Putins next move on the grand chessboard?


by  Preston James and Mike Harris


According to a Star and Stripes article on December 7, 2015, Syria has accused US Led Coalition aircraft of hitting a Syrian Army base and killing three soldiers in an airstrike on Sunday, December 6, 2015.

Not only has the USG denied this attack was theirs, but has actually blamed it on the Russian Federation.

Has America now committed a blatant and obvious act of war against Syria along in addition to all their covert acts of war that they have brought against Syria using their surrogate mercenary army ISIS?

lido_092If the US Military was responsible for this attack against the Syrian Army in Syria, this is a blatant and aggressive act of war. And it could then have serious consequences for America, NATO and so-called coalition members.

Many seasoned Intel folks from all over the World believe that this coalition is comprised of a rogue NeoCon faction left over from Bush2 in the Pentagon which includes Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

And that this coalition actually created and uses ISIS as their own private mercenary army to fight a secret proxy war against Syria and Iran.

This aggressive land and oil grab by ISIS for coalition members is believed to be at least a large part over competition to establish oil and gas pipelines to Europe, their specific routes, who will own and control them, and also a quest to control Mideast oil exports.

If it was a Russian friendly fire mistake that is one thing, and you can bet Putin will apologize if he finds out it was a Russian error.

But if this was a blatant overt act of war used by the US Military to provoke Russia into a full scale air and ground war with NATO, the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, as Russian Officials have now claimed, then that is a whole other matter. And it is something that can potentially threaten every nation of the World.

But there is also another possibility too.

Have NATO, the Pentagon, and been Israel planning numerous provocations for Russia to activate its ultra secret defensive “Dome of Protection” electronic warfare system so they can learn how it works?

Such provocations by the USAF and USN to test Russia’s air defense systems are not unprecedented.

Remember the Korean Airlines Flight KAL 007 on September 1, 1983 which had its navigation system secretly tampered with by a famous American Defense contractor from Fort Worth Texas to trick it into Russian airspace near Sakhalin Island?

This was done to provoke the Russians to turn on their new ultra high tech state-of-the-art phased array radar tracking system at Krasynoyansk so that chase planes and satellites could analyze its functioning. The Pentagon’s plan was to sacrifice the passengers which included Congressman Larry McDonald who was causing a lot of trouble for the Khazarian Mafia at the time, and then use the data to design new counter measures.

Some insiders believe that Turkey’s Shoot-down of the Russian SU-24 inside Syria from behind was actually a well planned covert operation on behalf of the US Military, NATO and Israel to probe and test Russia’s electronic warfare capabilities. This could provide the information otherwise not available necessary to learn how it works in order to develop and fine tune countermeasures. Of course Russia is rumored to have a 3 tiered system, using only the least advanced mode for minor threats and the higher two levels for more advanced threats, with the highest used only for a total intercontinental threat.

If true this would mean that such a provocation would not likely yield the same results as what was used on the Donald Cook in march of 2014 when two SU-24 carried special anti-gravity wave generating pods that shut off the ship’s electrical supply, advanced electronic devices, and its Aegis radar system temporarily.

It is rumored the most advanced mode involves incredibly advanced secret space war defensive weapons based on advance inter-dimensional “cloaking”, anti-gravity ultra high speed projectile and quantum based maser type scalar standing waves “guns” that are very narrow ray forms that do not lose intensity with distance like photon or electron based devices. These have been described by insiders as plasma cannons.

Putin himself said that this shootout of his SU-24 involved no warnings, was a sneak attack from behind by the Turkish F-16, and was a “stab in the back” because Russia was fighting ISIS and Turkey had claimed it was their enemy too. That Turkish claim has now been proven to be a lie because we now know that Turkey is neck deep in creating, training supplying and paying ISIS and helping them sell their stolen crude oil and ship it to Israel.

Since the end of the cold war, the fall of the Iron Curtain, and Jonathan Pollard and other moles such as James Angleton, who we know now was actually a serial murderer and Traitor, all US human intelligence sources have been penetrated, exposed as in “burned” with their covers either blown, or if left in place they have been “fed” useless information.

TESLA12Putin has admitted that these aircraft did not carry the Russian’s new “Dome of Protection” electronic defense system which is incredibly powerful and can have a range up to 300 miles or more.

It has been reported that this new ultra high tech Russian Dome of Protection was activated by two SU-24s that did a fly-by on the USS Donald Cook in March 2014 which allegedly shut down its electric supply and electronics temporarily.

This created shock waves in certain Pentagon officials who now want to provoke this Russian system into activation so they can understand it.

This recent provocation shooting down the Russian SU-24, a sneak attack from behind, did apparently not provide the test needed. It may very well be that this alleged attack on December 6 on a Syrian Army base by American Air Power is just another more desperate attempt to provoke Putin into activating this Dome of Protection so that the west can evaluate it for vulnerabilities.

The West knows that Russia has developed incredibly advanced electronic warfare systems that can be selectively applied without permanently damaging others electrical and electronic systems.

So far President Putin has been quiet on this matter of the December 6 attack on a Syrian Army base which many believe that the US Military conducted as an act of war. It is likely however that he is carefully reassessing the situation in Syria and carefully considering his options.

Senator John McCain has been linked to being involved in the creation and support of ISIS aka the Islamic State. ISIS is known to be an evil beast of conquest, forced sex slavery, torture and mass-murder created by a secret coalition of a faction in the Pentagon, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey

The main support of ISIS has been from its partner groups the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey with NATO support who are using it as a proxy army to fight for the Khazarian Mafia, Big Oil, Israel, American PNACers and Top NeoCon Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens Traitors in a rogue Pentagon faction.

Empty burned out ISIS crude oil tankers which were on their way to Turkey to supply cheap Israel Oil and prop up the Wall Street oil derivatives, provide money for ISIS and make big profits for BP and Exxon. This is what pinpoint targeting by Russian Air Power produced in mere minutes. Right now Russian Air Power has the most advanced targeting systems available. The actual operational specifics of how these new highly advanced systems actually work is considered top secret and not yet known to the Pentagon.

We now know for certain that ISIS has been stealing massive amounts of Syrian and Iraqi Oil, transporting it through Turkey, and sharing in the massive profits with Turkey, and BP and Exxon. Much of this stolen oil ends up going to Israel too and at a nicely discounted rate.

These profits from stolen oil has propped up the massively inflated Oil Derivatives of the largest Wall Street banks.

But all that is now evaporating because of very exact Russian Federation surgical air strikes which are destroying the oil tanker transports by the hundreds.

This is now creating massive stress on these largest Wall Street Banks some believe are close to financial implosion.

The secret Pentagon faction supporting it is linked to an inbred group of PNACers and Top NeoCon Bush2 leftovers and some of their high ranking traitors in NATO.

Infamous spy photo of Senator John McCain meeting with top ISIS leaders who are sheep-dipped Israeli linked special warfare specialists who are experts at creating synthetic terror and armies of mind-kontrolled terrorists. This of course is High Treason, a violation of his Oath of Office and should be enough to get him removed from his Chairmanship of the Armed Forces committee and impeached too. And he should be prosecuted in the ICC for international terrorism, mass-murder, war crimes too as well as Treason inside America. Obviously Treason is a capital offense with execution upon conviction. So now we in America have a Terrorist leader and an elected traitor who violated his Oath of Office running our Pentagon. This is unacceptable and criminal beyond words. This Traitor who is owned by the Khazarian Mafia will do his best to take the USA into a nuclear WW3 and total destruction unless stopped.

With Senator John McCain now elevated to head of the Armed Services Committee and with his full support of NeoCon lackey “light on his loafers” tough guy defender of America, Senator Lindsay Graham, one wonders what part they may have had in this attack if it was in fact done by the American Military.

Is it conceivable that McCain and Graham convinced a NeoCon faction of Bush leftovers in the Pentagon and NATO that they must act on their own without President Obama’s direct permission?

Could they have convinced this rogue faction that President Obama is a lame duck right now and will soon be out of office and has no serious support in the Congress so no need to worry about any serious corrective action by him.

It is now becoming understood in high western Intel circles that Putin has some of the best economic, political, and military advisers in the World. And that he has been well informed that America and the West (including NATO and all Coalition members) have been quite thoroughly hijacked and compromised by the City of London based heazarian Mafia also known as World Zionists.

You can be pretty certain that Putin and his advisers now have a good understanding of the West’s great looming economic and political vulnerabilities and their specific military weaknesses and deficiencies. But they also understand that the Russian Federation itself is still somewhat under the grip of the City of London private Central Banksters because these Khazarian Mafia Banksters own significant quantities of shares in Gazprom and the Russian central bank and some other Russian Corporations.

These Khazarian Mafia private Banksters have infiltrated and hijacked America by seizing our monetary creation and distribution system and by charging pernicious usury for us to use the debt-notes they issue as money when it should be real Constitutional currency and used by us at no interest.

Booting these Khazarian Mafia Banksters out of Russia requires a systematic well planned process just as it will in America. Does Putin now have a new strong stimulus motivating him to accelerate this process?

The Khazarian Mafia, the World’s largest Organized crime Syndicate and the main source of all evil, mass death and human suffering. Considered the biggest human parasites in history. The top KM leaders seem to exhibit no-human, antisocial traits some describes as neanderthal type. Others view it as Nephilin or Anunnaki (Anakem).

So far we have reason to believe that Putin and his advisers have been working slowly, systematically and definitively to rout the Khazarian Mafia Kingpins out of power in Russia. In Russia the action arm of the Khazarian Mafia has been known classically as the “Red Mafiya”. Routing the Khazarian Crime Syndicate out of Russia is a monumental task for Russians just as it is for us Americans. Perhaps we should join hands and work together to do so.

Perhaps there are factions within the Secret Space War Defense Contractors of both nations Russia and America who are now secretly working together to route out the Khazarian Mafia and who want sustained peace between Russia and America, beneficial joint trade, and joint space exploration and mining?

If so this would mean that there is a strong faction in the American Defense establishment that is interested in preventing America being used to fight any more wars of aggression and acquisition of cheap natural resources for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia.

Naturally such a faction in the American Defense Establishment would be tired of these useless wars which America can no longer afford and more concerned with the application of free energy and other very advanced technology to remove the need for dependence on oil and current sources of energy and electricity.

Many in high American Defense and Intel positions like Putin much better as a leader than anyone inside the beltway or who is a 2016 Presidential candidate right now. Sad that so far we don’t have a candidate who is like the Founding Fathers of America our Republic, somebody that will be an America-firster and not an Israeli-firster like 99% of our Members of Congress.

If the US Military really did attack the Syrian Army on December 6, will Putin assist Assad by doing something also once again quite unexpected? Or will he retaliate in unexpected, creative ways inside Russia against those he secretly holds responsible as he did when he checkmated ISIS by his unexpected air attacks after Syria asked Russia for help as their official ally?

Putin was recently quoted saying “if a dog bites you, don’t hold the dog responsible, go after the owner.”

How could Putin go after the dog’s owner? Could he nationalize Gazprom? We know that the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Banksters own shares in Gazprom.

Could Putin convince Chinese leaders to set up Gold and Silver exchanges where they could buy Gold and Silver for their central bank at what it is really worth, not the current prices which are greatly suppressed far below actual value? This would help the Chinese get rid of all their excess US Petro Dollars and provide big investment returns for Americans who own Gold and Silver after buying it up as a hedge against falling interest rates?

GOLD777Many Americans would quickly sell their Gold and Silver if the prices paid were raised to what they should be which would be quite high and probably $10,000 USD an ounce for Gold and $500 USD an ounce for Silver. If the USG tries to outlaw Gold and Silver, this would set off a massive black market that could never be stopped and would likely lead to a full blown civil war.

Right now the prices paid do not even cover the cost of basic mining so it is obvious it has been artificially suppressed by the City of London.

IF China starts setting up these Gold and Silver exchanges, this will also coordinate with the shift of power from the west to the East as the Chinese Renmimbi (RMB), some call the Yuan, gains status as a major world exchange medium.

Somehow Saudi Arabia was conned by the Khazarian Mafia to lower its crude oil prices to create severe economic stress on the Russian Federation. This strategy has failed miserably.

The Russian Federation well equipped and prepared to weather these low crude oil prices, despite the false reports in the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM). And this strategy by the West has boomeranged back on them, severely stressing the US Shale Oil industry and the largest Wall Street banks who are now close to going bust from falling crude oil derivatives which must remain high for their continued solvency.

Perhaps the greatest vulnerability in the Pentagon PNAC, NeoCon faction is the person who claims to be their greatest strength. This is Senator John McCain who has been linked to helping start ISIS and is alleged to be a strong supporter, has been linked to the cover-up designed to abandon all POWs and MIAs in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, and who was accused of being a traitor by fellow soldiers and his commander during his sty at the Hanoi Hilton.

Some of his fellow POWs claim that he sung like a canary and shared many secrets about how bombing runs were made and this resulted in many needless deaths of American airways afterwards.

More options for President Putin and the Russian Federation?

Intel insiders believe that Putin has access to the interrogation films and recordings taken of John McCain. If he released these and all other Intel he has access too on McCain, this would be driven into the American press and John McCain would be forced out of office in short order.


Some Intel insiders now realize that Putin has a very big wild card with the incredibly clear satellite scans and phone taps that Russia has which show how 9-11-01 was done and by whom. If he decides to play this card and also release the McCain tapes, John McCain will be pushed out of office in a short time by his Senate colleagues, you can take that to the bank. This alone would greatly reduce Putin’s and the Russian Federation’s problems.

But there is perhaps one more reason that the Pentagon and the Coalition should be cautious with proceeding any further with their blatant aggression in Syria against Assad, the Syrians and Russia. It was Assad and Syria who asked its ally the Russian Federation for help fighting ISIS. The Pentagon is deeply split as is the whole USG and both political parties, especially the Republican party which is in shambles over president Obama.

But the Democratic party is in shambles too, over Hillary Clinton whose power-broker backers have secretly anointed her for nomination and are pulling every string possible to see that such happens.

The US economy is in shambles and the criminal Khazarian Mafia’s private central money/debt creation system is close to collapse and about ready to be declared null and void.

The Khazarian Mafia is being exposed and turned against all over the World as folks are waking up to the fact that the KM’s money power is based on their private Central Banksters extreme fraud and theft, and has been used to buy-off and bribe most politicians all over the World.

The US Petro Dollar is losing ground as time passes and as the crude oil price continues to drop the largest Wall Street Banks face insolvency as their massive oil derivatives which were inflated sink like a rock tossed in a pond.

Russian electronic defense systems and fighters are probably quite superior to US and NATO, and for any or all Coalition members and to get into a hot full scale air and ground war with Russia would be not only stupid, but self-destructive. And there is no guarantee that China would not step in at some point either.

If it goes intercontinental with a full nuclear exchange many military leaders will go deep underground when their satellites sense the detonators being placed in the devices and made active. It will be the populace on both continents that will take full effects of the high powered neutron bombs designed to kill without destroying infrastructure.

There won’t be much fallout or many survivors but it will likely be a lifetime of road warrior and Jericho type living from that point on for most survivors.

Before we give up hope, it is important to remember that President Putin appears to be a quite reasoned, well restrained man who has the World’s best Intel system, lots of the best advisers and a state of the art military with equipment that is very efficient and incredibly effective.

Putin has repeatedly ask the USG for cooperation fighting these mercenary army proxies of this criminal renegade rogue faction in the Pentagon which is allied with Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. So far President Obama has refused, but insiders claim that there is back channel cooperation already forming between the saner element in the Pentagon and a certain higher echelon of American Intel which together have risen to power.

Like President Putin, this new faction wants to see an end to all these oil wars and healthy, prosperous lives with adequate employment and benefits for all our people which include good health care. And this new faction also like Putin wants to be free of the parasitizing presence of the Khazarian Mafia Banksters who continually provoke these perpetual wars of aggression over oil and natural resources and have infiltrated and hijacked so many governments of the World.

But it is also clear that Putin has a powerful military force, very advanced weapons with multiple capabilities, and the determined will to deploy them should it become necessary to defeat ISIS.

* Mike Harris is the VT Financial Editor, VT radio host,  and was the former GOP Campaign Finance Chairman and gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. He is now a Senior Vice President at Adamus Defense Group, Switzerland.



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