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Mystery Solved — The Connection between NWO Globalism and the Criminal...

We have now discovered how the NWO Globalists have used the Criminal Underworld to empower their infiltration and hijacking of all American institutions of Government and Business.

American Fantasyland – Down here on the farm

Are we being "farmed" by an Alien ET Race that is using Mind-kontrol and a false-reality to keep us unaware of what we can do to free ourselves?

House of Cards-Empire of Lies

It's time to make some serious noise about the two-day DHS/FEMA Sandy Hook drill in a school abandoned for asbestos contamination in 2008, another staged act of False-flag terror where Nobody Died.

The power and hegemony of the incredibly evil but incompetent American...

The mighty American Military Industrial Complex is now unraveling and its incompetence is overriding its incredible power and World hegemony.

Slaying the National Security Beast

As the truth diffuses to the American Masses, the Russian Federation continues to checkmate the Israeli-American Terror Machine, and foreign trade pacts no longer use the US Petro Dollar, a broad-based onslaught is likely to rapidly occur.

Unknowingly Occupied

Most Americans do not know that their country has been infiltrated and hijacked and is now a nation occupied by a foreign power.

Strangers in our own nation?

Is the NWO Globalist Crime Cabal making Americans strangers in their own country ?

The Globalist Plan to Take-Down Whole World

Right now one man can stop cold a sinister plan to generate Worldwide chaos and destruction.

Is the Pentagon functioning as part of a RICO crime Syndicate...

Is the Pentagon being controlled by the World's largest Organized crime Syndicate?

Divided Loyalties inside the Pentagon

There is growing dissent inside the Pentagon.

The Khazarian Mafia’s Globalist NWO Agenda to destroy every nation’s sovereignty

The Khazarian Mafia has a Globalist NWO Agenda to destroy all national sovereignty.

Truth Jihad: Legendary 9/11 scientist AK Dewdney says “Bad moon rising!”

A leading biological scientist/computer scientist/mathematician talks politics and spirituality - and even references the Khazarian mafia.

Is America scheduled to become the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’s next Hellstorm?

A major effort is now underway by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Chieftains to create a Hellstorm in America. This effort is based on their usual covert techniques to asset strip, tyrannize and destabilize any nation they infiltrate and hijack.

Why are American Police murdering so many unarmed Civilians and getting...

Since 9-11-01 the American Police have been transformed by Israel/ADL anti-terror training into a well armed, mind-kontrolled Military Force with a group paranoid delusion that all Americans are domestic terrorists.

NEO – American Elections: A Global Death Threat

Gordon Duff ..."Recent moves in the State of Ohio are setting the stage for a potential third world war."

Israel and the Khazarian Mafia now secretly condemned and plotted against...

Various secret groups of active and former top Military and Intel have formed around the World and are now deploying sophisticated covert operations against the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters and Israel.

Monsters among us – Evil with a nice face (Part III)...

Those who really run America are soulless Monsters that walk among us.

Truth Lockout

The American Major Mass Media is completely controlled and functions as an illegal News Cartel for Israel which is the main action-agent for the World's largest Organized Crime Cabal, the Khazarian Mafia.

Caught ! (Updated)

Israelis have just been caught red-handed spying on confidential negotiations between America and Iran

Time for Political Candidates to Discuss Real issues

When will we have a political candidate who refuses to lick Israel's boots and is willing to deal with the real issues facing America?

Bibi to Congress – “You work for me and don’t you...

Bibi Netanyahu came to America to order Congress to short-circuit President Obama's foreign policy negotiations with Iran which are nearing success.

World’s Biggest Class Action Lawsuit Now Imminent

Are Mideast War Vets now ready to form the largest Class Action Lawsuit in history to go after the Perps who did 9-11-01 and suckered them into a war for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia?

Send in the Clowns – Bibi’s all done

In a display of Hubris beyond reason, Bibi delivered a continual stream of lies many applauded but few believed.

Hubris Beyond Imagination – Bibi’s Speech to Congress

"Bibi Netanyahu, a very crafty man, is the recognized operational leader of the worldwide wealthy and powerful Khazarian Mafia (KM) which is based in the City of London."

Evil with a Nice Face – Part II

Why is the US Department of State running a coverup for the NSA?

De-fund Homeland Security Now !

Right now there is a quiet battle in Congress over the re-funding of Homeland Security which is set to expire February 27, 2015 and it is Time to completely de-fund it, break it up and destroy it forever.

Wouldn’t you want to know ?

If the USG has been infiltrated and hijacked by a large International Organized Crime Cabal called the Khazarian Mafia, wouldn't you want to know?