by Katherine Frisk

for Kobus, with love

Two things opened the gates for me over Christmas 2015. Call it my “Epiphany.”

The first was: NEO – Will the World Survive Obama’s Last Year? A brilliant article by Gordon Duff and another brilliant Editor’s introductory note by Jim Dean.

One paragraph stuck out at me:

“Under Obama’s watch, however, police murders have either increased or have begun being reported after years of silence, we don’t know which is true …”

The second was Kobus, who kindly helped me when I needed it, fed me the most fantastic stew (great cook!) and told me lots of stories about his life.

Kobus, like all white male South Africans between the ages of approx 38 and 70 had been enlisted in the South African Defense Force with yearly camps fighting the “communist/ terrorists” up on the border with Angola. They were mostly good men who believed in what they were fighting for, believed the lies dished up to them and sacrificed their time, their mental and physical health and their lives to help the bankers destroy Angola and prevent both the Portuguese and the Angolans from accessing the huge oil reserves in that country. The bankers funded both sides, the “communists”who they had created and the Apartheid Nationalist Government who they supported through the CIA and managed to keep it all together for almost 30 years until the end of the Cold War.

When that finally ended the SADF sent these same men into what were called the “black townships,” to fight against the rising tide of anti-apartheid activists. But what you now had were real men, men who had fought A REAL WAR and the SAP, many of whom by contrast, were a bunch of mafia thugs who could:

a) Kill with impunity and get away with it.

b) Owned, controlled and ran the drugs, illegal arms and prostitution


c) The pedophile rings.

This had nothing to do with race, religion or language. Every race, religion and language was involved in this criminality. And they were making a fortune off of it. Not only certain members of the police force, but top government ministers were involved in the white Nationalist Party as well as the leaders in what were called the “homelands,”or Banustans. Zulus, Xhosa, Sotho, Shangaan, coloured, Indian, etc etc. All the colours of the rainbow. And they all liked it that way. They kept everyone divided up nicely and hating each other while they all got away with murder.

Until the SADF, real men who had fought a real war showed up and things started to go wrong. Kobus and his troop were sent into a black township in their Buffels. They had been tipped off that somebody outside the Methodist Church was going to be necklaced. A tire put around his neck, doused in petrol and set alight. These guys were there to stop it. But…

The SAP told them to back off. The smell of burning human flesh is a nightmare that sticks in your nostrils forever. There is no delete button. There is no “Bleechbit.” All the real men sat there with their guns pointed and aimed and were prevented from stopping it. They were forced to watch this murder and to have the memory of it haunt them for the rest of their lives. Castration is an ugly thing.

Winnie Mandela gave a speech, “With our tires and our matches we will liberate this country!”

Winnie in 2003

Winnie and her “Football Team” thugs were in it up to the neck with the Po-Lice of ALL races. And they were damned if the SADF was going to come in and clean up their mess! What she really meant was, anybody who thought they were going to blow the whistle on their highly lucrative drugs, illegal arms, prostitution and pedophile rings would be necklaced to death. THAT was her idea of “Liberation.”

Then Stompie hit the headlines. A young black child who had been roped in by Winnie and her Football team thugs for drug running and child prostitution. He had spilled the beans to a Methodist Church minister in a desperate plea for help. She had him abducted and killed as a “police informer,” rather than an “informer of the police.” Words can get mixed around that way.

To this day Winnie walks free. Nobody will touch her, nobody will put her in jail. She knows too much and if anyone touches her she will take them all down. De Klerk included. His ex-wife was not so lucky. She was murdered because she was about to “spill the beans.” Mr. Nobel Peace Prize winner De Klerk who now sits on a very lucrative farm in Argentina along with his CIA/Nazi buddies. I cry for you Argentina, I really do!

Then a whole lot of white children started “disappearing.” Until one of them managed to escape and with the help of a total stranger went to the police. The Gert’ “Bokkie” van Rooyen case. They were abducting little girls and selling them to pedophile rings, who when they were finished with them, put their bodies in baths of lime and then washed them down the drain. NO evidence.

The cops had to do something. They shot Gert and his wife dead. They did not arrest them. They killed them. Though the official report says Gert shot his wife and then himself. If they had arrested them they would talk and, if they talked, a whole lot of “prominent people” of all race groups and religions would be exposed.

Kobus, this Epiphany may God bless you and keep you, may his light shine upon you and give you peace. And Gordon and Jim and all men like you. Die Manne (The Men.)

Katherine Frisk is a freelance writer, political commentator and the author of: Jesus Was A Palestinian.


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Katherine Frisk is or was an enigma. We know that the amazing world-changing book, Jesus Was A Palestinian, was authored by a "Katherine Frisk" but there is NO other information on "Katherine Frisk".  We don't even have an active email for her. Many say that Katherine was Catherine "Kate" Frisk who was born in Malta in 1933 and lived in the USA where she passed away in 2018. But that's NOT confirmed. It may be that "Katherine Frisk" is a nom-de-plume. Considering the subject matter in our book, it would NOT be a stretch to imagine that some would take offense to her truth-telling and so going full anonymous would make survival sense. We simply don't know.  And so we cannot 100% confirm her identity. What we do know is that Katherine submitted over 50 articles to VT and wrote a great book. That all stopped in 2018.  VT periodically does a few re-publishes of her work.