Donald Trump and the New World Order (Part I)

“Yes, I look like a guy with a plan for Muslims…and it’s HUGE! No, I don’t have a plan for Israeli terrorists. This is going to make America great again.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


I have repeatedly told my students that if they want to understand politics, the Middle East, and even an ideology, then they have to study logic (most specifically metaphysics) and apply it to the real world. There is no way around that. I have told them to pay close attention to logical fallacies, double standards, inconsistencies and incoherent arguments. Politics and the Middle East can be a daunting task, so one ought to have the critical tools to assess bold and extraordinary claims made by politicians and ideologues of all stripes.[1]

I have also told some of those students that if they are able to understand calculus or even geometry, then they are well equipped to apply logic to politics precisely because deductive and inductive reasoning and even inference to the best explanation are basically the necessary tools one needs to dissect a pernicious ideology which pretentiously purports to be rational and therefore truthful.

For example, “Nearly two-thirds of likely GOP primary voters support Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from coming into the country…”[2]

Obviously those voters need to think a little deeper about the fundamental issues here. Do they really think that this is going to solve the big problems? What if the so-called terrorists are not “Muslims”?

Even CNN admits that from 1980-1985 there were 18 terrorist attacks committed by Jews in the United States and 15 of those attacks were committed by the Jewish Defense League, an organization which was founded by Jewish terrorist Rabbi Meir Kahane who, like Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard, had strong connections in the Israeli government.[3]

Furthermore, in 2011 at least 200 Israelis were arrested. 140 of those were detained by the FBI right before the 9/11 attack. Many of those Israelis “had used cover stories to gain access to sensitive government buildings and the homes of American officials.”[4] The Washington Post,[5] the Telegraph,[6] and other media outlets such as the widely read French newspaper Le Monde[7] began to ask why many of those people were arrested.

No one was able to answer the question because those Israelis were never prosecuted. According to John Farmer, former senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, the 9/11 Commission report is unreliable and many who wrote the report were misled.[8] According to Sylvain Cypel of Le Monde, there is no doubt that the Israelis—at least the Mossad—were aware of the 9/11 attack before it happened.[9]

As if to prove Cypel right, Benjamin Netanyahu, as we pointed out in a previous article, posited the claim that “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq.”

As Ashleigh Banfield rightly pointed out to a complete mush-head and moron on CNN, should we ban all Jews or Israelis or even Benjamin Netanyahu from entering the country? Is Trump strong enough to tell the entire world that the mad man from Tel Aviv needs to stay in Israel and stop lecturing America about Iran and much of the Middle East? Will he tell Netanyahu that he is a “chickenshit”?

Or is it possible that Trump is indirectly playing into the enemy’s hands here? Let us see.

“Sir, according to your logic, should we all all ban Israelis from entering the United States? And please do not bring this ‘conspiracy’ stuff here.”

Keep in mind that the GOP has been promoting and advancing useless perpetual wars in the Middle East for a long time, most particularly toward the latter part of the twentieth century, which, according to Jewish historian Yuri Slezkine of the University of California, is essentially Jewish.[10]

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have shown, the GOP can be (and has been) manipulated by outside forces, namely, the Neoconservative ideology which, as we have repeatedly shown, is a Jewish political movement.[11] This movement, according to Mearsheimer and Walt,

“is a microcosm of the larger pro-Israel movement. Jewish Americans are central to the neoconservative movement, just as they form the bulk of the lobby, but non-Jews are active in both.”[12]

Mearsheimer and Walt also maintain that

“Virtually all neoconservatives are strongly committed to Israel, a point they emphasize openly and unapologetically. According to [Jewish Neocon] Max Boot…supporting Israel is ‘a key tenet of neoconservatism,’ a position he attributes to ‘shared liberal democratic values….’

“Given their hawkish orientation, it is not surprising that the neoconservatives tend to align with right-wing elements in Israel itself. For example, it was a group of eight neoconservatives (led by Richard Perle and including Douglas Feith and David Wurmser) that drafted the 1996 ‘Clean Break’ study for incoming Likud Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“This study advocated that Israel abandon the Oslo peace process and use bold measures—including military force—to topple unfriendly Middle Eastern regimes and thereby ‘transcend’ the Arab-Israeli conflict.”[13]

Both the Iraq and Afghan wars have also shown that members of the GOP need no international law to drag precious American soldiers virtually everywhere in the Middle East and destroy countries they do not like.[14] Just in case you forget, listen again to Jewish Neoconservative talking head Michael Ledeen:

“Creative destruction is our middle name, both within our society and abroad. We tear down the old order every day, from business to science, literature, art, architecture, and cinema to politics and the law.

“Our enemies have always hated this whirlwind of energy and creativity which menaces their traditions (whatever they may be) and shames them for their inability to keep pace … We must destroy them to advance our historic mission.’”

Ledeen means business. He said in his book The War Against the Terror Masters:

“First and foremost, we must bring down the terror regimes, beginning with the Big Three: Iran, Iraq, and Syria. And then we have to come to grips with Saudi Arabia. … Once the tyrants in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Saudi Arabia have been brought down, we will remain engaged. …We have to ensure the fulfillment of the democratic revolution. …

“Stability is an unworthy American mission, and a misleading concept to boot. We do not want stability in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and even Saudi Arabia; we want things to change. The real issue is not whether, but how to destabilize.”[15]

Jewish Neocon Jonah Goldberg adds:

“Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show we mean business.”[16]

In 2003, that “small crappy little country” was none other than Iraq. Why did the U.S. have to choose Iraq? Goldberg has the answer:

“The United States needs to go to war with Iraq because it needs to go to war with someone in the region and Iraq makes the most sense.”[17]

By 2006, virtually every sane person was saying that the Iraq war was a complete mess. How did Goldberg respond? The war, he said, “was a worthy mistake.”[18]

One needn’t be a historian or intellectual to see that this is really dumb. How was the war “a worthy mistake” when it sent a six-trillion dollar bill to the American people?[19] What would Goldberg say to the 360,000 veterans who were treated for brain injuries back in 2009?[20]

What about literally sodomizing Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib?[21] Why doesn’t Goldberg tell his readers that Israeli agents from Shin Bet played a major role at Abu Ghraib? Why didn’t he point out that “torture trail at Abu Ghraib” inevitably led to Israel? As the noted British journalist Robert Fisk pointed out back in 2004:

“The actual interrogators accused of encouraging U.S. troops to abuse Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib jail were working for at least one company with extensive military and commercial contacts with Israel. The head of an American company whose personnel are implicated in the Iraqi tortures, it now turns out, attended an ‘anti-terror’ training camp in Israel and, earlier this year, was presented with an award by Shaul Mofaz, the right-wing Israeli defense minister.

“According to J.P. London’s company, CACI International, the visit of London—sponsored by an Israeli lobby group and including U.S. congressmen and other defense contractors—was ‘to promote opportunities for strategic partnerships and joint ventures between U.S. and Israeli defense and homeland security agencies…

“The once secret torture report by U.S. Gen. Antonio Taguba refers to ‘third country nationals’ involved in the mistreatment of prisoners in Iraq. Taguba mentions Steven Staphanovic and John Israel as involved in the abuses at Abu Ghraib. Staphanovic, who worked for CACI—known to the U.S. military as ‘Khaki’—was said by Taguba to have ‘allowed and/or instructed MPs (military police), who were not trained in interrogation techniques, to facilitate interrogations by ‘setting conditions’ … he clearly knew his instructions equated to physical abuse.’

“One of Staphanovic’s co-workers, Joe Ryan—who was not named in the Taguba report—now says he underwent an ‘Israeli interrogation course’ before going to Iraq.

“We know the Pentagon asked Israel for its ‘rules of engagement’ in the occupied West Bank and Gaza. Israeli officers have briefed their U.S. opposite numbers and, according to The Associated Press, ‘in January and February of 2003, Israeli and American troops trained together in southern Israel’s Negev desert … Israel has also hosted senior law enforcement officials from the United States for a seminar on counter-terrorism.’”[22]

Furthermore, what about the six thousand soldiers who committed suicide by 2005?[23] Doesn’t Goldberg know that the number of soldiers who committed suicide was higher than the soldiers who died in combat in 2012?[24] Doesn’t he know that the United States has used indiscriminate ways of killing children?[25]

And what about destroying a whole country and then leaving the poor and needy to clean your mess?[26] What about the “$5 trillion dollar war on terror”?[27] Would Goldberg tell his readers that this money is “$16,000 per American; $64,000 for a family of four”?[28] If Goldberg does not see that he is perpetuating total destruction, then Robert D. Ware would almost certainly call him a psychopath.[29]

So, the Neocons can take “small crappy little” countries in the Middle East and destroy them at will. They can unlawfully use drones to attack those countries.[30] In fact, we are told that 96.5 percent “of targeted assassinations in Middle East missed terrorists, killed civilians.” Last year, the Guardian itself reported, “Attempts to kill 41 men resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1,147 people…”[31]

But Muslims coming to America? Oh, no. We cannot let that happen. Here is the question: When you destroy “small crappy little” countries in the Middle East, where do you expect the average civilian to live?

You see, people who are supporting Trump on this issue do not seem to have the insight to see what lies ahead. They have been bamboozled by the political categories which the Dreadful Few have forced upon America and they do not seem to have a better option. We ought to appreciate Trump saying some sensible things about Vladimir Putin. He has recently said that

“Nobody has proven that [Putin has] killed anyone. You’re supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, at least in our country. It has not been proven that he’s killed reporters.”[32]

That is true. But we have to diverge from Trump again because he is obviously playing into the hands of the enemy when he ignores the vital issues and then jumps to the unnecessary conclusion that Muslims ought to be banned from entering the United States. If that is what he is asking, then he will have to close down C.I.A. operations in places like Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Afghanistan,[33] etc. As Peter Dale Scott of the University of California has put it:

“In country after country, from Mexico and Honduras to Panama and Peru, the CIA helped set up or consolidate intelligence agencies that became forces of repression, and whose intelligence connections to other countries greased the way for illicit drug shipments.”[34]

Moreover, the CIA used to support former Trotskyite magazines such as Partisan Review and The New Leader.[35] People like Victor Reuther, Allard Lowenstein, Bayard Rustin, among others, were all secret agents of the C.I.A.[36]

Trump hasn’t said a word about any of this. He is evading the central question and I particularly am not confident about some of his claims at all. Whether he likes it or not, his views on Muslims strengthen the essentially Talmudic mores which our friendly neighborhood (the Dreadful Few) has imposed upon U.S. foreign policy.

Obviously this is one reason why flaming Jewish Neocon David Horowitz has supported Trump’s position.[37] Obviously this is why international media consultant and journalist Joel Leyden, who happens to be Jewish, is supporting him as well.38]

Here are some other reasons as to why Trump is actually helping the enemy.

From 2003 to 2012, over two thousand doctors and nurses, and over four hundred academics, have been assassinated in Iraq. Others have emigrated due to violence in the region. In 1990, there were about thirty thousand registered doctors in Iraq.

By 2008, more than fifteen thousand had already left the country precisely because the Neoconservatives, through the GOP, has virtually destroyed the country. Then there was the high unemployment which ended up ravaging sections of the region, combining with the fact that educational institutions were in decline.[39]

This is the sort of heaven the Neoconservatives were and still are seeking in the Middle East. And this ideological agenda progressively attacked Christian families and neighborhoods in the Middle East as well. It has been said that “the historic Christian community has been largely destroyed” in Iraq after the war, where hundreds of Christians have been killed and exiled to other countries such as Syria and Lebanon.[40]

We are witnessing the same thing in Syria, where the Christian minority has been targeted by the Syrian rebels.[41] Ironically, it is Assad who has been protecting the small minority of Christians in the region.[42] “Asked about a possible intervention [in Syria], Archbishop Gregorios laughs long and loud. As a Christian, he says, he doesn’t believe in the power of weapons, only in peace and democracy. Apparently, he believes in President Assad as well.”[43]

By October 2012, it was clear that by supporting the Syrian rebels, the U.S. ended up supporting “hardline Islamic Jihadis,” says David Sanger of the New York Times.[44] The rebels themselves have been known to support “senseless destruction, criminal behavior and the cold-blooded killing of prisoners.”[45]

By the end of November 2012, the Syrian war had caused at least 40,000 people to leave their homeland, and “1.2 million have been driven from their homes within the country…Some 2.5 million people need humanitarian assistance, and the number keeps climbing.”

That particular month turned out to be a bad omen for the Syrians as well, as they faced “the onslaught of winter with inadequate shelter,” with many possessing “little more than a T-shirt and flip-flops.” With the temperature reaching zero degrees at night, 27-year old Mohamed Khair al-Oraiby lamented, “We already wake up early because it is so cold.”[46]

In October 2012, a bomb blasted a Beirut Christian community, and the New York Times was quick to jump to the conclusion that Al-Assad was behind it,[47] forgetting that Assad has been friends with the Christian communities and that they too saw that if Assad is overthrown, the Christian communities will have problems with the new regime.

So, Donald Trump needs to address these issues before he can even jump to the unnecessary conclusion that “We need a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States while we figure out what the hell is going on.”[48]

Do Muslims have the right to ask “what the hell is going on” in the Middle East as well? Will Trump push the issue further and ask the Israeli regime why they want to destroy virtually any country they do not like?

Trump is not a historian or intellectual and, as we pointed out in a previous article, he has even postulated contradictory statements. He is a businessman and therefore it would be hard to dialogue with him on some of these issues. My first question to him would be,

“Mr. Trump, can you name the two countries that have the biggest Muslim populations in the world? Let me give you some hint: it is not Iran or Iraq or Syria or Afghanistan or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Lebanon or even Turkey.”

I asked two of my students the same question a few months ago on a Sunday afternoon. After they provided many wrong answers, I said: “Indonesia is the first one.” The second is India. The third one is Bangladesh, and then Nigeria, and Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Algeria, and finally Morocco. To which they responded, “What the heck?” They instantly got the point that I was trying to make, that the media has manipulated “Muslim terrorists” for political reasons.

In order for Trump to be a serious candidate, he needs to grapple with those issues and constructively provide serious arguments to build his case. Sure, he is a Presbyterian, which is to say that he is a spiritual descendent of Adam Smith, who accepted usury, the virus that always ends up destroying economic progress.[49] But Trump can understand basic principles. If he has made it thus far, that means he has gotten the attention of the American people.

But if Trump cannot face those fundamental issues and respond to them in a strictly logical fashion, then it is safe to say that he has been manipulated. It is safe to say that his statement has really distracted people from focusing on some of the central issues, such as Benjamin Netanyahu threatening “to strip Jerusalem residency from 230,000 Palestinians.”[50]

Put simply, decent Muslims are finding themselves in an unfortunate situation: they are being bombarded by the Neoconservative ideology in the Middle East, and now they have to face another unfortunate situation in the U.S. And if some “Muslim” idiot happens to ignite a bomb somewhere, every decent Muslim must pay the price.

Would the New World Order apply the same logic to Jewish terrorists? The answer is a resounding no. Donald Trump needs to understand what is at stake here. Now is his chance. If he continues to stay silent about those fundamental issues, then it is safe to say that he is a carbon copy of Ann Coulter, who obviously had to beg for mercy in order to restore her Neoconservative platform. This brings us to Angel Merkel, who will be the topic of our next installment.

[1] For example, one man came up to me last week and told me that what I write is basically “historical fiction” and wanted me to disprove the claim. I was speechless for a while. “Will I get a response from you?,” he said. I guess the Lord had delivered him into my hands. “If I tell you that I like orange juice and I want you to disprove that claim. How would you go about doing that?” You see, he was positing an affirmative claim and was asking me to give evidence for his perversion! Perhaps he should have read W. K. Clifford’s ethics of belief before he talked to me. W. K. Clifford, “The Ethics of Belief,” Contemporary Review, 1877.

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