Shock-Waves (Part II)


By Preston James

The shock waves of Gordon Duff’s speech at the Damascus Conference on December 1-2, 2014 continue to reverberate around the world in almost every Security and Intel unit, and among the world’s top leaders and diplomats.

These shock waves are generating numerous sophisticated counter-espionage efforts for the very first time time among nations victimized by state-sponsored terrorism; and these efforts are now directed at combating the true cause of global terrorism, the large Organized Crime Cabal (OCC).

The Historic keynote Address by Gordon Duff* and the follow-up Briefing by Colonel Jim Hanke** were in part captured by Jim Dean*** who took some historic video. Jim Dean gave numerous Syrian interviews.

Mike Harris**** also gave numerous Syrian interviews which reinforced and supplemented Duff’s content.


Sixty-eight different Nations attended the Counterterrorism Conference and 35 Nations had Official Representation at the conference.

The content of Gordon Duff’s and Colonel Jim Hanke’s speeches, as well as the interviews by Jim Dean and Mike Harris, were quickly transmitted to almost every top leader around the world.

For the first time in history, numerous acts of Terrorism from around the World were identified and ascribed to a large Organized Crime syndicate.

Here is the Transcript of Gordon Duff’s Historic Speech.

Before this conference, most of the world’s leaders and heads of their security and Intel apparatuses viewed terrorism as unconnected acts. However, Duff and the other VT Staff presented the hard cold fact that all world terrorism is linked to the OCC, directly or indirectly.

Gordon Duff’s speech clarified for the first time ever publicly to this important group of top diplomatic security and Intel experts that the root cause of the problem was not terrorism, but actually a large organized crime problem.

Duff noted that an organized crime problem this large has never occurred anytime before in history. He also clarified that this large organized crime syndicate is responsible for terrorism all over the world.

Duff explained that what is going on in Iraq and Syria with ISIS/Daish is not terrorism, it is simply ORGANIZED CRIME.

World terrorism is the work of an International Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) which has gotten control of the American Congress.

This is a large organized crime problem that must be understood at its simple root cause. Duff identified this large OCC as Israeli and pointed out that this worldwide crime is on a scale never experienced before.

Duff went even further when he identified those associated with the organized crime syndicate who are responsible for starting ISIS/Daish, and this included two American generals — McNierney and Vallely — and one sitting senator, McCain.

Folks are judged by the “friends” they keep.

The Citizens United Supreme Court case opened the door to the complete hijacking of Congress by the OCC. The court case was fixed and has had a disastrous result.

In various guest appearances on VT news reports hosted by Stew Webb, Duff has clarified that the OCC has been able to gain control over Congress in the last national election in November 2014.

This power grab occurred largely because the “Citizens United” court case opened up the availability of large campaign contributions, which could be made to “buy” and control members of Congress by foreign-based entities who have interests counter to the citizens of the United States of America, aka “We the People”.

The Republican Party took control over the US Congress in November, primarily due to the significant support of two Israeli organized crime cabal bosses, with money from massive human sex trafficking, prostitution, and illegal narcotics trafficking.

What exactly is this large Worldwide Organized Crime Cabal (OCC)?

3d230d44The OCC is comprised of three main divisions. The first is the International Zionist crime Syndicate (IZCS), an expanded form of the Meyer Lanski Crime Syndicate, which served as an active agent for Israel and the City of London Rothschild (RA-shield) World Zionists (WZs) whose power stemmed from the fiat money of the “Central Banksters”.

The Lanski Organized Crime Syndicate absorbed the Italian Cosa Nostra and was the action agent of the Rothschild-founded World Zionists operating out of the City of London’s private fiat Banking System and Israel, empowered financially by the Federal Reserve System, the world’s largest fiat counterfeiter.

The second component is the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC), which gained initial power under Prescott Bush (aka, Prescott Scherf), and grew in power over the last 50 years after it assassinated JFK, RFK, and MLK and hijacked about 50% of the CIA and a large portion of the US Military.

The IZCS and the BCC became joined at the hip and together have embedded many agents and/or assets in high US government offices and have solidified control over most members of Congress, the US Department of State, and the US Department of Justice. Only the US Military now remains independent for the most part, except for a certain sector owned and controlled by the OCC.


The third component of the OCC is the independent crime syndicates, occult networks which include the Temple of Set, the Satanic Church of the Process of the Final Solution (MI-6); High Freemasonry groups interlinked, while some are linked to NATO and Gladio false-flag terror, such as Propaganda Duis (P2), and various large industries, including aspects of Big Pharma, some large international defense contractors; and all drug cartels, many of which are joint ventures with the CIA, the DEA, and the Mossad, as well as other Intel agencies around the world.

Any large corporate group or criminal venture that has a great deal of money can buy or bribe representation at the USG roundtable of two-faced criminals via the 70,000 K Street lobbyists. Many lobbying funds are provided in secret to members of Congress and other USG officials in numbered offshore accounts, called “set-aside allocations”.

Current Republican Party chiefs are known war-mongers and OCC tools, so expect more new Unconstitutional, Unprovoked, Undeclared, and Un-winnable Perpetual Wars in 2015.

It is known that the lobbying money places the Republican Party primarily under the leadership of the OCC, which can easily actuate their known propensity to support wars to profit from its defense contractors and Wall Street banks. Do not be surprised if the new Congress seated in January 2015, pushes hard for more high-profit wars of acquisition for the OCC and Israel.

McCain-Feingold turned out to do more harm than good.

Experts now generally recognize the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act as bringing an open door to large out-state “issue-driven” contributions to elect candidates. This has resulted in the election of candidates who have loyalty not to their own states, but to the large wealthy out-of-state groups providing large contributions. But the critical and historically-bad Supreme Court decision of Citizens United has far overshadowed everything else and added to the damage to the American republic far beyond McCain-Feingold.

It is now known that five of the nine Supreme Court justices have been completely compromised by the OCC and can be ordered as to how they will decide any individual case if the Crime Cabal so dictates. The Justices should be immediately impeached and fully prosecuted for corruption.

“Anonymous” has now identified 30,000 Mossad Agents.

Gordon Duff has released another blockbuster factoid that is also sending shockwaves around the world. In a recent article on Duff disclosed that the Anonymous group has uncovered a list of 30,000 names of Mossad Agents.

It has been Anonymous’ usual pattern to set aside such data caches with numerous sources, who will be making data dumps at what they deem “critical times”. Intel groups of Russia, France, and China now have these names. One can easily imagine why it is unwise for the OCC to harass Russia with its puppet, “Porky”, through Victoria Nuland in Ukraine.

Israeli agents and assets are in a tizzy all over the world and are expecting the hammer to drop on them, and they are correct to do so.

High_Treason (2)The names of Israeli OCC agents and assets all over the world that deploy their false-flag terror will be identified publicly in Intel dumps all over the world, and much heat will be applied to them for espionage.

In this case, many of their crimes are capital and often carry the death penalty. Certainly, these Perps need to be identified, prosecuted, and convicted, and then hung by the neck until dead on a military gallows, just like they insisted the convicted Nazis be hung at Nuremberg.

Top Intel and security insiders expect the publication of this list to result in a coordinated effort to indict, capture, prosecute, and convict all these OCC assets and agents.

The covert criminal acts of the OCC have typically included real Gladio-style bombings, mass-shootings and wars — all the way to fake bombings and fake mass-shootings, like the Sandy Hoax FEMA/DHS Capstone drill that had no dead kids, no dead teachers, or no dead anyone; and the victimless Boston Marathon black-puffer DHS drill, with two innocent patsies, one of whom was needlessly murdered by the FBI. The FBI is historically owned and controlled by the OCC.

It is easy to imagine that Mossad’s agents and assets are pulling their hair out over this one. It is a well-known fact by Security and Intel experts that, once a deep cover agent or asset’s cover is blown, they usually get “burned” one way or another. Often, their own nation terminates them so they cannot talk because most will “sing” when offered immunity agreements. If allowed, this would quickly take it up the food chain to those at the top, who ordered these inhuman acts of terror on innocents. And now that appears to be a very unexpected thing is happening.

The OCC’s harassment of the Russian Republic through Victoria Nuland and the OCC-controlled part of the US State Department is “not too bright” an idea.

It seems that some entity seeded a sophisticated Stuxnet virus into a large power station reactor in Ukraine, which will make it essential to purchase even more than normal amounts of natural gas and oil from the Russian Republic. You can bet that President Putin is ready to help and win the hearts and minds of most Ukrainians by being willing to “turn the other cheek” and sell much-needed gas and oil to the Ukrainians. It is this kind of crafty, but humane statesmanship that makes President Putin so popular.

One report claims this man who runs a well-known WZ/Israeli espionage front is retiring in 2015.

Special units of OCC Agents and Assets comprise secret terror cells that set up and deploy acts of terror against innocent civilians to enhance the state police powers of those they control. We know that inside America, those who do the anti-terror training and the Israeli espionage front are the ADL and other Mossad/Israeli-linked espionage.

This Israeli anti-terror training of almost every major police department in America has created a “shoot to kill” attitude over any citizen non-compliance, rather than a “protect and serve” attitude.

What all this anti-terror training and Israeli-created and owned Homeland Security (DHS) has done is convert most urban police officers to agents of the Israeli State. This has transformed the police’s view of the citizens they are supposed to protect and serve to something similar to Palestinians — people to be harassed, tyrannized, abused, tased, gassed, and shot down over even minor non-compliance.

The Israeli anti-terror training and the Militarization of the Police are now producing extreme blow-back which will only get worse until the Police break off with their Israeli “anti-terror” training.

This incredibly abusive anti-terror orientation and militarization of the American police culture has begun to produce serious push-back as noted with the recent NY assassination of two police officers. There is a good chance that this will resort in numerous copy-cat police assassinations by nutcases all over America. This trend will continue and will become a popular copycat obsession among the disturbed who have been needlessly abused by the Police.

When police become agents of the Israeli state and act like Neo-Bolsheviks, they should realize it is sort of like painting a target on themselves, and many should realistically expect to be gunned down over nothing, shot from their blind spots with no warning. Sadly, typically the dirty thug cops, aka the “thumpers” or ‘roids who abuse the most do not get assassinated in the line of duty, but only the good police because they are a much larger proportion than the truly bad highly abusive ones.

Over time this militarization of the Police has tended to create a Police Officer’s view of the Public as “the enemy” to be killed in the police Officer’s subconscious mind. Much urban Police who work in large cities which turn into lawless jungles of crime at night feel increasingly threatened because of the numerous periodic Homeland Security reports that continue to smear many ordinary Americans who want the US Constitution and Rule of Law restored. According to one of the latest DHS Watch Lists of possible Domestic Terrorists, Catholics are the number one threat, Evangelical Lutherans are the number two threat, and veterans are the Number three threat.

It should be obvious to any person that knows these three groups well that they are in fact the least likely to ever become domestic terrorists. We now know for a fact that the biggest group of Terrorists living inside America are those who are members of the OCC, owned or controlled by it, and involved in deployed Gladio-style synthetic terror to enhance the police powers of the State.

And we also know that the FBI is completely owned and controlled by the OCC and works very hard to select retarded, mentally ill, and mind-controlled patsies and then provides explosives, weapons, and training to them and coerces or manipulated them to act out. More often than not these entrapments fail and the FBI is shown for what it is, a “twisted sister” organization that has no official Charter, no Official mandate, is completely illegal, functions to produce synthetic terror, and covers up the crimes of the OCC and abuse federal whistle-blowers like Mark Novitsky, and has no actual right to even exist (just like DHS).

Unfortunately, DHS is little more than an internal Israeli Occupation Force (Police State Army for Israel and the WZs) that was set up in an attempt to transform America into GAZA II, which would then become the largest open-aired prison camp in the World and would also transform the American People into the World’s “New Palestinians.”

Inside sources deep inside the international security and Intel community have indicated that these services all over the world are now abuzz with discussions about what to do to disempower the OCC. For the first time, a new clarity has emerged about who is deploying terrorism and staged wars for massive war profits.

For the first time ever a major lane change has now occurred in numerous Governments and their Intel and security Apparatuses.

5678Thanks to the hard work of the VT Team in Damascus, there are detailed discussions on how synthetic terrorism is deployed by the Organized Crime Cabal (OCC) to gain increased control over many governments. The OCC does the Terrorism, usually through Cutouts, and then asserts that it has the solutions and corrections by claiming to be the world expert on fighting terror.

Often the IZCS part of the OCC provides all-expenses-paid junkets to Israel, where a secret Koolaide is often served and consumed which can instill powerful obsessions and delusions to support Israel no matter what.

Many security, Intel, and top government officials are realizing — due to the disclosures in Damascus — that it is always the same folks who offer special anti-terror training and security solutions who have deployed false-flag terror.

These deep-cover Israeli operatives and agents who are doing espionage against nations are going to be identified to the last person by those to whom Anonymous has already provided such files to. You can bet that the files may be dumped by either the Russian Republic, China or even French Intel — or perhaps all of them simultaneously. It is believed that “the List” is now circulating to the Intel agencies of many other nations at this time.

All Secrecy is now ending, and everything will be screaming from the rooftops.

You cannot work for the OCC or be its asset unless you are notably Two-faced.

If you’ve been naughty, now is the time to clean up your act. If you are a member of Congress and owned by the OCC, stop following its directives. If you must, resign and go in peace and clean up your act. Security and Intel experts, as well as organized crime experts, will tell you that large organized crime or espionage operations cannot exist without absolute secrecy imposed.

Once this secrecy is lifted, the open season will be declared on these criminals and they will become attacked from all sides by an enraged public.

Deep cover agents of espionage and assets who serve the OCC are incredibly soulless and two-faced.

Once they are fully exposed publicly, their power will quickly erode, no matter what they try as a countermeasure. They will be fully exposed to Intel dumps by Intel and security units that are being abused by the OCC, such as the Russian Federation and Iran, who may have also gained the ability to crack quantum cryptography remotely in mere seconds, rather than days or months of computing.

One of the very first quantum computers
One of the very first quantum computers

Full exposure of the OCC and all its agents and assets is coming because the new quantum computers can hack any system by satellite without any direct connection. Enough said about this highly classified technology that the Russian Republic has and is going to share with China.

I know this will seem incredible to many readers, but don’t take my word for it, do your own research on quantum physics, quantum computing, and cryptography.

One last effort that is needed is for all the nations’ leaders, diplomats, security and Intel, and citizens to wake up and understand what the OCC is, what it has done, and how it must be stopped at every level it functions at. This is the recent disclosure of the horrific practices of the American torture machine done by the Bush Crime Cabal at the direction of the IZCS, who are very experienced at tyrannizing and torturing Palestinians. This US torture report is highly redacted and cleansed but is still quite nasty and indicates war crimes and spells out gross criminal abuse against humanity.

This report on torture ordered by the USG is available on the Internet for those who want to read a highly redacted version. In weeks to come, the real torture practices and murder techniques will be revealed and actual movies and photos will be released. As you can imagine, this torture matter alone will create a whole new worldwide awareness of the OCC and its inhuman acts and war crimes.

  • Gordon Duff is the Managing Director and Senior Editor of VT, a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. He is a disabled veteran and has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. He is an accredited Diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top Global Intelligence Specialists. He manages the world’s largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Gordon Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in numerous countries. Gordon Duff is a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. His business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology. He is the Managing Director of Adamus Defense Group of Switzerland.
  • Jim Dean is the Chairman of VT and wears many hats, ranging from day-to-day operations to the development, writing, and editing of numerous articles. He also has an active schedule of international TV and radio interviews. He has numerous contacts on the ground in the Mideast and provides detailed reports in his articles and on VT News Reports Radio. Jim Dean is also a member of the Military Order of World Wars, Association for Intelligence Officers, and the Senior Vice President, of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland.
  • Colonel James Hanke is a VT Director and US Army Special Forces (Ret.) Colonel Hanke is a Former G2 Third Army, NATO Nuclear Weapons Commander, Attache to Israel, A-Team Leader Vietnam, and a Director of Operations, at Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland.
  • Mike Harris is the Financial Editor of VT, a radio host, a former GOP Finance Chairman, a gubernatorial candidate for Arizona, and a Senior Vice President of Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland. Mike is an expert in full-contact mixed martial arts. His long-term expertise in such has gained him a lot of respect and the nickname “Iron Mike”.


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Social Psychologist with Doctorate from Major Midwest Big Ten University. Retired after serving the community for over 36 years during which time there were numerous contacts with those associated with Intel and Law Enforcement.


  1. When I said “If you really want to stop the crime, you will get off the anti-semitism kick…. not all zionists (bankers mules) are of the same religion.. religion is not even a factor here.” I was not talking about the writers at VT, but the COMMENTERS and people who read this article and come back to me with stupid comments about how we MUST support the banking cartel/Israel/war as ‘allies’. Prove to me first they are allies!

  2. I am SOOOO sick and tired of people who claim to be against the NWO but when presented with the info above, cry ‘anti-semitism’. First of all a semite is a genetically disposed person of a certain region, NOT A RELIGION. Secondly, this is not about PEOPLE but about a criminal cabal of bankers and the countries and governments they run.

    If you really want to stop the crime, you will get off the anti-semitism kick…. not all zionists (bankers mules) are of the same religion.. religion is not even a factor here.

    McCain and Graham and Vallely should be IN JAIL with Obama!

  3. No they are not hidden, I removed them and references to her. She has been making false provocative statements and comments here that have no relevance. She has had a nice successful career as an attorney for the World Bank, but when she makes statements about matters she knows nothing about she is clearly out of her parameters. Her comments have served to detract rather than help. Same for you. Why waste your time reading my articles and making inappropriate, just plain wrong comments that add nothing here. Write and publish your own articles in your own forum. If you have nothing positive to contribute here, make passive-aggressive or provocative comments that contribute nothing real, they will be removed.

    Comments made to provoke, mislead, detract or serve as misinformation will be removed. Same goes for known shills or shill, stooge type comments. Also VT is not here to advertise for others or promote others videos or websites.

  4. Historical Keynote Address in Syria ..ripple effect
    Syria’s UN ambassador Bashar Jaafari said in a letter to the UN Security Council that countries must take “immediate measures” against nationals who travel to his country illegally after US Senator John McCain, former French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner and other prominent figures entered the country without visas.

  5. Israel the nation according to the KJB is the body of God’s believers, not Palestine. It is not a country or nation. I have explained the difference between World Zionists and Judaics many times before, so you probably haven’t read many of my articles on VT. A recent John Hopkins peer-reviewed genetics study showed that 97.5% of the Judaic residents of the country Israel, comprised of land stolen from the Palestinians, have no ancient Hebrew Blood (genomes). But 80% of the Palestinians do and are the true Semites. Only some WZs are Judaics, almost none have ancient Hebrew Blood (genomes) and are best described as Teutonic Zionists or the “New Crusaders”.

    The Ten tribes were spread out all over Europe and the World during the diaspora, and the remaining tribes have some small enclaves in Spain and other places. The Israeli Judaics are actually Khazarians (Ashkenazi) from the Ukraine region. Because Israel will be Balkanized within 10 years and the Likudist know it, they are trying to establish their new racial colony in the Ukraine, but it is doubtful that they can succeed in this crazy venture.

  6. In the paper you ref., table S1 lists the top 50 control-holders, ranked by network control (according to the paper’s threshold model). They are:

    3 FMR CORP
    4 AXA
    9 UBS AG

    Are you suggesting that the Vatican controls all of these mostly US-based banks? If so, where in the paper you cite is this referenced?

  7. Karen… excellent points and true but your slight attack not bad but to imply that VT is diverting to root problems gives readers a view of division. I am trying right now for example to bring all of us God fearing lovers of our Constitution America that are all trying to warn America and the World together. We need to not allow the slime of the world to divide us because that is what they do. I am working on getting Glenn Beck and Alex Jones to stop there stupid bickering back and forth. We need to all stand united in our efforts. I give a rats aspen who gets credit for anything a divided house will never stand. Who am I … I am just a guy that loves his country this God given country the one that was set up in the last days as a beacon to the World. I know that our Constitution is a divine document and that the founders were the best of the best at the time and there was divine providence in bringing them together in the formation of this great nation. I also just happen to be very very very very well off catch my drift. Come on people its time for everyone to check there egos at the door and lets save our country. The pedophilia scum are beginning to be rooted out and the pure evil is coming to light. We all know the true war that is going on and it truly is a war of GOOD (HEAVENLY FATHER) through Jesus Christ vs. EVIL being headed up by Satin.

  8. Dr. James …. excellent work and you are spot on. I believe it would help us readers and people of the world if you would please explain the difference between Israel as you are talking about the Rothschild connection and the Israel as contain and talked about Biblically. The Israel that is about the last days Israelites and I guess I am trying to have you explain the difference between good Jews and those that pose as good Jews am I making any sense? Thank you
    ps. We know that there will be judgements upon those that attack Israel the Nation… help show the difference.

  9. what stumps me is so what if you know of this great crime syndicate and 30,000 mossad agents, how in the hell will you ever get to them in their underground shelters, DUMBS? they seem a move or so ahead of you. isn’t the bush crime syndicate mostly dug in under ground? they can fry the earth and kill most of us above ground. god help us. and thank you.

  10. I APPLAUD GORDON DUFF and his warriors for gathering of high profile diplomats and others for that historic conference , but it still remains to be seen if it will make any difference within the zio-cabal agendas , hope and pray it will , for humanity sake , so we can round up those schemers of the world’s enslavement and ultimate the behest of the most anti life and anti human of the Israeli masters and their whores..

  11. I do not have the specifics you ask for.

    Apparently more than a few very sophisticated groups of hackers (far better technicians than the best at NSA, FBI, Pentagon or Fort Huachuca) are working hard to crack all systems to obtain evidence of Criminal Cabal offenses. Some have advanced computers and software that maybe quantum based and are skating through firewalls and cryptographic encoding like a hot knife through butter. No one is able to withstand this hacking. That is why the Russian Republic now has every single NSA raw feed ever collected. Not a bright idea to “mess” with the Russian Federation because of this.

    There are also very sophisticated hackers working as “consultants” for various nations that have felt abused economically and financially by US Intel and the Banksters. They realize that public dumps of important organized crime cabal “damning evidence” of emails, files and phone conversations will fully expose this Crime Cabal.

  12. There were two psychologists who apparently set up the methods of “enhanced interrogation” for the prisoners taken to Guantanamo and various secret black sites including special ships. Despite some efforts to get the American Psychological Association to censure them or sanction them, I don’t think anything was done. It has been alleged that these men made millions for their soulless behavior that is contrary to basic rules of humanity. Obviously they should be included in any prosecution of those that committed war crimes and crimes against humanity like Bush2, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and all the rest which totals hundreds.

    Right now there are many who were involved that are holding their breath, hoping desperately that this whole matter will cool down and pass. I do not think that will be the case now since they have been indicted in Germany for kidnapping an innocent Islamic. Most Americans and most of the World wants these folks fully adjudicated for this torture and the associated murders which were redacted out of this coverup report. Many want these perps indicted in an appropriate Federal or World Court, convicted and executed just like as was done at Nuremberg. Some incredibly damning photos are going to be released.

  13. Have a look at this site. Scroll down the blue column on the left hand side of the page – to the very bottom. Then click on the word ‘Appendix’. Note the names and background of the players.


    This shows you how a country can be infiltrated, decapitated and manipulated to destruction. Obviously an awful lot of mass murder is required to do this.

  14. Many thanks to Dr. Preston James for the elucidation of the Damascus Report and the follow-on activity. The global effect of the transparency, that the members of VT have inflicted on the major evil cabals, will continue to expand and reap benefits for freedom-loving leaders of nations around the world, and the folk whom they serve. The world owes VT a huge debt of gratitude.

  15. Well now lets figure the reaction and response. Most likely “insane”. So, Gordon lets remember that our brainwashed people think of CRIMINAL in terms of fraud robbery and so on. Need to preface the issue by focus the attention to the fact that “some criminal groups” are beyond any human restraint. It would be easier to just call them “Satanic criminal groups” Need to let it be know up front that these are not people like we think of people, good or bad. They are beyond any human restraint.

  16. One more thing to consider. I predicted about two years ago that all secrecy is now ending. Have you noticed how many phone recordings and emails have been “hacked” and released. First Sony and now it looks like there is a threat to hack one of the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). First the FBI claimed the Sony hack was done by North Korea. We now know this was not the case, nor was it laid off employees.

    My best guess is that it is an Intel Group that has decided to secretly retaliate for attempts to surround it’s home nation and destroy its economy through sanctions. Many folks now want the CMMM broken up under anti-trust and espionage laws. There may be much more to these hacks than they seem.

    Any major hacking campaign which releases personal phone call recordings, emails and internal financial dealings is bound to bring them to a different kind of justice which always follows exposure of criminal acts of espionage, propaganda and diffusion of Big Govt Lies and False Narratives.

  17. Very good points here. Remember World Zionist is the parent of the Russian Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 and Nazism in Germany beginning in the 1930’s. Basically the Organized Crime Cabal is Neo-Bolshevism as pointed out many times by VT Columnist and esteemed scholar Jonas Alexis.

    Israel was started at the direction of the Rothschild WZs and was staffed by numerous Russian GRU and KGB and used as a Neo-Bolshevik espionage station. When the Soviet Union fell thanks to the incredible efforts of Ambassador Le Wanta the remnants of the Soviet Intel system remained and prospered in Israel. Israel has become what the Soviet Union was at its worst and is based on Neo-Bolshevism. Neo-Bolshevism is a very large death cult that specializes in mass-murder, child sacrifice, torture, fraud, theft, and a basic hatred of all human institutions and nation-states.

  18. I have this reference in this article as an active link. However I do not think this article lists the actual names nor has that ever been released before.

  19. Right now if my information is correct the Russian’s use of quantum physics is currently used in their new group targeting systems for missiles which are best described as coordinated navigating by “hived” control systems which employ constant recalculations and target corrections.

    There have been reports from credible insiders that quantum computers have actually been developed that are about twenty years ahead of what has been discussed publicly in the available research literature and are actually inter-dimensional devices which operate through special filters called Josephson Junctions and use entangled nuclear and sub-nuclear particles which themselves record any interceptions.

  20. Breaking up the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is essential. This can be done under espionage laws and anti-trust laws. The principals running them must be arrested and tried for espionage and for publishing and transmitting known lies which is against Federal law. Unless this is done the American Sheeple will continue to be mind-kontrolled and propagandized. They have been psychologically conditioned to replace the broken down American Family with the CMMM and the USG as a substitute.

  21. Yes outing the worst 30,000 perps is progress to a degree. I still shudder the impossible odds of making it out of this mess. So all these guys are taken out or put away, it still does not ask the question who’s bidding where they doing and who is this rather convincing and otherwise interesting character. Unless we get to him, and he is pretty clever, we will not have solved the problem only slightly interrupted his agenda. 50 years on and we are still squabbling about JFK and another 20 years before we can get our heads around that another 40 years later we might reach a tipping point to take in what Gordon and Crew have revealed here. Do any probability math and you will stomp your calculator, sorry folks, not to rain on anyone’s optimism, but shit, this is utterly hopeless.

  22. Well said Plunger notwithstanding the counter claim provided which has its points. In any case, progress in spite of digital press, has been glacial and as you point out it goes deep into our very human nature. We will look at this period from a post apocalyptic perspective 30 years from now and see that we had 7 billion unit of consciousness basically uncouple from reality, with absolutely not relationship to reality. Certainly nothing like the stone megalith builder of old where they could lift a 1200 ton block of granite and move it 30 kw. Religions and agriculture disconnected us from source energy and this is what we’ve become (dancing with the stars). Those guys where hooked up and eventually we will come back to that level of reality but unfortunately its going to be pretty messy get there.

  23. Dr James, as always your article presents a clarifying picture of the reality we face, and I have the highest respect for Gordon Duff and yourself. And thanks for commenting prolifically on other articles, the value you add is immeasurable.

  24. Gordon and Crew,

    Well you guys have sat down at the high stakes table now.

    We’ve been getting little peeks here and there for years of what is behind the curtain but you guys have now done ripped that curtain down… This operation got out of hand in Dallas in the 60’s with JFK and it will take some kind of a JFK like effort to clean it all up now.

    Again be safe.

  25. Might we assume many of the 30,000 will swoop up their ill-gotten $ and proceed to retire at one of the many vacation resorts, around the world? Also some will pay for plastic surgery to alter their looks? Either way I think sharks will smell blood on them.

  26. Ask yourself WHY the people of the western world were not alerted and warned about the post WW2 Psychological indoctrination attack on them by the soviets and the ‘de-MORALIZATION campaign’ (i.e. literally the removal of moral sensibilities) being covertly implemented. It was because this mind control subversion campaign initiated by the zio-bolsheviks in the zio-controlled Moscow of the 1960s, 70s and 1980s – simply CONTINUED UNINTERRUPTED to further the attack on us when the zios fled Russia and moved their main base to Washington.


    All the important warnings from well placed soviet defectors about this were ignored and suppressed – with many defectors murdered. I also believe that many in Academia also abetted in this crime and suppressed the warnings. They realised that as so much of the subversion was education/college based – and so many degree qualifications would be exposed as useless (especially ‘sociology’ indoctrination DESIGNED as harmful to society) – they fought to cover up their betrayals.

  27. Yes, the folks who run the CMMM are Traitors and linked to World Zionism. They knowingly specialize in spreading Big Lies and false Narratives to support the Criminal Acts of those who “own” and control them, the Organized Crime Cabal. They will have to be outed as such and eventually be dealt with, either forced to resign by the Public at large as has happened and is still happening in the UK or Iceland, leave the country or go to jail after a conviction in a suitable State, Federal or International Court of Law.

  28. In Britain people would listen to Mr John Simpson – removed for objecting to the stream of lies he was expected to broadcast.

  29. Plunger there are many things going on in the World that you are aware of because you haven’t been briefed on these matters. When folks have empty stomachs they get extremely motivated. Yes, but remember the door can swing both ways and sometime much harder when it closes. There have been some major game changing events that you cannot be aware of.

  30. There has always been a smoking gun that pointed to malign forces compromising and harnessing British and US intelligence organs in particular. This is a fact staring us in the face – and one that so many have missed – even intelligence professionals. The fact that when Yuri Bezmenov (KGB Pyschological operations officer) – and a series of equally distinguished defectors from the (then zio-owned) soviets – told us about their PSYOPS advances against us – there was no public alarm to warn us all!

    Instead of the competent authorities WARNING all of us about what insidious tricks had been perpetrated against our societies – they ACTUALLY KEPT IT QUIET AND INSTEAD ACTUALLY BUILT ON THEM! They did this so as to consolidate FURTHER their psychological control over us – and then the zio-bolshevik TERROR parasite nest ‘switched’ its centre of operations from Moscow to Washington.


    Note how Bezmenov says it was not the Russians behind this – rather “The international conspiracy”.

  31. Plunger, in years past you would have been correct. However you are not factoring in two very strategic changes. The first factor is the new Gutenberg Press, the Worldwide Internet which seriously eroded the Catholic Church to a degree it has never recovered from. And you ignore the second factor, the important fact that nearly the Whole World is now ganging up on the Rothschild Central Banksters and their Franchisees and their main action agent Israeli via BRICS and MINT which are now up and running and backed by Gold, Silver and real trade-able commodities.

    Numerous direct trade deals are now in place which do not use the dying American FIAT Petro Dollar which is backed by nothing. China has too many US Dollars and is now buying up hundreds of American businesses. It’s about over for the America economy and the US Petro Dollars.

    Most of the Europeans know that Israel did 9/11/01 with the help of high level JCS, USAF, NORAD and FAA Officials and elected officials and Top NeoCons and PNACers. They also realize as much of the World now does that the Israelis are committing mass-murder, genocide and mass land-theft against the Palestinians. Everyday more and more nations and companies are rejecting Israel and divesting from it due to their Apartheid against Palestine. It isn’t over until the fat lady sings, and the WZ Organized Crime Cabal is collapsing by the day. If we at VT didn’t have hope we wouldn’t be doing what we do.

  32. Most Americans are hungry for facts and reasons for what they believe has been a major shift in society since 9/11, as well as government policies toward citizens. We know something is drastically wrong, and facts of government complicity continue to be disclosed. It’s time to pull it all together and find the common denominators.

    In hind sight a clear pattern has emerged. Once a false-flag event like 9/11 happens and the perpetrators seemingly remain free, other attempts, plans will be initiated, then executed, and that is what’s happened.

  33. Great work Preston. In calculating how to react to this criminal group effectively – and how to act on this vital information and list of enemy agents – I hope that patriotic security agencies realise that the mainstream international media MUST ALSO be raided and neutralized simultaneously. The enemy infiltrators hidden behind the presentation spin of the media MUST be removed AT THE SAME TIME – or they will cause mayhem to turn informed patriot against uninformed patriot. All of the current mainstream sources of news and information actually need to be closed down – because all who work in them are either conspirators OR complicit in their subversion. Those who objected to the LIES have long since been sacked.

  34. We can call it an Organized Crime Cabal Dr. James but the conclusions are inescapable that it is being perpetrated by one group of people upon the entire human race. It is the same group of people who have appropriated the air waves, the printed medium, the school system right on up to the institutes of higher “learning,” the courts and the banking and healthcare systems of the entire western world. I myself have been raised amongst these people and I read and write the very language they have also commandeered. Its an ancient language, not a language really at all but a religion or rather the well spring of religions. It go’s back to time out of mind and is at once and uniquely able to express both perfect good and perfect evil. It gives those who are proficient in its various nuances and permutations an intellectual edge over those who are uninitiated into it. It’s a shame because these people, this group of people, although not inherently evil have allowed themselves to be consumed by its dark side when it could have been used as a light to illuminate the entire world.