Mahmoud Abbas statements at the UN – farts not bombshells


Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas, whose term as President of the Palestinian Authority expired a few years ago, the Chairman of the PLO, President of Fatah spoke at the UN and denounced Israel for its failings to honor the terms of Oslo Accord; and warned that the PA will no longer honor its obligations under Oslo. Wow what a bombshell!

Well, his statement at best was a “fart” and not the bombshell that he and his cronies been talking about and promising for the last few weeks.

Arafat, Abbas and the PLO Executive Committee knew well that Oslo was not about liberation, nor about Jerusalem, nor about the rights of refugees to return home. It was a commercial, administrative and security agreement between Israel as a state and the PLO as an organization.

Arafat, Abbas and the PLO leadership, desperate to save their “ass” after supporting Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, needed drastic measures to replenish the tens of billions looted during their tenure and the consistent failings of PLO policies. To keep the PLO relevant, they decided to open “secret” channels with Israel.

Yitzhak Rabin was desperate to save his “ass” with frontpage and headline news of brave young Palestinians facing heavily-armed Israeli soldiers with tanks and heavy armored vehicles. The First Intifada must come to an end, and Rabin knew Arafat was desperate too.

Arafat and Rabin interests, each for his own purpose, met in Oslo where Arafat, Abbas and the PLO snuffed out and ended the First Intifada; and the PLO secured for itself a management and security contract that will keep the leadership and their bank accounts alive and well; and Rabin got rid of his nightmare.

As the main contractor for the Israeli Occupation, the PLO took it upon itself to take over all of the Israeli financial obligations as manager and administrator of the Occupied Territories, and Israel succeeded in having the PLO through its security forces act as an “auxiliary” unit for the IDF, providing support for the IDF and protection for the criminal Israeli settlers. Over the course of 23 years, the PLO was able to save Israel over $55-60 billion.

Meanwhile, Israel, taking full advantage of the lopsided Oslo Accord, continued with its ever expanding settlement policies providing financial incentive to Israelis to move and settle in the Occupied Palestinian Territories; continued with its systematic expulsion of tens of thousands of Palestinian residents of Jerusalem; and solidified its chokehold on what remained of Palestine by building its Apartheid Wall.

Israel evacuated Gaza because of the high security expenses it provided for the 5,000 land thieves, and decided to continue its punishment of Gaza with systematic destruction of Gaza in several wars and keeping the siege and blockade.

Palestinian checkpoint to pass on the way to work
Palestinian checkpoint to pass on the way to work

Mahmoud Abbas’ threat of not honoring the terms and conditions of Oslo Accord is a little too late. Israel has been violating the terms of Oslo since day one, yet Arafat and Mahmoud Abbas continued honoring their side of the bargain. There were too many financial incentives for the PLO to do otherwise.

Mahmoud Abbas been threatening to do this for a long time. But he and his cronies know better. Mahmoud Abbas, the PLO and Fatah could never give up Oslo with all of its personal and financial benefits to the Palestinian leadership.

Even if Abbas decided to opt out of Oslo, there are many of the PLO leaders waiting in the wings to take over and continue in the service of Israel, no different from the Vichy government of France in the service of the German Occupation.

Mahmoud Abbas is only maneuvering to go back to the negotiating table (peace process) to save face, knowing the US and Israel will move ahead to open direct or indirect negotiations, without ever giving up settlement buildings or lifting all 550 security check points. Abbas was able to hoist the flag at the UN, but is unable to lift one single security checkpoint.

If Mahmoud Abbas were serious, he would have brought with him and submitted formal letters from the PLO abrogating its contractual and security obligations to Israel under Oslo, submit the same to Israel, to the US, Russia and the UN. He knows nobody takes him seriously — not Israel not the US certainly not the Palestinians.



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