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Dominion Energy Charity Classic Boosts Veterans’ Job Opportunities

Beyond the 54 holes played each year at the Dominion Energy Charity Classic, beyond the hospitality venues, the fans and the legends of the game, is the PGA TOUR’s mission to make a significant and positive impact in the community.

Wyoming Lost 25,000 Jobs Amid Energy Industry Downturn

Wyoming lost 25,000 workers between 2014 and 2016 amid an energy industry downturn but has showed some signs of recovery in recent months.

Dark Matter and Energy is really Love and the Urge to...

In other words, we are not all floating around in a static and disconnected Higgs quantum field of molasses but, instead, are all swimming in a Roland Unified Field of love, connection and soul consciousness ~ that permeates the universe.

How to Conserve Energy at Work

Energy conservation makes sense whether you are a business professional or not. It is a basic fiscal fact.

Is Shale Gas a Real Energy Solution?

There is a global rush to embrace a new technique to extract hydrocarbons from the Earth. From Germany to Poland and France, from China and above all in the USA where the technique of hydraulic fracturing of shale rocks is most developed, governments and major oil companies are producing huge volumes of shale gas.

Investing in Precious Metals and Energy is STILL the Way to...

Why I Put Almost All My Eggs Into Precious Metals “I have put almost all of my eggs in one basket – precious metals, energy...

Austin Energy Enters 4th Year with HireVeterans.com

Austin Energy Has Partnered With HireVeterans.com to Employ War Veterans Austin Energy Offers Jobs to Veterans By  Randy Miller In a move as smart and as...

The Future Success of the USA Depends on Unity of Purpose...

Watch the videos below and check out what great U.S. based companies are doing in the energy and green field to bring us into the light.

Letting Coal Miners Die in West Virginia

The high cost of energy in America was paid in human lives this week, with the deaths of more than two dozen miners in a massive explosion at the Upper Big Branch coal mine in West Virginia. It's the worst mine disaster in a quarter of a century.

Obama Administration Announces Comprehensive Strategy for Energy Security

As part of the Administration’s comprehensive energy strategy President Barack Obama and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar today announced more details of the Obama Administration’s efforts to strengthen our energy security. President Obama and Secretary Salazar announced that the Administration will expand oil and gas development and exploration on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) to enhance our nation’s energy independence while protecting fisheries, tourism, and places off U.S. coasts that are not appropriate for development.

Senator Bernie Sanders: Rebuild the middle class

The economic pain our country is experiencing did not begin when the financial sector nearly collapsed over a year ago as a result of the greed and recklessness of Wall Street. The decline of the middle class has been going on for many years. Describing "a lost decade for American workers," The Washington Post said the past 10 years were the worst for the U.S. economy in modern times. USA Today said incomes of the young and middle-aged "have fallen off a cliff since 2000, leaving many age groups poorer than they were even in the 1970s."