U.S. Officials: Russia Defeated NWO Agents and Satanists in 2015

"I don't know about you, but I need a toast after this long victory against NWO agents and Satanists."
“I don’t know about you, but I need a toast after this long victory against NWO agents and Satanists in 2015.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Business Insider, a Zionist outlet which usually finds a subtle way to lambast Vladimir Putin and which has perversely misrepresented my good friend Professor Denis Rancourt[1] (a stellar physicist, climatologist and medical doctor who has published over 100 articles in scientific journals and who is now doing intensive research on cancer[2]), has recently reported that U.S. officials have conceded defeat in 2015. It stated:

“Three months into his military intervention in Syria, Russian President Vladimir Putin has achieved his central goal of stabilizing the Assad government and, with the costs relatively low, could sustain military operations at this level for years, U.S. officials and military analysts say.

“That assessment comes despite public assertions by President Barack Obama and top aides that Putin has embarked on an ill-conceived mission in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that it will struggle to afford and that will likely fail.

“‘I think it’s indisputable that the Assad regime, with Russian military support, is probably in a safer position than it was,’ said a senior administration official, who requested anonymity. Five other U.S. officials interviewed by Reuters concurred with the view that the Russian mission has been mostly successful so far and is facing relatively low costs.”[3]

Putin, throughout 2015, waged a cosmic battle against the New World Order and Satan worshipers, and he obviously won by a landslide in Syria and even in Crimea. In his recent book The Neoconservative Threat to World Order, Paul Craig Roberts says that

“In an unprecedented turnout unmatched by any Western election, Crimeans voted 95.7% to join Russia.”[4]

Almost 96 percent? When was the last time you heard this in the Zionist media? Why couldn’t CNN, MSNBC, Fox New, the New York Times, the Washington Post, etc., publish this bombshell? Why did they prefer to listen to Jewish writers such as Massa Gessen, Walter Laqueur, and Garry Kasparov, people who perpetuated the lie that Putin aspired to exterminate those who disagreed with him?

Satanists who lost the cosmic struggle in 2015 and Syria and Crimea.
Satanists who lost the cosmic struggle in 2015 in Syria and Crimea.

Now, let’s wind the political clock back to 2012, 2013, and 2014. Remember how gloomy and dark those years were? Remember how pessimist but well-meaning writers were telling us that hope was beyond reach and that doomsday was near?

Even science popularizers like physicist Michio Kaku were risibly postulated in 2010 that “the internet, Fox [News], television, cable, satellite TV…could get wiped out around 2012.” In 2012, it was Pat Buchanan’s turn to ask the big question: will America survive to 2025?

Of course, we haven’t passed 2025, but Putin just showed decent Americans that change is possible. In the last paragraph of Suicide of a Superpower, Buchanan wrote:

“America is entering a time of troubles. The clashes of culture and creed are intensifying and both parties are perceived to have failed the nation…

And the crises that afflict us—culture wars, race division, record deficits, unpayable debt, waves of immigration, legal and illegal, of peoples never before assimilated, gridlock in the capital, and possible defeat in war—may prove too much for our democracy to cope with. They surely will, if we do not act now.”[5]

One cannot read Solzhenitsyn and Hegel long enough and still remain pessimistic about the future, particularly if reason and ultimate Logos one’s primary focus. Sure, there are mountains of difficulties ahead, but once again reason will always work itself out.

Certainly the carnal man cannot understand this principle because he does not understand Logos. The carnal man always freaks out when things aren’t going his way. In the process, he usually moves from the rational to the irrational, which is exactly what his enemy wants.

But we are not just matter and chemistry, as the carnal man usually states in popular books which purport to be scientific and intelligible. We were created by Logos. This Logos has imbued us all with a spirit and a will, which allow us to make rational choices and reject that which is evil. It is that will to choose good over evil which allows us to communicate and understand each other.

Moreover, this Logos is both universal and eternal and is our metaphysical model, our identity, and our destiny. Many anti-Zionist movements have already gotten off tract because they fail to understand this principle and its essence.

What strengthened Vladimir Putin over the past three years is that repeatedly made reference to this universal Logos and even rebuked the West for abandoning its roots. That obviously gave him enough confidence to move forward, even though he was obviously outnumbered. Now that we are at the end of the year, NWO agents and Satanists have finally taken their hats off and saluted Putin.

"I'm still going to be angry in 2016 with Satanists who want to destroy much of the West. I hope I won't have to nuke them."
“I’m still going to be angry in 2016 at Satanists who want to destroy much of the West. I hope I won’t have to nuke them.”

But we know that the enemy isn’t going to give up that easily. Russia’s stability in Syria has obviously created fear in the minds of U.S. officials, who still think that Russia is being aggressive.[6] Putin is simply just showing those officials “state-of-the-art prowess.”[7] He just wants them to know that Russia is capable of obliterating ISIS[8]—or shall we henceforth say the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service?

Because of Russia, much of the Zionist media can now freely talk about how the so-called Syrian “moderate” rebels have sympathized with ISIS.[9] Because of Russia, the United States can no longer remove Assad out of power anymore, as they thought they could back in 2011.[10]

Because of Russia, Czech-based freelance journalist and analyst Martin Berger can now say that

“With the consent of Erdogan, Turkish intelligence experts have been training Islamists at secret bases in the Konya Province inside the Turkish border.”[11]

Erdogan, in other words, is now being seen as a terrorist thug who continues to dine with ISIS.[12]

Put simply, Russia has chosen not to choose the New World Order narrative in Syria and Crimea. In the end, we all can say that this was a good move. NWO agents were obviously mad because democracy for them is when another nation accepts the New World Order agenda.

Thank God Putin didn’t listen to them. Thank God Russia basically barbecued them in 2015. As journalist Finian Cunningham rightly puts it:

“2015 was the year Russia exposed the barbaric nature of Western powers, from their criminal conspiracy for regime change in Syria, to aggression against Yemen, Iran, Russia, China and any country that does not toe the line…

“Russia’s military intervention in the Syrian conflict in support of its long-time ally beginning on September 30 has transformed the dynamic. Russia’s intervention, along with that of Iran and Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement, is the only lawful foreign contingency in the five-year-old war…

“All other foreign interventions in Syria from the United States and EU members, Britain, France and Germany, are in violation of international law.”[13]

So, the New World Order failed in 2015. They are bad, mad, and sad. They will certainly come up with lies and fabrications in 2016, but we are ready to meet them with the truth.

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