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al-Sisi’s TV whores celebrate genocide in Gaza

Egypt's Zionist-deep-state media - the al-Sisi propaganda apparatus - is cheering Israel's genocide in Gaza.

Will Egypt Burn?

- Will a new Muslim Brotherhood leadership emerge in Egypt - to pick the pieces left from the old?

"The Struggle for Egypt" by Joseph Massad

Joseph Massad's balanced, detailed analysis of the Egyptian coup is right on the money.

“The Struggle for Egypt” by Joseph Massad

Joseph Massad's balanced, detailed analysis of the Egyptian coup is right on the money.

Tahrir II, The Egyptian Revolution moves forward

- 33 million Egyptians came out as they felt the Revolution had been betrayed by the entire political & social space being carjacked by the MB-Salafists.

83-year-old Shaykh: “Egypt needs to rock out to Jack White &...

A venerable Muslim scholar has commanded Egyptians to jump-start their hearts by rocking out to “Jack White and the Voodoo Experience – full concert.”

Egyptians on the Brink of a New Revolution?

- Egyptians have always carried moderate Islamist views and have never confronted each other in battle. This is the red line we will not cross.

Raid on Egypt NGOs: The Old Regime is Back in Business

“The Foreign agenda” …whenever you hear of it, be sure that the people in power are in trouble.

Cairo Clashes: The Chronicles of Egypt Copts

“With Egypt military council siding with the Islamist front while dragging its feet on getting the police forces back on the street and properly functioning again, the Christian minority (10% of Egyptian population) remains in limbo.”

In Post- Mubarak Egypt, Waterboarding is Kid Stuff

There was much more to this unique Tahrir square phenomenon than just bread and butter, … there were popular demands to restore a lost dignity.

Sean Penn takes part in Egypt's Tahrir demo

"Two-time Oscar winner Sean Penn makes surprise appearance at today's Tahrir Square protest"

Mubarak In The Cage For The Wrong Charges

“Mubarak is a sellout and he should have been charged with high treason"

Egypt: Picking Up The Remains of a Revolution

The Egyptian revolution was not followed by a revolutionary political concept nor a revolutionary command.

EVOLVING STORY: Israeli Ambassador Leaves Cairo Amid Speculations of Opening Egypt’s...

“Egypt doesn’t need investment from the enemy” says Egypt’s minister of finance. "Egypt's peace treaty with Israel should not be taken for granted" says Egypt's foreign minister.

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat Reporting from Egypt; Free And Proud at Last

The Tahrir Square as the Tiananmen square in china will be a memorial place for the noble and courageous struggle of young generation for FREEDOM.

World Revolution Now in the Face of Lies [Video]

The Holy Qur'an tells us: "Be conscious of God and speak always the truth." A video by Ken O'Keefe, with voice-over by Anthony Lawson.  

Mideast Turmoil IS a Direct Threat to American Empire, and That’s...

An interview with Noam Chomsky about what the struggle means for the future of imperialist, U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Breaking: Zionist Agents Provocateur Target Egyptians

CAIRO — President Obama’s calls for a rapid transition to a new order in Egypt seemed eclipsed on Wednesday as a choreographed surge of...

Bookmaker: Odds Favor Mubarak Stepping down and leaving

The oldest established North American bookmaker, appropriately named Bookmaker.com, has released odds on what will happen next to Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak.

Imperial Economics of the Egyptian Revolution

Just a matter of time before Americans begin asking what the Egyptian revolution means for them—Americans, the unthinking rabble who matter