Netanyahu Wins Election Still Loser Harming Zionist Cause


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Connie Bruck
Connie Bruck

Netanyahu keeps on surprising us all. It was really an interesting election precisely because the evidence clearly showed that he was on the losing side.

I hate to speculate, but I am pretty sure that Sheldon Adelson helped him during that period, for Adelson was the guy who backed “both the Republican Party and Netanyahu.”[1] Thomas L. Friedman himself tells us,

“Adelson had given $5 million to the G.O.P.’s Congressional Leadership Fund super PAC, which had spent $35,000 in a failed effort to defeat Ashford in his 2014 race against Representative Lee Terry. Ashford later joked to The Omaha World-Herald: “I wish I’d opened the purse. Do you think she carries cash?

“…[W]hen it came to showering that cash on Republican presidential hopefuls and right-wing PACs trying to defeat President Obama (reportedly $150 million in 2012), and on keeping Netanyahu and his Likud party in office, no single billionaire-donor is more influential than Sheldon.

“No matter what his agenda, it is troubling that one man, with a willingness and ability to give away giant sums, can now tilt Israeli and American politics his way at the same time.

“Israel has much stricter laws on individuals donating to political campaigns, so Adelson got around that in 2007 by founding a free, giveaway newspaper in Israel — Israel Hayom — whose sole purpose is to back Netanyahu, attack his enemies in politics and the media, and enforce a far-right political agenda to prevent any Israeli territorial compromise on the West Bank (which, in time, could undermine Israel as a Jewish democracy).

“Graphically attractive, Israel Hayom is now the biggest-circulation daily in Israel. Precisely because it is free, it is putting a heavy strain on competitors, like Yediot and Haaretz, which both charge and are not pro-Netanyahu.

“Adelson then bought the most important newspaper of the religious-nationalist right in Israel, Makor Rishon, long considered the main backer of Netanyahu’s biggest right-wing rival, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett.

“The Washington Post said that last November at a conference of the Israel American Council, a lobbying group Adelson has funded, he joked in a public discussion with a wealthy Israeli: “Why don’t you and I go after The New York Times?” Told it was family owned, Adelson quipped, “There is only one way to fight it: money.”[2]

Friedman entitled his article “Is It Sheldon Adelson’s World?” Zionist puppets such as Bill Moyers and Michael Winship have said something similar, going further to title one of their articles, “Sheldon Adelson, Benjamin Netanyahu and America’s Dark Money Conspiracy.”[3] Back in 2008, Connie Bruck of the New Yorker entitled one of her articles “The Brass Ring: A Multibillionaire’s Relentless Quest for Global Influence.”[4]

Isn’t that interesting? When the Goyim declare that Jewish radicals such as Adelson want to control much of the world, puppets of the Zionist machine quickly get on their Zionist platform and declare that those Goyim are anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists.

But when Jewish Zionists like Friedman end up saying the same thing, they get to publish their stuff in the New York Times—with great accolades and awards! In a similar way, E. Michael Jones published an article (citing Jews for the most part) saying that Jewish revolutionaries control the pornography industry. Jones was labeled an anti-Semite for doing so.

But Jewish scholar Nathan Abrams took Jones’ thesis, reworked it, refined  it, and then published it in the Jewish Quarterly for a largely Jewish audience and Abrams got great accolades for saying the same thing that Jones was saying.[5]

Jones is a wicked person because he wrote “bad” things about those who control pornography, but Abrams is a great scholar who deserves a fair hearing because he says the same thing that Jones is saying! How can people live with such blatant contradictions without having a sort of intellectual diarrhea? How can any rational being tolerate this kind of double standard?

 To get back to our main point, Friedman seemed to brag that Adelson not only controls much of the political landscape in Israel but the Republican Party in America as well. Last March,

“‘Adelson summoned [Jeb] Bush and Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey, John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin to Las Vegas. … The new big-money political landscape — in which a handful of donors can dramatically alter a campaign with just a check or two.’

“When Christie, in his speech before Adelson, described the West Bank as ‘occupied territories,’ some Republican Jews in the audience were appalled. So, Politico reported, Christie hastily arranged a meeting with Adelson to explain that he had misspoken and that he was a true friend of Israel.

“‘The New Jersey governor apologized in a private meeting in the casino mogul’s Venetian office shortly afterward,’ Politico reported. It said Adelson ‘accepted’ Christie’s ‘explanation’ and ‘quick apology.’”[6]

Listen to Friedman very carefully here:

“When money in politics gets this big, when it can make elected officials bow and scrape in two different countries at the same time, it is troubling….People who go ‘all the way’ like this will one day go over a cliff. They will regret it. So will the rest of us.”[7]

Isn’t that what we have been saying all along?

In any event, Sheldon Adelson is not a man who abides by moral principles. As we have argued in the past, he was accused of “improper activity,” including prostitution, in China.[8] Therefore, it should not be difficult to reason that Adelson played a huge role in Netanyahu’s reelection.

This brings us to the speculative conclusion that Adelson probably was up to his old tricks once again: bribery, illegal activity, and indeed election hoaxes and frauds.

 What we are seeing here is that Netanyahu’s reelection is again a bad rap for the Zionist dream. Alan Hart was probably right in saying that

“A fourth term as prime minister for Netanyahu would see Israel becoming more and more isolated and could improve the chances of Western governments being moved to use the leverage they have to cause the Zionist (not Jewish) state to end its defiance of international law and denial of the Palestinian claim for justice. Another way to put it would be to say Netanyahu is a disaster for Zionism so let’s have more of him.”

In the same vein, Gilad Atzmon has recently declared that “Those who oppose Israel, its Lobby and Jewish Power must be happy about Bibi’s political victory yesterday. I admit I am certainly delighted.  It saves us a lot of time and delusional spins from Israel’s advocates, Hasbara merchants and the Jewish Left.”

In other words, the fact that Netanyahu won the election actually means that Zionism simply has no moral and political leg to stand on. This also proves that Netanyahu will continue to lead Israel as an apartheid state. Last year, John Kerry declared that Israel was getting closer to becoming an “apartheid state”:

If you think Kerry was joking, listen to Professor Saree Makdisi of the University of California:

“In Israel itself, hundreds of communities have been established for Jewish residents on land expropriated from Palestinians, in which segregation is maintained, for example, by admissions committees empowered to use ethnic criteria long since banned in the United States, or by the inability of Palestinian citizens to access land held exclusively for the Jewish people by the state-sanctioned Jewish National Fund.

“Jewish residents of the occupied territories enjoy various rights and privileges denied to their Palestinian neighbors. While the former enjoy the protections of Israeli civil law, the latter are subject to the harsh provisions of military law.

Saree Makdisi 4“So, while their Jewish neighbors come and go freely, West Bank Palestinians are subject to arbitrary arrest and detention, and to the denial of freedom of movement; they are frequently barred from access to educational or healthcare facilities, Christian and Muslim sites for religious worship, and so on.

“Meanwhile, Palestinian citizens of Israel must contend with about 50 state laws and bills that, according to the Palestinian-Israeli human rights organization Adalah, either privilege Jews or directly discriminate against the Palestinian minority.

“One of the key components of Israel’s nationality law, the Law of Return, for example, applies to Jews only, and excludes Palestinians, including Palestinians born in what is now the state of Israel.

“While Jewish citizens can move back and forth without interdiction, Israeli law expressly bars Palestinian citizens from bringing spouses from the occupied territories to live with them in Israel.

“The educational systems for the two populations in Israel (not to mention the occupied territories) are kept largely separate and unequal. While overcrowded Palestinian schools in Israel crumble, Jewish students are given access to more resources and curricular options.

“It is not legally possible in Israel for a Jewish citizen to marry a non-Jewish citizen. And a web of laws, regulations and military orders governing what kind of people can live in which particular spaces makes mixed marriages within the occupied territories, or across the pre-1967 border between Israel and the occupied territories, all but impossible.

“And so it goes in all domains of life, from birth to death: a systematic, vigilantly policed separation of the two populations and utter contempt for the principle of equality. One group — stripped of property and rights, expelled, humiliated, punished, demolished, imprisoned and at times driven to the edge of starvation (down to the meticulously calculated last calorie) — has withered.

“The other group — its freedom of movement and of development not merely unrestricted but actively encouraged — has flourished, and its religious and cultural symbols adorn the regalia of the state and are emblazoned on the state flag.”[9]

Kerry made the point precisely because Israel has refused to accept the two-state solution.[10] Other major media outlets are now saying the same thing, that Israel is an apartheid state. Just recently, The Week has declared that “America needs to wake up to the danger of grand apartheid in Israel.” Netanyahu confirmed this once again. Right before his reelection, he reiterated very clearly that he will not accept the two-state solution whatsoever.

This indicates again that this year will probably be one of Israel’s worst periods. This will also mean that the Obama administration was right on target for saying that Netanyahu is a “chickenshit.” And this has been pointed out indirectly by other Zionist outlets. In an article entitled “Bibi’s Ugly Win Will Harm Israel,” Jonathan Alter of the Daily Beast has recently made the point that

“In the days before the election, Netanyahu accused the opposition of being manipulated by Americans, insulted Arabs for simply voting, doubled down on support for settlements in East Jerusalem and—most significantly—said there would no Palestinian state on his watch, thereby confirming a view that critics always suspected he harbored…

“Bibi can try, but Monday’s comment set his feet in cement. “I think that anyone who moves to establish a Palestinian state and evacuate territory gives territory away to radical Islamist attacks against Israel,” Netanyahu told a website owned by his most generous supporter, American casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson.”[11]

In a similar way, the Associated Press has reported,

“Benjamin Netanyahu’s apparent reelection puts Israel on a course toward ever deeper confrontation with the world…. Under Netanyahu, Israel has deepened its hold on the West Bank, adding Jewish settlers to the point where the territory may soon become inseparable from Israel proper. Combined with the Jews in occupied and annexed east Jerusalem, there are some 600,000 Jews living on occupied land.

“In recent days Netanyahu has said that he would not allow the creation of a Palestinian state if elected. The Palestinians have already said they would take their case against Israel to war crimes tribunals and other international bodies. A campaign to boycott Israel seems poised to gain traction. Netanyahu’s relations with the U.S. administration of President Barack Obama are frosty at best.”

For Israel, the Associated Press continued, “international isolation looms.” Yousef Munayer, executive director of the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, has argued that “Netanyahu’s win is good for Palestine.

Let us keep the heat on. Netanyahu’s recent reelection proves that he is indeed a loser—but he doesn’t seem to know that yet, since psychopaths cannot see metaphysical things.

St. Paul made the point that when he was weak, then he was strong. If he was right, then the converse of the statement is true for Netanyahu: when he is strong, then he is weak.


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