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Polonium Follies

Very sad news indeed about poor old Ernest Borgnine, one of the greats, who has gone to the great PT-boat base in the sky.

Why Arafat Was Poisoned – Uri Avnery Knows

- Arafat was the man who was able to make peace with Israel,..and to get his people, including the Islamists, to accept it.

Hamas Goes Non Violent – Israel Prefers War of Aggression

Khaled Mash’al declares that Hamas has given up all violent action...it will concentrate on non-violent mass demonstrations, in the spirit of the Arab Spring...Uri Avnery

Zionist Crime Against Humanity…Instilled Memory

...accompanying symptoms are belligerent behavior, recurrent suspicions, disconnection from the real world, conspiracy theories and narcissism.


“ZIONISM...THE PATHOLOGICAL MINDSET OF TERRORISM AND ETHNIC CLEANSING" By Alan Hart for VT Zionism.  At last somebody has said it in the most explicit way...