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Trump could hang Bill Kristol over 9/11

Why is Bill Kristol terrorized by Trump? Because as Roger Stone recently said on the Alex Jones Show, 'Trump knows about 9/11.'

Trump: Israel-did-9/11 protestor is a Trump guy

"Hey - Hey. Listen to me Trump! Five Jews Arrested on 9/11 In New Jersey, Not Muslims!"

Donald Trump and the New World Order (Part I)

Should we ban all Israelis or even Benjamin Netanyahu from entering the United States?

NEO – Who is the Real Axis of Evil?

Jim W. Dean - We have long editorialized at Veterans Today that without more international pressure against these illegal military actions inside another state without its permission, that they would grow in size to become permanent occupation forces.

Donald Trump is not America – neither is Marine Le Pen...

Sami Jamil Jadallah - To overcome any Donald Trump phenomena, I suggest that every American family, irrespective of race, color or faith, invite neighbors or colleagues from other faiths, colors or races for a dinner for a “getting together - sharing the bread”.

Islamic terror threat, a hoax created by Israel

Is Trump trumping the neocons - by matching their Islamophobic lies and raising the stakes? And to what end?

Hey Trump! ISRAELIS cheered 9/11 attacks, not Muslims

“That is an official admission from Israeli intelligence agents that they had foreknowledge of the destruction of the World Trade Center."

Israel was prime force behind 9/11 attacks: American scholar

Trump is right - somebody got caught celebrating the demolitions of 9/11. But it wasn't Arabs.

Truth about 9/11 would take down the US as a global...

"9/11 truth has been a smoldering barrel of political dynamite. And now it’s smoldering a little bit harder, and it might just go off.”

Trump: Mid East Could Be Safer With Hussein, Gaddafi, Stronger Assad

Is Washington helping terrorists inside Syria worse than Trump himself?

Donald Trump: Vladimir Putin Gets an A for Leadership

A mayor in Israel is bragging about being a racist, but that is all right because it is Jewish racism.

NEO: Can Trump fever make America a Believer?

Jim W. Dean - “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.” The Donald fits that to a tee, and is easy to see.

Julianna Forlano Show: A Literal Clown Car of Candidates and Politics...

Tonight on the show, David Bender, Political Director for the Progressive Voices Network, helps us read into the second Republican debate. Later on, our UK correspondent Denis Campbell joins us to discuss Jeremy Corbyn's rise in the Labour Party, and why some people are calling him the British Bernie Sanders.

GOP Branding: Say Hello to the New Racist Party of 21st...

Can an Overtly Racist Political Party Survive in the new 21st Century USA?

Julianna Forlano Show: Trump Illuminati Puppet or just racist one?...

On this episode we cover candidate Bernie Sanders’ recent surge in the polls.

Can Donald Trump trump the GOP’s ideology?

Why would Donald Trump even consider Sarah Palin for a cabinet position? Doesn’t he know that this woman serves her masters only?

Hillary’s Secret Weapon – Donald Trump

It is no longer the people's election it is now the Oligarch's election in that a few dozen super-rich contributors are bankrolling and thereby controlling the 2016 presidential election campaign.

Johnny Punish Show: GOP Presidential Primary Debate After Party Special...

GOP DEBATE? Who won? Who lost? Join host Johnny Punish and special guest Michael Henry from Goodnight America as they discuss who were the big winners and losers in the debate last night in Ohio.

America Deserves Donald Trump

As the late George Carlin once correctly exclaimed regarding our Congress “It’s a great big club, and you’re not in it ” so get used to it because Corporations are people and the electorate are most definitely not to be trusted with the truth, starting with 9/11 and extending to Drone assassinations and TPP.

Trump Opens McCains Treasonous Can of Worms

The Donald Doubles Down on His McCain Not a War Hero Statements

Trump right about Hanoi John McCain

Gordon Duff, Painfully, I agree with Donald Trump when it comes to phony war hero John McCain, the worst of them all.