Future of Oil – My Crystal Ball Says…

VT has been saying for years the world is floating in oil

by Katherine Frisk

The biggest problem with oil driven energy is pollution. As we saw earlier this month when Beijing declared a RED ALERT for air pollution.

This has got nothing to do with “climate change,”or “global warming,” neither of which I am convinced are accurate or even valid “scientific “conclusions.

We cannot fully assess “climate change” until a full, open and transparent international investigation is done into geo-engineering, weather modification and weather warfare. For those ready to throw rotten tomatoes at me see HERE and HERE. And listen to this:

As for “global warming,” see HERE. Why are the ice caps getting bigger if the earth is heating up?

Plants thrive on carbon and give back oxygen in return. Pollution is another thing entirely. What we are really dealing with is pollution and the main culprits are the usual bunch of criminals, who are quite happy to makes trillions in profits but want somebody else to pay clean up their mess at no cost to themselves.

So they have come up with this genius idea called “carbon tax,” highway robbery if you ask me, when in many cases these same criminals who caused the pollution in the first place, with their offshore bank accounts pay next to no tax at all which will, as I keep repeating over and over again, become more prevalent with the passing of the TPP and the TTIP whereby they will then be beyond anyone’s jurisdiction and a law unto themselves. But I digress, back to oil…

The problem with oil is pollution. This can be easily rectified with further developments in catalyst converters, creating no pollution at all.

The next problem which as you will see, I regard as no problem at all either, is supply and demand. The earth has and can supply oil until kingdom come. Oil is like the earth’s blood stream, and after donating huge quantities of it to the human race, the earth replenishes it. Oil wells that once ran dry, given a few years, replenish themselves. So there never, ever, will be an “energy crisis.”

Now we come to the new kid on the block; after years of sanctions, Iran is now joining the world again and will be another major oil supplier. What is more, Iran has developed their technology to the point where they can produce oil for $1 a barrel. Yes you read that right.

As we have seen in the last year and a half, the price of oil has dropped dramatically. Over supply from Saudi Arabia compounded by thousands of gallons of stolen oil from Iraq and Syria by ISIS and sold to Turkey resulting in traffic jams at many ports, notably Texas, with oil tankers waiting in queues for up to two miles long to offload their oil cargo, means there is a glut in the market. Or maybe, the real price of oil is finally floating to the surface now that it is no longer controlled by the petro dollar.

Here is the bottom line. The 20th century and the trillionaires who rose out of it and greased their palms and their wallets with the oil industry are now dinosaurs of the past. The 21st century is going to look very different. And one has to think like the Chinese here. When you are sitting with a population of over 1 billion you see things very differently.

Selling more for less as opposed to less for more.

Throw in an egalitarian perspective as opposed to a hierarchical one based on exclusivity and highly expensive designer goods, and you have a completely different world view and economic system. Add to that 3d printing and the possibilities become endless!

The oil industry as a major money earning industry is over. Russia has more oil than anyone, Angola has more oil than Saudi Arabia and both are major suppliers to China. Enter Iran and the old OPEC and the petro dollar system has now come to an end.

Now throw in the Silk Road project. The scale of which is beyond anything we have seen up until now. With oil becoming a cheap commodity and in plentiful supply without any threat of an “energy crisis,” the Silk Road will be well fueled for centuries to come and at an affordable price, more for less.

But… there is still that Big issue of pollution and Bejiing reaching RED ALERT air pollution. That certainly needs to be addressed!

As for “climate change” and “global warming”, hong kong phewee to that! Show me your HAARP baby and I will show you mine!

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and author of Jesus Was A Palestinian.



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Katherine Frisk is or was an enigma. We know that the amazing world-changing book, Jesus Was A Palestinian, was authored by a "Katherine Frisk" but there is NO other information on "Katherine Frisk".  We don't even have an active email for her. Many say that Katherine was Catherine "Kate" Frisk who was born in Malta in 1933 and lived in the USA where she passed away in 2018. But that's NOT confirmed. It may be that "Katherine Frisk" is a nom-de-plume. Considering the subject matter in our book, it would NOT be a stretch to imagine that some would take offense to her truth-telling and so going full anonymous would make survival sense. We simply don't know.  And so we cannot 100% confirm her identity. What we do know is that Katherine submitted over 50 articles to VT and wrote a great book. That all stopped in 2018.  VT periodically does a few re-publishes of her work.