‘Wild Goose Chase’ for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?


For the families of the passengers on ill-fated Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (MH 370), the loss of their loved ones has to be a terrible nightmare.

Richard Belzer, George Noory, and David Wayne dispute the official reports of MH 370 crashing into the southern Indian Ocean, as evidenced by no sight of any wreckage and no communications from the fly-by-wire aircraft in Someone Is Hiding Something: What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? Their new book is a good read: logical and well thought out. Its 240 pages have enough material on the ill-fated MH 370 flight to spur the interest of aviation professionals, the general public, and investigative reporters.


Maylasia MH-17 or MH-370Most of the mainstream media no longer focuses on the fate of MH 370 and its 239 passengers and crew.

MH 370 departed Kuala Lumpur at 1241 local time, (1641 GMT, March 7th) and was due to land in Beijing at 0630 (2230 GMT on March 8th). As the world knows, it never arrived.

Someone Is Hiding Something: What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? was published on Amazon on February 17, 2015:

A year after the disappearance and commencement of the international search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, no sign of the plane has been found—no debris, no bodies, no sign of the much-talked-about black box. Richard Belzer, George Noory, and David Wayne want to know why. Scrutinizing the theories the media and politicians claim are the “most likely” reasons the plane crashed, Belzer, Noory, and Wayne argue that if a year after a huge Boeing 777 has gone missing, and there’s still no sign of it whatsoever, it’s time to think outside the box. The public needs to stop being misled. If a plane and its passengers went “missing” once, what’s to stop it from happening again?Some of the theories the authors consider seem implausible on the surface, but the thorough research they’ve done and the continual failure of politicians, aviation authorities, and military members around the world to give any indication they’re wrong makes their arguments as good—if not better—than the more widely shared ones.The title of this thought-provoking volume, Someone is Hiding Something, is a line spoken by former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad—perhaps the only government official to publicly acknowledge the true reason that neither Flight 370 nor the 239 people onboard have been found.

With irrefutable logic, the authors examine the possibilities and arrive at the conclusion that only one of three catastrophic events could explain the loss of MH 370 from the simultaneous global failure of all safety and emergency systems plus back-up fail-safe emergency systems, on board and in communication and tracking with, a Boeing 777:

  • Massive Fire (only partly plausible because there still should have been time to declare an emergency)
  • Missile Shoot-Down (accidental or intentional, with surreptitious debris retrieval)
  • Hijacking/Advanced Technologies (such as a “cloaking technique” of electronic warfare.)

Additional support for an intentional shoot down was published by The Week, a weekly UK print and digital magazine.  The Week reported on January 27, 2015, that Marc Dugain, former director of French airline Proteus, said that a US military jet shot down MH370 over the Indian Ocean to prevent it being used to attack an airbase on Diego Garcia. 

Dugain said he had been warned from pursuing this by a British intelligence officer. In our post-911 world, it’s entirely conceivable that MH 370 was shot down before it could crash into Diego Garcia.

Dugain based his conclusion on interviews of eye witnesses “who reportedly told him they had seen a huge plane flying at a really low altitude towards the island [Maldives] bearing the Malaysia Airlines colours”.

Diego Garcia is a coral atoll in the central Indian Ocean. It is a top secret US military base operated by the US Navy. The published information is that the Navy operates “naval ship and submarine support base, military air base, communications and space-tracking facility, and an anchorage for pre-positioned military supplies for regional operations.”  Think launching pad for B-52s to strike targets in Afghanistan and maybe even Iran and you have the general idea.

If MH 370 was headed towards Diego Garcia, there’s no question that protocol would require that the flight be interceded by fighter aircraft and ordered to follow their commands. Failure to obey could quickly result in the shooting down of the airliner and government cover-up with surreptitious debris retrieval.

This is exactly one of the possibilities discussed in detail in Someone Is Hiding Something: What Happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Let’s back up a bit. It should be noted, first and foremost, that the geographical locations of the eyewitnesses’ sightings are consistent with the reported course change that redirected Flight 370 from its planned northeast route toward Beijing via Vietnam, into a heading in which it veered dramatically off course, heading southwest toward the middle of the Indian Ocean. Coincidentally or otherwise, a major US air base, Diego Garcia, also happens to be in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

There’s no valid reason to dispute the eye witnesses’ accounts and it wouldn’t take much to shoot down an airliner off course that failed to obey commands and on target to crash into a top secret military base.

Instead of following-up with eye witnesses in the Maldives and experts who could confirm the protocol for dealing with an airliner on course to crash into a top secret military installation, the mainstream media continues to parrot the government’s line of a crash into the southern Indian Ocean. This is the save play and the one supported by the ‘authorities.’.

Anyone investigating the possibility of a shooting down of MH 370 runs the risk of government interference and that’s the last thing that mainstream media advertisers want to see.

The sad truth is if MH 370 was shot down before it reached Diego Garcia, then only those involved in the shooting and the debris retrieval are witnesses to what happened. You can bet that they were threatened to keep their mouths shut or else.

Alternatively, could MH 370 have landed on Diego Garcia?  The authors cover the cell phone message from Philip Wood:

Philip Wood, a passenger on MH 370, “sent a message from his iPhone and attempted to send a photo after disembarking from Flight 370. The photo was not received, but, allegedly, the encrypted information embedded in the message revealed the GPS location of the cell phone at the time the message was sent—and the coordinates are a match with Diego Garcia, the remote secret US military base in the Indian Ocean. It’s said that the text message was as follows:

I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly.

An intriguing argument for lading MH 370 on Diego Garcia was presented by Keith Maart, “MH370: Evidence of False Flag” and published on Veterans Today on April 26, 2014.  Maart’s analysis presents the use of the MH 370 as part of a future false flag event. This would explain the cell phone call from Philip Wood.

Whether the aircraft was shot down intentionally or accidentally by a missile or a fighter aircraft or part of a false flag event as described by Keith Maart, there’s enough evidence to believe that the search efforts in the southern Indian Ocean are nothing more than a ‘wild goose chase’. After Edward Snowden’ s whistle blowing, it’s impossible to believe that a large aircraft like the Boeing 777 could evade the NSA’s surveillance capabilities.

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