Are Americans Still Struggling To Pay The Bills? Six Financial Problems Putting People In Debt


Today, people struggle under the burden of a failing economy. It seems that no matter where people turn, prices increase and wages decrease. Making ends meet becomes more and more difficult as the gap between the rich and poor is widened by the collapse of the middle class. The end result is that an increased number of people find themselves in debt. The following are six leading financial reasons why people are falling deeper into debt.

Living Beyond Their Means

Some people make every effort to live extravagantly. Since they want to live better than the person next door, these people do not budget correctly to live well within their means. As a result, the math does not work out for their situation. Before long, these individuals find themselves thousands of dollars in debt and no way to pay off their growing debt.

Losing a Job

Another major financial problem that drives people into massive debt is the loss of a job. When a person loses a job, they often find that they have no additional income to compensate for their lack of employment. Without any income, bills do not get paid. The mounting debt that results is inevitable. To keep this from happening, it’s important to establish an emergency fund that can cover at least three months of expenses if you were to lose your job.

Required Payments to Function

A major financial problem that people face is when they are required to make payments in order to function. An example of this is that in order to drive, a person must pay to insure their car. If a person does not have the money to pay for car insurance, they will find it difficult to become functional until they do. But, a person needs the use of their car in order to be able to earn the money to purchase car insurance. This situation ends up creating massive debt for a lot of people.

Personal Injury

If a person gets hurt, due to the fault of someone else, their personal injury will affect them financially. From the loss of time at work to mounting medical bills, it is possible that a personal injury will create debt. For this reason, it is important for an injured person to contact the attorney at Fannin Litigation Group, P.S. to find out the best course of action to take. This can remedy their situation and help them receive compensation to help them with their mounting debt.

School Loans

Now that a person has finished school, it is a matter of time before they will have to pay back their student loans. Unfortunately, if they are already struggling and are having difficulty getting a job in their field, they may not have the money to meet their loan repayment obligations. A person may have some ability to defer their loan payments for a time, but before they know it, their student loans will be awaiting payment again. In many cases, the amount of debt people acquire from not being able to pay off their student loans is considerable. It’s important to pay this back sooner rather than later to avoid major setbacks and higher interest rates.

Car Troubles

A major financial problem arises when a person’s car starts giving them trouble. Their sole mode of transportation to work may no longer function. As a result, such individuals become saddled with another car loan. To make matters worse, they may not have paid off their first car. The monthly payments will sometimes become too much to pay. From here, they fall deeper and deeper into debt.
Financial problems are simply a part of life. People will often find that financial problems strike at the most inopportune times. The associated financial burden will often create more debt than a person is able to handle. This is a problem that tends to keep many Americans from being able to escape poverty. It is a financial problem that still pervades society for which the government remains unable to provide a functional cure.


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