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Estate Planning: 7 Reasons Why It’s Important

What Are The Complications Of DIY Estate Planning?

7 Simple Ways to Save Money on Everyday Expenses

If you follow the tips in this article, you’re going to find it much easier to pay for your everyday expenses in cash rather than incurring credit card debt.

How chatbots and artificial intelligence will save banks and the finance...

Chatbots, computer programs that typically use text-based live chat as an interface to carry out tasks for customers on behalf of the business

4 Personal Finance Tips From Billionaires

Most people don't associate billionaires with penny-pinching, but that's how famed investor and billionaire Warren Buffett approaches his personal finances.

Golden Rule in Personal Finance

Life is a constant change. We feel these around us. They may or may not have bearing on our existence, yet, to some people, there are major shifts that intimately affect their being.

Personal finance tips for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to look at money differently. Personal finance principles remain the same but the mindset around it and the planning process can be different.

Making sense of personal finance

In January of this year, two Montreal university students turned their passion for money and finance into a podcast.

Why personal finance should be part of school curriculum

Over the decades that I have been asked by people about their personal finances, I have never ceased to be amazed by the abysmal level of knowledge that they have about this subject.

Family finances: When to break the personal finance rules

Financial rules of thumb can be useful in taking the guesswork out of money issues. But there are times when the rule may not apply to you.

7 free ways to improve your personal finance planning

How how much should you have saved for retirement today, based on your age? How much should you be saving for retirement each month? Do you have the best credit cards in your wallet

Freedom Financial Network Identifies Fintech Products Reshaping Personal Finance

Fintech, short for financial technology, combines the world of financial services with that of technology. The end result is an enhanced user experience and additional financial products that are usually automated.

Personal Finance: What is a preferred stock?

Today we resume our occasional series on basic investment concepts with an introduction to preferred stocks. These securities have existed since the 19th century but remain a relatively misunderstood asset class.

Educating Employees About Personal Finance: What's Your Role?

As the finance and operations lead at an early stage startup, I am also the subject matter expert on personal finance at the company, at least according to my Generation Z colleagues.

What Digital Trends Are Disrupting The Personal Finance Sector The Most?

Banking and personal finance used to be about long-term, face-to-face relationships where trust was earned over years of interaction. Digital is changing that forever.

8-point personal finance checklist for those crossing 40

For many, reaching 50 years of age is a landmark. But from a personal financial point of view, 40 is a better benchmark as you have the power to make decisions for your future

5 Free Personal Finance Classes Everyone Should Enroll In This Fall

Now is the perfect time for adults to reflect on their own educational experiences.

A Crash Course In Personal Finance For Broke Millennials

When I graduated college and started my first job, I was both comically broke and financially illiterate.

6 personal finance tips for teenagers

The most common financial regret people have, regardless of their age, is that they did not start saving money sooner.

Andrews Federal Selected by Kiplinger's Personal Finance as a Top Military...

Andrews Federal Credit Union was recently selected as one of the Best Banks for Military Personnel in the nation by Kiplinger's Personal Finance's rankings of the Best Banks in the U.S.

More kids choose summer camps that focus on finance

When Lauryn Luther earns money she is careful to set aside 15 percent in a rainy day fund right from the start.

How to Finance Your Personal Life

Lending options for businesses are pretty clear and straightforward. Not so with personal loans.

Finance Chiefs Want You to Use Plastic, Not Paper

Companies are giving more of their employees corporate credit cards as they seek easier expense tracking and savings from suppliers.

Red Ventures digs deep for Bankrate website in $1.24bn personal finance...

Awash with private equity cash Red Ventures swooped on its prey in order to gain an instant foothold in financial services; including Bankrate’s ‘Comprehensive.

Consumers optimistic about personal finance and economy

Floridians have a sunnier outlook about their personal finances and future economic conditions after two months of pessimism, a University of Florida study says.

Six personal finance reasons to be thankful on Canada 15

But Canada’s 150th birthday is an ideal opportunity to consider our good fortune in living in this country. In the personal-finance realm, here are six things to be thankful for as Canadians.

3 Personal Finance Authors Share Their Summer Reading Lists

This summer, while lounging by the pool, why not pick up a little summer reading to help you learn something new?

Personal finance education is vital to our children's success

If you read the current news about personal finance, it will come as no surprise that a majority of kids and teens in the United States are not well-versed in how to manage their money.

Five Personal Finance Rules You Should Be Following

Managing money properly is one of the most common things that people struggle with on a day-to-day basis.

20 Personal Finance Myths You Shouldn’t Buy Into

There’s so much personal finance advice out there that it can be hard to separate the good from the bad.

Personal finance, population growth, dollars and percents

This past week I spent some time crunching the latest census data on population growth in South Carolina, and realized those numbers have a strong personal finance connection.

The Top 5 Personal Finance Rules For Millennial Entrepreneurs

Millennials have redefined the meaning of work as we break away from the corporate trends of generations past.

Budgeting for Newlyweds: Figuring Out Family Finance

The weeks and months after your wedding are meant to be bliss, so don’t let money conflicts get in the way of things.

Personal Finance: Good credit is hard work that pays off

Some financial counselors will understandably insist that young adults eschew the use of credit.

How to invest your incremental veterans’ income

One of the major campaign promises made by President Trump during the campaign period last year; was that he would ensure the veterans would be taken care of and never forgotten again.

Women And Finance: Is The Picture Improving?

Given her skill at handling money, Elizabeth Dodson could be a model for women. She meets quarterly with her financial advisor and holds a monthly meeting with her husband about household finances.

8 Personal Finance Mistakes That Are Too Common And Too Expensive

Sometimes you need to lose money to learn about losing money. We bring you some of the worst financial mistakes people make. Here are some sure-fire ways to lose money, and how.

The Most Important Part of Personal Finance

In a world filled with countless personal finance tips and tricks, it can be difficult for the average person to figure out what to do.

Personal Finance; Taxes? Stick with cash over credit

A big tax bill is like hay fever . You don't want it, you try to avoid it — and then April rolls around and it hits you hard. Now you have to figure out how to take care of it.

7 Personal Finance Tips From Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is generally considered to be the best long-term investor of all time, so it's no wonder many people like to listen closely to Buffett's words of wisdom, in order to apply them to their own lives.

Should College Students Be Required to Take a Course in Personal...

Being knowledgable about money management, budgeting and finance is no guarantee of success in life.