Hubris Beyond Imagination – Bibi’s Speech to Congress

Bibi shows Congress its REAL Commander-in-Chief
Bibi shows Congress its REAL Commander-in-Chief

… by  Preston James


Bibi Netanyahu, a very crafty man, is the recognized operational leader of the worldwide wealthy and powerful Khazarian Mafia (KM) which is based in the City of London Financial District and which uses Israel as its main action-agent.

However he has two serious flaws, the first one is extreme Hubris which has led him to go too far in his quest to infiltrate and hijack the whole World for the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

This extreme Hubris was especially evident when he gave the go ahead order for the 9-11-01 nuclear attack on America.

This extreme, unimaginable Hubris led to Bibi’s deployment of the Nuclear Attack on America on 9-11-01 using the Mossad, the PNACers, Top NeoCons, Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens living in America, Traitors in the JCS, USAF, NORAD and the FAA, and the Bush Crime Cabal, all of which who functioned as partners in crime or assets of Bibi and the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

When a nation’s leader has extreme Hubris this can easily lead to narrow minded, overly confident rationalizing that certain extreme covert operations will never be found out, such as attacking America with a Gladio-style, False-Flag operation on 9-11-01 and manipulating Americans with false news reports that Islamic radicals did it, thus justifying another set of Mideast Wars for Israel fought by Americans.

Normally such an action would probably have never been found out by the American Public but for the new worldwide Internet which is becoming more and more popular by the day.

Bibi and his stateside PNAC boys and assets never realized what the full impact of the growing popularity of the Worldwide Internet would turn out to become.

They did not understand that the Internet has become the New Gutenberg Press of the World. They did not understand that the new popularity of the Internet and would eventually result in the US Military High Command, most American Soldiers and the average American finding out that not only did Israel with  do the 9-11-01 attack on America with the help of American Traitors.

Nor did they ever conceive that mainstream American would find out that 9-11-01 was also a nuclear attack using decommissioned W-54 Davy Crockett nuclear Pitts stolen out the back door at Pantex in Texas.

Bibi’s second major flaw.

The second major flaw is one shared by most of his Likudist compatriots which is an extreme paranoid racial delusion that everyone in the World is trying to destroy the Jewish race and Israel. This kind of a delusion is dangerous when it produces “first blood” pre-emptive attacks because it can end up functioning as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This tendency by the Likudist to engage in numerous pre-emptive strikes based on this paranoid racial delusion has resulted in numerous unjustified attacks on innocent Palestinians, the covert formation of ISIL, ISIS, Daish.

And this same paranoid racial delusion has led Bibi to attempt to manipulate Israeli sympathizers inside America by delivering a speech based on well conceived manipulative but clearly false claims.

What is the Khazarian Mafia?

images (2)The Khazarian Mafia (KM) is a large Organized Crime Cabal run out of the City of London Financial District, a separate country with its own Ambassadors, police force like the Vatican and pays no taxes paid to England.

It was VT’s own Financial Editor Mike Harris who was able discover this hidden history, almost all of it which has been carefully extracted from the history books and libraries. The more he has focused on this hidden history the more facts emerge which explain the intense inter-generational lust for bloodletting and revenge against the Russian People and the American People for successfully bucking and defeating the Khazarian Mafia (KM) numerous times in the past.


And now both Russia under Putin and the American Sleeping Giant are both on a collision course once again with the Khazarian Mafia (KM) in a final battle of the ages. It is likely going to be bloody at least in America as the Khazarian Mafias Police State occupation Force Homeland Security run by some of the biggest American Traitors and Dual Citizen “Israeli-first” infiltrators ever start as Civil War against the American People as they deploy their long planned operation to transform America into GAZA II, the World largest open air prison camp and make 90% of Americans the New Palestinians.

Then DHS plans to cut off the food and water through some staged terror or engineered weather and then transport Americans to “re-settlement Camps” where the men, women and children will be separated and then progressively and systematically exterminated. All Red list American dissidents and Vets will be immediately exterminated.

The Hidden History of the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

It’s run by the Rothschild Family and its close associates. It controls over 90% of the central banks of the World which are based on phony FIAT money which is actually counterfeit.

They have put a worldwide system of banking in place that is based on ancient Babylonian Money-Magick which specializes in the accrual of debt from pernicious usury which is used to make debt-slaves of those under the control of their fraudulent private central banking system.

In America we are under the occult “Babylonian Money-Magick” bondage of the Federal Reserve System which deployed pernicious usury to make debt-slaves out of most Americans. The Khazarian Mafia’s origin goes back to ancient Babylon where they worshiped the false god Baal. These same family lines became prominent in the nation of Khazaria which was severely sanction twice by surrounding nations in 600 AD and again in 1200 AD.

The first sanction of the Khazarian Oligarchy in 600 AD was for Khazarians normal practice of robbing travelers passing through Khazaria, frequently murdering and robbing them, and then falsely assuming their identities whenever possible.

The Khazarian King was given the ultimatum pick one of the three Abrahamic religions as your national religion and order your people to practice it and raise their kids with it.

The Khazarian King picked Judaism, but he and his court secretly continued to practice a form of Baal worship better known as Luciferians or Satanism.

In about 1200 the surrounding nations led by Russia attacked and destroyed the Khazarian nation. the ruling families fled to Europe and continued their evil ways, eventually residing in Germany, France and England and taking over Banking.

They were able to place Oliver Cromwell in power in England and used him as a beachhead from which to deploy covert means to infiltrate and hijack the Bank of England and to eventually hijack the whole nation of England and the City of London.

In 1913 the Khazarian Mafia (KM) Chieftains were able to establish a beachhead in America with their induced illegal, Unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve System. They were able to bribe enough Members of Congress to get this law passed, but it was illegally passe because there was no required quorum present.

The Rothschilds plotted revenge against the Russians for destroying Khazaria, and for helping the American Colonists defeat England, as well as helping the North win the Civil War. They created Bolshevism and deployed it in Russia in 1917 and proceeded to rape, torture and murder over 100 million innocent Russians as revenge. They then plotted revenge against America and began their plan to infiltrate, hijack, asset strip, abuse, tyrannize and then destroy it while mass-murdering most Americans.

Later the KMs created Naziism to use to create their “Holocaust” Psyop and “anti-Semitism” Psyop and to form the basis for a large second World War that would rapidly increase their Bankster profits and World Power, which it did. Babylonian Talmudic Judaic leaders would then use the two Mind-kontrol triggers “Holocaust” and “anti-Semitism to block any potential criticism of their post WW2 actions and continue to do so even to this very day.

The Rothschilds used their crafty means to deploy the Work-camps in Nazi Germany where kidnapped Judaics were taken at gunpoint and forced to work on behalf of western owned or controlled corporations supplying the Nazi war machine. Then they used their created Psyop terms of “Holocaust” and “anti-Semitism” and set up the nation-state of Israel to be their private enclave and action-agent form which they could proceed to infiltrate and hijack the whole World.

And Israel has been deployed as the main action-agent of the Khazarian Mafia (KM), causing wars, mass death, incredible mass human suffering and destruction all over the World in the attempts to hijack the whole World and make massive profits from war which is their specialty.

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) which can also be appropriately referred to as NeoBolsheviks, under Bibi’s leadership, proceed to use his Mossad and his stateside assets and Traitors to initiate a nuclear attack on America on 9-11-01 which was covered up by the KM’s Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) and by paid-off members of Congressional Intel committees.

But now with the worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press, the actual truth of Israel initiating the 9-11-01 nuclear attack on America is now being published and broadcast and is spreading like wildfire.

The term “Jew” was never used until 700 AD.

Of course we now know that the term “Jew” was never even conceived or used until 700 AD and at that time was only applied to one of the twelve Hebrew tribes of Israel, the tribe of Judah. And we also now know that recent peer reviewed John Hopkins genetic research show that approximately 97.5% of Israeli’s have no ancient Hebrew blood and thus have no legitimate  ancestral claim to any Palestinian lands, while 80% of the Palestinians do have ancient Hebrew blood and have an ancestral right to all Palestinian lands. What this means is that Israeli leaders are the World’s biggest anti-Semites

A person suffering form a paranoid racial delusion does not typically declare his private plans or intentions. But it is usually quite easy to know what they are because they typically frequently express them by accusing others of what they are actually doing. This practice is best referred to as the psychological defense mechanism of projection.

Bottom line, if you want to know what Bibi and his boys are up to in secret, just listen carefully to his accusations towards others, especially Islamics in general and specifically Iranians, Palestinians and Hamas which was secretly started and financed by Israel as a false-flag terror mechanism to justify Israel aggression against Palestinians and more theft of their land.

Bibi’s ridiculous speech before Congress today was filled with lie after lie, but if one carefully examines what he actually stated, it also reveals his secret intentions and the evil he has been directing Israel to do as a nation state.

If you take Bibi’s ridiculous speech in Congress which he delivered today and listen to it carefully or read the transcript and then substitute the word Israel or even better “The Likudists” every time the word Iran appears, and substitute the term Israelis every time the world radical Islamics appears or Hezbollah, you will be amazed how well these substitutions fits. Yes, Bibi was projecting the secret dirty sins of Israel and the Likudists that run it. And how did the Likudists get into power?

The same way the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins and Cutouts always acquire the illegitimate power of another nation, they infiltrate it and hijack using the money power of the City of London Khazarian Mafia Banksters (aka the Rothschild private World Zionist Fiat Central Banksters) and political influence it buys.

The Khazarian Mafia (KM) knew that in order to expand their influence they had to remain covert. Therefore they set up a worldwide system of Satanism which specializes in Babylonian “black magic”, pedophilia, child sacrifice and other grisly actions based on the Satanic law “Do what thou wilt.”

They infiltrated Freemasonry, especially using the Scottish Rite and the York Rite. Obviously if everyone treated them with their same law of “Do what thou wilt”, they would be shot down in the streets and assassinated in their own lairs, being exterminated within a month.


How can the Khazarian Mafia (KM) be stopped in its inhuman criminal efforts to take over and control the whole World?

Obviously this is a difficult task because the KM owns and controls over 90% of the central banks of the World. And their Central Banking System is privately owned by the Rothschilds and a small collection of related “bloodline” families.

And the KM has actually been able to use it’s espionage fronts in America to buy, bribe or human compromise almost every Member of the US Congress.

Thus the KM can create most of the money it needs as long as it doesn’t put so much money in circulation that the whole system goes “Weimar” like it did in post WW1 Germany.

The KM has other ways to raise the funds it needs to operate and to pay its mercenary forces deployed as ISL, ISIS, Daish: international illegal narcotics and weapons trafficking; illegal organ trafficking often associated with kidnapping and murder; human trafficking; kidnapping, sex trafficking (forced prostitution); home mortgage scams such as MERS; manipulation of the stock market using shorts and induced media reported incidents to drive the stock prices down; setting up secret Mossad fronts as DOD and USG contractors to obtain massive US Taxpayer funds as “Corporate Welfare.”

The best strategy to stop the Khazarian Mafia (KM) in its take-down of the whole World.

1. Expose The Perps to everyone you can: Expose all the Big KM Lies, false-narratives and propaganda broadcast and published by their six Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). Be polite and reasonable when you do this and it is probably best to avoid talking about this while at work. This means to tell your friends, family and other associates who seem open.

Take good VT articles that present the evidence that Israel did 9-11-01 and that it was a nuclear attack on America.  and share them, re-post them on Face-book and other social media and blogs if you use them. The sooner most Americans find out that9-11-01 was a nuclear attack on America and Israel did it using stateside Assets, and was ordered by Bibi, the better.

VT has published the findings of the previously secret AEC Sandia Labs investigation of 9-11-01 which was taken by Snowden to the Russian Federation who dumped them into the public domain and to VT.

2. Break up the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM): Since their six Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) actually forms an illegal News Monopoly or Cartel, enforce all the existing antitrust laws and break this News Monopoly up into hundreds of independent News Bureaus.

3. Decapitate the KM from it elastic FIAT Counterfeited money supply: This means: nationalize the Federal Reserve System, set up a new real money system backed by Gold, Silver and real assets and commodities, seize all of its assets and records and transfer it to the US Department of the Treasury. Cancel the phony national debt, claw back all of the Federal Reserve System Owners’ assets gained through this massive financial counterfeiting fraud go all the way back to its origin in 1913.

Remember there is no statute of limitation for major Fraud like this. Seize all the Banks empty homes taken by MERS fraud. Then distribute all these seized and clawed-back funds and real estate and  set up a panel of citizens from all classes and occupation to distribute these assets to those damaged and to all Americans in the most equitable way that can be reasonably determined.

4. Serve a Writ of Mandamus to the US Department of Justice. A Wit of Mandamus is a command to perform according to legally mandated duties. The US Department of Justice has the legal authority to enforce the US Constitution as the Law of the Land and can arrest and prosecute the owners of the Federal Reserve System and any large Wall Street Bank Principals involved for financial fraud and RICO.

5. Serve a Writ of Mandamus to the US Provost Marshals. The Provost Marshals have the legal right to arrest and prosecute any congressman of USG official or any members of the US Military who are engaged in espionage inside America on behalf of a foreign power, in this case Israel. If the US Department of Justice wakes up and agrees to do its job these prosecutions could be a joint operation. Certainly the two Political Fixers who called themselves the “Puppet-masters” should be arrested for attempting to shakedown Ambassador Lee Wanta for billions of dollars and also threatened his life, all left on Wanta’s DC embassy voice mail.

6. Call and write your Members of Congress. These are the folks who are supposed to represent you. Be polite but explain that you have now become aware that Israel did 9-11-01 and that it was a nuclear even and that you want a new investigation opened up and the perps prosecuted.

7. Organize with local anti-vaccination groups and get active. There is a whole body of new peer reviewed medical research and international court cases proving most vaccinations are very toxic and do cause autism spectrum disorders, mini-strokes and damage to blood vessels. And there is substantial new research proving that many vaccines are made from aborted fetal cells which is actually a Satanic black-magic ritual to put a spell on those taking the vaccine. And we now know that many vaccines are made from cell lines contaminated with SV-40 a cancer causing slow virus that is no present in about 40% of all soft tissue cancers, as well as the newly discovered long acting viruses that cause chronic fatigue, obesity and various forms of mental disorders. The virus XMRV, a nasty stealth or retrovirus virus is one of them and has now been well documented in the new book the Plague by Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. Dr. Mikowitz was persecuted and even jailed to keep her work from the public. And despite all the claims that ethyl mercury has been removed from vaccines, this is not true and vaccines also contain numerous toxic substances that screw up kids’ immune systems forever such as adjuvants such as squalene, anti-freeze, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc.

8. Organize with local anti-fluoridation groups and get active. There is a great deal of new medical evidence coming out now that proves Fluoride added to the public water supply is a medical crime against We The People. We now know for sure that Fluoride in the public water lowers the IQ of children on avergae 8 to 12 points which is significant and decreases the effectiveness of the thyroid gland significantly. Public water fluoridation is a sinister illegal use of a poison against an unsuspecting public and is a crime of assault and battery. By the way Fluoride was previously a rat poison and is a toxic waste of the aluminum, gypsum and uranium processing industries and before it was used to poison Americans was a toxic waste that was very expensive to have properly disposed. Even Harvard Medical school came out with a peer reviewed study that Fluoridation lowered the IQ of children 8 points on the avergae, which is highly significant.

9. Organize with local anti-GMO groups promoting honest food labeling and get active. There is a great deal of evidence that a growing number of GMO food are toxic and carcinogenic. If you can, buy non-GMO foods. Some food manufacturers and distributors are selling non-GMO and labeling it it correctly. Currently this has seriously hurt GMO based companies and they are responding by marketing GMO Free brands. So keep the pressure up and remember the main push behind GMO is a business that was started by a Khazarian Mafia slave trader family, Monsanto, and these folks were evil beyond words.

The soft underbelly of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) is their hubris regarding mandated vaccinations, water fluoridation and GMO Foods. Folks are now organizing all over America and Canada to stop this KM tyranny and are getting success. Yes, Physicians and Dentists have been almost completely mind-kontrolled and completely closed to examining any new peer reviewed evidence on vaccines and Fluoridation. But numerous MDs and DDSs are now starting to come around and if we keep the pressure on through organized groups in the community and one to one communications, we can get rid of these KM plagues designed to weaken us as a people and make their take down and destruction of America much easier.


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