of the cosmic predator, must prevent humanity from understanding its true nature, and what is truly possible. Thus the traitors of humanity work to keep humanity lost in delusion. There are myriad tools for accomplishing this, but the most oft deployed tool is pain. Another is the unbalanced weight of the sins of our immediate forebearers.
    The lackeys who keep the disappearances off the radar screen are servants of the control complex, and they are not your friend. The control complex serves the Cosmocrater, even as it thinks it serves itself.
    All entities are not evil, and all are not good, but there is a war going on, and if people remember that, things get clearer.
    Wilderness is not an evil place. It is the last place left where the image of the great demon cannot hold permanent sway…

  64. Hah, so Mr. P. protested. Apparently his ego and expectations were not satisfied. Funny thing about so many cops and ex-cops, and even cop wannabes, they live in a clique reinforced by their own delusions. For one, they really think they have all this power within society, but few of them realize they are just willing tools for a much larger agenda. Step away from this, and their power disappears.
    This is, however, a provocative piece. Thanx to Jack and the Guitar lady for the effort, and thanx to VT for the gumption to publish it.

  65. A very well researched article that is based on an incredible amount of verifiable hard to collect facts. I do not always agree with Jack’s view of what these incidents are due to, but his grasp of the facts and his research is impeccable.

    I know of a case where a young woman Park Ranger of a large Federal Park, was “Arkensided” in her bed by US Intel after she found out some terrible secret and was making arrangements to go public after reporting it to higher ups who apparently ignored her and then murdered her. I always wondered if she discovered a secret CIA arms depots (there were a number of them in the National Forests). At least one was filled with Russian and Czech weapons bought at the end of the Cold War and stored in one of these that I heard a first hand report of.

    Or has she uncovered a secret Satanic Cult who uses these areas for human sacrifice ceremonies (we know for a fact this has gone on and they prefer large forests). Or did she discover some Ancient Alien or Demon visitation site where vacationers or visitors were snatched for food?

    In any event Jack has it right about portraying the Police and Major Mass Media as cover-uppers. For whatever reason they are serious about keeping these missing person cases covered up.

    Its the first citation in Return of the Titans
    No Dero simply means detrimental energy robot Hamilto
    Azazel is the name of the Demon who rules over the Sabbath, making him none other than IVHH that’s the
    Hebrew transliteration for Yahweh, its what mystics call the Tetragrammaton. IHVH is Jehovah another Tetragrammaton, there are 12, one for each lunar month. Its explained very thoroughly in Behind the Bush 6, more thoroughly than anybody has ever put into writing before, so thoroughly that I will never get a magic mason decoding ring. Azazal is the name used in certain obscene rites of human sacrifice celebrated by master Qabalists, evil ones.

  67. Hi Jack,
    I can’t find anything written by Norma Cox who you reference in your previous work.
    About the deros, are they the same as Sasquatch? Do they all smell like sulfur…
    And who are Azazel and IVHH in your words. I’ve read a lot of your stuff but would like a simple answer. I’m asking a lot, I know, thank you for your patience.

  68. Well said, Jack and many thanks to you and company for posting the original article.
    …It seems to me that the VT site, in general, is too ‘edgy’ for the likes of Paulides and any association would be perceived as bad for his ‘rep’, which, I guess, is understandable since he’s going up against the ‘authorities’ frequently to get stuff released relating to his own research.
    ….It’s funny, though, that when a man starts bitching about taking legal action against another man for something ultimately trivial like the posting of an image, respect for that guy goes out the window – at least in my book! One would have thought that the attention would have been a great thing for his own work!!
    ….I had a friend tell me the other day: Isn’t VT kinda like The Onion with regards to content? Kinda like taking the piss with way out stories? As Gordon had said himself – or at least something similar: Some people just aren’t ready to know~ Keep up the great work, Jack! Love you!!

  69. Jack, the Sasquatch are not demonic creatures. My friend was in a private party led by Joan Ocean to meet them. I’d rather rely on what my friend tells me than some tale from a stranger.

  70. As a kid, I always felt uneasy in the deep woods when stumbling upon a witches clearing, and there is always multiple sets of eyes watching every step a person takes. Im interested in this mans books because of this article, I get that the research is difficult, the budget small, the pursuit of objectivity important, but if answers are what he truly wants, he would thank you for referencing his work.

  71. All the same Colonel if I see one its getting it right between the eyes. The heavy smell of sulfur reported to accompany the things should be your first clue, they are demonic entity’s.

  72. I think everyone needs to know that this post was taken down because David Paulides gave Mr.Duff and I no other choice. He started early in the morning demanding that the picture of his map be taken down and threatening legal action if it wasn’t. Mind you, for those who didn’t see it, its a soft focus picture that is all over the internet. That’s where I got it. When Mr. Duff complied and explained to his readers as he has above in red type set why the map was taken down Paulides again threatened legal action. There are some 4 to 5 thousand words in this post lauding that man and his work yet he choses to attack both its author and its publisher instead of thanking them leading me to believe there is something seriously not right about David Paulides. Which means neither you or I can trust anything he says. Hence the removal of the piece. I see its now been restored. If that’s what Mr. Duff wants that’s also fine with me. I did a lot of work on this and don’t write anything on any one persons research. I do my own and almost every anecdote was independently sourced by me, check the citations. The Shannan Gilbert part is strictly my own and I know a little more about it than I’m prepared to say on VT. I get poor Mr. Dean and Mr. Duff in enough trouble, perhaps my cousin and I will do a Sage of Quay radio show about it later.