US using terrorism to destabilize states: Political expert

Sometimes the blood stains cannot be washed off


… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with Press TV,  Tehran

Cities like Kobani had to be destroyed to save them
Cities like Kobani had to be destroyed to save them

[ Editor’s Note:  It was nice to get a call to do the top story on Press TV’s the world news, on the UN finally opening up a discussion about what to do about those providing huge support to terrorism. After all, it’s only 2015!!

But it did give me a chance to review one of the key goals of VT’s Syria trip, not only to discuss the security situation but opening up a second front on the aiders and abettors of the many terrorism forces in Syria and Iraq who do not have diplomatic immunity…all of the contractors, and there are a lots of them.

Just the two oil companies alone that have been marketing 80% of the stolen oil would be quite a financial reparations catch. And that process has to get started now as corporate media of course has let this little story slide…over who is responsible for paying for the untold terrorism damage done here.

And even more importantly we need to find some mechanism to go after people, companies and sanctions much earlier than when the last bullet is fired. The Saudis and Gulf States have enough assets to pay their share without an annuity payout. This would serve as a badly needed deterrent, which we don’t have now.  The battle over sovereign immunity for terrorism must be joined and fought to the bitter end, one way or another.

The Syrians, especially our host the Justice Minister, are juggling not just a day by day wartime situation, but an hour by hour one. So it is often hard to take their focus off of problems right in front of them. Hence we needed face to face sit downs with the various parties that would have be involved to do some brainstorming on how best to proceed. The effort was successful, but it was just the end of the beginning… Jim W. Dean ]


UN human rights council forum
UN human rights council forum

– First aired …  October 12,  2015

Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor of the VT from Atlanta, to get for his take on the relations of the United States and its regional allies with the terrorist groups in the Middle East.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: What do you make of what on one hand the UN envoy has said talking about the unity of Iraqis and how it’s needed and on the other hand, Iran’s Foreign Minister has told the UN representative that basically the UN needs to basically condemn these countries that are supporting the terrorists to begin with?

Dean: Well, it is very nice to see this being done, but it’s long overdue. There’s two parts to this, you’ve got the state sponsors of terrorism which the whole world now has realized is the biggest threat to everybody’s national security, because you have a variety, everything from some of the small [Persian] Gulf states to your major European powers engaging and using terrorism for regime destabilization anywhere they please.

And the only reason and justification they give for it is for “pursuing our interests”. They never say “national defense interests” because these countries that they want to have regime changes were not a military threat. That only leaves financial interests, so it means the countries’ taxpayers here are being looted to do this for the benefit of defense contractors and people that want to make money off of war and instability.

But there’s another part to this… when we were in Syria in September, we had been working with them on some major issues that were better discussed face to face, like the rebuilding the country for all the victims of terrorism. While the terrorist sponsoring countries may have diplomatic immunity, all the contractors that they have used as cutouts and intermediaries, they are not covered under immunity.

They all can be sued for all the damages and the recovery. So, there’s going to be a big reparations issue there. And the United Nations has done nothing up to this point. So, it’s finally nice. This maybe coming at a good time.

Press TV: You talk about a big reparation issue, but can we really expect something like that, because as we have seen in the past unfortunately countries for example Iran after eight years of war and then asking for reparations, it never happened. So, doesn’t it depend on how in tune they are with those countries that are basically controlling the United Nations?

Dean: It does. The United Nations isn’t going to really get money for folks. And I think you’re right that the diplomatic immunity for countries is pretty standard, and they all want to keep that. What they have already gone after is these terror supporting countries have been using a lot of intermediaries since 2001. The Bush regime subcontracted a lot of terrorism type work.

They’re using a lot of military veterans but they’re not using the severing armed forces. And these companies can be sued because they don’t any diplomatic immunity whatsoever. It’s just a question now of finding a legal form of that would pursue the case and can’t be compromised, which is a huge challenge.



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