They Call Us Extremists


gangstersWarning: Civilization is facing its greatest danger in recorded history from enemies within.

Advisory: The article below may shock or upset you. So, unless you are willing to have your worldview shaken, you should skip this piece. If, however, you decide to read this article … to its end … and agree with it … pass it on, as we have a world to save.

They call us extremists?

Actually, the most radical extremists in the world are the Zionists. Yet they use their mainstream media to label the most sane and rational of Americans as dangerous extremists – akin to terrorists.

The 9-11 false-flag disaster was planned to become the enduring pretext for continuing the long Zionist war against Islam – using Christians to execute their crimes.

But few, if any, of the Zionist lies and crimes will be revealed as long as they continue to control the national and world-wide discourse and narrative, through their absolute control of governments and the media. So, let us educate ourselves and pass that vital knowledge onto others.

Who are the Zionists? They are every where, yet no where. They try to be ephemeral, while masquerading as the ethereal voice of the people. In essence, they are the one percenters, who have impoverished most of mankind though their control of governments.

They are the government protected banking oligarchs!

They make up the insidious and stealthy International Banking and Monetary Cartel – and they are true tyrants.

jeffersonThere are many benign definitions of Zionism, but the brand of Zionism that is ruining our world could be called Rothschild Zionism. These Zionists are the CEOs and board members of the world’s multinational corporations.

None of these Zionists can do an honest days work. They have others that do that for them. These are the Zionist’s paid minions. They hold high seats in governments, universities, the media, science, military, religions, and other institutions.

The Christian Zionists know not what they are doing!

With all the charm and rationally of a angry rattlesnake, Christian-Zionist pastor John Hagee rants to his congregation.

The Zionists also have a vast army of supporters. One does not have to be Jewish to become a Zionist lackey. In fact, there are more Christians who support Zionism than Jews.*

*Most Muslims eschew Zionism and that is a salient reason why the Zionists have had Christians trying to destroy Muslims since the Crusades (1095 – 1292).

Rothschild Zionists are not the least bit creative, so they pay big bucks to writers, performers, singers, actors, and pastors to create and spread the ideas that enslave the masses.

Basically, Zionists are parasites, but very clever and deceptive parasites, who are guilty of every heinous crime known to man. But like all common criminals, Zionists accuse others of what they themselves are guilty.

Truth seekers and those who expose governmental crimes are labeled and called extremists and traitors by the Zionists and the servants of Zionists.

If you object to the heavy metals, and other toxins (chemtrails), that have been sprayed on us for decades by jetliners, the Zionist flunkies will call you an extremist.

If you refuse to consume the rat poison known as fluoride, again you are called an extremist.

How about the dozens of poisonous vaccines forced on our babies and children?

Now we are getting serious, so serious that the Zionists, and their allies in government, the media, and medicine are arranging to forcibly inoculate all babies, children, and adults with provably dangerous vaccines.

You see, genocide is a major plank in the Zionist agenda.

Extremism exposed!

In Europe, Zionism is beginning to be seen as a form of extremism, but also a force that is mainly concerned with the protection – at any cost – of Israel. If it was true that the Zionists were only concerned with the well being of Israel, our world would be in a far better condition, as for decades, the diabolical influence of Zionism has touched every corner of our planet.

The world, however, is waking up to that truth, in spite of the Zionists having long tried to hide or confuse their depraved activities, pretending to be only interested in the well being of Israel. The actual Zionist agenda is nothing short of world conquest and brutal domination.

Oh, so close!

And by currently controlling the United Nations and the governments of the world, the Zionists are close to their profoundly iniquitous goal.

Still, nations could recover by coming to their senses and throwing out the Zionist stooges that have for so long led their governments, as did the Russians who threw out the Zionist Bolsheviks, who once ruled the Soviet Union, and killed, or imprisoned in their gulags, over sixty-six million Christians with their communistic madness.

As a solution, the Zionists are engaged in bombing whole infrastructures of nations, while killing, maiming, or displacing millions of people. Their purpose is to keep these bomb-out nations in a state of perpetual turmoil with raiding terrorists groups that are mainly funded, directed, and equipped by the United States of America.*

*Please note Islamic State terrorism does not exist in Israel, or in her Arabic allies of Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, or Kuwait.

Terrorist caused civil unrest, however, has been severe in the countries that were heavily bombed by the US and NATO: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria.

The Zionist modus operandi is to first bomb a country until it is utterly destabilized and then keep it permanently destabilized with gangs of western funded terrorists.

The corporate media calls these Zionist war crimes Humanitarian Wars that are spreading democracy by a Force for Good.

Immense torrents

Mighty rivers of immigrants seeking political asylum in Europe is not an unintended consequence of the US/NATO/Israeli wars on humanity.

No. Multiculturalism, to the point of societal breakdown, has long been a Zionist plan for the western world.

Not only have the war-torn nations of the Middle East been removed as any possible threat to Zionist hegemony, but the millions of refugees from those nations are now being used to forever weaken all Western nations to the point that they lose their national identity and any chance of economic prosperity.

Massive Muslim immigration into western countries does not serve the best interests of America or any nation in Europe. Still, the Zionists are able to force this negative economic impact on America and Europe; when they could have directed the hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees into the oil-rich Islamic countries of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman.

Jordan is lending a helping hand in the immigration crises, why cannot far richer Islamic nations also help? The answer is obvious to those who have been paying attention: the Zionists are brazen in their intentions to bankrupt all nations – excluding Israel.

Syrian refugee camp in Jordan
Syrian refugee camp in Jordan

The Israeli Prime Minister has already announced that his country will not accept any war-weary refugees.

Nevertheless, the recent colossal exodus of emigrants from Syria set me to thinking and sent me to my globe of the world.

There was a strangeness about the whole drama, since most of the Syrian refugees seem to have traveled to Europe by train.

Did they all book train reservations at roughly the same time?

How were the train services able to accommodate so many thousands of passengers in such a short time frame?

Why had ISIS not already blown up the Syrian train tracks, or attacked the moving trains that were so laden with passengers?

And with a long ongoing war in Syria, was there really regular train service between Syria and Europe?

With a cursory study of a globe, one can easily see that Turkey covers the entire northern border of Syria. And since the major flood of immigrants are arriving in eastern Europe by train, one would assume they traveled through Turkey and then Bulgaria. This probable reality brings up serious questions that no one in the controlled media is asking.

Why is Turkey and Bulgaria allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants, probably without passports, into their countries?

But of course Turkey, a facilitator of the Islamic State terrorists, would assist in the movement of hundreds of thousands of fleeing emigrants into Europe.

But why has Turkey and Bulgaria not been forced to absorb a portion of these immigrants?

And where are all these homeless people getting the money to travel by train from Syria all the way to eastern and then western Europe?


Is it not logical to assume there are many more homeless and suffering souls in the extensively bombed-out countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya (where terrorist activity is acute) than in the much less bombed country of Syria? Yet, the recent immense surge of mankind seeking political asylum in western European countries are predominantly from Syria.

Certainly these Syrians are not fleeing the Basher al-Assad government, as before the West sent in its terrorists and began its bombing campaigns, the vast majority of Syrians supported their government.

Could this abrupt migration of so much humanity be a carefully planned and coordinated, but covert attempt to drain Syrian President Basher al-Assad of his support base?

Was it easier to recruit immigrants if they were promised new homes in Germany rather than Bulgaria?

NPR (National Public Radio), recently reporting from Hungary, where officials had retained thousands of Syrians in tents in an open field, had something very interesting to say.

A NPR reporter said the most common emotion she encountered amongst the Syrians was confusion. The most common question was, “Why are we being held up on our way to Germany?”

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel had previously said her country was prepared to receive 800,000 Syrians at an estimated cost of $8.6 billion.

Does one have to have a suspicious mind to think this massive migration was well planned and orchestrated by a powerful external force targeting the economies and identities of European nations – and Germany in particular?

Prosperous western nations are a potential problem to the world-wide Zionist movement, as such countries could help the war-torn nations to recover and eliminate the whole immigration problem.

That, however, will not happen as long as Americans and Europeans keep buying into the often repeated Zionist refrain of the glories of championing multiculturalism in all countries of the world except for Israel.

Destroyed nations are to remain destroyed, with all other nations to follow suit. This means America is to be in an enduring state of war, obeying the dictates of the Zionist directed AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) – further bankrupting the US economy.

The Zionist control over America is so complete that war on our homeland is not needed to flood the United States with millions of poor, uneducated, and too often diseased illegal aliens.

The most ethical candidate ever is …

The former US Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul, the man who spoke the straight unvarnished truth in a past-televised presidential debate, recently has said something gravely important about our current immigration crises.

The reason so many are fleeing places like Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq is that US and European interventionist foreign policy has left these countries destabilized with no hope of economic recovery.

This mass migration from the Middle East and beyond is a direct result of the Neocom [Zionist] foreign policy of regime change, invasion, and pushing “democracy” [Fascism] at the barrel of a gun.

Dr. Paul omitted telling us how the Western sponsored mercenaries are also driving citizens out of the Middle East, the same terrorists the Western media calls rebels or freedom fighters.

Another Zionist stratagem is to have the talking heads of their controlled media call the Western-created chaos throughout the Middle East, civil wars, fought by domestic freedom fighters against oppressive governments.

The reality is the turmoil throughout the Middle East has been and is being caused by Western hired guns, called “rebels,’ moderates, or radicals – some of whom may come from as far away as Central Asia.

Ever wondered why all these “rebels” (terrorists) wear masks?

The horrible, but simple truth is …

For the past year, the US and its allies have made 6,700 airstrikes* in the Middle East, supposedly against their proxy terrorists – ISIS.

*Each of these 6,700 US/NATO airstrikes could be liken to the Waco siege, the Murrah Federal Building bombing, or even the 9/11 catastrophe.

And all those 6,700 US/NATO air raids have produced is an enlarged and an ever more raging ISIS, with millions of homeless people seeking shelter.

While the US government professes to be fighting terrorism, our pretended leaders are the real terrorists.

The horrible but simple truth is the state sponsored terrorism of America is most responsible for producing the mass human suffering and exodus into Eastern and Western Europe.

Will America greatly increase this wave of human misery?

Sadly and most unfortunately all of our current presidential candidates have publicly (or privately) voiced their insane opposition to the Iranian Nuclear Agreement. So presumably our next president will create more death, destruction, and homelessness with bombs (perhaps nuclear bombs), followed by US-backed terrorists in Iran.

Where is the noble presidential candidate (man or woman) brave and provident enough to campaign on ending our numerous psychotic wars of unilateral aggression on nations that pose no threat to us?

If such a prudent candidate was given any media time at all, perhaps a good portion of Americans would heed such a message. Possibly such lucidity and rationality would pierce the left and right bellicose demands for another war – all demanded by the neocons (Zionists) who control the American government.

The termination of the neocon/Zionist and American war/terrorist policies would, however, not be enough. We Americans must force our government to pay restitution for our grave crimes against humanity, which should be far cheaper than what we have spent to commit the atrocities.

Noted economist, Joseph Stiglitz, has estimated that our wars on Iraq and Afghanistan, alone cost America about six trillion* dollars.

*A million is a thousand times as large as a thousand. A billion is a thousand times as large as a million. A trillion is a thousand times as large as a billion.

For six trillion dollars we could pave the streets of the seven countries we have destroyed, since 9/11, with gold.

We would not need to do that. But, we do need to supply those bombed-out countries with adequate supplies of clean water, non-GMO/organic food, and non-poisonous medicines.

Then we would need to rebuild the destroyed hospitals, schools, power plants, and government buildings.

All this should be followed with gifts of vehicles, gas, diesel, and heating fuel.

All existing foreign aid to non-war-torn countries (including Israel) should cease and be passed on to the countries we have destroyed, until those countries can once again function viably.

The whole above process should be guarded and allowed to proceed by the US military, to the point each nation can again function on its own.

Then at last, our military could return home, covered in divine glory, instead of the shame they now carry.

The above plan is far more economical and humane than swamping the now sagging economies of America and Europe with refugees, to the point they may never recover. The global economy is now already a house of cards that hundreds of thousands of refugees could topple.

Morals and ethics must be eliminated!

Along with the mass immigrations into the West has been the covert Zionist programs of Cultural Marxism, which shatters a nation’s moral and ethical foundations. The Zionist control over television and Hollywood has led the way in this destruction, claiming there must be freedom of speech and free expression, while at the same time criminalizing real freedom of speech, especially the exposure of Zionist sponsored governmental crimes.

The Western corporate media is the main purveyor of Cultural Marxism. Soon this Ministry of Propaganda will be telling us we are racists unless we have sex with people outside of our own race. Then they will tell us that pedophilia is just another sexual choice.

With their disinformation and vicious lies, the chief sponsors of Cultural Marxism in America are the Zionist funded political action groups known as the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) and the ADL (Anti-Defamation League).

The ultimate mind-bender!

Political correctness is another Zionist tool for the suppression of free speech and the redirection of political and social beliefs, as it is made to appear as if it were a grass roots phenomenon that arose solely from the people.

Not so. Political correctness is tangible proof that the Zionist media has in fact brainwashed millions of Americans and Europeans.

Man-made Hell on earth!

Unless people have been brainwashed how else could they condone the US/NATO and Israelis in their burning of babies alive with white phosphorus bombs in Gaza, or the saturation of depleting uranium (DU) weaponry through out the Middle East?

The Western media has widely disseminated the photograph of the little drowned Syrian boy in order to gain support for the engineered migration into Europe.

But when did that same media ever show us the picture below, when the US, NATO, and Israel were bombing Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, or Gaza?

Yes, there are people who actually believe the lies of spreading democracy, a force for good, and humanitarian wars.

Our leaders know better, but they mouth those words because they are psychopaths who feed off the suffering of others, or they are sociopaths who go along to get ahead.

war-crimes-in-gazaIs it the Israelis or Americans who should be excoriated for such blatant and certifiable criminal insanity?

Yes, Israelis pull the triggers in Gaza, but it is American taxpayers who provide the guns.

Save your soul!

If you are an American, or an Israeli, who disagrees with such barbarous national policies as burning people (especially babies and children) alive, then pray for forgiveness: ask for divine exoneration for what has been done in your name – or surely God will hold you complicit in unspeakable crimes.

Speer-Williams – [email protected]


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