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Steve Scroggins brings a variety of talents to Veterans Today... management/accounting/MBA background, computer systems analyst, IT management, and as a web administrator for the past ten years. Along the way he has been very active in a variety of American heritage orgs, an historian and prolific writer featured on the Georgia Heritage Council website along with his infamous satirical X-files cartoons. Steve will be a great addition to the in-progress mulitmedia upgrades for VT. He will be working with Jim W. Dean on several major article series to completely expose some of the major myths and myth-makers who have gotten a free pass from so-called mainstream media.

The Culture War on Confederate Heritage

- We are indebted to the few courageous journalists who have written the truth

Debunking Old Civil War Myths – Long Proven Wrong

- Lincoln said..."Beyond holding Federal property to collect the duties...there will be no invasion, no using of force against people anywhere."
Sesquicentennial of the War 2010-2015

Debunking Civil War Myths – Long Proven Wrong

- The Victors Write the War History, but Should Their Lies be Immortal?

Genealogy: Having Blood In the Game

As part of our Sesquicentennial series, we wanted to put together an informative piece on genealogy to inspire others to start their own family roots search.

Play the Barack BS Bingo game

Hate boring political speeches? Spice them up by playing BS Bingo! Missed Obama's Sep. 8th jobs speech? Be ready next time!
Announcing gBay !! Exclusive liberated Libyan Merchandise - VT parody

Announcing gBay ® – We Got Stuff! – Hats

gBay - Hats from Gadaffi's extensive collection! -- VeteransToday parody

Mainstream Media, the Anti-War Hypocrites

Some question the lack of leftist anti-war activism seeking to end America's perpetual wars. They are right to ask why those activists are MIA now that Obama is leading the war charge. It's simple, really. They are mostly partisan hypocrites.

Democracy’s Violent Death

Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women. The USA converted, in practice, from a republic to a democracy during the reign of FDR. Without a miraculous change of course, our democracy's brief life is almost over and its violent death is imminent.
Wretched Hereditary Bondage

With Slavery, Injustice For All

People believe that 1865 marked the ending of slavery in America, and they are wrong.